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A little known fact about the yule enchantments Hogwarts castle is that many of them rely heavily on the a rare plant called the Mysterium Mistletoe.  Without the plant many of the normal Hogwarts holiday traditions would simply not function the way that are supposed to, and it fact could be dangerous to the student body.

So it is no surprise that Severus found himself trudging out into the cold forest one christmas eve after two particularly resourceful dunderheads somehow contaminated his entire supply.  He grumbled under his breath and pulled the black cloak more tightly around his form as he thought about new and inventive ways of punishing those blasted Weasley twins.

It felt like hour as he traveled around the forest looking for the right kind of tree that could even host what he needed.  His usual harvesting grounds were bare of course as he had already done this once for the year, so he found he had to search out a new source of the powerful plant.

When he finally found what he was looking for he grimaced as he looked up into the tall tree at the green growth in a forest of gray.  The first thing one should know about harvesting Mysterium Mistletoe is that one can’t use magic.  At best it would contaminate the plant, at worst the plant had a very inconvenient defence mechanism.

Begrudgingly the fully grown man began to climb the tree in a slow measured pace.  One did not want to accidentally touch the plant or they could trigger its defence, and that is the last thing the dower professor wanted right now.

He found a good place that was in reach of three large bustles before reached in his bag to take out his specially prepared blade.  Severus was one of three wizards in the world that knew the proper way to sharpen and prepare a blade to harvest this troublesome plant and it was a point of pride as he looked down at the knife.

It was a moment too late when he realized something was seriously wrong with the tool in his hand.  He heard all three bustles start to move at once when he realized someone had exchanged a blade to look like his.

This was very bad for many reasons, not the least of which meant he was about to fall 30 feet to the forest ground.  In a split second choice between breaking his leg and the fall and defending himself from the plants, Severus chose to cushion his fall from the tree.  This of course meant he got sprayed by not one, but three bushels of the mistletoe.

He didn’t know how long he laid in shock on the forest floor before sitting up and looking at the fine red dust that seemed to cover him from head to toe.  He could already feel the tingling in his skin that meant he had at least gotten a full dose of the plant’s poison.

One of the things Severus hated the most about Mystrium Mistletoe was the fact that it was really the source of the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe.  It one breaths in a little of their dust it triggers the need to kiss the first person they see.  He had breathed in a lot more the a little and he really didn’t want to think what would happen if he saw someone with this toxin in his system.

When he finally stood he brushed as much of the dust off his clothes as he could and started for formulate a plan.  He really couldn’t go back to the castle like this.  He was horrified to think what would happen if he saw anyone on the way to his office.

No the best plan was to go away from the castle until he reached a point he could safely Apparate to his home on Spinner’s End.  Once there he could contact the Headmaster and explain what happened and why he can’t return to the school.

With a clear plan in his mind he started to feel better, even though the toxin was already having unwanted effects of his system.  He was already feeling much too warm, and his skin was becoming so sensitive he clothes were a distraction.

He wasn’t very far from the treeline where he would be able to get away from the blasted school and feel safe once again when collided with another form full on.  To Severus’ absolute horror a young woman was now sprawled out before him coughing as she too breathed in the dust that had been left on his cloak.

When the girl pushed her pale wispy hair from her her face his horror grew as the big blue pixie eyes of Luna Lovegood looked back up at him.

“Professor?  Why are you covered in pink dust?”  She asked like it was perfectly normal to run into a student this deep in the Forbidden Forest.

“Miss Lovegood, why would a pale girl be wearing all white in the middle of the day in the snow?”  He shot back because for the life of him he couldn’t imagine why she would be here of all places now.

She smiled brightly at tat and patted a white bag at her side.  “Collecting plants.  Sometimes you have to sneak up on them.”  She explained as she seemed content looking up at the professor from the ground.

“Now what am I supposed to do with you?”  he asked more to himself as the toxins in his brain were coming up with all sorts of delightful… no horrible… things to do with her.

The girl took in a slow breath and smiled as if she was thinking how best to answer his question.

“I need you to go back to the castle right now and tell the Headmaster you have been poisoned with Mystrium Mistletoe dust.”  He said using all his will to take a step back from him.

“Or I could come with you.”  She said as she slowly got to her feet.  She didn’t bother brushing herself off and he could see where some of the dust has settled on her clothes and skin.  There was a slight frosting of it in her platinum hair that reminded him of someone he buried far in his past.

“You cannot come with me, I have also been infected by the plant.”  He said and as he licked his lips he could taste the bitter poison on his lips.

“But if it is poison who more skilled to make me feel better than you Professor?”  She asked as if it was a completely innocent question.

“That is not…”  Severus cleared his throat and lifted his foot to take another step back, but the thing moved toward of its own accord.

