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A Harry Potter fan fiction. Draco is looking for something to amuse himself with, and Luna is the most convenient target.


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Chapter 51-Epilogue
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Chapter 1: Quidditch Lesson

It was fall and the leaves were changing on the Hogwarts grounds. The students relaxed or studied on the cool Saturday morning and a few were even bundled up in order to get some time out of the castle, but there was one student who seemed to think spring had already come. Luna Lovegood sat by the lake with her feet dipped in the water. She had a book opened on her lap and read like it was just another warm day. Those who passed her shivered at the thought of doing the same. She didn’t seem to notice any of their looks, as her book was taking all of her attention that morning.

Sitting by the entrance to the castle a small group of Slytherin boys played a game of Exploding Snap. One of them sat apart from the rest, he didn’t seem very interested in playing the game, but was more amused when the cards exploded in one of the other boy’s faces. Soon he bored of their silly game and got to his feet. “I am going for a walk,” the boy announced to the group casually, which enacted a sudden change in the rest of the students sitting there. Two of the large ones got up as well, and the rest packed up their cards and headed into the castle, as if the lack of their housemate made it pointless to stay outside.

“See you at lunch Draco,” one of the boys going inside called before following the rest.

Draco Malfoy and his two lackeys made their way down the grounds around the castle. “Let’s go find some first years and push them in the lake,” he suggested to his two sidekicks. They both smiled dumbly at the idea, rubbing their fists together.

Unfortunately for them the younger students knew to stay out of their way by this time in the school year. When the gang got down to the lake the only found the strange girl Luna. “Should we throw her in?” Goyle asked slowly, as if the words took a great amount of concentration.

“She is already half way in, what fun would that be?” Draco snapped, feeling annoyed that he had been deprived of his sport. So he had to think of a new sport to amuse himself with. Looking around the landscape he decided Luna would be the victim of his next game. What should it be, he wondered to himself as he watched the blonde fifth year.

It all came down to what he knew about the odd girl; and all he really knew was that she was odd. “Go steal her book,” he ordered Crabbe with a wave of his hand. He would see what she was reading, thinking that would give him better insight into how to torture her best.

Crabbe stalked over to the girl and grabbed the book she was reading out of her lap. Luna looked up at him with a dazed frown. “I don’t think you would like it,” she said motioning to the book and Crabbe’s hand. “It is muggle book about a man named King Arthur,” she informed him politely.

Crabbe shrieked from touching a muggle thing and dropped the book in the lake, then ran up the hill to tell Draco what had happened. “It was… muggled…” he said looking at his hands as if they would soon fall off.

Draco rolled his eyes at his stupid companion. “If you’re that worried about it have Goyle take you to the nurses office,” Draco snapped, and walked away from them both. He really needed to get himself smarter henchmen. He would have to keep himself amused with this Luan girl, alone.

Luna was now drying out her book with her wand, not even looking up when she heard Draco draw near. “Are you going to throw my book back into the lake, because that is only funny the first time,” she informed him mater-of-factly.

He rolled his eyes and picked up the book to look at the front. “This is a book about Quidditch,” he said with an annoyed sigh.

“Is it my fault your friend can’t read?” she asked with a shrug as she kept her misty eyes on him. “Can you please give it back now?” she repeated, thinking he was planning on throwing it in the lake again.

“This is a book about playing Quidditch,” he announced after a stunned moment as he studied the book. Dropping the book on the ground he stepped on it to look at the girl more closely. “Why would you want a book about playing Quidditch?” he asked narrowing his eyes as if the idea insulted him.

“The Ravenclaw Keeper graduated last year so there is an opening on the team,” she said as if it was just common sense for her to be trying out for the position. “Can I have my book back now?” she asked, looking down at his foot.

“You can’t learn to play Quidditch from a book,” he said, taking a step off of it, and kicking it away from them. “You need a teacher,” he informed her as he crossed his arms over her chest. Luna followed the book, leaned over to pick it up, and brushed the dirt off of it. She had a nice ass Draco had to admit to himself. “How about this… I’ll teach you… for a price,” he smirked at the ideas now flying through his head.

“What price is that?” Luna asked, looking back up at him again. She knew of his reputation enough to know he was up to no good.

“I do a favor for you, you do a favor for me,” he said, making it sound simple enough.

“What favor would that be?” she asked, wanting a bit of clarification before she agreed to such a deal outright.

“I don’t know yet,” Draco said rolling his eyes. “Let’s just say… I won’t ask you do to anything against school rules,” he said sincerely to make her feel better about the unknown deal. “Look I won’t even make you decide now. If you’re interested then meet me tomorrow afternoon by the Quidditch Pitch,” he said, and pointed to it off in the distance.

Chapter 2: Lesson One

After he was finished with lunch Draco made his way down to the Quidditch pitch to see if the Lovegood girl was going to take him up on his offer. He had been thinking of what kind of things he could have her do for such a big favor as being taught a new skill, but hadn’t come up with anything amusing enough for his tastes.

At first he didn’t see her in the pitch, sighing in disappointment that he would have to find yet another plaything to occupy himself with. When he was about to leave he heard one of the doors to the locker rooms open and Luna walked out wearing Ravenclaw Quidditch robes and gear. “I thought you may not come.” She said looking him over. “Are you going to teach like that?” She asked as he didn’t have any gear on.

Draco cracked a smirk at the ridiculous little girl. “Take all of that gear off.” He said waving his hand at her. “You won’t need those pads, because we are not going to use real balls yet.” He said found her looked a bit adorable in the gear.

“Fine fine I’ll be right back.” She said going back into the locker room. As the door closed it gave Draco an amusing idea fro when they were done for the day, but he would have to train her pretty hard.

Once Luna had come back out they got to work. Draco showed her basic Keeper moves and had her practice them over and over again. He was somewhat impressed with how well she could already fly, though she was not nearly as good as him. After a few hours of training, he finally let her land.

“That was a good first day.” He told her with a firm nod. “Same time tomorrow?” he asked lightly, as if she could set her own times for these training sessions.

“I’ll be here.” She said panting a bit, she was sweaty from the activity he had put her through. “Do you know what the favor I am going to own you is going to be?” She asked curiously, now she was really tied into the deal.

“Oh there is no going to, you do owe me a favor.” He said seriously, moving toward her as if he was going to do something malicious. “But so far, I haven’t decided what it will be yet.” He explained and he stopped and smiled. “Go hit the showers, it looks like you need it.” He told her with a sneer, and he headed for the exit.

Luna shrugged and headed for the locker room. She didn’t hear the small rock that moved into the door jam as the door started to close, and didn’t even notice that it stayed open a crack.

Draco waited by the door to the locker room, opening it slowly as he waited for the sound of the shower to be heard. Once he was sure she was bathing he snuck into the room and found her bag. Peaking into the shower he made sure she couldn’t see him and smiled as he got a really nice view of her shapely ass. Now that was a surprise, he thought all girls who purposely worse such baggy clothes like Luna did were trying to hide an uninteresting body. He would have to keep that in mind.

Once he had had his fill of the back of her form he started again to look through her things. She had a copy of the latest Quibbler, some schoolbooks, her quills and ink, and a unmarked book. He looked around before he opened the journal, smiling deviously as he skimmed a few of the entries. It seemed the odd little blond girl had a real thing for Ron Weasley, and had been trying to think of a way to let him know. Well that was a nice piece of information he could tease the Weasley with.

Suddenly he heard the shower stop and he stuffed the book back into her bag. Looking around someplace quickly to hide he dashed into a bathroom stall and stood on top of the toilet. He held his breath until he heard the door to the outside finally close as Luna left. “That was close.” He said to himself breathing more easily.

Chapter 3: Dessert

It was dinner and Draco made sure he was showered and dressed in his usual style. The boys around him chattered at him about their days and he mostly just ignored them, nodding when he should. His mind was on what he could do with the information he had gained that afternoon. He had many choices, such as tell the Weasley outright and embarrass them both in one shot, but he still had a favor he wanted to draw from the girl first.

What could he get that would be worth the wait? As he thought about it an image of her nude body flashed in his head, making him smile widely. He would have to be sly about it, take his time, and get the girl to trust him. This sport would be fun, much more fun then pushing first years in the lake.

He watched Luna during dinner. She was nibbling at her food and reading her magazine. She looked engrossed in it, unaware of any of the looks she was getting from the other Ravenclaws.

When she closed the book, Draco got to his feet without saying a word to the other Slytherins. He moved out into the main hall and waiting for her to exit, making sure there was no one out yet to see him talking with such an unpopular girl. He smiled when he found everyone was still eating.

Luna finally came out from the Great Hall and Draco pulled her aside so no one from the dinning hall would see them together. Pushing her back against the wall he covered her mouth so she could not speak. “I am ready to take my favor now.” He said finally looking Luna in the eyes.

Luna frowned, narrowing her eyes. She wasn’t exactly pleased to be manhandled in such a way. “What exactly do you want?” she asked as she pulled his hand away from her mouth.

“That is a good question.” Draco smiled at her, his now free hand moved down her baggy robes and rested on her hip. “I want to start dressing you.” He said finally pulling back away from her.

“Dressing me?” She asked a little confused by the request. Draco smiled at her expression.

“I want to provide you with clothing that you will be required to wear, until such a time as I am bored of the project,” he said which only made Luna frown more.

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked. He quickly took her by the hand and went in search of an empty classroom. People would be coming out of the dining hall and he didn’t want to be seen with her. “Where are we going?” she asked, looking around. She was getting confused in what hall they were in.

When he was finally satisfied that no one would find them, he pulled her into the nearest classroom. “I can’t been seen with you of course, not until you have at least a better shape to you.” He said rubbing his chin as he studied her once again. “Take off your robes.” He ordered.

Luna crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. “No. Why would you think I would ever disrobe in front of you?” She asked as he took a step back next to her.

“Because I need a better look at that body of yours to get fitting clothes.” He replied as his hands moved to start unbuttoning her top most buttons. When she didn’t say anything, and didn’t move her arms his hands moved to play with the skin of her neck. “You know I could teach you other things… Things that may be able to help you get a certain boy?” She looked up at him at his last words and bit her lip. “All I would ask in return is for you to follow my every command until your training is complete.”

“Training?” Luna finally asked, moving away from his hand and re-buttoning her robe.

“Training to become a more perfect woman… You’re barely a woman at all as it stands now.” he said, trying to get under her skin.

“No thank you.” she said as pleasantly as she could. Draco slowly moved towards her, making her move back away from him until he finally had her trapped against the wall. “I will go to a teacher if you don’t stop this.” He smiled as he looked directly in her eyes.

“I am offering you a chance to get what you really want. I promise never to order you to do something against Hogwarts rules.” He assured her as he had done with their last deal. His hands moved to her hips again. “You may even enjoy what I have planned.” He told her as he moved her arms out of the way of her robes. “Now undress so I can see what I have to work with.” He ordered, taking a step back away from her.

She hesitated for a moment then decided to follow his command. Slowly she undid her robes and let them fall to the ground. Under her robes she wore a plain white cotton bra and panties. Her body was slim, her breasts no more than B cups, but the combination was most attractive to the eyes.

“Keep going.” Draco motioned to her under things; he would have to get her nicer things. The ones she wore were boring and did nothing for her form. After a moment, she pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. When she stood back up he could see the small tuft of blond hair between her legs.

She blushed when she felt him looking at her with such interest, and stopped her actions to cover her body with her hands. “I don’t think I can do this…” she said looking down.

He moved into her again and pulled her hands away from her body. “Either you finish or I finish for you.” He said keeping eye contact with her. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, unable to resist his commanding tone. She let the bra fall to the ground.

He took a step back from her to get a better look at her feminine form. “Shoes.” He had noticed she still had her shoes on. She kicked the shoes off and looked up at him.

“Are you happy now?” she asked trying to cover her small, perky breasts with her arms. Draco took a good long look at her form, as if he was studying her as a specimen in the classroom.

“Lesson one starts now.” He said licking his lips. “Close your eyes.” He ordered firmly. Luna did as he said, holding her breath as she had no idea what he had planned for her.

Suddenly she would feel his cold, smooth hands brushing up her sides. “Has a man ever touched you before?” He leaned into her ear to speak so she would feel his hot breath. Unable to find her voice she shook her head to answer him. Slowly he kissed her neck as his hands moved up to her pert little breasts. “I am going to touch you… But you will stay perfectly still until I say otherwise.” He told her as if it was fact.

His hands traveled her body slowly, the fact that she had to stay perfectly still with her eyes closed only made her think about his touch more. He smiled as her body came alive under his strokes. Her nipples hardened as he brushed his fingers across them. He smiled as her whole body was covered with goose bumps by the time he got to her legs.

Taking a step back he made her wait there in silence while he just admired her body. He realized in that moment what he really wanted of her. He didn’t just want a nice fuck from a tight little virgin; he wanted to own this girl; mind, body, and soul. He would settle for nothing less then everything he wanted. With that he moved into her body again and whispered in her ear. “We’re done for now, you can get dressed.” He told before walking out of the room. He needed to find a girl to take out his frustrations on; Pansy would do nicely.

Chapter 4: Satisfaction

When Draco got back to the common room he found Pansy giggling with her little, annoying friends. He spread his most charming smile and walked over to the group. “Pansy… Could I take you for a walk?” He asked in a most gentlemanly way.

The girl nodded and let him help her to her feet. “I’ll talk to you guys later.” She told her friends as Draco led her out of the portrait and into the halls. Sixth years did not need to be back in their common rooms for another hour.

“How is your day going?” He asked wanting to seem interested in her life, though he didn’t see her as anything more than a vapid little girl. His parents, however, would be happy to have her continue the Malfoy line with him.

Pansy babbled on for a while about something that had happened to her that day, though Draco didn’t bother listening. “That’s horrible.” He stated and led her up into one of the towers he often used as a make out spot.

Once he knew no one could see them he pressed her hard against the wall. Going to to quick work on her robes he pulled them up. He no longer had the need to be gentle with his Pansy, she knew what to expect when he wanted her, and she enjoyed every moment of it.

Pansy moaned at his roughness and helped by slipping her panties off. “What has lit your fire tonight, Draco?” She asked with a purr as he tossed her robe aside. He hadn’t been this eager in a few weeks.

Spanking her thigh he took her by the chin and looked deeply into her eyes. “My pet should know better than to ask questions.” He disciplined her before working on his own robes. Before she could speak he kissed her deeply, commanding her body to cave to him.

By the time he drew back she was panting breathlessly and her leg was wrapped up around his waist to draw him in closer. “That’s better, pet…” he said and started to thrust into her wanting body “…here is your reward.”

He groaned loudly as she surrounded him. “Very good pet.” He moaned, as he got rougher with her. She moaned back, taking a hold of his shoulders as she wrapped both legs around his body.

“Harder please.” She begged, mostly because she knew how much he liked it. He thrust into her harder, grinning as he was planning on making her sore enough that she would still be hurting the next day. They had already agreed he wouldn’t give her any hickeys because she had to keep her honor in their circles, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t leave other signs. “Oh God!” She moaned holding his shoulders all the tighter.

“Yes?” he asked as if she had just called his name, chuckling to himself as he made a joke. “If you come before I do, I am going to have to punish my little pet.” He told her, leaning in and kissing her neck softly, nipping at it.

“Yes Master…” she gasped as she tried not to think about how good his cock felt inside of her. He loved the way she so easily bent to his will now, though he knew perfectly well why. She was just a pure blood whore that wanted into the Malfoy family bank. The thought brought a smile to his face as he abused her body for his own delight.

He closed his eyes and thought about Luna’s sweet little innocent body. Untouched besides by her self, and what he had done tonight. Without realizing it he started to fuck Pansy harder. He wondered if after his little act tonight she had to go back to her room and touch herself. She may even try to think of Ron as she did it, but her mind would just keep coming back to him.

“Oh Master… I can’t take any more!” Pansy moaned, bring him out of his thoughts with her scream. He slammed her back against the wall painfully and used her body until he had finished himself off. He felt her climax around his cock just before his own orgasm, but he cared nothing for her pleasure.

Once he let her back on her feet she knelt down like a well-trained whore that she was and licked his manhood clean. He pet her head kindly, letting her know her Master still loved her. When she was done, he even helped her to redress, showering her with loving words and wonderful compliments as they walked back to the Slytherin common room.

Chapter 5: Lesson Two

The next morning Draco awoke with a smile on his face. Scratching his head, he yawned as he looked around his dungeon dorm with satisfaction. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and he had all the time in the world to enjoy himself.

He moved through his morning routine with a skip in his step and soon it was just after lunch and he was waiting in the Quidditch Pitch for his newest plaything. He daydreamed about having her innocent little body bending completely to his will.

“Draco?” Luna asked looking at him with her head tilted, he looked so peaceful. She wondered what he was thinking about. “Draco, are you going to teach me Quidditch today?” She watched as he opened his eyes and smiled at her.

“Of course my pet.” He said as he looked her over with a frown. He really needed to get her out of those loose rags she always wore. “Today I am going to try and make some goals against you. You need to use the moves I taught you yesterday to defend the hoops.” He explained as he got their brooms.

She frowned at the name he called her, but nodded at the rest. Taking the broom from him, she mounted it and flew up into the air. She was ready to start practice, so she didn’t have to be very close to him, and he would have no reason to touch her.

Somehow he kept finding reasons to touch her, everything from trying to push past her to score to showing her the right position for a certain save. By the time they had landed once again, she could still feel the pressure from all the times he had touched her like phantom hands that wouldn’t let her go.

“Thanks…” She called in his direction before heading to the locker room to shower and and change.

“Not so fast. We need to talk about a few things,” he said crossing his arms over his chest. When Luna slowed and turned to face him he smiled. “First, you will meet me in the village next Saturday. It’s a Hogsmeade day so no one will think anything strange about it. Meet me at Madam Markens’s robe shop.” He said waiting for her to nod that she understood. “Next, we need to start your female training.” He looked her over for another moment. “I saw your body very well last night,” he said, smirking as he rubbed the fact in. “You have light, perky little breasts, so no more under things until I find something better for you.”

Luna opened her mouth to protest but Draco held up a finger and gave her a look that made her close it again. “I’m pretty busy most of this week so… We are going to have to get together Wednesday after dinner to start your real training.” He said rubbing his chin. “Meet me in that classroom you stripped for me in.” He kept eye contact with her so he knew she would do as he said.

Luna waited to see if there were going to be more orders from him, but he just kept looking at her as if he was waiting for something.

“Something else?” She asked feeling very confused at the moment.

“Take them off,” he said as if she should have known what he was waiting to watch.

“Out here?” She looked around the pitch, she didn’t see anyone around, but that didn’t mean they were alone by any means.

“Take them off or I will for you.” He said more sternly this time. Luna quickly slipped her arms out of her robes and undid her bar, pulling it off before doing the same to her panties. As she moved to pick them up Draco shook his head.

He walked over and used a charm to remove the name tags from them. Picking the tags up, he turned them into cinders so no one would know who’s panties and bra they were. “They will stay here until someone finds them,” he said, looking into her eyes again. “The Slytherin Team trains here tomorrow morning.” He added with a wide grin, and turned, leaving her alone to think about it.

Chapter 6: Punishment

By the time Wednesday had come there were quite a few rumors going around the school about who’s lingerie had been left in the Quidditch pitch and what had happened for them to forget something so personal. No one was even close to the truth, but Draco had a fun time dding wild suggestions about some slut in the school.

Luna, on the other hand, was finding herself far from amused as she heard people talking about it wherever she went. Of course no one suspected her in the matter, most people didn’t even realize she was a human, let alone a girl.

When dinner finally ended, Luna’s stomach started to do little flips. Maybe she could stay in the dining hall forever? No, that wouldn’t do, he would just come and get her. With a final, deep breath, she made her way slowly to the dreaded classroom.

