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A collection of Harry Potter fan fictions. In this section I play to post the holiday stories I write throughout the year.

Ending Another Story


There is no better feeling than actually finishing and posting a completed story for you guys.  Today I post the final chapter of Sharpest Wit- Part 6: Victory or Death.

You may want to know what is next?  Well I honestly have no clue what I am posting next week, which is why I haven’t been updating my calendar.. I know… It’s frustrating.  I am going to try to finish a chapter of Shame’s Desire by next week so you can have another taste of that story.  If I don’t finish anything by that time, I will be posting the second chapter to Common Ground.  Now you should know that Common Ground is an already completed story so you will get to see the end of it with only new chapters of Shame’s Desire interrupting it’s publishing.

On the other side of posting, the not sure sexual side that is.  I am working hard to have chapter 1 of Face of Death ready for you by the 21st.  I really am hoping to have it done and start posting regularly on that story as well.

My next Holiday Story will be for Midsummer this year.  I am already working on a sequel to Autumn Goddess for this story.  Like Autumn Goddess it will only be one chapter long, but should be a sizable chapter.

I’ll keep you updated.


Happy New Year


I have posted a new story for everyone’s enjoyment.  This fic was written as a gift for TwistedTale in a Secret Santa gift exchange on a forum I belong to.  As I was not permitted to take credit for the story until today I decided to make it my New Years story this year.  I will be posting all the chapters at one time.  I hope TwistedTale enjoyed the story and that all of you do as well.  You can find the new story under my holiday tales: Timeless Pet