Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author’s Note: The following chapters are sides to the story “Quidditch Lesson“.

Teacher’s Pet is an alternative chapter 32.  I had given my readers the opportunity to choose which professor walked in on the group in the hall.  This is what would have happened if Professor Snape had been the one to find them.
Warning: The following chapter contains no smuttiness

Blackmail takes place during Chapter 34 and is how Pancy takes care of a naughty older student. 😉
Warning: The following chapter contains graphic sexual content and general smuttiness

(Alt) Chapter 32: Teacher’s Pet

Everyone in the small group looked to the Professor who was walking briskly down the hall towards the fight.  The two boys on the ground stopped pummeling each other and jumped apart so they could at least try and not get in trouble.  Ron didn’t have much hope that the tall dark professor would give him any credit at all.  The greasy git always favored his own students.

“Mr Pucey can you tell me why you were muggle fighting with young Weasley here?” the dour man asked as he raised an eyebrow in Ron’s direction.

“He jumped me first Professor, I was only defending myself.”  Adrian said looking down.

“He attacked Luna!”  Ron cut in and pointed to her still standing in the hall a short distance from them.  “Then he started calling her horrible names!”

“You saw him attack Miss Lovegood?”  Professor Snape asked as he looked over to the wisp of a blond.  He couldn’t help but notice the bruises on her person.

“Well… no, but she said…”  Ron stammered and the professor interrupted.

“Miss Lovegood, come here.”  he ordered, his eyes flashed to the band of leather around her neck before looking to her face.  “Did Mr Pucey attack you?”  he asked seriously.

Luna flushed deeply as all eyes were now on her.  She had to admit what she let Adrian do, and to a teacher no less.  “No Professor.”  She said softly and she could hear Ron growl.

“I think we should take this to my office.”  The dark man said suddenly and he saw at both boys frowned at this idea.  “Yes, Miss Lovegood, Mr. Weasley, and Mr. Pucey please follow me.”  he said and turned his back to head down to his office.

The students followed silently.  Luna had her head down so she didn’t have to look at the two boys.  Ron glared at Adrian as he was sure he had done something to Luna, and Adrian glared at Luna as he thought of ways to punish her for this mess.

When they got to the professor’s classroom the older man turned to his students.  “I will speak to Miss Lovegood first.  You two stay on here and do NOT make trouble.”  he said and ushered the young Ravenclaw into his office alone.

Once inside the dark professor motioned for her to sit.  “Miss Lovegood you will tell me honestly what happened to you.”  he said as he motioned to her bruises.

She flushed again and looked at her lap, her eyes welling up with tears once again.  “Adrian and I were snogging this morning and he got a little carried away.”  She told him softly.

The professor’s eyes narrowed as he looked over the girl.  “Carried away?”  he asked obviously not believing her tale.

“He made them with his mouth Professor.”  She explained further completely mortified.

The man was quiet for some time before he asked his next question.  “Do you belong to him?”  he asked and Luna looked up in confusion.

“He is my boyfriend Sir.”  She said softly not quite sure what the professor was asking.

“Obviously.”  the man said dryly.  “But do you belong to him?”  he asked again as he motioned to the collar around her neck.

Her hand went to the necklace Draco had given her at the beginning of the year and she flushed once again.  “No Sir.”  She said as she realized the professor who exactly what she was to Draco.

“Good.”  He replied stiffly.  “A man shouldn’t treat his things the way you have been treated.”  he said in a voice that confused her once again.  Before she could say anything else he placed a small jar in her hands.  “This will help with the blemishes.  Would you like me to send for your Master?”  he asked almost kindly.

Her eyes widened in shock and worry that the professor knew her and Draco’s secret.  She didn’t think Draco would be pleased for anyone to know outside of who he himself told.

“Well it isn’t Mr Weasley.”  he said shaking his head with a sneer.  “It has to be one of my boys, I don’t think many other houses practice such things.”  he explained.

“I can’t tell.”  She said softly hoping the professor would understand.

“Very well, when you do see him you will tell him I suggest that you break up with Mr Pucey.”  he said in a tone that reminded her very much of Draco.  This did not seem like a suggestion at all.

“I will pass on the message Sir.”  She said hoping she would get to leave soon.  “Sir?”  She asked suddenly as the dour man stood straight once again.

“Yes Miss Lovegood?”  he asked as he looked down at her.

