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What can I really say about myself?  I am a woman in her early 30’s that lives in the metro Boston area.  I find that like most people, I am not a single person, but many.  I am a Sister, a daughter, an auntie, a wife, a friend, a sub, a write, and an artist.  Many of these people overlap, but none of them are exactly the same.  For my readers here, I am the writer and the sub, so I guess this page should be about them.

The Sub

I have known I was a submissive since I was a teenager.  Really since I started to be interested in sex.  What I have always found interesting is the fact I knew I was a sub before I understood that I was bi-sexual.  But I am not going to get into that here.  My submissive side doesn’t get to show its self in my every day life much.  My husband is not a Dominant.  I have no Master.  This does not mean I do not want a Master or Mistress, I just have yet to find the right person.  In case you are curious I am very open with my husband about my feelings and he knows about my quest to have a Dominant in my life.  He even supports me in the quest which I am very grateful for.

The Writer

I have been telling stories to my family since I started to talk.  If I am honest with myself I would have to say I love to write.  If I had my perfect job I would be a writer and get to tell people stories for a living.  But I realized long ago it is a dream.  I have trouble having confidence in my writing sometimes, I am not sure if my ideas are good.  For a long time I only wrote for myself, I never really showed anyone the bits and pieces of fiction I wrote.  Fan fiction and the internet opened up a way for me to take steps that I don’t think I would have taken otherwise.  When I write about the world of Harry Potter they aren’t completely my ideas.  It makes me feel a bit safer.  That being said I you should expect non fan fiction work on this blog as well, but I am not sure when that will happen.

The Rant

I realize that most of this has been me babbling about myself, but I hope it helped you get a more clear picture of who this submissive fox is!

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  1. I would be very interested in being a beta for you. Specifically on smell of submission (but others as well). I very much like your style of writing, but as with all writers there are always going to be minor flaws. Ie misplaced letters in a word, repeated words in a sentence, or improper grammar. All common things amongst writers. I on the other hand have a hard time getting the words from my head onto paper(so to speak). What I lack in this specific area is more than made up for by my prowess in seeing things that are out of place in writing. I’m not a just a beta looking to read the story ahead of the public. I simply have a severe case of OCD when it comes to literature. Feel free to contact me with your writing and I will help with proof-reading.

    • Sorry this has taken me so long to reply to, I am usually better than this on replies. I do understand my need for a beta, I actually just got a few one starting chapter 18 of Smell of Submission which is the only reason I will have to turn you down for now. If I need one in the future I will let you know. Thank you so much for the kind offer!

  2. I love your stories! I especially want to read the next installments of the lessons trilogy and the sense of submission series. I hope you are able to work on them soon.

    • Thanks I am glad you know that you like my work. You’ll probably see something new for the Sense of Submission series before Lessons, but I am working towards keeping all my stories active.

  3. Sorry don’t want to hurry you (proceeds to hurry you) but when can we expect the first chapters of the sound of submission?

    • I’m unsure that this time. I started it during NaNoWriMo, but I didn’t even finish the first chapter before other parts of my life ate my time. Right now I am working to finish open stories before I start the next book in any series. And if you ask my Blind Nymph fans I am doing a bad job at that…

  4. are you planing to finish shames desire than do sound of submission if not when sorry but i am chomping at the bit for it

    • I am working to finish Shame’s Desire before I do anything else. I have started to plan Sound of Submission and I have 1 chapter written. But I am not sure exactly when I will start to publish it. My hope is in September.

  5. I hope this question is not rude. I have caught up to your face trilogy. I see you are mostly for tomione, which I wish I could get into as they have a much bigger fandom but seeing as the reason I like Tom/Ginny (however creepy it is) is entirely different than a lot of people’s reasons I think, it’s not working. (long story short I’m a suckered for emotional intimacy, twisted cosmic bonds, whether it’s as pure as Oz/Alice, as heartbreaking as Jon/Arya and Vanitas/Noé or well, as twisted as Tom/Ginny it’s too bad I need the canon basis with a connection that is part of the plot? Because you write your stories so well. Hm. =n= I hate my picky mind sometimes.

    Do you think you plan on writing any more Tom/Ginny? I hope that’s alright to ask.

    Also um, let me know if it’s okay to try drawing a scene from the face trilogy (Tom carrying Ginny. Something eerily interesting about how it’s a gesture of kindness but not really). I say try because my skills are inconsistent and it depends on if I can even yknow, get it to look good but mintea @ tumblr is my art blog if it helps (and some sketches on my unmints blog but that’s also my personal and arts are scattered there).

    Your writing is super compelling by the way, and your drive to write for your own sake very reassuring and inspiring to someone who is still learning to write regularly!

    • Okay so let me start by saying That it is never rude to ask a question unless you ask it in a rude way. I understand perfectly that everyone has their couples they like and there a real reasons why we like a pairing. I too have a picky brain that likes what it likes and nothing else… My problem is that tends to change from moment to moment. I know I have a lot of Tomione on here and that is actually because I belong to a Tomione writing community. So many of my Tomione fics are because of challenges I participated in.

      To you real questions. Well to start with I would have to say that the Face Trilogy may be on its last book, but it is no where near over. I do have a series I have been working on that I can’t decide who Tom will end up with. It may be Ginny, but there is just a good of a chance that it could be Luna it depends on how it fits when he gets to be the right age. (He starts out as an 11 year old in this story) There is one other idea I’ve had that WILL be Tom/Ginny but I am unsure when I will be able to work on that protect. So I guess the short answer is that I am not nearly done with them as a couple :).

      You have my permission to drawl anything inspired by my work. With the condition that you send me a link at thesubmissivefox@gmail.com so I can link it on this site! 😀

      I hope you keep creating!

      • I know this was posted a while ago but I was just wondering when the rest of Face of Death will be out. I would normally never go for Tom over Harry for Ginny’s heart but you have me doing it and I need to know what happens. I was emotionally invested from chapter 1 and read everything you have out in 2 days and now I need to know what happens. Hopefully you can put out some more chapters soon, but I understand you are probably quite busy. So just a response letting me know how things are going with the story would be so very appreciated and if you ever needed help with an opinion or a proof read I would be very happy to help

      • I am so glad you are enjoying the Face Trilogy! There are plans to continue it and finish the last of the stories. It is high on my priority lists but I haven’t been super inspired for it lately. I hope to complete Shame’s Desire and after that I hope to have more freed brain power to work in it. Don’t worry, I leave no story behind forever.

      • Awesome!! I’ve been craving more of your stories. I came to ask the same question but it seems someone beat me to it. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am really looking forward to reading more of your amazing stories.

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