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Story Status Update


So I thought I should post again since I have been MIA for a little bit.  I know I do this a lot, but I promise I don’t do it on purpose.  Life and work just get in the way sometimes.  So I’ve been getting more than a few reviews and comments lately, all asking if I plan to finish this story or that.  I thought it would be helpful to post the status on all my projects so that people have a better ideas.  So here we go!  They are listed in order of priority.

  1. Face of War- In Editing
  2. Blind Nymph- Chp 9 (In Editing), Chp 10 (Being Written), Chp 11-14 (Planned)
  3. Shame’s Desire- Chp 10 (In Editing), Chp 11-20 (Planned)

(The following are not in any particular order because I don’t know their priority yet.)

  • The Ninth Tribe: Unrest- Draft One Completed, Draft Two In Progress
  • Quidditch Lessons Rewrite- Chp 1-3 (Complete), Chp 4 (In Planning)
  • Darkness Within- Prolog- Chp 1 (In Editing), Chp 2 (Being Written)
  • Halloween Challenge Fic- Being Written
  • Face of Death- In Planning
  • Sound of Submission- In Planning
  • Obedience Lessons- In Planning
  • Primal Desire- In Planning
  • A Mate’s Call- In Planning
  • Tom Riddle and the Slug Club- In Planning
  • Dragon’s Prey- In Planning
  • Hunter’s Moon- In Planning
  • Serpent’s Familiar- In Planning

You guys don’t really need to worry about the huge list of “In Planning”  Those are just mostly story ideas I want to work on in the future.  The ones that are sequels to currant story lines will get priority over new stories.