Monthly Archives: February 2014

On a roll!


Hey everybody.

I have just post Chapter 18 for Smell of Submission so I am feeling pretty good right now!  Actually I posted both 17 and 18… but I have actually had 17 done for a while and had not realized it had not been posted here yet.  I am currently working on several other chapters to a few of my stories and hope to have something new again by next week!

I also have other great news for those of you who enjoy reading my work, but keep getting annoyed by my horrible grammar mistakes!  I have a new beta!  Eclectic Pet has been very kind to offer to beta my work for me and I think she is doing an awesome job.  I reposted my most recent chapter of Face of War after she fixed my errors, and chapter 18 of Smell of Submission has also benefited from her eye!

On a side note, I was thinking about trying my hand at writing some holiday fics this year. Do you think you guys would enjoy reading them?

Back in Action


I am back!  And I think you will be getting a lot more updates from me in coming days.  Sorry it has been so long, but stupid life has gotten in the way of my writing… as it does.  Between ending school, all the family crap for the holidays, running an event at a local con and moving… (Yeah I have done a lot since I saw you guys last…) I didn’t have much time to write.  But now that is all behind me so I hope to update again soon!

Just in case you may be wondering I updated Face of War, and you can follow the thing to find it! LINK!

Stupid Life


I know it has been a while, over a month since I have posted anything here.  I have had a busy few months where life has gotten in my way of writing.  I am now back to the keys and I think I will have at least one updated for you all before the end of the week.

I just hope things have settled down now…