He was already there when she arrived. His anger at her lateness showed clearly on his face. When she walked into the room he roughly pushed her up against the wall.

“I will not be kept waiting again.” He snapped looking her in the eyes. “Understand?” Luna nodded keeping eye contact with him, she felt like she was unable to look away. “Now…” he started with smirk as his hand slipped up under her robes to feel the side of her hip and her soft breast. “That is a good pet…” he said pulling back away from her.

“I’m not your pet!” she snapped back. Draco raised his hand immediately as if he would hit her, but lowered it at the last minute. Luna didn’t even flinch, she just looked in the eyes.

“Next time you talk back to me… I won’t stop myself,” he said as he seethed in anger. She needed to be taught respect and she would learn it tonight. “So now the first lesson must change from outer beauty to learning respect.” He growled in anger. He had to calm himself; he didn’t want to scare her away.

He took a deep breath before he calmly walked around to stand behind her. His hand brushed the loose fabric of her robes. “Now I think it is best to start with the rules,” he said speaking into her ear softly. “So that you do not break them again. There are two kinds of crimes you commit. There is rebellion; things like not following an order or talking back to me,” he started as his hands moved to her hips, gently massaging the skin through the fabric. “Then there is misbehavior, such as speaking out of turn or not following an order fast enough for my liking.”

Luna stood perfectly still as he spoke, his warm breath sent confusing feelings through her body. She thought about what he had said, it was as if he thought she belonged to him now. Why would Draco Malfoy even want her to belong to him?

“The punishment for rebellion will get steadily worse at each offense,” he continued as one of his hands moved around to her stomach. He noticed the goose bumps on her neck and smiled. “The punishment for misbehavior depends on the crime. Usually it will be a spanking, in private,” he said before stepping back from her. “Now pet, apologize for talking back to me or you shall be punished.” He walked around her again, wanting to see her eyes when she spoke.

She looked at him for a moment then looked away. “I am sorry for back talking to you,” she said softly, looking at the wall and not him.

“How are you going to make it up to me so that I don’t have to punish you?” he asked crossing his arms over his chest. Luna looked up into his eyes with alarm; he was going to make her make it up to him? It was embarrassing enough that she had to apologize for him calling her pet, which he was still doing.

“How would you like me to make it up to you?” She asked softly, not wanting to seem like she was rebelling again.

“I want you to keep a journal of your experiences at my hands and how they make you feel,” he said, keeping eye contact with her; it was the surest way to get her to bend to his will. With a journal he would be able to understand better when to take a bit more from her.

“A journal doesn’t seem so bad, she said before she was thinking of how he would respond to her speaking without permission. Draco smiled and cupped her cheek.

“I am glad this mistake was made today, now I can show you what misbehaving gets you,” h e said in the most gentle and kind way. He stepped into her and started to unto the buttons of her robe, making sure not to touch her skin as he did. He pulled her robe carefully off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. “Get down on all fours,” he ordered, his voice still kind.

She didn’t understand why she was letting him do this to her, but that didn’t stop her from moving onto all fours and staring at the ground. Soon she would feel his hand on her ass. “I want you to count for me,” he told her, rubbing her flesh gently.

She suddenly felt his hand come down hard on her bottom. Her body jumped, more out of surprise then out of pain. The first was soon followed by a second and a third. She jumped to all of them, thinking vaguely she should be doing something else.

“If you don’t start counting my pet, then the punishment will last forever. Start at one, whenever you feel like it.” He spanked her a few more times before his words finally set in.

“One…” she gasped as her ass started to feel rather warm. “Two.” she murmured at the next spank. By the time she got to ten her backside was nice and red. Draco grinned at his work, running a soft hand over it. Luna tensed at the touch.

Draco decided she had had enough for the night and was excited by the idea of her having put her robe on with her ass so red. “I will see you Saturday afternoon,” he said, picking up and handing her robe back to her.

Chapter 7: Shopping Day

Draco watched Madam Marken’s robe shop from across the street. She was of no relation to the Malkin shop in Diagon Alley, though he always thought the similarity in the names amusing. He leaned against a wall in an alley where no one could see him. Luna was rather early this time, walking up to the shop and going inside. He smiled; so she learned quickly, that was definitely a plus.

He pulled himself off the wall and headed across the street to the shop. Upon entering, he found a confused Luna trying to figure out how an undergarment would be worn, and an annoyed Marken trying to explain.

“Oh Mr. Malfoy, how can I help you today?” Madam Marken asked, delighted to have an excuse to get away from Luna.

“I am looking to dress her,” he said motioning his head towards Luna, who was still playing with the under garment. The woman looked over to Luna and her shoulder’s fell. “We could always go someplace else,” he said looking to the old woman. She cheered up immediately

“No no… Did you say a full wardrobe?” Draco nodded to the question. “Including under things?” He nodded to the woman again. She smiled brightly; it would mean a lot of money for her.

“Luna… Go into the dressing room and the woman will bring you things to try on,” he ordered, using her real name in front of other people. When Luna was out of sight he started to look around the shop, handing the seamstress robes he would like to see Luna in. Once he was satisfied that she would not have to wear her ugly robes again he moved on and picked out a few sets of under things.

When he was finally done with his selection, he went to the door. “Make sure everything fits her correctly before you box it up. I will be back in a while.” The woman nodded and went back to help Luna with each robe.

He left the shop confident that Luna would no longer wear her ugly robes. Now he wanted to go to a different shop and have a particular item made for her. Making his way to the leather shop in town he was pleased to find it empty of customers. The man behind the counter was working on some sort of bag.

“How can I help you?” he asked in a cheerful tone that made Draco want to smack him. Draco walked over to him before speaking.

“I am looking for a pet collar,” he started, seeing the man had some hanging on the wall. “About nine inches around, thin and delicate, with an ornate design worked into it, and a very special clasp.” He wasn’t planning on mentioning it was for a witch pet of his.

“What kind of clasp exactly?” the man asked, sounding rather interested in the project Draco was offering him.

“I want it to be spelled so only I can open or close it,” Draco said, inwardly smirking at the idea of having his pet wear her bondage all the time.

The man rubbed his chin thinking over how he could get Draco what he wanted and nodded firmly. “I would need some of your blood to make the spell work,” he told Draco, eying him to see if that would be okay. It was the only way to get the spell keyed to his touch only.

“Yes, I can understand that,” he said and held his hand out to the man so he could take some blood from him.

“And I also need 72 galleons 10 sickles down payment,” he added, looking Draco over to see if he had the money.

“I will pay for the whole thing up front,” he assured the man with a charming smile. “How much will it be in total?” he asked pulling out his money pouch.

“156 galleons is a reasonable price I think,” the man said with a nod. When Draco pulled out the amount on the spot, the man couldn’t keep the smile off his face. Draco then held out his arm again.

Once the leather worker had put the money away, he got out a special tool to take the small amount of blood needed. “I’ll get right to work on this, Sir. I should have it done by next week,” he said, eager to get started on a challenging project.

“When it is done send it to Hogwarts, sixth year, Slytherin boys dorm, Draco Malfoy.” He told the shop keep before heading back to the robe shop to see if Luna was done yet.

When he got back, Madam Marken looked pleased as she was going over the bill to make sure she was changing him for everything. Luna was sitting in the corner with her old robes back on and reading from a book in her lap.

Draco sighed at her clothes and walked over to the woman. “You can send me a bill?” he asked and picked up one of the robe boxes.

“Yes, you will receive it later today, and where should I send the robes?” she asked glancing over to Luna.

“Hogwarts, fifth year, Ravenclaw girls dorm, Luna Lovegood,” he said carrying the box over to Luna. “Put this on and burn those rags.”

Luna looked up from her book and took the box from him. “Is this all you wanted for today?” she asked as she stuffed her book back into her shoulder bag.

Draco glanced back at the seamstress and leaned in close so only Luna could hear him. “I am going to leave the shop in a few moments, once you have finished changing you should follow me. You should stay at least ten paces behind me until I say otherwise,” he told her simply.

Standing, he nodded to Madam Marken as he left the shop and looked up at the clear blue sky. What would he do with the girl today? He wanted to take things slow with her, so he needed to do something devious today.

“Draco!” a woman called out from behind him. He smiled widely and turned to face Pansy, he walking over to take her hand.

“Pansy, you were just the person I was looking for,” he lied, though it was true enough now. Pansy blushed in the way she always did when Draco touched her. “Would you be so kind as to walk with me back up to the school?” he asked politely, but started to move her away from her friends before she answered.

He carried on a gentle conversation with her as they walked out of the town. Once they were on the road, and no one was around, Draco led her into the forest a short ways. Pansy giggled at his boldness.

“You want to do it off school grounds?” she asked in an excited and shocked kind of way.

Draco could feel Luna watching them and nodded to Pansy’s question. “I think it would be rather enjoyable new experience,” he said, pushing her back against a tree to kiss her neck. It only excited him more that Luna would learn from watching their actions.

Pansy giggled and started to undo his robes. “You know I can’t say no to you.” Her fingers started to work on the buttons of his robes when he batted them away.

“Strip yourself first,” he ordered, taking a step back from her. She was soon nude and stepped forward to disrobe him. He took a step back again; he was not ready for Luna to see him without clothes.

He suddenly pulled her to the ground and moved on top of her. “I think you’re nude enough for the both of us,” he said loud enough for Luna to hear. It was all for her now. “Beg,” he ordered Pansy, looking into her eyes.

“Please Master… fuck me…” She begged softly playing with the front of his robe without undoing anything else.

“Oh, I think you can do better than that. Scream,” he ordered as his hands moved to her bare hips.

“Please fuck me master!” she yelled and pushed against him a little. Draco smiled and leaned down to start kissing her neck.

He pulled up the front of his robe so he could do what she was asking for. She was such a good little whore; she would do anything he asked if she thought it would bring her a step closer to him proposing.

“I want you to describe exactly how it feels to be fucked by me. And make sure to yell it,” he said as his hands moved back to her hips.

“As it happens… or in general?” She asked looking down at him. She felt a bit breathless from the touch of his hands.

“As it happens,” he said moving his hands up to her breasts.

“My skin tingles as your run you hands upon me,” She started to describe the act loudly. “I can feel the head of your cock against my body.” She suddenly gasped and arched her back. “You feel so good as you roughly thrust your manhood into my wanting cunt.” She used dirty words for him, trying to make it all the hotter.

Luna watched them as she listened to Pansy’s every word; she wondered why Draco wanted her to see this. Was it a lesson? Should she know how to gasp and moan as Pansy did when a man finally did more then just touch her?

“My body starts to shake as you mercilessly thrust into my body, making my muscles ache with the pain of your roughness. My head is starting to feel light as I near my peak,” she continued, trying to keep clear in order to tell him what was happening.

Suddenly Luna heard a loud scream as she watched Draco’s thrusts slow and stop. The man had a wide smile on his face and he leaned down and whispered something she couldn’t hear in Pansy’s ear.

“That is a good little pet…” he said, kissing Pansy’s neck. “You can get dressed on your own, right?” he asked, though he didn’t wait for an answer. Getting to his feet, he walked out of the woods knowing Luna would follow him.

Chapter 8: A New Lesson

Draco led Luna into the Hogwart’s grounds, and walked up around the back of the Quidditch pitch. Making sure she was following and no one else was around, he motioned for her to approach him.

When she approached, he smiled widely, seeing the blush on her cheeks only excited him more.

“Why did you want me to watch that?” she asked before he had the chance to speak.

“To show you what will be expected of you as a woman,” he said, slowly walking around her. He wanted to keep her nervous, on edge. “Now, it is time to figure out what the object of your affection wants in his women.” He sneered as he thought of Weasley. He had to keep her thinking he was training her for the blood traitor or she would never do as he wanted. Though the idea of getting Weasel to fall in love with his pet, then taking her away also appealed to him very much.

“He likes Quidditch,” Luna started, it would be best of she shared her observations about Ron so that Draco would know how to teach her. “And practical jokes,” she added after a moment.

“When are Quidditch try outs for the Ravenclaws?” He asked; it would be a starting place.

“This Wednesday after classes,” Luna told him. She kept her eyes on him as he moved around her. She didn’t understand why he was doing that.

“Well then, we will practice every day until then. With my training I am sure you won’t have any real competition. Your broom seemed good enough, we don’t want to tip people off by me getting you too much all at once.” He seemed to be speaking more to himself then to Luna.

“How am I going to explain the new wardrobe?” she asked him now that they were on the subject. She was actually rather worried that he expected her to now perform the same acts Pansy just had with him, and the longer they spoke of other things the better she felt.

“Oh that is simple, it was from your father who decide that you should start dressing like a woman.” He told her with a shrug, it was the simplest thing in the world to him. “I mean, look at the robe you are wearing now, it is a nice shade of blue that really brings out the color in your eyes. And I even got you school robes that actually fit you. You see, a woman has a certain shape that appeals to men, if you start wearing these every day you were start getting more attention. There was a lot to actually work with, more then I expected at first. You actually have a nice shape, and you want to show if off.” He explained simply.

“I don’t think…” Luna started before Draco cut her off.

“Yes that is my job now.” He told her with a wide grin, his hands moving to cup her frowning face. “Lets just put it this way, have you ever had a boyfriend?” He asked already knowing the answer. She shook her head, he was looking into her eyes again and that was never good for her resolve. “Then we will say I am the expert and you are still learning.” He moved away form her again looked her over.

“Now there is something I would like to know, about what you watched just now.” He motioned back to the gate of the school and moved behind her. “How did it make you feel?” he asked softly in her ear, brushing his lips against her skin.

“It… it made me feel kind of funny…” she said, tensing up a bit at the touch of his lips. “I felt awful for watching such a private moment. A moment between two people that love each other should…” He cut her off, and pulled her back against him forcefully.

“Pansy and I don’t love each other, we use each other to get what we want. That wasn’t making love that you witnessed, Luna, it was fucking.” he told her gently, his hands moving to her hips ever so lightly. “But what I really want to know is did it turn you on?” he asked again, this time being more direct with his question.

Luna frowned and bit her lip; she could smell Pansy on him when he stood as close as he was. Her first instinct was to push back against him, but she wasn’t sure why. “It sent strange feelings through me,” she told him with a blush on her cheeks.

“Was there a tingling here?” he asked, gently running his hand down her stomach and between her legs, though he put no real pressure into the touch. The brush of his hand made Luna swallow hard, she was very unsure of the feelings it sent through her.

“Please stop?” She asked but knew better than to pull away from him. He had gotten so mad when she rebelled against him before.

“Don’t worry pet, I would never take you without you begging for it first. Anyway, we are working on making you a fit woman for…” He cleared his throat, not wishing to say the name.

“Ron.” She finished his sentence for him.

“Yes… Him.” He pulled back from her, and moved around to look her in the eyes. “But that still does not answer my question. Do you find yourself more moist there than usual?” he asked the same question in a different way.

Luna had always been a very direct person with what she thought and felt, but it was strange to talk about these feelings for some reason. The way he asked the questions made her feel embarrassed for some reason. Taking in a deep breath she looked him in the eyes and told him the truth.

“Yes, watching you with Pansy made me feel, like that.” Draco smiled when she finally answered.

“Don’t worry, that is a normal reaction. The reason I wanted you to see that is because I wanted to see how much of a sexual person you could be. By your reaction I can tell you have not explored such impulses in your self before. I want you to start exploring that side of yourself. It will make you a much more desirable woman,” he told her with the best caring smile he could muster.

Before she could think any more about what he said he wanted to strike the next blow at her will. “Tonight, I want you to think about yourself in Pansy’s position. You can put anyone you want in mine. The point of the exercise is to see what you enjoy. While you are thinking about this, you should be touching your self where it feels the best.” He ran his fingers gently through her hair and smiled down at her.

Chapter 9: A Gift

It had been a few weeks and Luna had made the Quidditch team with the help of Draco’s training. Over the weeks they built a routine around the teams practices, schoolwork, and Draco’s social life. They met three times a week, once to keep up Luna’s Quidditch training and twice a week to train in social conduct.

The boys in the school were starting to notice Luna as a woman a little more because of her new robes. Though the Weasel didn’t give her two looks still. He was always so dense when it came to women.

It was a Saturday, which meant they were training in her social behavior, but Draco was especially excited about this lesson. The collar he ordered had finally been delivered, and he had another gift for her that he would enjoy just as much.

He waited for her after lunch in the abandoned classroom they had claimed for these lessons. He sat on the teacher’s desk that he had told the House Elves to clean off so he wouldn’t have to get himself dirty to do so.

When Luna entered and saw he was already there she moved in front of the desk and knelt down. The little rituals like kneeling before him were his payment for teaching her the important lessons on how to get men to notice her. She had noticed the lessons working so how could she argue about the payment?

Draco ran his hand through her still wispy hair, one of the things he was unsure of how to fix. He didn’t know how to do hair like the girls did so how could he instruct her?

“I have a few presents for you today,” he told her with a smile as she looked up at him, her dazed eyes coming into focus.

“You didn’t have to get me anything, you have already given me so much,” she said honestly, looking down at the robe she wore.

“This one is for my pleasure, so it will also be a present for myself,” he said holding out the box with the collar in it for her. “You wouldn’t want to deny me pleasure would you?” he asked in a tone that told her she was regret arguing with him any more about it.

She took the box and opened it, looking at the delicate leather necklace inside. She smiled and looked back up at him. “It is very pretty,” she told him and set down the box so she could try it on.

He stopped her hands from finishing, and took the collar from her. “I wish to put it on you. Pull all your hair to the side and move to all fours,” he instructed her calmly, though he was getting very excited to put it on.

She did as he ordered, and felt as he slipped the necklace around her. There was a loud clicking sound as he clasped it that seemed so final to her.

“Sit up and let me see it on,” he ordered just as calmly, though he couldn’t keep the wide smirk off his face as she sat up and pushed back her hair, looking up at him with big eyes. “Now, this is the second present, though it is more of a teaching tool then anything else,” he told her holding out a book for her. “I want you to start writing in it every night before you go to bed. Any kind for thoughts you have that involve boys. I need to get inside that head of yours to really see what the next step for you should be.”

Luna took the journal and looked down at it for a moment before nodding and setting it aside. She looked back up at him unsure of what the lesson was for tonight.

Draco just smiled down at her, enjoying the sight of the necklace on her even more then he thought he would. After several moments of silence he cleared his throat. They needed to get back to work if they were going to get Weasel to fall in love with her.

“We need to practice kissing next,” he said with a frown as if that would be so hard to figure out. “But, of course, I don’t want to take your first kiss with a boy away form you. I am sure you want that with another,” he said rubbing his chin.

Suddenly the door swung opened with a slam. Pansy stood in the doorway seething in anger. She had noticed how much time Draco had been spending alone lately, and she knew him better than to believe it. Draco needs constant attention; he wouldn’t be able to stand this much time alone. She followed him assuming he was cheating on her, but she would have never imagined her rival to be Luna Lovegood out of all people!

Draco’s smile broadened at Pansy’s arrival just in time, little evil plans bursting in his head. “Pansy? Did you need something?” he asked calmly.

“I find you with HER?” she yelled, stunned and surprised.

“Yes my pet, I have been helping Miss Lovegood here with a problem of hers,” he told her still calmly. Getting to his feet he moved to Pansy and looked her in the eyes the way he always did when he wanted control.

Luna watched from her place on the floor, unsure of what to do or think. Draco didn’t seem to think it was a big deal, and it wasn’t like he was lying to the other girl.

Pansy tried to keep up her anger, but looking into the ice blue eyes made it falter. “You’re not having sex with her?” she questioned still trying to be mad.

“Of course not, if I was going to have sex with another woman I would invite you.” The words made the smirk on his face only grow. “But you did come at a perfect time, my pet. You see, I was trying to think of a way to teach Miss Lovegood here how to kiss without having to actually kiss her my self.” He wrapped an arm around Pansy’s waist and led her into the room, closing the door as he did.

