Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Good and The Bad


So lets start with the good!  I have updated Shame’s Desire today so you have a bring new chapter to read!  The bad news is I am running out of chapters to post so there may not be as regular of an update as I would like.  Going to try and fix teh problem, but my day job and life keep getting in the way… Wish me luck

Dec is here!


So now that December is here and NaNoWriMo is over I will be posting weekly again!  Just in case anyone was curious I finished the first draft of my novel and it is complete crap.  But as my husband keeps telling me: “You can fix crap, you can’t fix a blank page”  It still needs a lot fo work, but that will be okay!

Now for teh posting!  I am posting Shame’s Desire today.  Hope you enjoy the update!