“Ronald wouldn’t listen, but he really did think Adrian attacked me.  And Adrian thought that I and Ronald were doing things behind his back.”  She explained the fight.  “I tried to explain but neither of them would listen.”

“I will take that into consideration Miss Lovegood, you may go.”

Side Chapter: Blackmail

Adrian struggled enough to get out of Goyle’s grasp and pointed his wand at Luna.  “Fucking WHORE!”  He screamed but before he could cast his spell Draco disarmed him and Goyle moved to get a better hold.  Draco’s two guards forced Adrian down to his knees.

“My pet is breaking up with you I am afraid you no longer have a purpose.”  Draco said mockingly.  Lune with relief that she would no longer have to endore Adrian’s advances.

She didn’t know if she should speak, but she wanted her wand back.  She felt more than powerless without it.  “Master?”  She asked softly.  When Draco smiled down at her she took in a slow breath.  “He has my wand.”

“Crabbe find her wand.”  Draco said as he tapped his own against his lips in thought.  “Now what am I going to have to do to you to keep you from speaking ill of a lady.”  he spoke almost to himself as he freehand pet Luna’s hair.

Crabbe found the wand in Adrian’s robes and handed it over to Draco.  Her Master then gave it back to her and kissed her softly on the head.  “Go wait in our classroom my pet.  I will be along when I am done dealing with this trash.”

The moment the door was closed Draco turned his full attention back on Adrian.  “You really should know better Pucey.  Here I gave you a great gift being about to touch something that is mine, and what do you do?  You abuse it.”

“Oh I should be thankful I got a blow job from one of the great Draco Malfoy’s whores?”  Adrian asked with his eyes narrowed his slits.  “Everyone should just lap up his leftovers?”

Draco chuckled and shook his head.  “She isn’t my leftovers.”  He said and looked to the door.  “I have only just begin to corrupt that one.”  He said wistfully as he thought about the collaring he would give her in a week.  “But we are talking about you.  You need to be punished Pucey.”

“Fuck you!”  Adrian spat as he once again tried to pull out of the two thugs arms.

“I am not so inclined, I do apologize.”  Draco answered dryly.  “Let us list your crimes so we know how severe the punishment must be.  “You left marks on my property, you took pleasure in her breasts before I could, and finally you tried to stick your unworthy nob in her.”  His tone darkened with each accusation.

“I wish you could have heard her Draco, begging to suck me off.”  Adrian mocked with a cruel smile.

“Only because I told her to give you pleasure.  Do you really think you would have gotten such a heavenly creature on your own?”  Draco growled lowly.  “You only get leftovers Pucey.  The women you fuck have been ridden by almost every man in Slytherin.  Not that I would touch slags like that, but I am sure Crabbe and Goyle have had fun with their fair share of them.”  He said motioning to his crownies.

“Say what you want Malfoy, but your little pet enjoyed everything I did to her.  She will come back to me in the end.”  Adrian bloated with a smirk.

“I think not.”  I tell him dryly.  “So for you crimes against myself and my property I feel humiliation is the only suitable punishment.  Pansy my dear are you ready?” He calls out and a few moments later Pansy enters wearing a loose fitting robe, and a leather medical bag in her hand.

“You see my lovely girlfriend has been looking forward to the moment you messed up Pucey.”  Draco told him as he took Pansy’s hand and kissed her on the cheek.  “She plays the little sub for me because that is what I like, and she is a gold digging little bitch.”

“You say the sweetest things.”  Pansy cut in and eyed Adrian with delight.

“But you see she is much more of a Top than a Bottom.  I thought you two could get to know each other better.  Don’t worry Goyle will stay so you can document the entire encounter for me.”  He says and moves to the door.  “Do enjoy yourself my dear.”  he said and smirked before leaving a screaming Adrian in the classroom with his three cronies.

“I have so many toys for us to play with…” Pansy said looking more than delighted to have Adrian at her disposal.  “But we are going to need a safeword for this game.”  She added a smirk on her lips.  “I was thinking, Please let me such Draco’s cock.”  She said with a knowing smile.

Crabbe and Goyle both laughed as the enraged Adrian tried to look out of their grasp.  “There is no fucking way you bitch!”  He growled and spit.

“That is not a nice word to call you Mistress.”  She said straightening her back and taking off her robe.  She wore a tight black leather corset over a green silk blouse.  Leather pants with ties up the side that showed off her leg and thigh.  Her boots came up to her knees and the heels added at least four inches to her height, but she walked in them gracefully.

