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We are so close…


I am getting very excited to finally get to the end of this story that I have been working on for over two years!  I’m not sure if we are moving towards the ending people are exspecting.. but I hope you enjoy

This is the second to last chapter of Blind Nymph: Chapter 12: A Good Day

Another Schedule



In one of my posts a few months ago I gave you a schedule of what you can expect me to post on each week.  I thought it was a bit of a helpful tool and I think I am once again in a place where I can tell you all just that… for the next couple of weeks anyway!

January Schedule

[01/31/16] Blind Nymph-Chapter 12: A Good Day

February Schedule

[02/07/16] Blind Nymph-Chapter 13: Forever Dark
[02/14/16] Book of Love-Chapter 1: When He Reads to Me
[02/21/16] Book of Love-Chapter 2: When She Sings to Me
[02/28/16] Book of Love-Chapter 3: When He Gives Me Things


Just in case no one looks at the table of contents, Book of Love is my Valentine story!

Look What I Got!


So let me start be saying I have another chapter to Blind Nymph for you all!  You can find it here: Chapter 11: Sides.  You may have also noted I’ve been moving things around… Well you see I’ve though the website was getting a bit ridiculous on pages, so I am in the process giving each story a single page.  But don’t worry I’ve been creating anchor points so you can be linked directly to the chapter you want!

I just finished chapter 12 and I am hoping to have it ready to publish by next week.. fingers crossed.  After that there is one chapter left and we are done with Blind Nymph!

This means my only open story will be Shame’s Desire… so I hope to start working on that story again soon.

After that is done.. what sequel would people like me to work on next?

The Good & Bad


So lets start with the bad news first.  I am not posting any chapters of any of my established stories this week.  Sorry.  Instead I will be posting two of my drabbles! Adventures of Rose and Heela is a cute little story about Rose Riddle’s first pet.  …19 Years Later is a darker story where Hermione gives into her darker nature.

Onto the good news!  I have actually finished chapter 11 to Blind Nymph!  It is with my amazing beta right now, and if all goes right you all will have a new chapter next week!


Finished Spark


Because the epilog to the story is so short I decided to post it with chapter 4.  You can find teh next part here: Chapter 4 & Epilog. Next week I’m unsure what I will be posting, but my dream is to post a chapter on Blind Nymph.

On a side note I am thinking about a reorganization of the site a bit, but I’m not sure how soon that will happen.

Also I won’t be posting on for a while as I have been having major issues with that site. 😦