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An Original Fiction. “I was born knowing deep within my soul that I would one day serve another. I would never achieve greatness in my own name. That I would have power beyond many, but that power would never belong to me. I would never belong to me.”

Unrest is up!


Just like I promised I have updated the The Nine Tribes: Unrest.  You can find the newest chapter, Chapter 5: Owned here, or you can read it form the start here!  The posting of Unrest may slow down a bit now as I do not yet have chapter 6 finished, but I will try to have it done in time to post for Thanksgiving!

Sidebar vs Topbar and other random thoughts


First off I am sorry this is late, I know I said I would be posting it on Thursday, but I have class that night and I forgot.  For anyone who is interested though The Nine Tribes: Unrest has been updated and chapter 4 is up!  I am now only one chapter ahead of these post so its updating may slow down a bit, we will see.  You know I don’t like rushing chapters either because then they are not as good as they could be.

In other things.  The sidebar is starting to get comically long.  I am thinking about taking my stories off of it and just having the links at the top, what do people think of that idea?  I want people to be able to easily find the stories they wish to read, but I don’t want the page to be unruly.

As for the surprise I said I would be posting on my birthday, well that didn’t happen.  I have it written, but my beta just got to it today so I have had time to think about it, and I think I will hold off on posting any of it till I have a few less projects ongoing.

Story Update


This is just a quick post to let everyone know I put the final chapters of Quidditch Lesson up and I also posted chapter 2 of The Nine Tribes: Unrest.  My plan for the rest of the day is to try and finish chapter 2 of Face of War, but I am not making any promises.