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Sense of Submission


The post for today is going to be chapter 19 of Shame’s Desire.  I am trying really hard to get this one finished and done so I can turn my focus towards other things.  Wish me luck I have like.. Sevenish chapters left to write

It is time to talk about my most popular series Sense of Submission.  I know it isn’t exactly a series yet for you guys because I have only one story posted, but I swear you are going to get more soonish.  I actually have the first two chapters of Sound of Submission written and I am just waiting until I have a bit more and have finished Shame’s Desire to start posting it.

The Sense of Submission series has five books planned for it.  One for each of the five senses.  If your interested in the order of the senses they are smell, sound, taste, touch, and then sight.  I don’t have an outline for them all yet, but I have chosen the main villains/obstacles Harry will be facing in each one.

In the first book Harry easily settled into his position as a Dark Wizard.  Some the people around him had a harder time with this than others, but in the end he seems to have brought all his new allies together.  He even saved Hermione from a the fate of serving an unworthy master.

In the following books Harry will slowly reveal in existent of his plans to those who are closest to him.  He isn’t trusting easily in these books because he knows that it may be hard for some of those he’s known for years to understand the change in him and not think of him as evil right away.  On the sexual front this series will continue to be harem in nature, with Hermione being Harry main focus and favorite.  It will obviously explore more and maybe even darker BDSM themes.  There will also be future side chapters for the other characters such as Ron/Luna, Ginny/Snape, and other yet to be announced couples that will form.  But I’m not going into fortune plot any more than that, as I know you all would rather read it in a story than than just have me spoil it all in my blog.

As nothing for the future stories are in stone yet, I would be interested to hear you ideas.  You see Sense of Submission all started because I asked my readers what they would like to read so it seems with tradition if I ask you again.  What other pairings would you like to see form?  What kinky things should Harry or others subject our submissives to?  (Oh and for those of you who were wondering, I have a few male subs and female Doms in the works.)  I interested to know what you all want and what you think.


The Process


As always let me start by saying I have posted a new chapter to Shame’s Desire.  And let me add that I have written several more that I hope to post over the next few weeks… I thought I was getting near the end of the story, but I keep having to add chapters as things don’t move as quickly as I thought they would.  Originally I thought this story would be about 20 chapters, and now it is looking to be at least 27.  So I keep writing and get no closer to the end…  But if all goes to plan I will have it finished by the end of the summer and I will start posting on Sound of Submission which is currently being written too!

This week I thought I would talk a bit more about the process of writing fiction.  There doesn’t seem to be any single “right” way of doing this.  Each author has their own process and the only thing that matters is that it gets results for them.  So really I can only speak of my own process because it is the one I know best.  I find that when I am working on any story I have four stages of development.

There is of course the inspiration for the story.  This is when that little plot bunny usually jumps up out of nowhere and screams “write me write me”.  On a good day I have about three to ten plot bunnies.  Which I quickly murder like 90% of them.  You all have seen the ones that survive, can you imagion how bad the ones that don’t are?  You don’t want to read the where Hermione is stuck in the world of Minecraft.  Anyway.  Getting the ideas is always the most simple of the stages.

The next stage in the process I call outlining.  This is when I grow the idea from a simple spark like, a Dark Harry shows Hermione her place as his submissive, into a full story.  This is where I ask questions like; why is Harry Dark, or why is Hermione his focus?  I start to outline the main plot points I want to include.  For some stories I make detailed maps for where they will lead, while for others only get bullet points to hit as I am going along.  And there are also those that get this step skipped as they seem to have no idea where they are going until they get there.  Examples of each of these are easy.  Smell of Submission has a very detailed plot web with spreadsheets and seating charts.  Face of Death actually is mainly bullet points that I want to hit on each chapter.  And my recent story His Blood sort of just went where it wanted to go.

After a put thought into a story it is time to start writing.  The writing stage for me is hard to describe.  And at times the story doesn’t go where I mentioned planned because in the passion of a scene my characters don’t do what I had planned for them.  There are times when I an utterly surprised with the path my characters choose and I find I am following where they lead.

