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Happy Easter!


So I am away at my parents but I have time this morning to post so you guys are getting a special treat.  First you are getting your usual chapter.  This week it is Sharpest Wit- Part 3: Strong Willed!  Second you are getting the first installment of my Easter Story.  I am trying to be better about the holiday stories this year so I this is a good second step!  The story is called Life Renewed and is a sequel to Naughty & Nice (The christmas story from 2014).

Hope everyone has a fun holiday!

Next Up


So I have a new chapter for you!  I have to warn you this is the last Shame’s Desire chapter I have done so I can’t guarantee you another chapter any time soon.  I hope to have it done in time, but who knows what will happen.

Hope you enjoy! Shame’s Desire: Chapter 12

As Promised


Hope you all enjoyed the Valentine’s Day story.  It was short and sweet.  Today I am posting another from Shame’s Desire.  I am really working hard to finish this story and post on it every other week until it is done.  As you may have noticed I did open a new story last week.  I know a few of you may be upset about this but I have my reasons.  You see I like to post on and

I don’t really feel comfortable posting stories like Shame’s Desire on because they are what I would classify as erotica.   Erotica is when a story’s central plot revolves around the sexual adventures of the main character or characters.  Because of posting guidelines I don’t feel comfortable posting my erotica on that site.  Which means if I was only posting on Shame’s Desire for the next few months I would not be posting anything on and I feel that would be unfair to those who read my stories on that site.

Sharpest Wit is one of the stories I have ready to post so you will absolutely get an ending to it in a timely manor.  Once it is done I am going to try to have chapters from the third and final book in the Face trilogy done so I can start posting on that and finish that story.  And after Shame’s Desire is done I will be working on posting the second in the Sense of Submission series.

Until then, enjoy this new chapter of Shame’s Desire: Chapter 11: The Healer