Monthly Archives: June 2016

This isn’t too bad?


So yeah I told you guys I would e posting later in the day, but really I don’t think 3 o’clock is too too bad.  So this week I didn’t get another chapter of Face of Death done sorry :(.  But I do have a new chapter to Shame’s Desire, that is good right?  Anyway being a wizard was very tiring this weekend, so I think I need a nap!

At least I have something?


So I am posting my Midsummer story today, but I don’t really have anything else to post at the moment so this will have to do.  I keep getting ideas for short and silly stories and getting sidetracked from my bigger more detailed books… I’m trying I swear!  But in the meantime I hope you enjoy this what I do have!

Summer’s Lord is a sequel to my 2014 halloween story Autumn Goddess.  Many people said they wanted the story to continue so I decided to do another installment.

As a side note, when I do post next week it will be later in the day.  I am going to New World Magischola Week 2 and I won’t be able to post until after I get back.

Book 3: The End


It is official.  I have started posting the third book in my Face Trilogy.  This is the final chapter to this story and I am very excited to have it finally started.  Here is Chapter 1: New Way of Life.  I am still hoping to post chapter two in a few weeks, even though my muse wants to work on a newer story I told her has to wait until older things are done.  Do you know how hard it is to tell a muse no?  Impossible!  So I’ve written three new chapters since last week, but they are for my Tom Riddle series and not for anything I am currently trying to finish.  I hope to work on Shame’s Desire tonight and have something for you guys by next week, but I think you will have to wish me luck on that.

Summer So Far


Okay if you look at my calendar I have a few stories scheduled again.  The first being a story I wrote randomly the thing week because I was inspired to do something on the more smutty side.  So I am posting Notes today.  It is a full story that I hope you all enjoy.

Next week I will be posting the first chapter to Face of Death!  It is done and ready for posting now, so I am excited to finally story this last installment to the Face Trilogy.  This story is going to pick up a week after Face of War ended and all our girl’s lives have changed dramatically in consequence to what happened at the wedding.

The following week I will definitely be posting my Midsummer story and I am going to try to work on something else to post as well.  Either Shame’s Desire or Sound of Submission… we will see what my muse wants.  The Midsummer story itself is actually a sequel to Autumn Goddess so that will be fun too!  It is one chapter as well, so not a lot to commit to! 😉

By June 26th I am hoping to have another Face of Death chapter done, but we will see…