Many have complained about the fact that in my story Blind Nymph Ginny had sex with Blaise when it was obvious that Draco cared for her and that she cared for him.  They I have many reviews and comments saying out she was being spiteful or silly or just mean.  But when I was writing the scenes leading up to that choice it was my character with her frustration, and fear, and own anxiety that decided a man like Blaise was the safer choice BECAUSE she didn’t care about him the same way she cared about Draco.

There is a scene in Face of War where Lord Voldemort drives the dark mark into Ginny’s hip with such force that it marks her very bone.  That dramatic event was not what I ever had in mind when I started writing the scene.  Originally there was going to be pain for Ginny, a punishment of some kind, but then Tom just broke and he needed to not only punish her, but mark her as his so that she could never say otherwise.

It us a rush for me when things like that happen. I tend to be very connected to my characters and I swear there is adrenaline pumping when there are high energy scenes like that.  When I get so focused in on what the characters are doing and feeling that the rest of the world just drops away and I am surrounding by a world of my own making.  For better or worse that feeling is the reason I write.

Don’t get me wrong, I love your comments and reviews and responses very much.  And each one brings a smile to my face to know that someone else is enjoying what I put out into the world.  But if responses were my only reason for writing, I would probably have stopped a long while ago.  My stories aren’t really popular enough to merit me writing for simple ego’s sake.

Okay so I went a little off on a tangent there…

After I get all the emotion and plot and 😉 smut on the page the editing starts.  First I’ll reread the chapter myself to find any obvious errors or mistypes.  Then I send it to a wonderful woman named Eclectic Pet who reads them over and makes more edits.  When she sends it back I read over it again to look at her edits and see if I like everything.  Depending on how many non minor edits she makes we may do this process several times before I mark a chapter as Ready to Post.

The End.

Now I want to take another moment of this post to mention Eclectic Pet again.  I would say she is my number one fan.  The reason she edits my work is because she loves to read it, and she offered several years ago to be my beta.  The only payment she gets for her work is she gets to read chapters before everyone else.  She already knows how Sound of Submission starts, and how the rewrite of Quidditch Lessons is going.  But really that isn’t much of a payment.  She is a vital part of my process and even though she has her own job, life, and writing to work on, she takes time to edit mine.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I am grateful for her, and this is the only due I can really give her for everything she does to make my stories better.

Thank you Eclectic Pet.


A bit New


Today I am posting Chapter 3 of His Blood but I have a bit more to talk about than that.

I know I haven’t spent a lot of time on this blog actually writing blog posts.  Last week was an anomaly but it felt a bit good for me.  Many of my posts have been really just announcements that I have a new chapter posted.  I’ve decided to change that.  I’ve decided I am going to try and give you a new blog post each week as well as a story update.

These blog posts will probably be sorted into one of three categories, with a lot of cross over among the three.  I see this blog being about writing, BDSM, and obviously Harry Potter fan-fiction.  So each week I plan to write something a bit more substantial that has to do with one or more of these categories.  I don’t really have a plan on what I will be writing each week but except that they will relate to one of these categories.

One thing I have been thinking a lot about recently is the fact I tend not to stick to a particular pairing in my writing.  For me any pair is free game as long as the fit the story I want to tell.  Now a lot of times this means there are some things that these pairings have in common.  I tend to pair off dark dominate men with with heroic submissive women.  This isn’t because I think that all men are dark or all women are submissive.  I match these pairs and write stories this way simply because this is the combination that I enjoy telling stories about.

I think I may have mentioned last week that I feel like my broader collection of pairings actually ends up impairing my ability to gain more readers.  My total lack of any real writing ability doesn’t help either I’m sure.  Sometimes I consider limiting myself more and focusing on one pair.  But this I have to think of who that would be and the very idea of having to choose makes my head spin.

If I went purely by the numbers of hits I get to different stories I would have to say Hermione/Harry as Smell of Submission gets more hits than any other work by a lot.  But here is a dirty little secret of mine… The golden trio are my least favorite characters to write about.  I have two main reasons for this.  First is that I think it is a whole lot easier for me to mess them up.  They are the main characters of the cannon books, so you get to know them pretty well.  Lesser fleshed out characters are much easier to make into what I need them to be for the story.  The second reason is that I feel like we got a whole series of following them around already.  They’ve had their time in the limelight, lets give someone else a chance!