“I do feel a little odd.”  The woman said as a slight frown crossed her face.  “Must too warm for where we are.  Are you sure we having been infected by Titternites?”

“You are a ridiculous young woman and I need you to leave here now before it is too late.”  he said as his will to keep himself parted from her lovely form was on the verge of breaking.

He found himself thinking about so many things he could do with her if he just swept her back to he home in england.  He could tell the Headmaster she had been infected and he didn’t want to risk her around her classmates.

“But I want to go with you.”  She said as if she could read the things that were crossing his mind.  He had always been a bit caught off guard by this particular student.  There was the fact that she was brilliant as most Ravenclaws, but she always came to the oddest conclusions.  Add to teh fact taht no matter how much be bullied her she was always the sweetest little thing to everyone, it was a hard mix to deny that he wasn’t a bit thrown by her.

“That is not a good idea Miss Lovegood.  I am your professor and you are my student.”  He told her trying to stay firm when all he could think about his how her lip would feel so good wrapped around him.

Then of course the little witch had to move closer to him.  “And yet, I still want you to…”

“Don’t”  He snapped interrupting her.  “This is just a plant toxin and you will think mach differently once you are away from me.

She frowned at this as if the thought was completely out of nowhere.  “Why would a plant toxin make me stop fantasizing about you?”  She asked  and he could see her breathing quicken the closer she got to him.

“We need to get someplace warm before we do something truly foolish and catch our death.”  he said unable to hold himself back any long ehr scooped her up into his arms and moved towards the border once more.

The creature in his arms smiled brightly and leaned into his neck before licking some of the dust off his skin.

“Oh Merlin.”  He almost dropped her at the wonderful feel of her tongue made his hold falter.

He didn’t dare breathe again until he had them both locked into the small dilapidated house he called home.

“What am I doing?”  He asked himself but the girl simply smiled up at him as she started to remove his cloak.  “You must know these feelings aren’t right, they aren’t yours.  I’m just a greasy bat in the dungeon.”  He reminded her.

“Sometimes when I’m falling asleep I like to think about you.”  She said as small fingers started to unbutton his robe.  “I think about your brisk debanding tone.  I imagine you being very cross with me before we do very naughty things.”

“You what?”  He asked sure he wasn’t understanding her.  How could a beautiful ray of pure light like Luna Lovegood want to think about doing any such thing with a troll like himself?

She paused to look up at him in that irritating way she did right before she answered a question in class.  Her answers were always started out so very wrong he wanted to pull his hair out, but he had learned over the years he if let her talk for long enough she would get to the correct answer every time.  She was such a weird little Ravenclaw.

“I’ve had sexual fantasies about you for all this year Professor.”  She told him simple before taking a step back from him.  He could see her shaking as she fought the effects of the dust he had subjected her to.  “Do you think something is wrong with me?”

“I understood you the first time.”  He snapped at her to trying to get the building sexual need in them both to cool down.  The sweet smile she gave him only made his pants that much tighter.  “Stop that.”  He snapped as he was getting very frustrated with his own control.

“What am I doing?”  She asked looking down at her hands and then back up to him.  “I stopped undressing you, did you want me to finish?”  She asked curiously.

“I should lock us in separate rooms until the dust has run it’s course.”  He suddenly realized and tried to think of a safe room he could put her.

“I think I would refer rope, do you have any rope?”  She asked making his thoughts derailed once again.


“Rope, you could tie me up.  I think I would like that.”  She said giving him that dangerous smile all the while.

“You want me to tie you up?”  He asked and he could hear his own heart in his ears.  This lovely innocent creature wanted him to tie her up and have his way with her.  He could see the scene rather vividly, and he wanted to comply much more than he would like to admit.

“Tie me up any way you would like.”  She confirmed as she easily shrugged out of the white cloak only to show she was wearing a white velvet robe that seemed to perfectly hug her small form.

“Are you knitters white too?”  He asked without thinking as he took in the curve of her hip and the small round of her breast.

“Would you like to see Professor?”  She asked as her hands moved to slowly lift the dress.

“Yess…”  He groaned then shook his head to clear it.  “No.”  She snapped stepping forward to slap her hands that were pulling the fabric.

The girl gasped at the small contact and looked up at him with the round crystal blue eyes once again.  She was positively trembling as she looked up at him now.  “More please?”  She asked as if she was about to drop to her knees and beg.

This only made things worse for him.  He could now clearly imagine her on her knees in front of him begging.  From there his imation started to run truly wild.  His hand jumped out to grasp a handful of her hair making her gasp in surprise and pleasure.

“You realize how completely I could defile your sweet little form Miss Lovegood?  All the wicked and dirty things I could do to you if I tied you up?  How I could satisfy my darkest desires and you could do nothing to stop me?  Is that what you want?”

