So I know it is pretty late in the day, but I am getting you an update and that should count for something.  This week you are getting a chapter of Face of Death.  And even if you don’t count my timing you need to give me credit as it is my birthday and I am still posting for you people 😉


No Dark God Yet


Well, the original plan was to get you guys the next part of Dark God today.  That plan has not exactly worked out so I will be springing the second chapter to that story on you at a random moment over the next couple of months as I have time to finish it.  I know this will make you all sad 😉 but you will just have to deal with a new chapter of Sound of Submission to keep yourselves entertained.

Part One


So I got as far on the story as I could.  I am going to break my pattern for these one-shot Holiday stories so that you guys get something on time.  I play to post part to at a mysterious day and time!  Keep an eye out!  But here is part one of the Dark God.  What choice will Hermione make?

Not a great week…


So I haven’t really gotten any writing done this week at all.  I was determined to start on Monday and really get the Halloween story finished, but it so happens the universe had different plans.  You see about a month ago I got a new kitten, and this Monday he got super sick and passed away at 4 months old.  When you have a pet you know more than likely you are going to outlive them, but I really wasn’t ready to lose the newest member of my family so suddenly.  It’s sort of put a block in my writing this week, unfortunately.  So I may not have the Halloween story done on time after all… though I am going to try.

I am still updating today though so here is the new chapter of Face of Death.  I should warn everyone… this is not a happy chapter.

That time of year


Today is a Sound of Submission day!  And it just so happens that I will be posting a chapter called Halloween in October.  I really didn’t plan it that way, it just sort of happened.  Though there isn’t much of a nod to the holiday in the chapter, it is mainly the timing the title refers to.  In a couple of weeks, I will be posting a short story called Dark God that will have a lot more to do with the holiday than this.

Next week I should have a new chapter of Face of Death ready to read.

Twisting Turning


Thanks to everyone who commented last week it made me feel better knowing you all are out there.  Today I’m posting another installment of Face of Death.  I feel like because of some of the reactions I’ve gotten from previous chapters I should warn everyone that things are going to get much darker for some of the girls from here on.  The Face Trilogy has never been a shiny happy story… You have been warned.

Next week will be Sound of Submission.  Near the end of the month, I will be slipping in a story called Dark God, which is another installment to the Year’s Wheel series.  This is the series of one-shots with Voldemort corrupting Hermione at festival times.  It seems each installment gets a little longer than the last, I’m not sure why.  I have finished off an outline to what I am doing with the series and there should be only two more installments before it is done.



So I guess I should start by saying that Chapter 3 of Sound of Submission is up for everyone to enjoy.  I’m not sure really want to talk about besides that.  I’m not really feeling great about my writing tonight so it is hard to get excited for it at the moment.  Next week I will be posting another installment of Face of Death.

I go through periods where I find it very hard to find my reason to write.  Don’t get me wrong, I write because I love to write, but sometimes it is hard to keep myself motivated and looking at it with passion.  Sometimes I feel completely alone because, no one around me, no one I know face to face actually enjoys my writing.  It isn’t their fault, I have a very particular genre I work in and that genre isn’t for everyone.  But that doesn’t make it any less lonely.