That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy writing the Sense of Submission series.  I think this twist I have given the universe makes for a something new and interesting.  If you’ve seen my table of continues you know I am planning 5 stories in total and I just wouldn’t do that if I didn’t like what was going on.

So if I am not going to choose the most popular pair than how would I even choose?  I don’t really think I even have a favorite overall.  I usually just have a favorite of the moment, which can literally change from hour to hour.  As I am writing this, if I really had to choose a favorite right now I guess I would have to say Ginny/Lord Voldemort, but I am pretty sure that won’t last the hour…

So that brings me back to just writing a verity of pairings and playing it by what I am into at the moment and what fits the story best.  I’m interested to know what you guys think.  What pairing of mine is your favorite?  I’m going to put a poll here so it will be an easy question to answer.

Organized Chaos


As you may know if you look around my website, I have more than a few story ideas.  Some of these ideas I’ve started to work on because that is where my brain pulls me.  Others are just a bit of a spark and I have no need to flesh them out more than they are for now.  I guess there are some ideas I have that I just drop eventually.  I had one idea recently for a funny short about Hermione being dragged to a cosplay convention by her muggle friends and stumbling upon Lord Voldemort’s guilty pleasure of Game of Thrones.  I even started to write a bit of it before I decided it was too silly to live.

Now I have a big table of contents on things I have written and really do plan to write on my website, and it is a bit on the big side, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you look at it.  For my own purposes I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of everything I am currently working on.  Any story I write stays on my spreadsheet until I have finished posting it on the web and right now there are nine entries.

I have these entries in order of how I feel I should be working on them.  On the far right is Shame’s Desire, because I think that is the story I really need to finish and I should be currently posting on.  Next to that is Face of Death.  Which I am posting on today and you can find the new chapter: Here.  Next on the list is His Blood, but only because that story is complete and if I don’t have anything from what is left of it done that is what I post on.

After His Blood is Sound of Submission because I know that it is my most popular story and it is what a lot of my readers want to see next.  I actually have one chapter written if you can believe that, I just don’t think I should start posting chapters on it until I (a) have more to it written, and (b) have Shame’s Desire done.

After Sound of Submission I have Quidditch Lessons.  Now as some of you may know, this story was actually my very first fan-fiction I ever started posting on the internet.  It is a Luna/Draco story where Draco slowly manipulates Luna into being his sub.  Over the past few years I have been working on rewriting the story completely.  It has the same core tale, and a few of the same events, but I wouldn’t exactly call it the same story.  I only have three chapters written for it so far, and this is a story that only gets worked on when there is nothing else driving me.  I think it will be a few more years before you see it as I really want to get a good chunk of it done before I start posting.

Next on my lost is a series I am currently calling Time Twisted Tom.  This story has been getting a lot of attention from me lately because it is what my muse seems to be wanting to write about.  This is a series of time travel obviously.  Tom Riddle age 11 gets transported to 1991 and ends up attending school with Harry and all your favorite characters.  No one is unaffected by the fact Tom didn’t grow up in his own time and you will end up seeing a whole new world from the eyes of Tom Riddle.

Now I said in the beginning that I’ve ordered these stories in a way that I think they should get my attention but as you may have noticed things towards the bottom of the list have been getting a lot more attention than things on the top.  This is actually a point of guilt for me.  As a submissive myself I obviously like to please people.  And I can tell by past comments, and even page views, what people want to read and what I should be working on, but it just doesn’t happen that way.  I wish I could find a way to direct my creativity towards things on demand, but that isn’t how the chaos of my brain works.

I said nine and I’ve only mentioned six.  Number seven is a story called Darkness Within.  This will be my first longer Hermione/Lord Voldemort story.  It is a tale about a world where Voldemort sends Wormtail to kill Harry Potter as a baby instead of going himself.  Because of that within a few years he is running England.  Since Voldemort is running England muggleborns are taken and raised is special facilities where they are given “job training” and taught they are lesser than “real wizards”.  I am working on the fourth chapter of this story and I think it will be very interesting by the time it is done.

