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We are getting there


So today I have posted Face of War– Chapter 11: Recovery.  This means there are only three more chapters left in this book before the end.  There is one more book to this series before it is over so don’t expect a true ending after this until we get to Face of Death.

Once I’ve finished posting Face of War though the trilogy will be on hold until I get some other things done first.  Next I will be posting on some new short stories I have waiting in the wings.  The first of which will be one called Sharpest Wit.  It is an AU Hermione/Tom Riddle story I wrote a while back.

While I am posting on those short stories I will be working to finish Blind Nymph.  I have four chapters left to write and I hope to finish them over the next month.  After that by popular demand I have decided to make my NaNoWriMo project Sound of Submission.  I plan to finish it completely in the month of Nov then go back in edit it in December.  That means you all will probably start seeing chapters by January!

On a side note I am very curious what people are thinking of my Table of Contents sections, and I wonder if they are being helpful at all.  Let me know!


Weekly Update and More


First I am sure you want to know I have posted a new chapter to Face of War! You can find this new chapter in the correct section or by clicking this easy link I have provided here: Chapter 10: Fury.

Also as some may or may not notice I am reorganizing my pages a bit.  I am working to make it easier to find what you are looking for, we will see how well that works out.  I’m also thinking about changing the look, but I’m not 100% on anything, more to come later today.

Table of Contents


So I felt that people may appreciate a little more info on stories and series I have written and plan to write in the future.  I going make this post a permanent over the next few days.  I plan to keep it updated so anyone who is interested can see where their favorite stories stand.  So I hope this is helpful, or at the very least entertaining.  If I am missing anything that I’ve written in the past let me know.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Series Stories

  • Lessons Trilogy
    • Quidditch Lessons
      • Summary– It all started when he was looking for a little amusement.  What will happen when Draco finds he can’t let go of his newest toy?
      • Main Characters– Luna, Draco
      • Progress– Completed (In Rewrite)
    • Obedience Lessons (In Planning)
    • Final Lessons (In Planning)
  • Face Trilogy
    • Face of Evil
      • Summary– At the very moment when all thought him finally defeated the Dark Lord took all their hope away. Now he is making a new society where pureblood wizards are in their rightful place.
      • Main Characters– Ginny, Luna, Daphne, Lord Voldemort, Blaise, Draco
      • Progress– Completed
    • Face of War
      • Summary– All is not what is seems in the newly formed Dark Empire. Hope still hides in the shadows, but there are now some who know it is there.
      • Main Characters– Ginny, Luna, Daphne, Lord Voldemort, Blaise, Draco
      • Progress– In Editing
    • Face of Death (In Planning)
  • Sense of Submission
    • Smell of Submission
      • Summary– He was in control now, powerful, no one would take that away. He’d have her, she’d take convincing, and he’d enjoy the challenge.
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Harry
      • Progress– Completed
    • Sound of Submission (In Planning)
    • Taste of Submission (In Planning)
    • Feel of Submission (In Planning)
    • Look of Submission (In Planning)
    • Power of Submission  (In Planning)
  • Empire of Magic
    • Shame’s Desire
      • Summary– After the death of Lord Malfoy’s wife it is his duty to take new bride.  Lady Weasley’s family is on the verge of having to sell their ancestral home.  Is she brave to defy her father and help her family?
      • Main Characters– Ginny, Lucius
      • Progress– Chapter 10 (In Editing) Chapters 11-20 (In Planning)
    • Serpent’s Familiar  (In Planning)
    • Hunter’s Moon (In Planning)
    • Dragon’s Prey (In Planning)
  • Tom Riddle Series (In Planning)
    • Tom Riddle and the Slug Club
    • (Unnamed Second Year)
    • (Unnamed Third Year)
    • (Unnamed Forth Year)
    • Tom Riddle and the Heir of Slytherin
    • Tom Riddle and the Death Eaters
    • Tom Riddle and the Dark Lord
  • Dark World Series (In Planning)
    • Darkness Within
  • Primal Series (In Planning)
    • Primal Desire