Instead of looking frightened like he had intended her to, her smile grew more bright.  “Yes Professor.”  She gasped trying to pull against his grasp so she could press herself to him.

For a moment he couldn’t come up with any way to respond to the girl.  The dust from Mysterium Mistletoe ramped up sexual desire and made you need the person in front of you, but it didn’t twist or darken the fantasies of those under it’s influence.  This vision in white truly wanted someone to submit to.

“If you lie to me I will know girl.”  He said tightening his hold on her hair.  “Have you ever had with anyone before?”  He asked wanting to know how much experience he was dealing with.

“I’m too weird to be desired like that.”  She told him without shame.

“You understand I will not be a gentle first lover.”  He warned watching with amazement as she shivered in response to his words.

“Please Professor.” She whimpered obviously wanting to be as close to him as she could.

The last of his resistance broke in that moment.  He pulled her into a hard kiss as his fingers tightened their hold on her blond locks.  Her submission was beautiful as she surrendered to the dominance of his lips.  He could hear her making small keening sounds as he gave her what she seemed to want most.  Her hands were grasping the front of his robe.

He broke the kiss as suddenly as he had started it by pulling back roughly on her hair.  Her lips were now red and puffy from the abuse he had just subjected them to.  She was now panting for air, her chest moving up and down quickly.

His free hand gently cupped the curve of her small breast simply to feel the weight of it in his hand.

“You have two choices girl.”  He started his hand running down to her side just to explore her body for a moment as he spoke.  “Either you can remove this dress or I will.  You will not like the way I do it.”  he warned before pushing her back from him to give her some space.

She started scrambling out of the dress as fast as she could.  There seemed to be ribbon tied at the wrists that was giving her a bit of trouble, but before he could grow truly inpatient the dress was in a crumpled heap next to her and she stood before him wearing white cotton knickers and sports bra.

“This is a disappointment girl.”  He said motioning to her underthings.  Before she could respond he had a hold of her hair again and was bending her over the arm of his couch.  He shifted his hand so he could hold her down by the back of her neck and pulled her knickers down with enough force to rip them drastically.

Without any more warning he brought his hand down on her butt simple because he wanted to.  She gasped in surprise at her new position, but didn’t fight against it in the least.  He spanked her again wanting to turn her little bum red for his own delight.

“You have to be punished for disappointing me.”  He said as she whimpered with each strike of his hand.

“Yes Professor.”  She gasped out as she started to wiggle against his hold a bit.

Once he had her arse nice and pink he ran her fingers over the tender flesh, which seemed to only make his new pet moan. He pushed her legs apart a bit so he could how her body was reacting to the treatment.  She was already very wet and he tortured her for a moment rubbing the pad of his finger over her already exposed clit just to watch her jump.

“Please Professor?”  She moaned as her body shifted in obvious need.

“You know one good orgasim should clear the symptoms of the dust out of your body completely?”  He asked as he continued to teased her already aroused form.

“Yes.”  She gasped and he thought she might be unable to think much further than his fingers in that moment.

“Can you feel how close you are?  How close to being free of this overpowering desire?”  he asked as he leaned close to her ear.

“Please?”  She whimpered tightly.  This told him she was about to reach the peak that would free her.  So he obviously had to pull his hand away and deny her of such a release.

“Oh..”  She whimpered as her legs tried to finish the job on their own.

“I don’t think so girl.”  He said pulling her legs so she couldn’t get any friction to finish herself off.

“No?”  She asked looking up to him as her body was shaking with what he had denied her.

“I said it was a punishment, not a reward.”  He reminded her as he pulled her back into a standing position and pulled his wand from his pocket.  “Now I clearly remember something about rope.”  he said as he enjoyed the view of her half ripped knickers around her knees.

“You’re going to tie me up Professor?”  She asked and he was amused at the hope in her voice.

He tapped his wand against his hand as he looked around the small living room for the best place to bind her.  “I think we need a table.”  He said more to himself than to do.

“Not a bed Professor?”  She asked shyly.

“You haven’t earned a bed girl.”  He said dismissively as an idea struck him.  Not wishing to waste any more time he scooped her up and carried her over his shoulder towards the kitchen.  He passed through it quickly to the small fenced in backyard attached to the house.

There was a story old picnic table covered in snow.  “Perfect.”  He said before setting dropping her mostly nude form in the snow.

Turning to the table he cast a silent spell before turning to his girl.  “Climb up and lay on her back.  Don’t lose those knickers I enjoy them exactly where they are.”  He ordered harshly.

She jumped to do as he asked.  He smiled as he she realized what he had done.  The snow on the table was still very cold, but it wouldn’t melt, so as she laid back as he asked she would find herself surrounded by a freezing snow wall.  He imagined what the soft ice felt like against her swollen clit.