“She wishes to learn to catch and please a man. I was just thinking I needed help with some of the finer feminine points, and here you present yourself at such a perfect time.” Of course he was sweet-talking her, but it was all the true.

“What exactly do you want me to do?” Pansy asked, narrowing her eyes at him and sneering at Luna. He actually thought he was going to talk her into helping the blood traitor, ridiculous.

Draco moved behind Pansy, feeling her distaste for his project. His hands moved across her hips to her stomach and pulled her back against his chest. When he spoke it was softly in her ear, and he let his lips brush lightly against her. “I want you to kiss her in the way I like, the way that any man would like,” he said, his thumb rubbing against her stomach. “I want you to teach her how to kiss.” Pansy tensed at the very idea of touching the weird girl. “If you do what I want, you will be rewarded,” he told her nipping at her ear softly.

“What will that be?” she asked looking around to see his expression. She wanted to see exactly how much she could get out of him for this little favor before she decided if she would do it or not.

“I’ll take you out to Nabears over Christmas vacation,” he offered, his hand starting to move a bit lower on her body.

Luna couldn’t see either of them from where she was kneeling. She stayed perfectly still to satisfy her own curiosity. It was like being able to observe a Long-Neck Twicklemire in its own habitat, a rare opportunity.

“You are going to have to do better than that. I want the opera too, and the ballet,” she said. Three nice evenings out with him; public evenings would be worth making out with the other girl in private.

“Deal,” he said, kissing her neck, and nipping at the skin. “Kneel down facing her and we will get started,” he added with a smile. He would enjoy watching the two.

Pansy noticed that glint in his eye, but knelt down all the same and looked into the brat’s eyes. She decided after a moment it would be best if she put on a good show for him. Her hand moved into Luna’s hair and she pulled the other girl in slowly.

Luna looked up at Draco who nodded and then looked back to Pansy. She had a weird feeling in her stomach again as her lips pressed against Pansy’s. She could feel the other girl’s mouth opening and her tongue pressing against her lips. She opened her mouth; it felt natural.

Draco licked his lips as he watched the two girl’s kiss slowly deepen as Pansy showed Luna what to do. Pansy took up the dominant role as she was trying to teach, as well as trying to turn Draco on.

When she was satisfied that Luna was getting the hang of things she pulled back out of the kiss. “If you try that with the boy you want, he will want more of the same,” she told Luna, pushing hair from the other girl’s eyes. “We really need to do something about this hair of yours. I’ll have a few products sent to your dorm,” she said, trying to take up a friendly tone with the other girl and get on Draco’s good side at the same time.

“What kind of products?” Luna asked with a frown, she really didn’t know what to think of the kiss. On one hand it was actually very pleasurable, but on the other she didn’t like girls in that way, especially not Pansy Parkinson.

Pansy rolled her eyes. “The kind you put in your hair to make it silky and smooth,” she said shaking her head in annoyance, this girl really was dense.

Draco didn’t want to hear Pansy drone any longer, so he was going to nip it in the bud. “That was a very good first try,” he interrupted, “Continue practicing until I say otherwise.” He ordered them both before moving away to his bag.

Pansy gave him a dirty look and Luna bit her lip. “And show her some good hand placement,” he added for Pansy with a smirk, ignoring her look.

Again wishing to stay on his good side, Pansy started to lean into Luna once again. “You want to keep your hands on his chest most of the time,” she started. “Or behind his head or neck. They are all good choices,” she explained before leaning in to kiss her again.

Pansy was determined to put on a good show for him, his hands moved to Luna’s hips once she started the kiss. Luna placed hers against the other girl’s chest as the kiss got much more heated this time.

The two girls knelt there in front of Draco making out for some time until both were very much into what they were doing. Their hands started to travel along each other’s bodies, testing what felt good to the other girl.

When Draco finally told them they could stop for the night everyone in the room was rather aroused. Draco ordered Luna to go back and write her feelings down in her journal as he took Pansy back to his room; he was in need of some release by this point.

Chapter 10: Strange Dreams

That night after Luna was done writing in her journal she took out her turnip earrings and tried to undo the latch of her new necklace. She frowned as it wouldn’t budge. She was too embarrassed to ask one of the other girls to help; it would take explaining things she didn’t wish to explain. After struggling with it for a bit longer she gave up and went to sleep.

The next morning she got up and found herself in a strange bedroom. It was filled with dark wooden furniture that had black accents. Her sheets and blankets were black as well as a satin nightgown she wore.

She looked around for a door and saw none. She was starting to get worried, how could someone have taken her from Hogwarts? It was simply impossible.

While she was trying to think of any way she could have been taken from the school a dark robed figure appeared at the end of her bed. His face was hidden under the hood of his robe, but she could tell he was a man by his build.

She felt herself being pulled back onto the bed as he just stood there. Her wrists became tied to the posts and she was soon stuck in place. She became frightened as she was bound to the bed and tried to scream but no sound came from her lips.

The man moved beside the bed and his hand slowly ran over her body, feeling her through the gown. She found herself excited by the touch, though it confused her more then anything.

He took a blindfold out and slipped it over her eyes so she could not see anything he was doing. Soon she felt him pushing her gown up and his lips brushing against her womanhood.

She gasped at the feeling and without thought she pushed herself into his lips. She could already feel her body shaking in the pleasure he was giving to her.

Just as she was starting to get into what the man was doing to her someone unseen shook her.

“Luna? Are you getting up for breakfast?” one of the girls in her dorm asked, sounding worried. Luna was usually the first up in the room.

She caught her breath and opened her eyes, looking around in a confused, sleepy way. “Yeah… I had a pretty late night studying,” she said, sitting up and trying to shake off the strange and exciting dream.

Should she write about it in her journal? She didn’t think she could share it with Draco yet; he would take it the wrong way, she was sure of that.

Chapter 11: Boy Crazy

Going down to breakfast, Luna couldn’t seem to get the dream out of her mind. She left like everyone was looking at her, like they knew what she was thinking about, what she had dreamed. She needed to calm down; no one was reading her mind.

She decide to take the long way down to breakfast, it would give her some time alone to gather her thoughts.

Just as she turned the corner she collided with one of the farthest people form her mind at the moment.

“Oh sorry..” Ron said, blushing a bit as he helped her pick up a few things she had dropped. “I wasn’t really looking…” He seemed kind of off, even for him.

“Something wrong, Ronald?” she asked, looking at him with her misty, curious eyes. She always seemed to be looking through people and not at them.

“Oh nothing…” he said starting to head off before he stopped and looked back at her. “You look pretty today Luna,” he said and left before she could say anything back,

She didn’t know how long she stood there before she realized everyone was down at breakfast. She rushed to the Great Hall, feeling a lot better about herself.

When she entered the Great Hall everyone was already be finishing up or half way done with their food. She had never come to breakfast so late before, it was a very odd feeling.

Glancing around the room as she made her way to the Ravenclaw table she could see that someone else had noticed her tardiness as well. Draco was giving her a look of slight interest before turning to Pansy and grinning at something she had said.

It was Sunday, which meant she had to go to the classroom to meet him before and after Quidditch training. She actually had quite a bit to talk to him about so many thoughts running through her head.

Picking out some oatmeal and honey, she ate it slowly, thinking if she took long enough she could just go straight to practice. As she ate, the dream started to come back to her. She just let herself enjoy the sexy thought of the man’s hands on her legs, pushing her knees apart and using his tongue…

“Luna?” She blinked a few times and looked up to the person who was speaking to her. It was a tall 6th year boy who was a member of the DA, Anthony Goldstein.

“Anthony… Did you need something?” she asked. She had no idea why he would be talking to her and it confused her. He had dark hair and pretty eyes, a Ravenclaw like herself, but why was he talking to her?

“I was wondering… next weekend is a Hogsmeade visit… You have any plans?” he asked a little more shyly than he usually acted.

She blinked at him a few times absolutely dumbfounded. Once her brain caught back up with her she instinctively looked to Draco. He was looking at Crabbe as the other boy spoke, but his eyes were on Luna.

“You know… I would love to… but I have to make sure the weezbats aren’t in bloom.. Can I get back to you later on this week?” she asked, looking up at him as if she had been staring off into space.

Anthony took the answer as a good sign and grinned. “Well, I guess I will see you around.”

Luna smiled at him until he was out of view and picked up her things to rush out and be in the classroom before Draco got there. She felt like she had wronged him by even speaking with Anthony about the weekend. Though they weren’t dating, she was unsure of where those feelings came from.

She made sure she would beat Draco there, fixing herself into the perfect position with her back straight. She had a feeling she would be punished today and she was trying to avoid that.

When Draco walked in he acted as if he had seen nothing of the conversation between her and the other boy. “Today after practice I won’t be here, I am sending Pansy to teach you how to fix your hair and makeup,” he said sitting down on the desk. “Right now you will tell me what the Ravenclaw wanted.”

“He wanted to know if I was doing anything next weekend.”

“And you told him?”

“I told him that I needed to check if the weezbats are in bloom.”

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing… I wanted to make sure you would be okay with it.”

“I’m not. It gets in the way of our training, and he is not the one you want,” he told her instantly. “Do you have your journal with you? I want to read it so far,” he said moving on quickly.

She pulled the journal from her bag and handed it to him. Reading the only entry in it he seemed detached.

“It is a good start, but keep up with it, even if they are not thoughts about Ron. I wish to hear about all your sexual thoughts,” he reminded her, handing back the journal. “So you will be here tonight for Pansy, and you will treat her as if she was me. Then I do not need to see you again until next Saturday, I want you here before breakfast. I have something special planned,” he said, keeping eye contact with her, which always made her feel like she could not disobey him. “Get to practice…” he dismissed her.

She could feel he was holding something back, but she didn’t think it was her place to ask, so she headed to practice.

Chapter 12: Girl’s Night In

That night when she walked into the empty classroom, Pansy was already there and was setting out some beauty products. The other girl did not look up at her, even though Luna knew she had seen her.

Once she had everything the way she liked it she pointed to the spot Draco had had her kneel at during every lesson. Luna knelt down, knowing Pansy would report any misbehavior to Draco.

“Lets get a few things straight, Loony,” Pansy said, sitting on the desk as like a queen on her throne. “First, I don’t like you, but Dracypoo wants me to help in your training so I will.  Second, Draco is mine and if I find out you are trying to take him from me… You’ll regret it. Now, lets start with your stripping.” She said completely changing her tone. “I want to see exactly what we have to work with,” she added when Luna hesitated.

Luna stripped out of her robes and set them aside carefully before moving back into her kneeling position. She was wearing nothing under the robe because it was now what she was used to.

“Okay… So for hair protect you want to use…” Pansy went into a rant about beauty products, supplying Luna with everything from shampoo to foot cream. Looking at all the different bottles and tools she felt some how she was back in Potions class. “…And next time we are going to talk about makeup.”

She was very glad that they were not covering makeup that day, her head was spinning from all the other things she would be expected to do from now on. “Girls do this every day?” she asked, now understanding why her classmates took so much time in the bathroom.

“Pretty ones do,” Pansy answered with a shrug, slipping off the desk to walk around Luna. “Stand” she ordered. She seemed to be enjoying being the one with the power for once.

Luna got her feet gracefully and faced the blackboard as she waited for the other girl to come down from her power trip.

Pansy grinned at how obedient Draco had trained Loony to be already.  For reasons unknown to Luna her trainer for the night moved up behind her and started to brush her hands against her skin. It was very similar to how Draco touched her, without real intention in the movement.

“Draco asked me to cover a more… sensual subject if we had time,” Pansy told her softly. “He thought you would feel more comfortable about it if he wasn’t here to watch.”

Luna swallowed hard, and blinked as she understood what Pansy was talking about. She felt the girl’s hand moved to a part of her that Draco has always avoided. She let out a little gasp as someone’s hand beside her own touched that part of her for the first time.

“Draco wants you to understand how nice sexual acts can be with anyone that knows what they are doing,” Pansy explained as her finger pressed into the shivering girl’s body.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, tensing up a little as she was very unsure of what she should be doing at that moment.

“Relax, and enjoy it… Pay attention to how it feels,” Pansy instructed, she was enjoying the extra control her actions were giving her. After pushing her fingers in a bit deeper she smiled as she felt what she was expecting, Luna was really a virgin and it just seemed so amusing to her.

Once she had the girl a bit more relaxed, her thumb moved up to feel out the girl’s little sweet spot.

Luna’s eye’s widened and she jerked away uncontrollably. Her knees were shaking and she grabbed a desk to stable her self.

Pansy grinned maliciously at Luna’s back. It was the reaction she had expected and had wanted to produce. “Did I say you could pull away?” she asked her and stepped behind her again. “I am sure Draco has explained what happens when you are bad.”

The next thing Luna felt was the burning of a ruler hitting her small butt. She jerked and turned to look at Pansy.

“You have to count, and thank me for each one,” she explained to Luna. She had replaced the grin with a serious, almost regretful expression. “Now turn around and we will start,” she ordered as she brushed the ruler against the red stripe on Luna’s ass.

As soon as Luna faced the blackboard she felt a second slap that was harder than the first. “One… Thank you…” She said a bit unsurely, Draco had never actually had to punish her before.

“No no no,” Pansy huffed in annoyance. “You say the number, then ‘Thank you for my punishment, Mistress,’ Understand? Now lets start again,” she said before Luna could answer her.

The ruler hit Luna’s butt for a third time. “One… Thank you for my punishment, Mistress.” Luna was starting to blush with embarrassment, which only made Pansy grin wider and smack her harder.

“Two… Thank you for my punishment, Mistress,” she counted with the strike.  By the time they got to ten she was whimpering as her ass was bright red. Tears were starting to form in Luna’s misty eyes.

Pansy set down the ruler on the desk in front of Luna and pet her hand down her back and brushed against her ass. “That is all for tonight, pet.  Your punishment is done,” she cooed in her ear. “You can go to bed”

Chapter 13: Anthony

The low point of Luna’s week was telling Anthony that she could not go into Hogsmead with him though she could not help but assure him she would try and find some time to spend with him, if that was what he wanted. So they set up a date to eat lunch together on Friday.

When the day came, Luna made sure not to look at the Slytherin table during the meal. It was kind of nice just talking to a boy about silly things like teachers and the day to day happenings of the school.

After lunch had passed, Anthony walked her to her next class and they made arrangements to eat dinner together that night.

Luna found that the rest of the day seemed to drag by in a way that it had never dragged before. She was really looking forward to talking to Anthony that night. Maybe they could even walk back to the common room together and kiss goodnight.

When she entered the Great Hall, Anthony was no where to be found. She kept watching the door, letting the food in front of her get cold. When she was the last one left in at the Ravenclaw table, she sighed and packed up her things.

She tried not to feel hurt, tried not to take it personally as she walked up to the Ravenclaw tower. When she entered the common room, Anthony was there with a few people standing around him asking about a bandage he had over his eye.

When he saw Luna walk in, he jumped to his feet and walked over to her. “I am sorry I missed dinner…” He said looking really disappointed that he had. It was the strangest thing… I was walking back from Ancient Ruins and you know that kid Goyle? Well he said I stole his cupcake and stuck this gooey stuff in my eye… I spent all of dinner in the infirmary,” he explained his absence. “Do you think we could reschedule for breakfast?” he asked looking hopeful.

“Oh I am sorry, Anthony, but I have something to do to before breakfast… But if you are there by the time I am done… Maybe we could sit together.” She offered sadly and looked to the floor.

“That sounds great…” he said, lifting her chin so he could look into he eyes and so she could see him smile. “What are you doing now… I was just going to hang around…”

Luna smiled brightly and looked from her dorm to him. “I didn’t really have any plans. We could watch out for Star Punchers,” she said excitedly and grabbed his hand to take him to an open window.

Chapter 14: Pet’s New Training

Luna walked down to the empty classroom the next day. She said little to anyone as she went. She was struggling with what she was going to say to Draco. On one hand she needed to tell him that she didn’t want to be left alone with Pansy any more, on the other hand she wasn’t so sure he wasn’t responsible for Anthony’s injury.

When she got to the classroom Draco was already there and seemed to be abnormally calm. She decided to take things safe at first and knelt down as was expected of her.

“Good, now we need to talk about this time you have been spending with the Mudblood Anthony. It will end now.” He said very sternly.

“You can’t order me to do that.” She snapped looking up at him, which only got her a slap across the face.

“I can order you to do whatever I wish. I am the teacher here, the one training you to be a perfect woman. I will not have one of my students wasted on a mudblood.” He snapped back.

Luna moved to get to her feet, he had just crossed the line and she wasn’t willing to do this training any more. Draco grabbed the smaller girl by the wrist and spun her around so she was tightly held in his arms.

“You try and leave me now am I will make you regret it, after I am done with you and your father you will be living in copies of that crappy magazine.” He threatened her. “I am your Master now until I decide I am bored of you. Now kneel down like a good girl before I have to punish you again.” He seethed and tossed her to the floor.

She landed on her hands and knees and before she could draw her wand she heard “ex-pel-ee-AR-mus!” and it flew across the room. “I will have none of that.” He said before going over and locking the door casting a locking spell on it so that she could not get away until he wanted her to.

Luna didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have a wand and he was actually a more powerful wizard then he seemed in the day to day of school life. She decided to play it smart for now and knelt in her usual spot.

“Good girl. Now I think we need a special lesson for today after that little commotion you just gave me, don’t you?” He asked but did not wait for an answer. “Pansy tells me you were a good pet last night for her, I was very proud to hear that. But after today I think you till have not learned your place. So I think it would be best to forget about your womanly training for now, and start with how you should act as a pet.”

Luna looked up at him and narrowed her eyes. He really didn’t think she was going to stand for this kind of treatment did he?

He walked around the teacher’s desk that he had been using as a seat and opened one of the drawers pulling out a short leash that matched her collar perfectly.

“The first thing one teaches any pet is how to walk on a lead.” He said with a wide knowing grin. “If you don’t like it I will make you do it nude.” He added just so she knew what she would get for disobedience.

She sighed and looked to the ground, she would just get this over with, then she would never look back.

“And don’t worry my pet.” He said as he hooked the leash to the collar. “At the end of all of this, you will thank your Master.” He tugged the leash forward and started to walk her on her hands and knees.

He led her around in circles in the room until her knees were nice and sore. Once he could see the pain on her face he transfigured a pillow for her to kneel on.

It was nice and soothing on her poor knees. And Luna found herself actually being grateful to Draco for providing it before she shook the thought away, it was a part of his plan she was sure. How could she be thankful to a man who had just treated her like some kind of dog for an hour?

“You hungry?” he asked and tied her leash to the desk before walking over and grabbing her wand, she didn’t need it today. Actually she wouldn’t need it all weekend. “I will go get us some food, so you sit tight.” He said as if she had the choice.

As he walked out he chucked to himself, wishing he could be there when she discovered what other powers her new lead had.

Chapter 15: The Leash

The moment Draco had left the room Luna moved to the desk to untie the leash. She needed to get out of the classroom before he returned. She wasn’t afraid of his threats about her father. What she was most afraid of that he would return and take advantage of the fact she didn’t have a wand.

When she touched the knot holding the leash to the desk, it turned itself into a seamless loop and tightened so it was almost fused with the wood of the desk.

She then reached for the hook that attacked the leash to her collar and found it was a seamless metal loop. So there was no way out for her, she was stuck like a dog in this classroom waiting for her Master to return with food.

She crawled back to the pillow, and got comfortable so she could come up with a new plan. What she didn’t think of was that she could actually sit herself on the desk instead of the pillow, the thought didn’t even cross her mind.

Draco seemed to be taking forever and Luna felt herself getting very sleepy very quickly. Since it was only ten in the morning this was rather strange, but she couldn’t resist curling up on the pillow and just taking a nap as she waited.

