Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A collection of Harry Potter fan fictions. In this section I plan to post all those multi chapter stories I have that will not have any sequels.  These stories will vary in size from “Short Story” to full out “Novel”.

A Mate’s Call

  • Summary– Harry is scratched by one of the werewolves during the final battle. As he fights with his new instincts he finds there is a whole other kind of struggle before him. Lupin never told him about the call of a true Mate.
  • Main Characters–  Hermione, Harry
  • Progress– In Planning

A Spark of Dark

  • Summary– Harry absorbs some of Voldemort’s darkness during their final duel.  Where is he after almost six years after the final battle, and more importantly, what does he want?
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Harry
  • Progress– Completed

Common Ground 

  • Summary– After a half thought out plan with an ancient potion Hermione finds herself connected to two men that that hate each other.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Sirius, Severus
  • Progress– Completed


  • Summary– Ginny is placed in a mental health facility at the age of 11 after being convicted of attempting to murdering three of her classmates.  She tries to tell everyone that she didn’t do it, that Tom made her do it, but all those around her think he is a figment of her own mind.  Ten years later a new doctor walks into the hospital wearing Tom’s face.
  • Main Characters– Ginny, Tom Riddle
  • Progress– Completed

His Blood

  • Summary–When one becomes the Queen among one’s kind there are many sorts of expectations one must uphold.  When one does it by breaking millennia of tradition, there are even more.  She can’t appear weak, but he can’t not own her completely.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Blaise
  • Progress– Completed

Mind & Will

  • Summary– Tom Riddle goes in search of a woman who is truly worthy of him.  But he must travel all the way to 1997 only to find out there are two. With his movement in time, many things have changed from the world we know.  Poly fic.
  • Main Characters– Tom/Hermione/Ginny
  • Progress– Posting

Sharpest Wit

  • Summary– Unable to solve the mystery of the Horcruxes Tom Riddle is approached by a mysterious woman who calls herself The Devil. She offers Tom a wager, if he is able to control a magical artifact of great power she will grant him the one thing he always wanted, but if he fails his soul will belong to her.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
  • Progress– Completed

Timeless Pet

  • Summary– An accident involving a broken time turner gets Hermione stuck back in the 1940s. In order to live out a normal life, all she has to do is give up her memories. Can the stubborn young Gryffindor make that sacrifice?
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
  • Progress– Completed

What the Force Wills

  • Summary– While avoiding a party celebrating her Mistress’ engagement, Rey runs into a suspicious knight who seems to be doing the same. There is dark energy around the man that forces Rey into feeling things she rather not.  This is a Star Wars Kylo Ren/Rey story with a medieval AU twist.
  • Main Characters– Kylo Ren/Rey
  • Progress– Completed