Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is a collection of Harry Potter fanfictions. In this section, I plan to post the holiday stories I write throughout the year.  I’ll do better in some years than others, but I am going to try to at least write one-holiday story a year.


  • The Egg Hunt (Easter)
    • Summary– A Harry Potter fan fiction. Fred and George set up a “fun” game for the Spring Holiday at the Burrow.  What surprises will the friends find in this Egg Hunt?  What happens when the twins get caught in their own joke?
    • Main Characters– Ginny, Hermione, Luna, George, Fred, Neville, Ron, Harry
    • Progress– Completed
  • Autumn Goddess (Halloween)
    • Summary– Hermione sneaks into a pureblood Samhain gathering to get information on Death Eater movements. What will happen when she is given a pivotal role to play in their ancient rite? Will she ever leave again?
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    • Progress– Completed
  • Naughty & Nice (Christmas)
    • Summary– Ginny’s newest boyfriend takes her to an elite private club on Christmas Eve. It would have been nice to have told her about the club rules before she went.
    • Main Characters– Ginny, Blaise
    • Progress– Completed


  • Moon Guard (Halloween)
    • Summary– After having Hermione turned into a werewolf the Dark Lord is determined to make her his personal guard dog.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    • Progress– Completed


  • Book of Love (Valentine’s Day)
    • Summary– Two unlikely students have a chance to really get to know one another.  Could the end be love?
    • Main Characters– Luna, Blaise
    •  Progress– Completed
  • Life Renewed (Easter)
    • Summary– Blaise and Ginny’s relationship isn’t going exactly the way the Italian dominant would like.  He knows it’s time to use a more firm hand with his pet. This is a sequel to Naughty & Nice.
    • Main Characters– Ginny, Blaise
    •  Progress– Completed
  • Summer’s Lord (Midsummer)
    • Summary–Hermione and lured back to spend another holiday surrounded by pureblood ritual.  Now that he knows he can use her curious mind against her how long until she gives into Lord Voldemort’s will? This is a sequel to Autumn Goddess the Halloween holiday story from 2014.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    •  Progress– Completed
  • Enchanted Mistletoe (Christmas)
    • Summary–Any true potion master worth their salt will tell you to be very careful when harvesting magical mistletoe. Not all potion masters have to deal with dunderhead students mucking about with their tools and getting in their way.
    • Main Characters– Luna, Severus
    •  Progress– Completed


  • Harvest’s Keeper (Autumn)
    • Summary– Hermione is once again pulled into one of the pureblood rituals as the Dark Lord demands her presence at the autumn equinox.  Sequal to Summer’s Lord.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    •  Progress– Completed
  • Dark God (Halloween)
    • Summary– Sequal to Harvest’s Keeper the Fall Solstice story from 2017.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    •  Progress– Completed
  • Winter’s Crown (Christmas)
    • Summary– Sequal to Dark God the Halloween story from 2017.  Series Ending.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    •  Progress– Planned


  • Cascade of Affection (Valintine’s Day)
    • Summary– Hermione thought she was going to spend Valentine’s day alone with her favorite book.  She didn’t mind, but Tom had other plans, and he was always so very convincing.  This story is pure fluff and smut written for 2018 Tomione Valentine’s Lemonade Smut Fest.  Enjoy.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
    •  Progress– Completed

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