When Luna awoke she was no longer wearing her school robes, she was no long curled up on the floor of the classroom, and she wasn’t even in the school any longer. Or at least she wasn’t in any part of the school she had ever seen.

She was wearing a long sleeved silk black nightgown that went down to her ankles. She was now sitting on the soft grass of some kind of indoor garden. The sweet aroma of flowers filled the air.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” She called out into the garden. Her hand moved to her neck to check to see if the collar was still there. It was, with a small piece of metal hanging off of it now instead of a leash.

She got to her feet as no one answered; she had to find her way back to school. She didn’t understand how she got here, but she knew she had to leave.

She started to wonder around looking for a way out of the out, so she could really see where she was. When she finally did get to the wall of the enclosure she found three doors there; a red one, a blue one and a green one. She shiver went down her spine as she looked at reach door, she felt as if she was making a bigger choice then a way out and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

After spending some time at the doors she finally opened the blue one and saw Anthony waiting with open arms on the other side of it. Once she took a step threw the door though it slammed behind her and she was in a darkroom with cold stone under her bare feet.

“Anthony?” She called into the darkness since he had disappeared the moment the door closed. No one answered. “Anthony?” She called out again, but it seemed she was alone in the dark and cold room.

Suddenly there was a small light on the wall in front of her, she went to look and found a small hole in the wall to the room next door. As she looked threw the hole something grabbed her and pulled her against the wall so she couldn’t look away.

In the next room she saw herself and Anthony talking together in the corner of the common room. Slowly they leaned in to each other, she could almost feel his lips on hers; when she felt a sting on her back and heard a crack of a whip.

As her and Anthony’s kiss deepened she was hit again, this time harder. She could feel the kiss, but its pleasure was overridden by the pain of the whip.

This continued, she would watch herself with Anthony, doing things they had never done, as if she saw what she could have with him, but every time she got even close to him she was beaten with the whip. It got to the point that she didn’t want to be near him any more, she wished she would never go near him again so the pain would stop.

“Luna?” a familiar voice whispered, she could feel a soft hand on her shoulder, she decided she liked the feel. Opening her eyes she looked up into Draco’s eyes.

She was back in the classroom, curled on that pillow and wearing her school robes.

“You were crying when I came in.” He said with a frown, she could actually see the worry in his eyes. “having a bad dream, or have I been too hard on you?” he sighed as if he was sure the second was true. “Look I am sorry…” he unhooked the leash from her collar and helped her to sit up.

“I got a little carried away.. I was so mad when I saw you with Anthony…” When he said the name she felt the sting on her back again she didn’t want to think about him any more. “Well… I think I over reacted… I mean we are not dating I have no right to tell you who to be with.”

Luna smiled at him wondering how long the strange dream had lasted, it had felt like a long time, but now the specifics of the dream were slipping away from her.

“It is fine… As long as your promise not to, get carried away again.” She said, he seemed so sincere she was sure he was sorry for his actions. “Did you bring anything to eat?” she asked as she was starved.

Chapter 16: An Announcement

The next few weeks sped by without anyone noticing. October had snuck up on everyone, even the teachers. Though the staff had come up with a surprise for the students, something that would get everyone minds off the growing worry over a war building outside of the safe walls of the school.

Professor Dumbledore cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention on one mid October morning. Like always, every student in the room turned to hear what their Head Master had to say.

“The other professors and I have spoken about it, and we have decided that we are canceling the All Hallows Eve Feast.” He paused here to heat the students start to gasp and grumble at their outrage at the announcement.

“Instead we will be holding a Grand Mask for all students to participate in. There will be dancing, games, and of course…lots and lots of junk food.” He said happy. The announcement got a cheer from the entire room.

Once the Professor had stepped down to continue his conversation with the rest of the teachers the students went into action. Girls talked about who they wanted to ask them, boys talked about how bloody of costumes they could get away with. The mood in the room was light hearted and much more cheerful then it had been in weeks.

Luna sat there staring at the Head Master for a while before she let someone distract her from her thought. Anthony had poked her in the shoulder to get her attention. He looked uncertainly at her.

She hadn’t spoken much to him since the day of the dream. She did not feel actual pain any longer, but it just made her feel uncomfortable being around him any longer.

“I don’t know what happened… Or what I did… But I was hoping you would agree to go to the Mask with me?”

Luna blinked at him a few times, unsure of what to say ‘no’ right off, but why?

“I am sorry I don’t think… I don’t think that is a good idea Anthony… You are very nice but… I like someone else.” It was true, and she convinced herself it was the reason for her uncomfortable feelings. “I should have been honest with you from the start… I am sorry.”

Anthony looked disappointed but he nodded and then even smiled. “Lucky guy… Well just so you know if it doesn’t work out I’ll be around.” He said with a nod then headed off.

Luna left soon after him and headed to class. All day no one could talk about anything but the Mask. Boys were even starting to talk about who they wanted to ask, and who they wouldn’t touch with a Levitation Charm.

To her own surprise Luna was actually on the former list instead of the later one. She was asked by two more boys that day if she would go to the Mask with them. She said no to both, since she didn’t actually know either of them.

In the locker room before practice one of her team mates explained that it was because she was on the team and so far they were doing well that year. That made a lot of sense to Luna, as most of the players always had dates.

When she opened her locker to grab her gear she found a note form Draco. She was getting used to these notes popping up in odd places. So she just opened it and started to read.


I want to see you tonight after practice in the locker room, find a way to make sure your team mates have gone before taking your shower.


It was easy for her to find a reason to stay. She purposefully did horrible curing practice and told the Captain she wanted to keep working. With how bad she had done he had no problem with that.

When she got into the locker room tired and covered in sweat she found she was gladly alone. She hoped she could take her shower before Draco came to get her. Disrobing she hit the shower as quickly as she could.

Draco frowned as he watched her from his hiding place, she was rushing so it wasn’t nearly as good of a show the first time he watched her. While she cleaned he sat and pondered how much restraint he had shown in her training. If his father was free he would be very proud.

When Luna got out of the shower and moved to grab the towel he jumped forward and pulled it out of her reach. When she saw him instead of being mad about the towel she dropped to her knees at his feet with her eyes looking down.

“Greetings Master.”

This action had been one of the main focuses of their training over the last few weeks.

“Greeting Pet.” He responded with a smile. “Stand so I can dry you.” He ordered calmly.

She got to her feet and closed her eyes, enjoying the soft touch of the towel drying her skin. He was gentle with her most of the time and she found herself seeking his touch.

“So, have you been asked to the Mask yet?” He asked as his lips almost touched her ear. He loved playing with her like this as well; he had learned what pushed those buttons in her. These days he could excite her from a foot away.

“Yes Master… but I told them no…” She said blushing slightly, she wasn’t sure why, it must have just been a reaction to where he was touching her now.

“Is that so… Well that is good because I want you going alone.” He told her letting his lips brush her ear. “There is only one person you are allowed to agree to go with. That is… Ronald…” he tried to keep the disgust from his voice at the thought of the Blood Traitor.

Fortunately for Draco the boy was thick and stupid, and would never realize what he could have with Luna. He was fully planning on making her his forever. Malfoy men had never been limited to one woman. After all the training he had put into Luna he planned to make her his mistress, and take care of her till she lost his interest.

“I want to dance with you that night, and I can not if you have someone else on your arm.” He said before kissing her neck and pulling away to set the towel aside. “I also want you to hook this to your bed; I want you sleeping in it from now on.” He told her as he set her leash in her hands.

“But… I can’t remove it…” She pointed out with wide eyes; visions of being stuck to her bed by the leash forever passed threw her head.

“The person that attaches it can activate the release my Pet.” He comforted her with his words and brushed her cheek with his finger tips. “There is no need to worry.” He added with a smile, it was exciting him to think of her chained to her own bed, by her own hand. He would have to use Pansy to release some stress that night. “Now go get some rest, I want to see you in the morning in our usual classroom.”

That night when it came time for her to put the leash on and bit her lip and frowned. Then she smiled again as she realized one small bit about his instructions. He had said to attach the leash to her bed, he had never actually said she had to attach the other end to herself.

Much happier about the idea she strapped the leash to her bed and climbed into amused she had used Draco’s own kind of logic to get what she wanted.

Chapter 17: Week Till the Ball

The morning after receiving the leash Luna woke up in a very good mood. Looking up at the leash she decided to just leave it there, it would mean he didn’t have one to torture her with… She hoped.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and got dressed in a slow happy manor.

News of the mask had put everyone in a happier mood; even Peeves seemed to be a bit nicer to the first years. The water balloons he was dropping on their heads were actually filled with water, instead of glue which he was using the week before.

Luna was actually a little late to meet Draco this morning, as she had been stopped by other students, some to ask what she thought of the Mask, or what she was going to wear. One boy she didn’t know actually asked her to go with him, of course she said no.

Draco was standing up the door when she walked in; he was wearing his cloak and had one in his hand for her.

“We are going to get you a costume today.” He said with a kind smile on his face.

Luna frowned. “I already have a costume; I am going to Zigamig Womprat.

“What does a zigapiddle wompat look like?” Draco asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well… they have a thick brown hair and are kind of shaped like a peanut in the shell and…” Draco cut her off there.

“No.” he said simply and help the cloak out to her again. Luna frowned more deeply and took the cloak.

“What do you mean no? It is my costume.” She said as she slipped the cloak on.

“I mean no pet of mine is going to dress like a hairy peanut. I want you dressed in something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to dance with.” He told her simply.

She still didn’t look very happy at all, but she followed him out of the castle grounds and off to Hogsmeade.

“Do you have any more classical ideas for costumes?” he asked as they took the long road down by foot.

“By classical you mean boring.” She said stiffly. Draco smiled and placed his hand on the small of her back.

“By classical I mean something that will look good on you.” He said “Anyway, wearing something nice will help a certain redhead notice you in a good way.” He pointed out with a grin.

“Well… maybe a compromise of some kind?” She suggested. “Like something that looks nicer and isn’t so… overdone?” She looked hopeful.

He patted her back. “I am sure we will find something we can both agree to.” He reassured her.

They walked silently down the rest of the way to the village. Draco had his hood up to hide his face until they got to the costume shop, just in case someone saw them together.

“Look around and see if there is anything you would like.” He said letting her feel more in control of her own clothes, it was best to at least let her think she had some control.

Luna sighed as she passed racks and racks of sexy vampires and cute healers her tight robes. She even found a Harriet Potter costume that she backed away from slowly. There were mermaids and ghosts, muggles and dragons, but nothing she thought would be creative and interesting. After an hour of looking around she walked over to Draco looking depressed.

“Couldn’t find anything?” Draco asked skeptically.

“It is all so boring.” She said with a sigh. “Everyone is going to be something like this…”

Draco frowned and started to look around for himself. The truth was, she was perfectly right; all the girls would be dressed in something exactly or very similar to what they had in the shop.

“Okay, maybe you should just go naked.” He said with a shrug to see her reaction.

Luna’s eyes widened and her cheeks flushed very suddenly. Draco eyed her a moment more with a grin; so she believed he was capable of actually getting her to do that, interesting.

“I guess we could look in some catalogs and order your costume.” He said taking her by the hand and leading her back out into the crisp fall morning.

“How about Mother Earth?” She asked as they walked back up to the school grounds.


“Mother Earth, the goddess of the earth, you can make her very pretty if you want.” She said having ideas of how she was going to make the costume. She would look original and pretty, it seemed like a good compromise to her.

“I’ll make you a deal…” Draco said frowning in thought; she wanted to be something original, and she wanted it enough he may be able to get her to do something a bit over the line. “If I let you be this… Mother Earth character you have to… Let me take your first true kiss.” It was small, he had to admit, but he had been dying to kiss her for a month now, and this gave him a way to be able to do so whenever he wished.

After a frown and a few minutes of thought of the subject she gave one firm nod. “Sure.”

They had gotten to the forest path by this time in their journey and he took advantage of this fact. He suddenly pushed her against a tree roughly and kissed her with every bit of passion he had been holding back from her. He wanted to leave her breathless, to make her dream about this moment. Only when he felt her knees start to buckle under her did he take a step back and watch her fall to her knees.

“You okay?” he asked as if it hadn’t been his plan from the start.

“That…” she blushed deeply and said nothing else for most of the rest of the day.

Chapter 18: The Mask

It was the night of the Mask and Luna was very happy with the outfit Draco and her had picked out together.  The outfit looked as if she was completely made of leafy vines.  They wrapped around her form and covered all the important areas of her body.  It wasn’t overly revealing, but it would have the illusion that it was.  She felt comfortable in it and she was sure no one else would be wearing anything like it.

She charmed her hair green for the night and braided it back so it was out of her face.  Once she was sure everything was in place she went down to the common room to watch the other Ravenclaws gather.

As she sat and watched people Anthony approached her wearing what was obviously a Nearly Headless Nick outfit.  She smiled up at him, it seemed more original than what she had seen other wear.

“Did your special someone ask you to the dance?”  he asked wishing to seem friendly.

She shook her head and sighed.  “I don’t think he really notices me to be honest.”  She said chewing on her lower lip.

“Yeah.. I’m sorry.”  he said with a frown.  “Look, I know you like this other guy, and I can respect that.”  he said nodding to himself.  “But I would like to still be your friend.”  he looked at her hopefully.

Luna smiled and nodded.  “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”  She said, much more comfortable with the idea of friends than the idea of kissing him.

“So, as friends, if you don’t have a date, we could hang out for some of the dance?”  he offered.

“Yeah, would you like to walk down with me? I mean, if you don’t have a date.”

He smiled and nodded.  “So, who are you supposed to be anyway?”  he asked looking her over.

“Mother Earth.”  She said as she got to her feet.

“Yeah, I can see that. Super cool Luna.”  he said with a wide grin as they headed for the portrait hole.

“You know who she is?”  Luna asked happily, she had to it explain it to all of her dorm mates.

“Yeah, she is more of a muggle idea I guess huh?”

“It would seem so…”  They talked on their way down from Ravenclaw tower, but as they approached the Great Happ Luna became uncomfortable with the idea of Draco seeing her enter with Anthony.

“You know, I need to use the loo… Could you go ahead without me and I will see you there?”  She asked pausing in the hall.

“Yeah sure, you okay?”  he asked eyeing her with a frown.

She smiled and nodded before heading to the closest bathroom.  One she felt like she had given it enough time she headed down to the Great Hall alone.

She ended up being one of the last to enter the dance.  It seemed like everyone was having fun dancing and joking.

The room was decorated to wonderfully for the event.  There were groups of bats flying around the ceiling over the night sky.  Jack-o-lanterns replaced the usual candles that lit the room.  The four house tables were gone and replaced with smaller round tables that were all to one side of the room.  Along the walls were tables stacked height with every kind of junk food that Luna could think of.

She decided to get something to eat before she looked for anyone she knew.  She staked her plate high and got herself some orange punch before sitting at one of the tables and watching the room as she picked at the food.

She noticed Ronald first.  He was dressed in quidditch gear with a Chudley Cannon’s jersey on.  She supposed he was supposed to be one of his favorite players.  Harry and Hermione stood near him.  It seemed none of them had dates either.  Harry was dressed in fine red robes with a large fake sword strapped to his side, while Hermione had charmed her hair gray and pulled it up into a bun.  It reminded Luna of Professor McGonagall and she wondered if that was who her friend was dressed as.

Looking around the room again Luna spotted Draco and Pansy.  They were obviously dressed to match as a chess king and queen.  She smiled as her eyes stayed on Draco, as always he looked very fine in the outfit, and she found herself looking forward to dancing with him.

“Is it really Malfoy?”  she heard Anthony’s voice ask as he pulled her out of her daze.  He sat next to her at the table and set down a plate of food.

“Humm?”  She asked confused at the question and realized he must have caught her watching Draco.

“The guy you have a crush on, please tell me it isn’t him.”  he said with a deep frown.  “He is a snake.”

“No no.  It isn’t him, I was just fascinated by the details of his costume.  If you really must know it is a Gryffindor.”  I say glancing over to where Ronald was standing.

“Not Harry?  Everyone is in love with Harry.”  he said looking to where I glanced.

“No not Harry.  Though Harry is very sweet.  I find I like redheads better.”  I say blushing a bit.

Anthony looked over at Ron and made a face.  “Really?  Well I guess that is better than Malfoy.”  he said with a grin.

“Are you going to dance with any girls tonight?”  I ask looking around at all the boring outfits I saw in the costume store.

“Yeah, a few have promised me a dance or two.”  he said looking out over the crowd.  “Do you think I could convince you to give me a dance?”  he asked hopefully.

“Maybe one.”  I say with a smile.  Now that I knew we were just going to be friends I find the uncomfortable feeling I had around Anthony completely slipped away.

That night Luna danced with several different boys who had asked her.  She felt free and smiled freely at each of them.  When Draco found her he did not look pleased.

He made sure no one was looking at them as he pulled her out into the hall where they could speak in private.

“What do you think you are doing pet?”  he asked lowly.

“Enjoying the dance.”  She answered, finding that she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

He pushed her up against the wall just outside the dance and pushed her chin up so their eyes would meet.

“What did I tell you about boys that were not the one I am training you for?”  he asked in a low dangerous voice.

“I am not going out with them, it was just a dance.”  She said as she swallowed hard.  He chuckled and let her go.

“And what about the mudblood I told you to stay away from?”  he asked with narrowing eyes.

“We are friends, I can be friends with whoever I want.”  She said as she held her head high.

He narrows his eyes for a moment and seems to realize something.  “We will talk about this later.  Right now you owe me a dance”  he said as he pulled her back into the Great Hall and out onto the dance floor.

He held her much closer than any of her other partners, but she was already used to being so close to him.

“Now that I have danced with you…”  he spoke in Luna’s ear.  “…Other Slytherins will start to notice you.  They will start to see you as a woman.  We want this, we want the whole school to know you are a woman.”

“So that Ron will notice me?”  She asks and bites her lower lip.

“Exactly.  After the dance is over I want you to meet me in the classroom.”  he said and as the dance ends he wanders off to find Pansy like the dance meant absolutely nothing.

Luna decided to leave the dance a little early so she could get to the classroom before him.  She knelt down in the place before the desk and waited for him to enter.

Whens he heard the door open and close did not look to see who it was.

“Greetings Master.”  She said as she tried to be on her best behavior.

“Greetings Pet.”  Draco answers as he watched her for a moment.  “How shall I punish my pet tonight?”  he asks as he moves to his place on the desk.

Luna frowns and looks up to him, she didn’t understand why she should be punished.

“I know she has been disobeying me.  She has not been wearing the leash to bed like her Master told her to.”

“How did you…”  She bit her lower lip.  “You just told me to attach the leash to the bed Master.  You said nothing about attaching it to myself as well.”  She pointed out.

He opened his mouth to scold her and then closed it again.  “I think you are correct pet.  What a cunning little thing you are.  Well now I find I should reward you for your cunning.”  he said as smirks down at her.

She relaxes as he he changes his tone.  He looked over her fro a long moment as he decided what he is going to do.

“As a reward I will let you go without your necklace for a week.”  he said as he leans down to unclasp the collar.  “But, when you get it back, you will be sleeping with the leash attaching you to the bed.  Do you understand pet?  One end on your bed, one end on your necklace.”

She ran her hand over the empty place on her neck and looked up to him.  “I understand Master.”  She said and blushed before looking down again.

“Next step in our plan is to find someone to date you.”  he said as he reached down and ran his hand threw her hair.  He continued the action as he thought, petting her gently and watching to see what how she reacted.

She closed her eyes and leaned into the soft touch.  “But, what about Ronald?”  She asked in a relaxed tone.

It pleased him how used to being his pet she was getting.  He smiled and continued the action as they spoke.  “Well he seems to be very, dense.  We need to give him more reason to notice you pet.  I will choose you a boyfriend that will respect you, and not keep too much of your attention.”  Also he would choose someone who he could control.