Once she was laying as he wanted he cast a few more spells.  One to protect her from teh worst of the cold.  She would still feel the ice, but it would never get to the point of actually being a danger.  Next he enacted a simple contraceptive spell, and lastly and for his own amusement he removed the hair from her sweet little cunt.

When that was all attended to he transfigured an old hose into a length of silk rope.  “Are you comfortable girl?”  He asked with cruel amusement in his tone.

“Cold.”  She said panting a bit.

“I thought you could use a little cooling down after your first punishment.”  He said as he started to secure her wrists and ankles to the corners of the table.

“First punishment Professor?”  She asked watching him as he moved around her.

“Well the spanking was for the knickers.  Do you think I am any more satisfied with that bra?”  he asked curiously as he secured the last knot.

“No Professor.”  She admitted looking down at her chest.  He could see the hard peaks of her nipples showing clearly through the fabric.

“Well then we should get to your second punishment before we can really start to have some fun.”  he told her as he severed the straps and pulled the bra down to her stomach.

“Please Professor.”  She said looking him at him as she waited with anticipation.

He struck one breast and then the other, making sure the hit handed right on the nipple so she would have to feel the full sting of each strike.

“You asked me to carry out my darkest desires on you, what did you think that meant?”  He asked as she twitched and whimpered with each slap.

“This and more Professor!”  She moaned making him smile as he breasts turned pink with his attention.  Once he was the color he wanted he smiled and scooped up a handful of snow for each breast.  She whimpered as he dropped them in place.

“There will be so much more girl.”  He promised as he watched her shiver with need and cold.

After casting a quick warming smell on himself he started to undress as well.  His pants were way past uncomfortable with the hardness of his desire and it was a relief to free his member from their confines.

Climbing on the table he knelt between her legs so she could get a very good look at the shaft he was about to impale her with.  “Normally I would tease you for days before I would let you even look at this.”  He told her as he ran his hand along the seven inch length.  “But I really need something from you.”  he said as he leaned down over her form

Those sweet innocent eyes were clouded with lust and need which made his cock jump a bit in excitement.  Dropping his phallus Severus moved to feel how ready she was at this point.  He pushed a finger inside of her making her moan under him.  Her hips moved against his hand as they respond naturally to the sensation.

He continued to massage her slowly with his fingers until he could fit three inside of her without a glimmer of discomfort in her eyes.

“Under the old ways this would give me ownership of you.”  he told her as he moved to hips to align their bodies.  “You’ve given yourself so freely I could make it truly binding.”  He said mostly to see if he could scare her.

When she felt the head of his cock her body still tried to push back against him.  He pulled himself back as she pushed as he wouldn’t give her anything she tried to take for herself.  “Do you want that girl?”

“Yes Professor.”  She said obviously thinking he was asking about his cock.

He chuckled at the response as he leaned down and tasted her neck.  “Oh the things I could make you do…”  He breathed moving against her again.

“Yes anything Professor please!”  She moaned trying to push back against him again as he withdrew.

“This happens on my time girl.”  He said nipping her neck before moving so he could see her eyes again.  “My time.”  he repeated before thrusting her to the hilt.  Her body tightened in surprise and her let out the best little whimper he had heard yet.

Once he felt her relax a little around him he started to move at a speed for his own pleasure.  She whimpered and moaned under him, her head going back and her eyes closing.  “Professor more please?”  She gasped which made him smile.

The quickened his pace ending each thrust with a  jerk to make sure she really felt what he was doing to her.  “Tell me who is fucking you.”  He ordered wanting to to truly be thinking of him as to took her.

“Professor Snape.” She gasped trying to push her body back against his.

“Who’s cock is about to make you cum harder than you ever have in your life?”  He asked grasping her hips so he could drive himself harder into her wanting body.

“Professor Snape’s cock.”  She looking back up at him as he felt her start to tense around him.

“This is the best fuck you will ever have Miss Lovegood.”  He growled as he saw the wave of pleasure overtake her.  He started moving as fast as he could wanting to fuck her raw as she came, wanting to reach his own peak.

She was just starting to relax as he crested emptying his seed inside her.  When he stilled he had his own eyes closed as the toxin of the plant cleared from his mind.

What in Merlin’s name had be just done?  He couldn’t even find it in himself to truly regret it, it has been such enjoyable sex.  After too long of a moment he opened his eyes, expecting to see fear and disgust in her eyes now that she was free of the toxin as well.

Luna smiled up at him.  “More please Professor?”  She asked seeming more than happy to have him inside of her.

“But the toxin?”  He looked down at her frowning.

“Is gone.”  She agreed with a nod of her head.

“Aren’t you disgusted?” He asked confused by her reaction.

“Professor I told you…” She started with a smile.  “…this is fantasy of mine.”

The End.