Stand Alone Stories

  • Shorts Stories
    • Adventures of Rose and Heela
      • Summary– The adventures of Rose Riddle and her best friend/pet.
      • Main Characters– Rose Riddle, Hermione, Tom Riddle
      • Progress– Completed
    • Challenge
      • Summary– Lord Voldemort shows up while Bellatrix is torturing Hermione in Malfoy Manor.
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
      • Progress– Completed
    • My Own Personal Hell
      • Summary– She was the cruelest and most evil witch he knew. He laughed at the idea that she was considered a beacon of light by others in the wizarding world. He knew better.
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
      • Progress– Completed
    • Raspberry Jam
      • Summary– Young Tom Riddle and Miss Hermione Granger are having a bit of a disagreement of ownership of some Raspberry Jam. These are the messages they exchange while trying to solve their issues.
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
      • Progress– Completed
    • Where it Began
      • Summary– Lily and James have the second anniversary of their first date. Wrote this story a few years back and I decided to give it a fresh edit. Hope you like.
      • Main Characters– Lily, James
      • Progress– Completed
    • Wicked Lips
      • Summary– Fred & George Weasley were known among students and teachers alike to never be too serious, and always have a joke ready to defuse even the more stressful of situations. It was one cold fall evening the pranksters finally met their match.
      • Main Characters– OC, Fred, George
      • Progress– Completed
  • Holiday Stories
    • 2014
      • Egg Hunt
        • Summary– A Harry Potter fan fiction. Fred and George set up a “fun” game for the Spring Holiday at the Burrow.  What surprises will the friends find in this Egg Hunt?  What happens when the twins get caught in their own joke?
        • Main Characters– Ginny, Hermione, Luna, George, Fred, Neville, Ron, Harry
        • Progress– Completed
      • Autumn Goddess
        • Summary– Hermione sneaks into a pureblood Samhain gathering to get information on Death Eater movements. What will happen when she is given a key role to play in their ancient rite? Will she ever leave again?
        • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
        • Progress– Completed
      • Naughty & Nice
        • Summary– Ginny’s newest boyfriend takes her to an elite private club on Christmas eve. It would have been nice to have told her about the club rules before she went.
        • Main Characters– Ginny, Blaise
        • Progress– Completed
    • 2015
      • Secret Halloween Story
        • Progress– In Editing
  • Multi-Chapter Stories
    • Blind Nymph
      • Summary– After a chance meeting in the woods, two very unlikely people form an odd kind of friendship. He makes her feel human again. She is the solution to all of his problems. Can the relationship survive the truth or outside influences, or is the small happiness a bubble ready to pop? (Small Disclaimor: This plot bunny was directly inspired by Equally Blind an unfinished story by wrenbailey. It has one or two of the main ideas in the stories are the same, but they are most diffidently two different tales.)
      • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco
      • Progress– Chapter 9 (In Editing), Chapters 10-14 (In Planning)
    • Timeless Pet
      • Summary– An accident involving a broken time turner gets Hermione stuck back in the 1940s. In order to live out a normal life, all she has to do is give up her memories. Can the stubborn young Gryffindor make that sacrifice?
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
      • Progress– Completed
    • Sharpest Wit
      • Summary– Unable to solve the mystery of the Horcruxes Tom Riddle is approached by a mysterious woman who calls herself The Devil. She offers Tom a wager, if he is able to control a magical artifact of great power she will grant him the one thing he always wanted, but if he fails his soul will belong to her.
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
      • Progress– Ready to Post
    • Spark of Dark
      • Summary– Harry absorbs some of Voldemort’s darkness during their final duel.  Where is he after almost six years after the final battle, and more importantly, what does he want?
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Harry
      • Progress– Ready to Post
    • Common Ground 
      • Summary– After a half thought out plan with an ancient potion Hermione finds herself connected to two men that that hate each other.
      • Main Characters– Hermione, Sirius, Severus
      • Progress– Ready to Post
    • A Mate’s Call
      • Summary– Harry is scratched by one of the werewolves during the final battle. As he fights with his new instincts he finds there is a whole other kind of struggle before him. Lupin never told him about the call of a true Mate.
      • Main Characters–  Hermione, Harry
      • Progress– In Planning

Original Work

  • The Ninth Tribe Series
    • Cassidy’s Story
      • Smoke
        • Summary– I was born knowing deep within my soul that I would one day serve another. I would never achieve greatness in my own name. That I would have power beyond many, but that power would never really belong to me. I would never really belong to me.
        • Progress– Working on Second Draft
      • Flame
        • Summary– To Be Announced
        • Progress– In Planning
      • Blaze
        • Summary– To Be Announced
        • Progress– In Planning
    • Water’s Story (In Planning)
      • Stream
      • River
      • Ocean
    • Earth’s Story (In Planning)
      • Pebble
      • Stone
      • Mountain
    • Air’s Story (In Planning)
      • Breeze
      • Storm
      • Cyclone
    • United (In Planning)
      • Unrest
      • Conflict
      • War

I’m Alive! And so is Face of War!


Now that my laptop is fixed I have decided that it is time for me to start posting on a weekly basis once again.  I will be spending today getting my and profiles on the same chapter as this website, but before I do any of that I wanted to give those that read my website directly a little head start on the next chapter.  My plan is to post a new chapter to Face of War every Sunday until it is completed.  I will always post chapters to this site before any other.  This will start with FoW Chapter 9: Immunity and continue until I get to the final chapter.  In case anyone is curious the story is 14 chapters long.

I hope everyone enjoys the new chapter and I would like to give a special thanks to my beta Eclectic Pet for helping to make my work better.  She is a busy person with a full life just like everyone, and I’m honored that she takes time out to read and edit my work.

Staying Connected


So I’ve decided to make a twitter and facebook account for my writing so that people can follow me if they want.  I will be tweeting daily about what I am up to in my writing and how close I am to starting to post.  If anyone is interested in how my writing is going you can now follow me on facebook as Wild Kitsune or on twitter as submissivefox.