“It has been a while since I have read your journal.  I want you to bring it to our next lesson.”  he said as he moved his hand down her cheek to cup her chin.  He pulled her face up so she would be forced to look him in the eyes.

“Do you consider me a friend Luna?”  he asked as he used her real name to throw her off a bit.

“Yes.”  She said without thinking about it.

“Do you consider Pansy a friend?”  he asked in the same low tone.

“No.” Again the answer came without thought.

Once he was sure she would keep looking up at him his hand went back to the petting motion.

“Tell me who you consider friends.  List the names for me.” he said with a kind smile.

“You, Ronald, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and Anthony.”  She bit her lip as she tried to think of anyone else from the DA would count, she shook her head as she decided that was it.

Draco frowned at the other names on the list.  Blood traitors and mudbloods, the lot of them.  At least it was a short list.  After he used her to break the Weasel’s heart most of them wouldn’t talk to her again.  He sighed as he realized he would have to go through with that part of the plan.

“Why do you ask?”  Luna asked and drew Draco out of his thoughts.

“Just curious pet.  Maybe I should have you and Pansy spend more time together, so you can become closer.”  he mused with a smirk.

“Please don’t.”  Luna asked with a frown.

“Oh?  Why so against it pet?”  He asked as his hand moved back to her chin so he could run his thumb over her lips.

“She is mean, and I think she hates me.”  She told Draco with a frown.

“Well then what are you willing to do for me in order to not follow my wishes?”  he asked with a smirk.  “How much it is worth to you?”

“Another kiss?”  She offered as she bit her lower lip.  He smiled as an idea sprang to his mind at her offer.

“Two kisses and you have a deal.”  he said lickinging his lips.

She nodded her agreement, and he slipped off the desk.

“Stand up pet.”  he said as let her get to her feet.  he moved behind her and brushed the hair from her neck. he leaned in to whisper in her ear.  “You didn’t say where I could kiss you.”  he pointed out and moved his lips to the place where her neck met her shoulder.

Her breathing deepened at the feel of his soft lips, and she bit her lower lip him as she knew he was right.  She felt him softly nip at her skin before kissing and sucking on her neck.  She had never realized how good it could feel to have someone kiss her skin in the way he was doing.

Draco smiled and gave one last little bite to the tortured skin.  She would have a hicky there by morning.  It made him feel better to know he had marked her, even if she wasn’t wearing his collar.

“How did that feel pet?”  he asked as he moved around to her front.  He noticed she was shaking slightly which pleased him.

“Very nice Master.”  She said breathlessly.

“Did it turn you on?”  he asked as he stood in front of her and looked into her eyes.

She blushed and nodded.

“Do you like it when I turn you on pet?”  he asked as he leaned down to take his on her collar bone.

She had she swallow hard as his lips met her skin once again.  “yes Master.”  She admitted with a deep blush.

Once he was sure she would have another hickey and licked her skin and looked back into her eyes.

“Do you ever play with yourself after our little meetings?”  he asked enjoying her embarrassment.

“Sometimes Master.”  She admitted looking down.

“Who do you think about when you do this?”  he asked with a smirk on his lips.

“Ronald.”  She lied feeling too embarrassed to admit she thought about the man in front of her.  He frowned at her answer but only for a moment

“I want you to do it here, sit on the desk.”  he said moving his hands to her hips so he could help her onto the desk.

“Here, in front of you?”  She asked blushing and looking anywhere but at him.

“Yes, I want to see exactly what you do to yourself.”  He said as if this was all a part of his training.  “But I need you to look me in the eyes as you do it.  So you can really focus.”  He said with a smirk.  He would need to use Pansy again after tonight, but it wasn’t something he minded.

She swallowed hard and looked up at him as she slipped her hands under the leaves between her legs.  Blushing brightly she used her other hand so she could brace herself to sit up on the desk.  As her fingers made contact with places she enjoyed she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan.

“Eyes open pet.”  Draco snapped.

She opened her eyes again and looked deeply into his as she started to work her fingers against her clit.  She let out a little whimper and moan as she found the act of doing this in front of him all the more enjoyable.

“Oh.”  She whimpered and curled one of her fingers inside of herself.  “Oh.”  She moaned with a slightly higher pitch.  She was shaking on the desk and losing her balance a bit.

‘That is it my pet, you are being so very good right now.”  he said in a soothing tone.  “You enjoy doing this for your Master don’t you?”  he asked as he watched her jerk and trimble.

“Yes.”  She admitted with a gasp as her toes started to curl.  “Almost..”  She started tightly.  “Almost.”  She let out a whimper as she watched him look at her with hunger in his eyes. “MASTER!”  She screamed and fell back on the trembling as her peak overtook her small frame.

He took in a deep satisfied breath as he stepped between her legs and brushed his hand down her thigh.  She was coming along quite nicely.

“That was very good my pet.”  he told her softly.  “Very good.”

Chapter 19: Boyfriend

Draco sits in the Slytherin common room with a group of his underlings and friends.

“How about Warrington?”  he asked Blaise as he rubbed his chin n though.  He was trying to come up with a Slytherin for Luna to date, and get Ron’s attention.

“I thought we were trying to make someone jealous.  He looks like a sloth.”  Blaise answered and smiled.  “What about Pucey?  Women tell me he is good looking.”

“Not sure I can control him the way I would want.  We may come back to him.  How about Nott?”

“Dating Tracy.”  Blaise answers with a frown.

“Still?” Draco asks as if he had expected the relationship to end months ago.

“You’re still dating Pansy right?”  Blaise points out with a smirk.

“I just got her broken in the way I like.”  Draco defends and taps the arm of his chair.  “So Pucey is single?”

“I am pretty sure he never dated a girl longer than it takes to get into her knickers.”  Blaise answers.

“I’ll have a talk with him, see if he would be game.”  Draco says with a frown on his lips.

That night at dinner Draco sat across from Adrian Pucey.  The other boy was a year ahead of him, but not much larger.  He was a Chaser on the Quidditch team, but Draco hardly said two words to him outside of practice.

“Malfoy?  Did you want something?”  Adrian asked as he noticed the blond sit across from him.  Malfoy never seemed to do anything without purpose.

“Yeah, I was curious about what you thought about Ravenclaw girls.”  Draco asked as he started to fill his plate.

Adrian’s eyes went to the Ravenclaw table as he thought about the question.  “They live too much in their head.  Not all of them are dogs, and you much less likely to find a knife in your back than if you date a Slytherin.  Was there a specific ravenclaw we are talking about?”  he asked as he looked back to Draco.

“Lovegood.”  Draco answered casually.

“Love the name.”  he said with a smirk and then thought if he could put a face to it.  “Fifth year Keeper right?”  Draco nodded.  “If you would have asked be at the beginning of the year I would have said dog, but now?”  Adrian’s eyes find Luna at the table.  “Now she is fuckable.  Why are we talking about her?”  he asks as he looks back to Draco.

“I have a plan in the works that requires her to have a boyfriend.”  Draco says directly.

“For how long, I get bored quickly.”  Adrian says with a frown.

“I don’t think it should take longer than a month, but there would be rules.”  Draco says a little more darkly.

“Rules?”  Adrian smirks

“Yes.”  Draco says leaning over the table and looking at the other boy as if he were a nat.  “Rules.  Luna belongs to me you see, and it would only be a loan.  I would want her back in the condition that I gave her to you in.  Rule one would be no fucking her.”

Adrian laughed.  “What is the point then?  What would I get out of it?”

“You would be allowed to do anything up to sex, just don’t cross that line.  As for payment, a Malfoy would owe you a favor.  If you think about it, I am offering quite a deal.”

Adrian sat back in his chair and thought about it a moment as he let his eyes drift to Luna.  “Does she know or do I have to actually woo her?”  He asked looking back to Draco.

“It would be best of you wooed her, publicly, where Gryffindors can take notice.  Once you are dating you should also have plenty of public displays of affection, again it is best where Gryffindors can take notice.”

Adrian taps his fingers on the table as he thinks the deal over again.  “I can treat her however I want as long as I don’t fuck her?”  he made sure he was clear on the deal  Draco nodded.

With that Adrian got up from the Slytherin table and walked over to the Ravenclaw.  He leaned over the table so his chest was pressed against Luna’s back and he spoke into her ear.  “Hello beautiful, would you like to go for a walk?”  he asked making sure his lips almost brushed against her ear.

Luna flushed and looked up at the boy who was being so forward with her.  Adrian Pucey was a boy that many of the girls at the school talked about.  He was a very good Chaser and rather beautiful in a dark and brooding kind of way.  He was known for being forward not stopping until he got what he was after.

“No.”  she answered simply as she turned back to her plate.  

“Really?”  Adrian looked surprised, but brushed aside the rejection with a smirk.  He turned to the smaller boy who sat next to Luna and gave him a look that told the second year that his life depended on him moving from that spot.  The second year wisely decided he was no longer hungry and left the Great Hall.

Once the boy was gone Adrian took his seat next to Luna and sat on the bench with his back leaning against the table.  He rested his arms back up on the table in a relaxed posture.

“Why not?” He asked her as she had gone back to eating.

She stopped eating and looked at him once again.  He was the first to ask her the question out of the boys who were now asking her out.  “Because I don’t know you.”  She pointed out.

“You don’t know who I am?”  he asked doubtfully.

“Oh I know of your reputation, but that doesn’t mean I know you.”  She answered and tilted her head.

“Well if you take a walk with me we could get to know each other.”  he countered.

‘Why do you want to get to know me?”  She asked as if the answer would sway her decision.

“Well, lets see…”  he started as his eyes ran up her robes.  “You have become pretty hot in the last few months, you are a decent Quidditch player, from your reputation you seem like you might be interesting to talk to, which has been confirmed the longer I sit here.  Does a guy need any more reason than that?” he asked finally.

“Those are all very good reasons to want to get to know someone.”  I agreed and tilted her head.  “Which in some form or another apply to you as well…”  She added more to herself than to Adrian.

He noticed as she looked over at the Slytherin table as she tried to decide what to do.  Her eyes moved to Draco who was pretending not to notice them.  He wondered curiously what power the younger boy had over her.  He decided to press his advantage and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Also you could make him jealous.”  he said softly.

“Who?”  She looked up with wide eyes had without thinking he saw her turn to the Gryffindor table.  The action we too quick for Adrian to tell who she was looking at.

“Let me correct that, them jealous.”  he said with a smirk.

“Who?”  She asked again with a frown.  She sounded like some kind of odd owl.

“Draco, and whoever you like from Gryffindor.”  He said and leaned into her to put a hand on her leg.

“I don’t like Draco like that.”  She said blushing and looking down.  “We are friends.”  She added very softly.  “But no one is supposed to know.  You can’t tell anyone.”  she added as she looked up at him.

A smile spread across his face.  “I won’t, if you go for a walk with me.”  He countered and sat back up.

She thought about that for a moment and nodded.  She got up and waited for Adrian to do the same so they could leave the Great Hall together.

Once they were outside he paused to decide which way would be best to go.  If she was his usual type he would take her to one of the many makeout spots he had around the castle, but he didn’t think she would be loose enough to snog on the first date, and this wasn’t ever really a date.

“It is a pretty night, would you like to go to the Quidditch pitch?”  She asked him as she saw his hesitation.

“Yeah, that is perfect.”  he said as he smiled and took her hand.  “So who is the Gryffindor?”  he asked once they were moving in the right direction.

“What?”  She asked looking up at him.  He was so much taller than her, he thought she really had the build of a Seeker, not a Keeper.

“You denied wanting Draco, but not the mysterious Gryffindor.  I like to know who my competition is for a girl’s attention.”  He said with a smirk.

“Oh.”  was all she said for a long moment.  “Ronald Weasley.”  She answered honestly.  “I wouldn’t exactly call him competition since he is not actually trying to get my attention.”

He ran his thumb over the back of her hand as they walked.  “He will soon I think.”  he said with a smirk.  “More and more boys are noticing you this year.  Soon I will have to beat them off with a stick.”  he complimented.

“I doubt you will do that.  You don’t really stay with girls for very long.”  She pointed out to him as if he didn’t know.

“That is only because most girls bore me.  You might not be so boring.” he smiled as they got to the pitch.  “At least you are starting out less boring than the others.” he said with a charming smile.

‘Are you sure you don’t say that to all of them?”  She asks as they make their way up into the stands.

“Only the ones smart enough to be wary of my reputation.”  he offered with a smile.

She smiled back at him.  “You are very charming, I am sure that gets you very far with most of the girl at school.”  She compliments him.

“But it is not going to get me very far with you?”  he asked as he heard the undertone of her words.

“It takes me a little while to warm up to Slytherins.”  She says as they take a seat and look out over the empty field.

“So why warm up to the king?”  he asked playfully.

“The king?”  She asked looking at Adrian in confusion.

“That is Draco’s nickname in the common room.  King Slytherin.  It is because even though he is younger than some of us, his family has enough money and influence to hold real power over most of the rest of our families.  It is best to stay on his good side.  But that is beside the point.  How did he get you to warm up to him.  Since you two are, friends.”  he asked again.

“Oh well..”  She blushed a little thinking about how her and draco’s relationship had formed.  “He offered to teach me to play Quidditch, and later to help me find a way of getting Ronald’s attention.”  She told Adrian honestly.

“Wow, and what did he want in return?”  He asked they seemed like big favors to just get a girl’s attention.

“That was between him and I.”  She said as she blushed and bit the side of her lip.  “But I guess the easiest way to explain it is, he wanted the friendship itself.”

He didn’t think he could press her any more on the subject so he tried to think of something he could offer to get her to trust him more.

“I don’t really have much else to offer you.”  he told her honestly.  “I mean you already play Quidditch pretty well now, and I refuse to help you get the Gryffindor.  I want you, why would I help him get you.”  he said with a smile. “All I guess I could offer is so show you something about myself that no one else in the world knows.”  he said with a smile.

“No one?”  She asked curiously.

“No one.”  he said firmly as he pulled a book from his bag.  “But you have to promise me not to tell anyone, and not to make fun of me.”  he said pausing his actions.

“I promise.”  She answered curiously.

He pulled the book out of his bag the rest of the way and set it in her lap.  Whens he opened it she found it was a sketchbook full of places around the castle.  “You don’t draw people?”  She asked as she ran her fingers over the beautiful drawings.

“They might catch me doing it.”  He pointed out.  “I know I am rubbish, but it calms me.”  he explained.

“I think they are breathtaking.”  She said and looked up to him with a smile.  “Thank you for sharing them with me.”

He pushed some hair from her eyes and smiled down at her.  “So?  can I get a date out of baring my soul to you?”  he asked playfully.

She smiled and looked down at the book again.  She seemed to hesitate about something and then nodded.  “When?”  She asked looking up into his eyes.

“Hogsmeade visit next weekend?”  he offered “We will keep it more public so I don’t damage your reputation.”  he teased.  She smiled and nodded and handed him back his book.

“That could be fun.”  She said and looked away from him to suddenly frown.  “What time is it?” She asked getting to her feet.  “How long have we been sitting here?”

He looks at his watch.  “It is a little after eight why?”

“I promised to meet someone.  They are going to be angry with me.”  She said and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.  “This was nice, I look forward to our date.”  she said firmly and ran off.

By the time she got to the classroom where she met Draco she was red faced and out of breath.  She was also a half an hour late.  She threw open the door and moved to her spot before the desk without closing it.

“I am sorry Master, I lost track of time.”  She said with a whimper.

Draco looked at the open door and then back to her.  “Is this misbehavior or defiance pet?”  he asked carefully before he slipped off the desk and moved to close the door.  He didn’t want someone to happen by and see them.

“Misbehavior Master.  I did not mean to be late.  I was just talking with…”  She bit her lip unsure how he was going to feel about her friendship with the new Slytherin.

“Adrian Pucey.”  he finished for her.  “I saw.”  he moved back to his desk and sat upon it so he could look down at her.  “What did Mr. Pucey have to say for himself?”

“He…”  She chewed on her lower lip for a moment.  “He wants to go to Hogsmeade with me next week.

“What did you tell Mr. Pucey?”  he asked with a smile that she could not see because she was looking at the ground.

“I told him that I would go with him, but I can always change it if you don’t want me to.”  She said not wishing to get into further trouble for someone like Adrian.

“No no pet.  I think it is a perfect idea.  I told you you needed a boyfriend to get Ronald’s attention, and you have found yourself one.”  he said smoothly.

“But you realize a boy like Adrian will expect things from you.”  he said sounding as if he was worried for her.  “You will have to walk a fine line between pleasing him and not giving him too much.  Now that i think about it, this will help in your training to be a more pleasing woman.”  he said as if this was all a new thought to him.

“How exactly do I do that?”  she asked looking up at Draco.

“Well first of all you are not to have sex with him.  You can let him touch you, in the ways that I touch you, but beyond that would be giving too much away.  It would make you a slut, and we don’t want that, do we pet?”

She shakes her head.  “I don’t want to be a slut.”  She agreed.

“Good pet.” he said as he ran his hand through her hair.  “Obviously you don’t want to rush things with him.  Do things as they would feel natural.”  he continued as he pet her.  “But you should try to be a pleasing and attentive girlfriend.”

She closed her eyes losing herself in the soft touch of his hand.  “Yes Master.  What if we decide not to date after Hogsmeade?”  She asked with a worried voice.

“If you at least pretend to have fun with him than I don’t forsee a problem in that area.”

“I should pretend to have fun with him?”  she asked with a frown.

“Yes, if you need to.  We can not let this opportunity pass.  He is the perfect type to get your Gryffindor’s attention.  Now, how shall I punish you for being late?”  he slips off the desk and smiles as he gets an idea.  “Stand pet.”  he commands as he moves behind her.  Once she is standing his runs his hand down her back.  “Strip.”  he says and takes a step back.

She slips out of her robes quickly and without hesitation, leaving her in a set of green lace knickers and bra.

“You can leave those on.”  he says passingly as he she moved to continue to take her underthings off.  he moved up behind her and pressed his chest against her back.  “Put your hands on the desk.”  he whispers in her ear.

As she complies his hand slips around her and settles on her stomach.  “Spread your legs a bit more.”  he said and licks his lips as he enjoys the control.  God he wanted to fuck her, she was so much like putty in his hands.  But he knew if he took her that way too soon all his hard work would only lead to that one act of reward.  He had to be patient, take her soul little by little.

With that thought in mind his hand slipped into her knickers and started to find the places he knew she liked the most.  he could feel her tense under him as he pleasured her.

“Master..”  She whimpered softly and held the desk tightly.

“I am sure you are confused right now.”  he whispered in her ear.  “This feels so very good.  How could it be your punishment?  Give into the feeling my pet, enjoy your Master’s hand.”

She lets out small moans and whimpers as he slowly builds her towards an amazing orgasim.  “You are going to write about this in your journal tonight.  You are going to share with it how exactly your Master’s fingers are making you feel.”  he kept his voice in her ear, he wanted her to be right there with him.

When she started to tremble in a sure sign that she would come at any moment he pulled his hand away from her and took a step back.

She was still shaking over the desk, whimpering in frustration.

“Now, you are not to touch yourself until I after breakfast tomorrow.”  he said with an evil smirk.  “When you don’t come on time you don’t come at all.  Do you understand pet?”  he said more strongly.  She whimpered and nodded.

“Say it.”  he pushed with as he enjoyed her frustration.

“When I don’t come on time, I don’t come at all.”  Luna repeated as she tried to gain control of herself.

Chapter 20: Hogsmeade

Since it was a date Luna decided to wear something nice.  She picked out a sweater dress and leggings that Draco had gotten her.  It was warm, but it also showed off her form much better than any school robes could.  Draco said men liked that.  She took a little more time with her hair and makeup than she did on school days and headed down to meet Adrian at the gate.