As you may have seen I’ve written quite a few shorter pieces with this pair, and it actually has become my most popular pair in number of stories I have written.  This is simply because of a writing forum I belong to that focuses around that pair.  They have challenges focused on stories with that pair which is why I end up using them as often as I do.

I actually don’t have a loyalty to any particular pair I’ve realized.  Many times I come up with a story and choose the pair that will fit my concept best.  This may end up where I have a lot of readers disappointed in my stories as they really like one pair, and I end up only having one story about that pair.  I think that is one of the things that is happening with the popularity of Smell of Submission.  Many readers like Harry/Hermione and I only have two stories written about them.  For those of you who want more of that I actually plan to write my Halloween story about that pair this year (if that helps).

So the eighth story on my spreadsheet is called Lost Girl.  It is another Ginny/Voldemort story and it still needs a lot of work.  It is a story I will be working on in the future, but I have successfully kept myself from putting in too much work so far.  Go me.  This story will be full of smut and angst, so you have been warned.

The last story on my list is my most and my least important one depending on when you ask me.  This story is called The Ninth Tribe: Smoke.  It is my original story that has nothing at all to do with Harry Potter or any of the characters you are used to seeing.  I completed a first draft a few years ago, and have been struggling through a second draft ever since.  I think one of my main issues with writing this story is I have these worries that no one will want to read it.  It was scary to start posting my fan-fiction on line, because putting anything you create out there is like putting a small piece of yourself out for anyone to view.  Fan-fiction though has a built in audience.  My next step is finishing and posting something that I is 100% me and I can’t hide behind another person’s world or characters.  It’s hard to get past that fear and it is harder to motivate my sub side when I don’t know if this new story with please anyone at all…

So this has been a glimpse into the ordered chaos that is how my writing works and by you get what you get when you get it.  I hope it has been an interesting ride for you all.  I’m actually going to the Cape this week on a family vacation, and I hope to get some writing done while I’m there.  I hope the beach house is inspiring this year.


Book 3: The End


It is official.  I have started posting the third book in my Face Trilogy.  This is the final chapter to this story and I am very excited to have it finally started.  Here is Chapter 1: New Way of Life.  I am still hoping to post chapter two in a few weeks, even though my muse wants to work on a newer story I told her has to wait until older things are done.  Do you know how hard it is to tell a muse no?  Impossible!  So I’ve written three new chapters since last week, but they are for my Tom Riddle series and not for anything I am currently trying to finish.  I hope to work on Shame’s Desire tonight and have something for you guys by next week, but I think you will have to wish me luck on that.

Summer So Far


Okay if you look at my calendar I have a few stories scheduled again.  The first being a story I wrote randomly the thing week because I was inspired to do something on the more smutty side.  So I am posting Notes today.  It is a full story that I hope you all enjoy.

Next week I will be posting the first chapter to Face of Death!  It is done and ready for posting now, so I am excited to finally story this last installment to the Face Trilogy.  This story is going to pick up a week after Face of War ended and all our girl’s lives have changed dramatically in consequence to what happened at the wedding.

The following week I will definitely be posting my Midsummer story and I am going to try to work on something else to post as well.  Either Shame’s Desire or Sound of Submission… we will see what my muse wants.  The Midsummer story itself is actually a sequel to Autumn Goddess so that will be fun too!  It is one chapter as well, so not a lot to commit to! 😉

By June 26th I am hoping to have another Face of Death chapter done, but we will see…

No Power


As I may have mentioned last week I was actually away this last weekend and just got home.  The camp site I was working at had no internet or even power so I couldn’t really post.  I hope this isn’t too much of a let down as we finish Common Ground!  Tomorrow I will be leaving on my Honey Moon after 5 wonderful years of marriage to the best man I know.  We will be in a luxury hotel so I will actually try to post next Sunday.  Wish me luck 😉