She put the bag on one of the desks and started to dig through it.  “First we need to tie up the naughty boy.”  She pulled out leather green and black shackles and attached them to the ceiling with a sticking charm.  Pulling on the with all her might she made sure they would hold the boys weight.

“Would you two be dears and put him in the restraints for me?”  She asked the two cronies sweetly.

“I am not into this shit you little cunt!”  Adrian cursed which only made Pansy smile more widely as the two thugs strapped him into the cuffs.

“You say that, but you keep giving me reasons to punish you.”  She said sweetly.  “And I already have so many reasons. You are such a naughty boy touching Master Dragon’s property.”  She tsked before going back to her bag.

Both Crabbe and Goyle decided to stay and watch her work.  Crabbe took out the camera and started to take pictures of Adrian.  They looked over to Pansy’s firm ass and Crabbe giggled before taking a picture of her bent over, for his own collection.

She had a small knife in hand when she moved back over to Adrian, she seemed not to notice the other two boys at all, she only focused on her prey.

“I’ve been told about you my sweet boy… you like to kiss and leave a girl breathless.”  She said as she started to cut his robes from him.  “I think it is because you haven’t met the right Mistress yet.”  She added with a knowing smile.  “But I know exactly how to handle naughty little boys like you.”

“You crazy cunt if you don’t let me down right now I swear I’ll…” he was abruptly stopped by a slap to the face.

“I will be taking no more lip from you naughty boy.  I am Mistress Park.  Learn it or you will have a very sore ass for the next week.”  She snapped and looked him in the eyes so that he would know she was serious.

Once his robes and shirt were removed she set the knife aside and went back to her bag.  She pulled out a riding crop and tested it a few times against her hand where he could see.

“You are not hitting me with that thing you cra… Mistress Park.”  he decided he would have to make this a bit easier on himself.

“Good boy.”  She said walking around him again and licked her lips.  “I think you are going to like this.”  She said and struck him once across the back.  Adrian flinched at the stripe and growled as she tried to swing around to face her.  “Stop hitting me!” he ordered a bit more weakly than before.

“If you want me to stop just say your safe word.”  She told him knowingly.

“I am not fucking saying that!”  He yelled just before she struck him again this time harder than the first.

“My slaves do not swear.”  She told him pointedly.  She whipped him like that for what felt like hours.  Each stroke came with a reason he was bad and needed correction.  By the time she was done he was lost in an odd space where everything she did started to feel good.

The next thing he knew she was holding a glass to his lips.  “You need this slave, drink up so we can keep having fun.”  She told him more gently than before.  “You want to please me don’t you?”  She asked and kissed the underside of his jaw.

“Yes… I mean no!”  he shook his head and trying to focus.  He was so thirsty he suddenly realized he was covered in sweat.  He drank whatever was at his lips, what worse could they do to him, when he found it was water he was relieved.

Once she was satisfied that he was recovered a bit she started to remove his pants  her fingers curling into the waist and pulling them down his legs.  She left the pants around his ankle and stood back up.  Seeing his feel erect member she smiled up into his eyes.  “Is this for your Mistress?”  She asked playfully.

“No.” He said but gasped as she wrapped her hand around it.

“Oh I think it is, I think my naughty boy liked his whipping.”  She told him as she started to stroke him slowly.

“What did you do to me you… you…” He moaned at the attention she was giving him, his eyelids becoming heavy.

“Am your Mistress.  Say it my naughty boy and I won’t have to punish you any more tonight.  Tell me I am your Mistress and I will let you come.”  She promised with a sweet smile.

“I don’t have a fucking Mistress, but you can get on your knees and give me a shine if you like.”  He forced out narrowing his eyes at her.

“What did I say about swearing?”  She picked the crop back up and have him a swift swat to the butt.  “It seems I am going to have to force you to submit.”  She said sadly.  Using her wand she unhooked the manacles from the ceiling and fastened them to the floor so he was forced on all fours.

She then took a new toy out of her bag and showed it to him.  She showed him a purple cock that looked it was just over six inches long that looked like it was attached to a belt of some kind.

“This is what is called a strap on.  I am sure you have seen them before.  This particular one is an exact replica of Draco’s cock, don’t you think its pretty?”  She asked as he glared at her.  She smiled and looked down at him.  “Now my lovely slave, have you ever heard of pegging?”

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