He was waiting for her when she got there and smiled as his eyes traveled down her form.  “Always nice to see a girl out of robes.” he said as he took Luna’s hand and headed down to the small wizarding village.

“You didn’t seem like the overly girly type to me, so I figured we could skip Puddifoot’s and go to the Three Broomsticks, then maybe hit Zonks for a laugh?”  he asked without really asking.

“Sounds like it could be fun.”  She answered feeling a bit shy as people were looking at them hold hands.

Of course Adrian noticed too, but it only made him smile.  The more people who saw them together and took notice the more likely whatever Draco wanted to happen would happen.

Once they got to the Three Broomsticks Adrian opened the door for her and moved his hand to the small of her back so he could guide her through the crowd and find a table for them both.  They ended up sitting near the center of the pub, which was really kind of perfect for the plan.

“What would you like to drink?”  He asked as she took a seat.

“Butterbeer would be fine.”  She said with a smile.

He went to the bar and got them both butterbeers before rejoining her at the table and sitting as close to her as he could.

“Is this something you usually do with your dates?”  She asks a she sips her drink.

“You really need to stop comparing yourself with other women in my life.”  Adrian said with a frown.

“You see me as a woman?”  She asked and bit her lower lip.

He chuckled and moved his eyes to her form before leaning into her ear to whisper.  “Oh most definitely a woman.”  he said playfully, which made her blush.

He moved his hand to the small of her back and started to rub his thumb up and down her spine.

“So do you have any plans for life after Hogwarts?”  he asked as he worked to get to know her.

“More than likely I will end up working for my father at the magazine.  But I have considered several other options.  How about you?  You are much closer to having to actually make the decision.”

‘I figured I would try out for the Falcons for the fun of it.  If that doesn’t work out I am going to go to University for… something.”  he says with a laugh

They continue the conversation for a while longer.  Soon they are both laughing and joking lightly and there is only a pause when Adrian goes to get them more drinks.  As he is headbacking back to the table he notices someone sitting in his spot that makes his a sneer appear on his face.

“Granger.”  he says in the most civil tongue he can find for the mudblood dirtying his seat.

“Pucey.”  Hermione answers back coldly.

Luna smiles up at Adrian and doesn’t seem to notice the awkwardness.  “Adrian, Hermione was just inviting us to go a picnic for lunch with some of the other students.”

“Oh Luna I don’t think Pucey would be interested in hanging out with a bunch of younger students.”  Hermione said as she eyed the older boy.

“That does sound fun Luna.”  he answered with a smile keeping his eyes on the blond.  “But I was really hoping to have you all to myself today.”  he said and reached out to push hair from her face in an intimate gesture, just to annoy Granger.

Luna shifted and blushed with the action before turning back to Hermione.  “Maybe next time Hermione.”  She said said with a shrug.

“Yes, next time.”  Hermione said and frowned before going off to rejoin the table with Harry and Ron.

Adrian kept his eyes on her as she whispered to the other boys and all three of them shot Luna worried looks.  He smirked at them before retaking his seat.

“Your friend doesn’t seem to like me.”  Adrian said whispering in Luna’s ear to put on a little show for their audience.

“They are just not used to Slytherins being nice.”  Luna said as she smiles up at him.

“It isn’t like they are very nice to us.  I mean, did she know that we were on a date when she invited just you on this picnic?”  he asked as he felt the need to point out the fact for Luna.

“I told her… She wasn’t inviting just me…”  Luna trailed off as she realized what he said was true.  “Okay that wasn’t very nice.”  She said frowning over to the golden trio.  “Thank you for at least being civil back to her.”  She said after a moment and smiled up to him.

The rest of the without event.  They both enjoyed talking about everything from Professors they didn’t like to Luna explaining what are Snoralback Halfwit was.  When the went to Zonks they laughed as they tested out different jokes on each other.  They were still laughing as they walked back up to the castle at the end of the day.

“I had fun today Luna.”  Adrian said as they neared the castle.

“I did too, surprisingly.”  She teased

“I think I would really like hanging out with your more often.”  he stated lightly.  “And I must admit i don’t really like the idea of you hanging out with other boys.”  he added after a moment

“What about the boys I have who are friends?”  She asked blushing as she thought she knew where the conversation was going.  “Like Draco and Anthony?”

He sighed as he thought this over, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Draco would be pissed if he tried to take Luna away completely he would have said he didn’t want her to have boys for friends.

“I guess I would have to get used to the idea…”  he said softly and stopped them just outside the gate.  he turned them so they were looking into each other’s eyes.  His hand moved to play with a bit of her hair.  “Do you like the idea of being mine?”  he asked with a smile.

Luna felt it was an odd way of asking if they wanted to go steady, but maybe all Slytherin we possessive.  Draco certainly was.

“Are you sure?  I mean I am not really experienced with certain things, and I would want to take those things slow.  Plus you know I like someone else.”  She pointed out as she looked up at him.

“We can take things slow.  I’ve never been with a girl I can talk to, so it will be new for me.  As for the other bloke…”  he said looking around and grinning as he saw the golden trio come up the path.  He leaned down to whisper in her ear.  “I plan to make you forget all about him.”  He said hotly and pulled back a bit so he could place a kiss on her lips.

He had expected her to be a novice with this as well, but as he kissed her he found that she molded just right so he could take control and increase the passion between them.  His hand moved into her hair as he worked to take her breath away.

When he pulled back he glanced with just his eyes and smiled to see the golden trio had stopped completely and was watching them.  he smirked and gave her a second peck on her lips before standing up again.

“You are going to sit with me at breakfast tomorrow.”  he told her and she nodded as her mind was still dazed from the kiss.  He smiled and decided to leave her there.  He was sure the Gryffindors had questions for his little Ravenclaw.

Luna only realized she was still standing outside the gate when someone rested a hand on her shoulder.  She looked up into Ron eyes and blushed.  Had he seen the kiss?  She then realised Harry and Hermione were just behind him.

“You okay Luna?”  Hermione asked with worry in her voice.

“Yes, perfectly fine.”  She said and smiled.

Ron took his hand back and frowned at her.

“What were you doing with that git?”  He demanded to know like it was any of his business.

“We were on a date.”  She told him as if it was obvious.

“He is too old for you.”  Ron snapped.  “And he is a Slytherin!”  he said getting angry.

“He is nice and a perfect gentleman.”  She says with a frown and looks to the other two for support.

“Why is he interested in you all of the sudden?”  Hermione asked more patently that Ron.  “We are just worried he has some kind of ulterior motive Luna.  We don’t want you to get hurt.”  she added kindly.

“Maybe because I am pretty and he finds me interesting to talk to.”  She repeats his reasons for a few weeks before.  “And he thinks I am getting very good at Quidditch.”  She adds looking to Ron for a moment, then back to Hermione.  “Just because some boys are don’t notice those things about me, doesn’t mean that no one does.”  With that she turns and heads back to the castle.

Chapter 21: Collared Again

It wasn’t one of her usual night’s to see Draco, but he wanted to see how the date had gone.  She decided to head right to their classroom after leaving the gryffindors at the gate.  She knelt down in her usual spot.  She could obviously use one of the desks in the room when she was alone, but the thought never even crossed her mind.  This was her place when she was in this room.

She pulled out her journal and decided to write about how the date had gone and the kiss at the end.  This lead into her writing about Ron touching her, and her snapping at her friends.  She was too deep into her thoughts to notice him enter.

“Let me see.”  Draco said as he moved in front of her and took his seat on the desk.  She handed him the book.  She in no way showed her surprise that he had snuck up on her.

He read the entry without work and handed the book back to her.  “Well they are noticing sooner than I thought.  You may not have to date Pucey for long.”  He commented as he watched her for a reaction.

She frowned and looked up to him.  “I don’t feel right about using Adrian like that…”  She says with a frown.

“You wish for the relationship to take its natural course?”  He asked amused at how naive she still was.

“He is very nice, and I like to be around him.  Do I have to break up with him at my first chance to be with Ron?”  She asked her eyes widening a bit.

“No no, my lovely little bird.”  Draco said as he ran his fingers through her hair.  “It will be better for you if you can stay with Pucey and make Ronald wait for you.”  he agreed.

She took in a deep breath feeling a bit better.  She closed her eyes and let herself relax with the feel of his hand.

“Now pet, you know it is time for you to wear your gift again, and tonight you will sleep.  More securely.”  he said as he pulled out her collar.  “I will know if you don’t, and you will not like your punishment.”

Luna nods her understanding and pulls her hair out of the way so he can put the collar back around her neck.  When it locks again she feels that same sense of finality she had felt the first time.

“I’ll see you on Wednesday pet, have fun with your new.. boy.” he said with a smile giving her one last pet on the head before getting up.

That night as she got into bed she looked up at the leash that was still attached to her bed and frowned.  She pulled the currents around her bed closed tightly and held her breath as she attached it to her collar.

The idea that she was actually doing this because Draco, because her Master had told her to gave her really odd feelings that she realized she enjoyed.  For the first time she let herself realize she had come to like being Draco’s pet.

She drifted off to sleep with that idea still mulling around in her head.

Luna found herself kneeling in a green room.  She was completely nude besides for the choker around her neck

“Such a good pet.”  She heard his voice but could not see her Master in the darkness.  Suddenly she felt a soft hand run down her back.  She looked to see who touched her but no one was there.

“Good pets have good dreams”  His voice said again and she could feel his head on the back of her neck.  Her heart started to point in her chest as she felt his hands running down her arms.

“Are you a good pet?”  His voice asked and she could feel his lips on her shoulder.  “You are a very good pet.”  he told her as the sound of his voice and the soft touches were having their effect on her body.

She parted her legs as the heat started to built its way up in her stomach.  She could feel his ghost hands touch her in places he had never touched.  Her breath quickened and she let out a soft moan.

“Does the pet seek her Master touch?”  The voice asked as she could feel the hand against her already excited clit.

“Good pets like to be touched by their Masters.”  the voice told her as she felt a finger that was not her own enter her body.  She let out a moan and parted her legs all the more.

“Are you a good pet?”  the voice asked again

“Yes!”  Luna finally moaned as her hips moved against fingers she could not see.

“Good pets like to come for their Master.” The voice told her and she nodded her head quickly.  the hand between her legs touched her in exactly the right places.

“Good pets have good dreams.”  The voice repeated as she felt hip lips on her already excited nipple.

“Does my pet like her dream?”  the voice asked as it drew her towards an organism.

“Yes Master.”  She moaned and quivered on the floor.

“Does my pet want to come?”  It asked as her body was on the edge, but for some reason refused to go over.

“Yes Master!”  She whimpered as she started to get frustrated.

“Even if all her roommates will hear her scream for her Master?”  The voice teased.

“Yes Master, please Master.”  She started to beg.

“Come little bird, come.”  It said and with its permission she was pushed over the edge.

“MASTER!”  She screamed and woke with a start as he climax rocked her body.

Chapter 22:  Adrian

The next morning at breakfast Luna stands in the doorway to the Great Hall and looks between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin tables.  She knew that when couples were from different houses they often sat at one another’s table, but it still felt odd.

She walked over to the Slytherin table, and she felt like every eye in the room was on her as she sat down next to Adrian.  She glanced up the table at Draco, and he gave her a small pleased smile before completely ignoring her.

When she looked up at Adrian he was smiling at her.  “The Gryffindors didn’t give you too much trouble did they?”  he asked brushing some hair from her eyes just so he could touch her.

“No, they just seem to think you wish to take advantage of me.”  She told him with a shrug.  She promised herself she would not look at their table this morning.

“Oh?  Well I guess they are at least right about that.”  He says with a smirk on his lips.  “How did you sleep?”  he asks to change the subject.

Luna blushes at the question.  The only thing she remembered from her dream was the fact Draco’s voice had excited her to the point that she screamed for him and woke up her roommates.  At least she had called Master and not Draco.

Adrian noticed the blush and leaned down to speak in her ear.  “Good dream?”

“Maybe.”  She said turning her attention to the food in front of her.

“Let me get that.”  Adrian said and made her up a plate for breakfast.

“I can do it myself.”  She said a bit confused.

“But I like to.”  he said simply as she set the plate down and poured her a gobbet of orange juice.

She shrugged and started to nibble at the food he had gathered.

“So I do want to ask you something important.”  He said  and turned her chin so he could look into her eyes.  “Where did sweet little Luna learn to kiss like a vixen?”  he asked playfully, which made her blush.

“I’ll never tell.”  Was the only answer he would get, she was not about to admit to kissing Pansy.

“If you don’t tell me I won’t know who to thank.”  he said as he went back to eating his own breakfast.

“I’m okay with that.”  Luna said with a smile.

“We are spending most of the day in the library.  I have a project to work on.”  he stated

“I could find something else to do.  We don’t have to spend the day together.”  She pointed out.

“But I want you with me.”  he said firmly as if there was no room for argument.

He reminded her a bit of Draco and for some reason she is pleased with the idea.  Once breakfast is over he walks up to the library with her and some of his friends.  They all ignore her like him having a girl on his arm was normal and they didn’t need to bother and learn her name.

He pulled a chair out for her and kissed her cheek as she sat down.  He sat on the one next to her as his group started to discuss the project they needed to do for Advanced Potions.  She pulled out a book she had wanted to read and mostly ignored them.

Throughout the entire morning it seemed like he always had at least one hand on her in some way out another.  She found the attention distracting as first, but soon just let it relax her as she read her book.

When it was getting close to time for lunch she heard the group start to collect their things, but she was in the middle of a very interesting chapter, so she didn’t move right away.

His hand left her knee and she thought maybe he had gone down to lunch without her.  That was until she felt her hair being pushed aside and a light kiss placed to the back of her neck.  She jumped and looked up at him blushing, then looked around the empty library.

“I told them we would be down in a bit.”  he said with a smile on his lips.  “Sorry for ignoring you this morning, can I make it up to you.”

“I actually found it quite pleasant to sit and read while I listened to you all.” She told him honestly as she set her book back in her bag.  

“Of course you did.”  he said as his hand pet down her cheek.  “I could get used to a girl like you.”  he said almost to himself.

“So lunch?”  She asked as she got to her feet.

“In a little bit.”  he said and took her hand so he could lead her to a more secluded spot in the library.

“Did you need another book?”  She asked as he stopped and looked around to make sure they were alone.

“No.”  he said looking back to her.  “I needed another few kisses from my girlfriend.”

Before she could say anything he caught her lips in around one of his breath taking kisses.  She found herself comparing him to Pansy and felt that this was much better and he was much more skilled.  When she compared him to the few kisses Draco and her had shared she couldn’t decided which she liked better.

She didn’t know how long they had spent back in the library snogging.  Her hands holding the front of his robes as her back was pushed against a shelf of books.  They parted lips here and there to take in air, but besides for that, it was a constant stream of lips and tongues.

Her lips were swollen and her face was flush when someone cleared their throat to get the couples attention.

Adrian looked up and glared at the person about to tell them to go away when he realized it was the red headed gryffindor girl.

“Want to join?”  he asked as a smooth smirk crossed his lips.

“You’re disgusting.”  Ginny said with her eyes narrowed.

“He’s kidding.”  Luna added and kissed Adrian on the cheek so he would step back.

“Exactly.”  Adrian said as he let Luna out from the bookcase.

Ginny did not look convinced.  She just turned her attention to Luna and smiled.  “I was looking for you this morning.”  Ginny said ignoring the Slytherin that had been attacking her friends face.  “A group of us are going to play Quidditch, no practice, just fun.”

“We can’t”  Adrian answered for her.  “We are busy today.”

“I wasn’t asking you.”  Ginny said with narrowed eyes.

“I realize that.”  Adrian replied and smirked at her smugly.  “But I still answered.  Luna and I have plans.”  he said and Luan finally sighed to get their attention.

“Ginny.  I am sorry but he is right.”  Luna said as she slipped towards her friend.  “I said I would spend the day with him, maybe next time?”  She offered as she tried to ease her friend’s worry.

Adrian moved up behind her and put a possessive arm around her waist as he looked down at the Gryffindor.  Ginny watched the hand and then looked to her friend.

“Do you want plans next Saturday?”  Ginny asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Before Adrian could answer Luna shook her head.  “No.  I am free for Quidditch then.”  She said and he friend relaxed and nodded before she headed off.

“What if I wanted to do something then?”  Adrian asked once Ginny was gone.

“If I don’t spend some time with my friends they will start thinking bad things about you.” Luna pointed out.

“Start?”  Adrian asked with a smirk.  “Now where were we?”  he asked backing her towards the bookshelf.

“Lunch?”  She reminded him and he sighed.

The rest of the day went as it had began.  After lunch Adrian’s group got back together to work on the project and he sent them to dinner early so Luna and him could snog for a while before they went down.  After dinner he had to do something back in his common room so he let her have some time to herself.

She stood in the entrance hall where he had just finished kissing her breath away and considered heading to her own common room to read or see if Anthony was around.  She turned to head in that direction when she spotted Ginny watching.  She was talking with a group of Gryffindors Luna was not friendly with and disengaged from the other friends as soon as she caught Luna’s eye.  She walked directly over to the Ravenclaw and frowned.

“Can we talk?” She asked in a way that made Luna sigh.

“Is it about Adrian?”  Luna asked as she headed to the front steps just outside the hall where they would be alone.

“Mostly.”  Ginny replied with a from.

One they were settled on the stairs the redhead turned to her friend. “Luna…”  She started as she looked at her friend and seemed to struggle with how to form her words.  “You’ve changed a lot lately.  You dress completely differently, and you starting to hang out with odd people.”

Luna tilted her head and watched at Ginny struggled to get to her point.

“You know I am here if you need to talk about anything right?”  She offered suddenly.  “If there is something you are going through and you think you have to keep it all to yourself.  You don’t, you can tell me.”

Luna looked down at her hands thinking that maybe Ginny thought she was being hurt in some way.  She decided to tell her friend at least a little of what was going on with her, she ease the other girl’s worries.

“I’ve been… working to become more appealing.”  She told her friend honestly.

“Luna, you don’t have to chan…”  Ginny started, but Luna cut her off.

“I’m weird Ginny.  I know it, and I like it about myself.  I just realized this year that I don’t have to flaunt it so much.  I have a crush on someone…”  She wanted to get as much out as she could.  “At the beginning of the year I decided to see if I could get that person to notice me.  He still hasn’t really, so when Adrian asked me out I thought… He is nice and very good looking, he’s been nothing just a gentlem..”  he was Ginny’s turn to cut her friend off.

“What I found you guys doing in the library was not gentlemanly behavior.”  She pointed out.

“It is just snogging Ginny.  You have snogged a boy, I know you have.”   Luna said looking into Ginny’s eyes.

“Just snogging?  I am just worried, he had this reputation Luna, are you sure that you are ready for a relationship with a guy like that?”  She asked with a frown.

“I have been very clear with Mr. Pucey on what I am and am not ready to do.  He in turn has been very understanding in that area.”  She promised her friend.

“Who’s the other boy?”  Ginny asked suddenly as he mind went back over the conversation.

Luna blushed and looked away from her friend.  “I don’t want to tell you.”  She said softly.

“Why not?”  Ginny asked putting a hand on her friend’s shoulder.  “I understand crushes Luna, you know I do.”  She said lightly.

“You are going to tease me about it, I just know it.”  She said looking back at her friend, still blushing.

“It can’t be a more embarrassing crush than Harry freaking Potter.”  she poked her friend playfully.

“Almost.. because it is his best friend.”  She said hoping Ginny wouldn’t connect the dots, but knowing she would.

“Ron?!”  She asked and giggled at the idea.  “But he is such a dense sod, you can do better.”  She said told her friend happily.

“Yes I know.  I am going steady with a Slytherin Chaser.”  She pointed out to her friend.  “Who will more than likely score many times against your beautiful Keeper in the upcoming game.”

