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Good and Bad


Thanks to everyone who commented last time!  It is so helpful to hear from you guys and see what is on your mind!  I’m sorry I didn’t post last week, I was at a convention and there was just no good time.  This week I have bad news and good news.  The bad news is that I don’t have a new chapter of anything you’ve read before… and I know I say that I wouldn’t post on any new unfinished story… but well it was either post something new or nothing at all, and I hate leaving you guys with nothing to read!  So if your interested you can check out my new series: Time Twisted Tom.  The good news is that I am about half way done with a new chapter of Shame’s Desire and I hope to have it ready to post next week!  We are so close to the end of that one I think we can get it done over the next few months!



So after last week’s poll I would love to hear from my readers why they enjoy my Sense of Submission series better than some of my other work.  Feedback is really important to me and will help me craft better stories for you all in teh future.  Please leave a comment below or if you don’t want to post publicly you can e-mail me at!  With that said I’ve posted chapter 2 to Sound of Submission and I am going to try to work on chapter 3 this week.

Happy New Year!


So for this week’s post I am delivering the second half of the story I started for Christmas.  The entire story has not seen a beta yet so if anyone want to wait I will make sure to let you know after the amazing Eclectic Pet does her thing!

I think I have finally broken clearly through my writers block so I was just curious.  Would you guys rather see be finish off Shame’s Desire or get some real work on Sound of Submission done first?