“Ron beautiful?  Hardly.”  Ginny made a face.  “More so if we are comparing him to Pucey.”  She admitted begrudgingly that he was a very pretty man.

“He is rather fine looking”  Luna said with a smile.  “and very fun to kiss.”  She added and her friend made a face.

Chapter 23: Game One: Gryffindor vs Slytherin

As the weeks went by Luna got used to her new routine.  She spent most of her free time with Adrian, who seemed to have a need to know and understand every action.  She had to tell him that she had ‘study time’ with Draco three times a week, and it was the only thing he never really pressed her about.

She was getting to the point in her Quidditch lessons that any further help would put Slytherin at a disadvantage.  They had spoken and decided that they would end the lessons now, but instead of ending them outright they were just replaced with other kinds of training.

Only one day a week was now dedicated to what Draco called ‘womanly training’, where he would amuse himself with touches and kisses until she wa thoroughly confused about what she was supposed to be learning.

The other two nights were focused on teaching Luna things he felt any pureblood woman should know.  With Pansy’s help she leaned needlepoint.  With Draco she had music lessons.  After trying a few instruments Draco found that he liked her singing voice more so they focused on that.

Then there were the dreams.  Strange vivid dreams she seemed to have every night now.  She never quite remembered them in the morning.  She did notice that depending on who she was thinking about when she fell asleep the dream would leave her with a different feeling in the morning.  With Draco she always woke to an orgasim.  Anthony would mean ache or pain.  Adrian would make her feel very turned on, but somehow frustrated and unsatisfied.  Then there was Ron, whenever she fell asleep thinking about Ron she would wake with a guilt like she had cheated on someone.

It was a crisp Saturday afternoon and most of the student body was heading out to the the Quidditch field to watch the first game of the year.  She usually sat in the Gryffindor section if they weren’t playing Ravenclaw, but with both Draco and Adrian beginning Slytherin she felt it was her duty to support them.  She had wanted to make one of her usual mascot heads to wear to the game, but Draco had forbidden it.

When she got up into the stands she wasn’t sure where to sit.  She wasn’t really friendly with other Slytherins and Pansy had warned her she would get hexed if she approached the other girl in front of people.

She decided to sit with Adrian’s friends, though none of them had said a word to her since Adrian and her started dateing.  She did notice the longer the relationship went on the more odd looks she was getting from them.

As the Slytherin team made their way out onto the field she cheered her boys on.  When the Gryffindors flew out she decided to just keep quiet as everyone around her booed.

She watched Adrian fly, he really was pretty good, but not as good as some of the Gryffindor chasers like Ginny.  Every so often she looked up at the sky and spotted Draco and Harry flying around casually.  Their part was no fun until the snitch was spotted.

It was a pretty exciting game, though as predicted Ron was simply horrible as a Keeper.  Slytherins were up for forty points when a hush went through that crown that could only mean one thing.  Luna looked up to see both Harry and Draco dive towards the field

Luna held her breath as she willed for the first time in her years at Hogwarts for Draco to catch the golden ball.  The two boys were so very close, when the bell rang that indicated the snitch was caught there was a moment of silence before Draco flew up with the ball clutched in his fist.

Those in the Slytherin stands erupted in cheers.  Luna found herself on her feet jumping with everyone else and pride glowing in her chest.  She made her way down to the field as quickly as possible to hug the winner.  For a moment she was confused who to run to, her first instinct being Draco, but she realized just in time it was Adrian who was her boyfriend.

She ran to him full speed and jumped into his outstretched arms as she kissed him full on the lips for almost the entire student body to see.  She was glad of all the noise around them because it would only be Adrian that heard her moan into the kiss.

Much to the amusement of his teammates Adrian picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder so he could carry Luna off the field.  He passed the locker rooms and took her to a place under the stands where no one could see him before he placed her on her feet again and pushed her up against one of the stand supports.

“I need you.”  he moaned and took her lips in a demanding kiss. her hands grasped the front of his Quidditch jersey as she pulled him back against her.  She moaned into the kiss as her hands started to grope at her cloak to get it off of her.

“Adrian.”  She moaned breathlessly wanting to be closer to him, but still unable to give him everything he wanted.

Once her cloak was off her shoulder his hands started to work on the green sweater she wore.

“Adrian.”  She said more breathlessly as her hands moved to his.  He growled as he knew she was trying to stop him.

“Luna… we have been snogging for weeks… I want more.”  he said in a demanding tone that always excited her.

“You’re right…”  She said breathlessly.  “Just… not below the waist?”  She asked meekly.  he looked into her eyes and smirked at her.

“That’s my girl.”  he said as his hands pent back to removing her shirt and his lips moved to her neck.  he tossed the sweater aside and Luna shivered with the cold.  She was wearing a blue satin bra under it and he smiled down at the new view of her breasts.

Goosebumps rose on her skin as he pulled the fabric of the bra aside, revealing one of her breast to the cold autumn air.  It hardened painfully at the exposure and she let out  a gasp.

He smiled and leaned down over the breast, licking and teasing it to torture her a bit more, before sucking it into his mouth and warming it.  She let out a sigh of relief at the feel of his lips closed around her.

He chuckled into her skin and just revealed the other one to the cold air to renew her discomfort.  When he pulled away from the first nipple to sooth the second her pain was redoubled as the now wet and sensitive numb was again exposed to the air.

“Adrian…”  She finally whimpered, her body shaking.  “Can we go inside?”  She asked blaming the cold for this torture.

He chuckled and gave her nipple one last lick before standing to watching her whimper and shudder with the cold.  “I am enjoying this.”  he said as he ran his hands up and down her sides softly.  “Aren’t you?”  he asked playfully.

“Its cold, and it hurts.”  She whimpered and looked up at him with flush cheeks.

“And you like it.”  he continued to tease.  “Admit it Luna, it is a pain you like.”  he pushed.  He leaned down and nipped one of her nipples to punctuate his point.

She let out another whimper bit nodded her head, which brought another chuckle to his lips.

“That’s my girl, I always want you to be honest with me.”  he said as his hand came up to brush the side of her face.  “I should go shower, there will be a party in the common room in a little while.”  he said as he fixed her bra for her.  “Change into something more, festive and meet me down in the dungeons.”  He said as he handed her her shirt.

She pulled it over her head and nodded without a word.  She didn’t trust herself to speak with the feelings running through her mind and body.

He stepped into her one last time and kissed her dominantly before pulling away and leaving her alone under the stand panting for air.

After a moment to compose herself she pulls back on her cloak and goes to join the crowd as everyone headed back to the castle.  When she gets to her dorm she changes into one of the dresses Draco got her and fixed her hair a little from the day.

She looked at herself in the mirror and ran her hand over the choker Draco always had her wear.  Why did she feel guilty for letting Adrian touch her the way he did this afternoon?  She bit her look and turned back to her bag so she could pull out her journal and write about the event and how much it had excited her.

After that she heads down to the dungeons with the journal in hand.  When she meets Adrian he glances at the journal and then back at her.

“Something I needed to give to Draco.”  She said with a shrug.  Adrian frowned but said nothing more about it.

He moved in and kissed her softly before wrapping an arm around her waist.  “You look nice.”

He told her and lead her the rest of the way to the Slytherin entrance.  He opened the wall and guided her inside.  The common room was filled with celebrating students.  Adrian guided her over to the sofas where the other players had gathered and were being revered.

He took the seat of a hanger on and pulled her down into his lap with one hand on her back and the other on her knee.

“Did we miss anything interesting?”  Adrian asked as Luna looked up at the other players with a blush on her cheeks.  She held the book in her lap and glanced at Draco to see if he noticed.

Draco was purposefully not looking at Luna, instead he busied himself with playing with Pansy’s hair.

“Nothing really, a third year just flashed Draco as a reward, but none of the rest of us got a good look.”  one of the beaters said with a sneer.

“She was a third year, there was nothing to look at.”  Draco replied and waved his hand.

“Do things like that happen a lot when your team wins?”  Luna asked, feeling odd just sitting there without speaking.

Draco looked at her for the first time since she sat down and frowned as his eyes took her in, she noticed they lingered on Arian’s hands, but she wasn’t sure what that meant.

“Sometimes, if you are around when we win the Quidditch Cup you will really see something.”  Draco said with a smirk.

“Ravenclaw has a pretty good team this year, so don’t count us out.” She said with a smile before she felt Adrian’s hand slipped up her leg and looked down at it.

“That is right you are their Keeper right?”  One of the other Chasers asked.  “What is it going to feel like scoring against your girlfriend Pucey?”  he said ludely.  The boy looked her up and down and licked his teeth.  “I’m certainly going to have fun.”

Adrian stiffened under her and narrowed his eyes at the other boy.  “You I am sure you will score with her as much as you did today.”  he said coldly.  “That is, none.”

The conversation went on that way for a while.  The Slytherin boys, for Luna noticed there were no girls on the team, simultaneously patted themselves on the back and put down their fellow player.  That is everyone was fair game besides Draco, he had won the game after all.

As the night continued Adrian’s hand moved further and further up her leg until it was well under the skirt of her dress.  His fingers massaged her inner thigh lightly.

Draco tried to ignore as Adrian staked his claim to her.  It was obvious the little show was directed at him.  He wondered if Adrian was planning on breaking the rules, and trying to truly steal the Ravenclaw from him.  He caught the other boy smirking at him more than once during the night, daring him with his eyes to intercede.

The only thing that made him feel more in control of the situation was the process of the journal sitting on his pet’s lap.  She obviously wanted to give it to him and show him something new she had written, she was still well within his control.  Adrian had no chance with her.

When the offending hand finally touched something it wasn’t supposed to Luna gasped and looked at Adrian.

She leaned down and whispered in his ear.  “Too fast.”  She said meekly and then looked into his eyes as she tried to close her legs a bit as protection against his hand.  He nodded and ran his hand up her back to comfort her.

Draco couldn’t stop myself from twitching as Luna gasped in a way that he had made her gasp, he knew exactly what Adrian was trying to do. He was about to get up and say something when Luna changed her own position and whispered something to the other man.

He smiled and turned his attention back to Pansy.  The party went on late into the night,and finally Luna felt she could no longer stay.  She was not in the correct house after all and needed to get back to her own dorm before curfew.

Adrian kissed her possessively in front of the whole team and then let her leave.  Giving it only a bit of time so that no one would think he was following her, Draco got to his feet and made the excuse that he had to use the loo.

When he stepped out into the hall he smiled as he saw her waiting for him like the good pet she was.

“I wanted you to read this.”  She said sounding a little worried.  “I… I am not…”  She looked uncomfortable standing before me.  “I’m not quite sure of the rules.”  She said and looked up to my face.  “He is not.. the one..”  She said as she struggled to get out her worries.

Draco glanced up and down the hall to make sure no one was around again and then smiled.  “What is wrong my pet?”  he asked taking the journal and opening it to her most recent entry to see what was distressing her so.

When he was done reading it he smiled down at her.  “Are you worried because he touched you with his mouth in places I have yet to?”  He asked as he couldn’t help smirking.

When she flushed and bit her lip he knew he had hit the nail on the head.

“By your writing you seem to have enjoyed it.”  He said as he closed the book.

“I like him, but he isn’t the one you are training me for.”  She said as her head raced.

Draco smirk grew more wide.  No Adrian wasn’t the one he was training her for, she obviously meant to imply the redheaded git, but Draco knew that her words would best apply to himself.

“No, he is not.  So you will not have sex with him, he will not take your virtue in that way.”  Draco said clearly.  “These lesser things, they matter little, but if it makes you feel better we can start going over them in your training.”  He offered like it was a favor he was doing her.

“I think that would make me feel more comfortable Master.”  She said relaxed in front of him.

“Meet me early tomorrow morning.  An hour before breakfast, we will start then.”

“Yes Master.”

Chapter 24: Guilty Pleasure

Luna arrived in the usual classroom and Draco was already there. When she moved to kneel in front of him he stopped her.

“Undress first pet.”  He said not being shy about what the lesson today would be.

Luna nodded her head and slipped out of her robes carefully.  he took each article of clothing from her as she slipped out of it and tossed it behind the desk in what seemed like a careless action.  Draco loved looking at her nude body and he was savoring the fact that he would finally be able to touch it a bit more freely than he had i the past.

“Would you prefer we had met out on the Quidditch field?”  he asked her in a teasing way as he reminded her of what she had done with Adrian, what the other boy had gotten her to admit she had liked.

She blushed and swallowed at his question.  Her body reacted with arousal at her embarrassment.

Draco’s hand moves out and played with her body a moment.  Just brushing his hand along her bare skin.

“There are two main things he is going to want to focus on as you deny him sex.”  he spoke lowly and slipped off the desk so he could move around her.  “Doing whatever you will let him do with your perky little breasts and you luscious little mouth.  Which would you like to focus on today?”  he asked as his hand wrapped around her to play with her sensitive nipples.

She let out a soft whimper as his hands caressed her body.  “He seems interested in my breasts for now.”  She said which made Draco chuckle.

“That wasn’t what he was trying to touch in front of the entire team last night.”  His pointed out as his let one of his hands run down her stomach and tickle the light patch of hair between her legs.

“I stopped him.”  She pointed out as her pulse quickened.

“But you’re not stopping me?”  he asked as his finger started to play with her in ways that made her squirm.

“Should I?”  She asked with a confused tone on her lips.

He chuckled again and pulled his hand away so he could suck her taste off of his fingers.

“So your breasts.”  he said without answering and moved around her again.  “Sit on the desk pet.”  he ordered and helped her into his usual spot.

“Most anything he would want to do with these will be somewhat passive on your part.”  He told her as he leaned down to lick and taste one of her nipples.  He annoyed him the other man had tasted them first, but that couldn’t be helped now.

Luna moaned and arched her back.  “The only things that will be expected on you is to react to his touch.”  he said as he moved to the other nipple.  “But you have always been a very responsive pet.  Men will like that.”

He moved lightly back and forth between her breast with light licks, sucks, and kisses, until he had her simply shaking with excitement.

“Your boyfriend though seems to like one other things we have not really covered in any of our lessons except as punishment.” He then bit her nipple hard enough to cause a gasp of pain.  “Pain as pleasure.”  he said and looked up to see what reaction she would have to the bite.

Luna was flush and breathing hard.  She had had her eyes closed before the jolt of pain, now they were open, but still very much clouded with lust.

“Unfortunately we do not have time to test your limits in this area today.  It is not something I had previously thought to cover because I did not think your red head with be interested in it.  But it seems you are.” he said as he moved his hand over her other nipple to pinch it hard and cause her more pain.

She let out a gasp of pleasure followed by a whimper of pain and embarrassment at her body’s reaction.  “Are you sure you wouldn’t wish to switch your training to focus on pleasing Adrian?  Then you would be allowed to fuck him.”  Draco pointed out as he tortured her breasts with bites and pinches.  He could tell he was driving his pet closer to climax as he just played with her breast, the idea pleased him.

“I am sure he would enjoy taking your body all over this castle, he would make you forget all about your red head.”  he taunted her as he made her body shake.  He smiled evilly and suddenly stopped all the attention he was giving her breasts.

“Answer me pet.”  he said firmly.

“No…”  She said as she caught her breath, whimpering with the loss of his touch.  ‘I want Ron… I like Adrian… but I want to be Ron’s”  She admitted breathlessly.

He stood to his full height, letting his hands slip up her sides and cup her breast.  His thumbs gently brushed circles over her tortured nipples.

“Then why see Adrian at all, you were just worried about using him.”  He pointed out softly and kissed her neck to tease her all the more.

“He is fun, he makes me feel…”  She swallowed as she tilted her neck away from his lips.  “…desirable.”

He chuckled and nipped at her neck to show his approval of her answer.  “We will let the relationship takes its natural course then.”  he promised and pulled back to look into her eyes.

“Next time I will teach you how to use your lips.”  he said as he ran soft fingers over them.

“Like more kissing?”  She asked as he body started to cool without his constant touch.

An amused smirk spread across his lips.  “Yes, among other things.  There are many things a woman can do to pleasure a man with her lips and tongue.”  He said as he looked into her eyes.  His fingers gently pushed her lips apart, and she opened her mouth at his actions.  He licked his bottom lip and pushed his index finger against her tongue to wet it gently before running it along her lips once again.

“Many things… But for now you should get dressed and join your boyfriend for breakfast.  I am sure he is looking for you.”  he said with a knowing smirk.

Chapter 25: The Fight

When he went up to breakfast himself a little while after Luna and noticed the couple at the Slytherin table once again.  He also noticed with irritation and a little amusement that Adrian seemed to increase his attention and touches to Luna as he entered the room.

The older boy seemed to be wanting to play some kind of game with him.  The idea that Adrian may not give her up once he truly understood his pet made Draco frown.  Had he made a mistake?  Was he going to have to view Adrian as a rival instead of a pawn?  The feeling put him in a bad mood the rest of the day.

The next day when Luna entered the Great Hall for lunch her hair was messed and her robes weren’t quite straight.  Adrian was nowhere to be seen, and she walked over to the Ravenclaw table as if she knew he wouldn’t be showing for the meal, or at least she did not plan to sit with him.

When Adrian entered a few minutes later he also has a ruffled appearance, and he strode directly over to his Ravenclaw girlfriend with an unhappy expression upon his face.  Draco had to wonder if his worries from the day before had been premature.  If the other Slytherin had already made an error in dealing with his sweet pet.

The older boy grabbed Luna’s arm the moment it was in reach and pulled her from the table.  The rough action at made several Ravenclaws stand, including the mudblood she insisted on being friends with, and Draco also noticed that the golden trio was also standing suddenly.

Adrian glared at the Ravenclaws closest to him and looked back at Luna saying something and tightening his hold on her arm.  Her shoulders fell a bit at whatever he had said and she seemed to be telling her friends to sit down.

With great surprise to everyone Luna then followed Adrian out of the room with her head down a little.  Draco recognized the posture as a submissive one, something he had trained her to do.  He needed to know what was going on he decided and got to his feet so he could follow the couple at a distance.

He kept his steps casual as if he was enjoying the free time lunch after between classes.  He only glanced at the couple every so often to make sure he still knew what way they were headed.  The rounded a corner that took them out of Draco’s sight for a bit too long and he lost them.

He cursed under his breath and headed slowly down the empty hall to listen and see if he could figure out where they had gone.  He stopped dead outside a classroom as he heard a whimper that he knew from experience could only be Luna’s

He moved closer to the door so he could listen, and intervene if needed.

“When I tell you to do something you should do it.”  Adrian voice came somewhat clearly from the empty classroom.

“I’m sorry.”  Luna whimpered again.  “I didn..”  she started but was cut off.

“And you do NOT run away from me.”  Adrian snapped.  “You will not make me come after you again, do you understand?”  he asked in a dominant tone.

“Yes, Adrian.”  She said in the same tone in which she called Draco Master.  The older boy was using Draco’s training against his pet, it made him frown.

“Now.” Adrian paused as he got his voice under control.  “I told you what I wanted.  Why didn’t you do it?” He asked in a much more smooth voice.

“Someone would have to do it for me… and…”  She hesitated.  “Well it seems so… reckless Adrian.”  She said only a bit meekly this time.

“Lovely I just want something to help me think about you when you aren’t around.”  he said almost sweetly.

“What if we break up?”  She asked and Draco could hear the confidence in his voice.

“Are you planning to break up with me?”  Adrian asked managing to sound hurt by the idea.

“Adrian you know what I mean… please don’t ask me to do that?”  She pouted a little and he sighed.

“Fine my Lovely.”  he said in a voice that was full of regret.  “But you will have to make it up to me in some other way.”  He added after a moment and Draco rolled his eyes.

When the answer didn’t come in words but in soft moans Draco decided it was time to leave.  As he walked to his next class he thought about what Adrian was trying to get from her.  She had never actually told Draco no about any of his requests, so what had Adrian wanted that had stopped her so?

The question plagued him for most of the day, but asking either of the two of them would reveal he had been listening to the fight.  Maybe his pet would tell him without being asked, she didn’t like to keep things from him after all.

It was a few days until their regular meeting but Draco decided it was best to wait and see.  He did not want to tip his hand to the other Slytherin if they were truly rivals now.

As he headed out to go to meet his pet he was in a good mood.  He had been waiting long enough, and he would get the answers he wanted.  As he moved towards the opening to the common room Pansy stepped in his way with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Don’t you think this has gone on long enough Draco?”  She asked seriously.  Draco noticed she looked a little pissed and that just made him laugh.

“What has?”  he asked slightly amused.

“This thing with the freak.”  She said rolling her eyes.  “You are my boyfriend, and now she belongs to someone else.  Can we get on with our lives, please?”  She snapped.

His eyes narrowed at her words, no longer amused he stepped into her with a menacing demeanor.  “You are replaceable Pansy.  If you want to keep in my good graces you will not say that again.”  he said as his anger flared.  “Now you have made me late.”  he said and stepped around her to leave.

When he got to their classroom she was already undressed and kneeling on the floor.

“I am sorry I am late pet, have you been waiting long?”  he asked as he took his seat on the desk and looked down at her.

“No Master.”

He nodded and smiled down at her, his angry disappearing.  “Is everything going well before you and Adrian?”  he asked as his hands moved to pet her cheek.

“You saw the fight?”  She asked meekly as she looked up to him to meet his eyes.

“Some of it, would you like to tell me about it?”  he asked soothingly.

“He wanted…”  She bit her lip and the blush came up in her cheeks.  “He wanted me to give him a picture of myself.”  She hold me with a frown.

“So?  It is sweet he would want to take such a memento around.”  he told her, the conversation was now locking into place and he knew exactly was she was going to say next.

“Nude.”  She whimpers.  “He wanted a nude picture of me.”  She flushed from the top of her head down to her breasts.

“I see now.  It is wise of you to refuse this request.  Once things like that are out in the world, it is very hard to take them back.”  he said in a comforting tone.

He looked down at her and comforted her for a while longer before she looked more relaxed.  “Would you like to start our lesson now?”

Chapter 26: Next Lesson

“There are several things a woman can do with their mouths.”  he started as she slipped off the chest.  “Kissing, licking, biting, and sucking. Men enjoy all of these sensations, if applied to the right part of the anatomy.”  he leaned down and kissed her softly.  “Snogging is pleasurable but it is only a beginning.”  He said and started to unbutton his shirt.

She watched him with interest from her place on the floor.  She remember what he had done to her with his mouth and wondered if she would be returning the favor today.

This was the first time she would see his body.  Which she knew she should find strange as he was already so well acquainted with hers, but for their relationship it only seemed natural.

“I must warn you pet, today’s lesson will be much more advanced what we have done in the past.  Do you think you are ready?”  he asked as he gave her a chance to back out that he knew she would not take.

“I am ready Master.”  She said and smiled up at him and licked her lips.  His chest was beautiful.  He was pale and well defined by his many years on the Quidditch field.

“Does not pet like what she sees?”  he asked playfully turning her chin so she would look into his eyes.  I flush cast upon her cheeks as she was caught looking.

“Yes Master.”  She admitted which only made him smile more.

“Undo my slacks.”  he ordered and let go of her chin.

She swallowed hard and but reached her hand out to unclasp the buckle of his belt.  Her hands were shaking a little as she fumbled with the button and then pulled the zipper down.  The sound of the zipper seemed to fill the small classroom.

“You are already satisfactory at kissing, so we must work on licking, biting and sucking tonight.”

Once his zipper was down she let her hands drop.  he had told her to undo the pants, not to take them off.  he chuckled and made her look up at him again.  “Timid is good my pet, I enjoy that you are timid, other men will too.” he promised.

“I’m nervous Master.”  She told him honestly.

“That is okay, do you wish to stop?” He offered again as he cupped her cheek in his hand.  She shook her head in answer.  “Then push my cloths down my legs do you can see your Master.”  he said with a smile.

She swallowed and nodded before her hands moved to his waistband.  She hooked all of her fingers inside and pushed them down his legs to reveal a half excited shaft.

“Kiss it my pet.”  he instructed and licked his own lips as she watched her.

She leaned in and kissed the head of his manhood which only excited him more.  He knew he had to take this moment slow and enjoy it.

“Good pet.  Now I want you to run your tongue around the head.”  he held his breath as he watched her innocent little mouth corrupt itself on him.  This was something that would be locked away in his memory forever.  “Do that again and then take it into your mouth and suck on it gently at first,” his hand moved to her hair so he could pet her while she was pleasuring him.

“I can tell you are going to be good at this pet.”  he said as he continued to instruct her on exactly what he liked.  She would have to work on not gagging around him when he went too deep, but even that was enjoyable.  He had to keep thinking of things like Snape in a tutu in order to keep himself from coming too soon and ruining his fun.

When he could hold back no longer her let out a low and satisfied groan.  Luna was surprised by the new taste and fluid that filled her mouth.  She pulled back in her shock and much of Draco’s seed landed on her chin and chest.  Her mouth full of his come she looked up at him unsure what to do.

The sight before him him was quickly pushing him towards excitement again.  The innocent and bewildered look in her eyes as she was covered in his mess.  “Ladies swallow.”  He ordered and watched as she complied easily.

He sat back and enjoyed the sight of her for a while longer.  “I am sorry my pet, I did not warn you.”  he says with a smirk on his lips.  “But since you are nude for you Master it has caused no harm.”  he said as if any embarrassment she might have over the situation was nothing.  “All it means is you did a very good job for your first try.”  he said and pulled her pants back up his legs.

“Now tell me pet, how did that make you feel?”  he asked amused again by her innocent eyes with come all over her chest.

“I was nervous in the beginning.  Then I started to hear the sounds of pleasure you were making and it..”

“Turned you on?” he finished and she nodded.  “That is normal and good, you should always enjoy the pleasure of your partner.  How do you feel now?”  he asked always pushing for more.

“Embarrassed, and unsure of what…”  he cut her off by putting his finger against her lips.

“You look sexy as anything at this very moment.  I am struggling to not.. break our deal here and now and just take you for myself.”  he says throwing in a bit of honesty to see her reaction.

her face blushed and she looked to the ground, but he saw small signs of arousal at the idea of being with him.  This pleased him.

“I would never of course do such a thing, but the more we work together the hard I find it is for me to not want you.”  he said and made her look at him.  “Before you ever decide to be embarrassed, look to your partner to see what they think.”  he says and sits back.  

He decided to take pity on her and clears the mess away with his wand. “Go to your room and think about what we did here tonight.”  he tells her softly.

Chapter 27: Pucey’s Pleasure

It had been a few weeks since Draco has shown her all the new kinds of pleasure she could give.  In her sexual lessons with him she focused on refining those skills so that she could please Adrian, and in the future Ron.  Her boyfriend didn’t push her to go any further than what they had done after the quidditch match so Luna didn’t bother showing him what she was learning.  She felt much more comfortable letting him take the sexual lead in their relationship, but that could simply be because that is how Draco was teaching her to think.

It was the night before the Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff game and though the captain of her team had told everyone to get some rest she was sitting in the Slytherin common room on her boyfriend’s lap as his house team talked about the match.

Adrian was running light fingers across the inside of her thigh at the boys talked around her.  She wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying, instead she focused on Adrian’s touch.  With her eyes closed she thought she could drift off to sleep in his arms.

“We could always fix the match tomorrow.”  Someone said with laughter in his voice.  “It would be easy to make sure the Ravenclaw keeper here couldn’t’ walk straight in the morning.”  the boy said lewdly and that got Luna’s attention enough to see who was speaking.  It was one of the dark skinned boy with pretty almond shaped eyes.  She knew he was a chaser, but she couldn’t place his name at the moment.

“But I want my girlfriend to win.”  Adrian said and smiled up at her as his hand moved under her skirt.  “I think it would be fun it it was Ravenclaw vs Slytherin in the final.”  He added with a smirk his eyes never leaving her.  “Then I will make sure she can’t walk straight.”  he says a little more darkly as his fingers brush against her panties.  She blushed and hid her face as the team around them laughed at Adrian’s words.

“I am sure we would all like to help with that when the time comes.”  The dark skinned boy said and there was agreement from most of the other sitting around.

Adrian laughed and shook his head.  “Do I look like someone who likes to share Blaise?”  he asks as he runs his fingers in small circles over her knickers.

“A man has a right to dream.”  Blaise said and watched the hand his teammate had under his girlfriend’s skirt for a moment.  “If you ever get bored of her, just let me know, I’ll take her off your hands.

Luna looked up at the boy with a frown as he spoke about her as if she wasn’t there and didn’t have a right to choose her own boyfriend.  “In your dreams.”  She said stiffly and then looked back to Adrian’s smirking face.

“She has a big day tomorrow guys, we should head back.”  Adrian said suddenly and pulls his hand away from her so he could let her get to her feet.

When he was up he offered her his arm and turned back to the team.  “I’ll be back after I drop her off at her tower.”  he said and lead her from the Slytherin common room.

Once they were out in the hall his arm moved around her small waist.  “What will you do when we break up?”  he asked suddenly as they made their way down the dark halls.

“Are we planning on breaking up soon?”  She asked as she looked up at him with misty eyes.

He chuckled and shook his head.  “I’ve never had a girlfriend this long before, so I have no clue.”  he told her playfully.

“Well I won’t be going out with that Blaise boy, he seems just awful.”  She said with a deep frown.

He laughed and shook his head.  “What about Draco?”  He asked her something he had been wondering for awhile now.

She flushed deeply at the mention of the blond boy and looked away.  “We are friends.”  She said softly and bit her lower lip.  “And he is dating Pancy.”  She felt the need to add.

“But you two fool around right?”  he asked as if it didn’t really matter to him, but he felt the need for her to know that he knew.

She blushed even more deeply and looked up into his eyes.  “I… Draco… he is helping me, and teaching me things.  It’s not…”  She was having a hard time forming words.  “Do you think I am an awful person?”  She asked timidly.

“Teaching you things?”  he asks curiously and smiles.  He didn’t like the idea of sharing her with Draco, but he knew that it was the way it had to be for now.   He could see how much control the younger boy had on his girlfriend at the moment.  ‘What kind of things?”  he asked and she bit her lower lip.

“Oh, hum.”  She tried to find the right words.  “He is teaching me the kind of things men like.  So I can be better at pleasing you.”  She told him shyly.

“Oh?”  he asked and pretended to find the information amusing rather than annoying.  “What kind of things have you been learning lately?”  he pressed.

“He is teaching me…”  She swallowed hard feeling odd talking about this with Adrian.  “How to use my mouth to give pleasure.”  She said very softly.

Adrian stopped in his tracks and looked over at her.  “I would greatly like to see how those lessons are going.”  he said and looked around for a moment before finding an alcove to pull her into.

“Right here?”  She asked looking up at him with wide blue eyes.  “Right now?”  She added as he smirked and nodded.

“I’ve been wanting to feel that mouth on me for awhile, I just thought it was still off limits.”  he said and cursed Draco, why did the other boy get all the fun first?

She blushed and bit her lower lip before she finally lowered herself to her knees in front of him.  He smiled down at her and decided he would make her do all the work for now.  She undid the button to his slacks and held her breath as she pushed aside the fabric to let his manhood free.

She looked back up at him as her heart raced in her chest.  He smiled down at her, he enjoyed her ever so innocent looking face with his cock hanging inches from her lips.

She took a deep breath and placed her hand at the base of him before licking him the way Draco had showed her.  He tasted and felt different from her Master.  His shape and size were not what she was used to.  He was slightly smaller than Draco she observed, which actually made her work a little easier she thought.

Her mouth moved over him and she pressed her tongue against the side of his shaft.  She moaned around him as she slowly took more and more of him into her mouth.  She sucked on him as she tried to give him the pleasure her Master had taught her about.

She felt a hand settle into her hair as she started to bob her mouth around him, sucking all the while.  He groaned and clutched her hair tightly without impeding her movements onto his shaft.

“He is a very good teaching my little slut.”  He moaned having to give Draco credit where it was due.  She whimpered around him at the name and tried to pull back before he stopped her.  “You’re not done yet.”  he said firmly and held her in place.  “Be the good little slut I know you are.”  He said taunting her for his own enjoyment.  “It isn’t nice to start something you aren’t willing to finish.”  he added as she didn’t move.

She whimpered up at him again but decided it was best to please him.  He was a boyfriend after all and this is what girlfriends did.  She would explain her displeasure with the new name once she was finished.

She closed her eyes and she started to suck on him once again.  She gave herself over to the feeling of pleasuring him.  She found that when she didn’t think too much she really enjoyed pleasuring her Master, and the same seemed to be true of her boyfriend.

As he neared his peak he groaned.  “Remember good little sluts swallow what men give them.”  he said with an evil glint in his eyes and then came a few strokes later.

She swallowed down what he offered but not because of his words, but because that had been what Draco had trained her to do.  Once she was sure he was done she pulled back and licked her lips.  She was beet red from blushing.

“Why did you call me that?” She asked as he put himself back into his pants.

“Because that is what your friend Draco is teaching you to be.”  he said with a smirk.  He helped her to her feet and smiled at her.  He wondered if he could start his work of separating her from the rich prat tonight.

She swallowed hard and looked down in embarrassed.  “he says it is important to know how to make your boyfriend happy.”  She told him softly.

“That is important, but I would prefer if I was the one teaching you about such things.”  he told her as he took her arm again.  “It is the fact you are doing those things with more than one guy that makes you a slut Luna.”  he said keeping the word that embarrassed her so.  She was a virgin slut and if he was honest, he thought the idea was very hot.

“The things I do with him don’t count.”  She said softly and then looked up at Adrian.  “They are for learning only.”  She whimpered.

He sighed and nodded.  “Well, just tell me does he have the same rules I do?”  he asked as he knew he wouldn’t get anywhere more tonight.  When she nodded he smirked.

“But you are still going to be my little slut from now on.”  he said after a moment.  When she whimpered and was about to say something he pressed her against the wall roughly and kissed her before she could speak.  When he felt her body relax against him he parted from her lips to speak.  “Luna, you just sucked me off in a dark alcove of the hall before curfew is even past.”  he said and his eyes lit up as she saw her blush rising again.  “You are my little slut.  You should enjoy it.”  he told her before kissing her again.  “Now say it.”  he pressed and smirked as a few students walked by them.

She spoke very softly and stared at his chest.  “I’m your little slut.”

Chapter 28: Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff

Draco watched as Luna entered the Great Hall with her head down.  It was the morning of her first quidditch match, but all he could think about was the grin on Pucey’s face last night when he came back from walking her to Ravenclaw tower.

He had this wide thoroughly satisfied grin on his face.  When he sat back down with the rest of the players Adrian kept his eyes on Draco and smiled.  It was a smile that made Draco worry about his pet.

He watched as Luna sat down with the rest of her teammates as was expected on the morning of a game.  She had sat so her back would be to the Slytherin table and he wondered if she had done it on purpose.  Had Pucey done something to endanger his plans for her?  Draco couldn’t handle not knowing, and since he couldn’t ask Luna about it he would go to the only other one that knew.

He moved down and took the seat next to Pucey.  “What happened last night?”  he snapped, his eyes cold.

“Honestly?”  Adrian asked as he smirked over at the younger boy.  “One of the best blow jobs of my life.  You really are training that one well.”  He said with a wide smirk.  “She is just so… compliant.”  He added as he looked over to Luna and licked his lips.  “I may have to break our deal.”

Before Draco could respond Adrian got to his feet and headed over to the Ravenclaw table then sat down next to Luna.  Draco watched as she looked up at the older boy and blushed deeply.

Adrian leaned in and whispered something in her ear as Draco saw his hand move to her knee under the table, unable to see exactly what the older Slytherin was doing Draco growled to himself and looked over to see if the Gryffindors had at least taken notice.

He needed the stupid git Ron to step into this mess soon before Luna got too wrapped around the other smooth boy.  He cursed himself again for not choosing someone he could control better for her boyfriend.

All three of the Golden Trio watched as Adrian molested sweet little Luna right out in the open.  What could he do to get them to move into action faster than their slow brains would normally take them?  Draco shook his head and looked back to Luna, she would be fine for now.  It was best if he just let Pucey have his game for the time being.  At least it was getting Weasel’s attention.  He closed his eyes and thought about the way his pet had looked at him last time they were together.  She belonged to Draco, Pucey was just borrowing her for a little while, he would just have to keep reminding himself of that.

“Please tell me you have finally gotten bored with the Ravenclaw slut?”  Pancy asked as she sat next to him.  He glared at her and she rolled her eyes.  “I will take that as a no.”  She added with a sigh.

“I have plans for her that are not yet complete.”  Draco said stiffly.

“Well it looks like Adrian has plans of his own.”  Pansy added  as she leaned into Draco to try and distract him.  “Come on Drake, lets skip the match so I can take your mind off of her.” She purred in his ear.

He looked down at the woman and a smirk played across his lips.  “I have a better idea.”  he said and took her hand so he could lead her from the Great Hall.

Happy to have Draco’s full attention she let him lead her out onto the grounds of Hogwarts.  She frowned when she realized he was pulling her towards the pitch.

“The game doesn’t start for a while yet.”  She said with a pout.

“Yes well I want to get a good spot before anyone else comes out.”  he said and looked back at her with the evil glint in his eye that always made her shiver.  “You wouldn’t want anyone seeing when I start to play with you, would you?”  he asked.

Knowing what that look meant she shook her head.  She let him lead her to a place under the stands.  He positioned her against one of the beams that held the stands and tilted his head to look passed her.  he had a perfect view of the goal rings of Ravenclaw’s side of the field.

“Perfect.”  he said and then looked back to Pancy.  “Should I cast a heating charm I should I let you freeze?” He asked playfully as his hand moved to the clasp of her outer robe.

“Dra…”  She started and flushed as his eyes narrowed at her.  “Master… please cast a heating charm.”  She begged weakly as she played the part she knew he wanted.

“For that little slip I think I will cast it once you are undressed.”  he said and grinned at her as he shoved the cloak off her shoulders.  She shivered and bit her lower lip.

“Please Master, I’ll be good.”  She purred as she leaned back against the bean and put her hands above her head is if they were tied together.

With a wave of his wand and a simple spell silk rope flew out of the end of his wand and tied her wrists to the beam.  “Yes you will.”  he said with a smirk then continued to undress her.

She whimpered and shivered at cold air hit revealed skin.  “Please Master…”  she begged as goosebumps formed on her skin.

The sounds of the students making their way into the stands could be heard above them.  Draco smirked and continued to part her shirt and take off her tie.  Pancy closed her eyes and shivered she struggled against the rope that held her hands cursing Draco for this stupid game.

Once he had her breasts completely revealed he pulled his wand back out and cast the warming charm on the area.  “Stay right here.”  he said and started to move away.

“Draco this isn’t funny.”  She snapped no longer willing to play this game.

Draco smirked back at her and enjoyed the sight he had created.  “Don’t worry I won’t be long.” He soothed as he ran his hands down her form.
“Draco…”  She said in a warning voice.

“Shhh.”  he said and kissed her neck softly.  “If you get too loud you know you will attract someone besides me.”  he purred and then moved away from her.  “I’ll be back soon.”  With that he pulled back and left her tied to the beam.

She seethed as she waited for him to come back.  She was not to be treated like this, even if he was the riches heir in the school.  This was the final straw, she would focus her attention on one of the other rich and pureblood males in her house.

By the time Draco returned the crowd was cheering as the players entered the pitch.  “Miss me?”  he asked and she just glared at him.

“Take me down right now Draco Malfoy I am not playing this game.”  She snapped and narrowed her eyes all the more.

“I don’t want to.” he said as he moved up to press his chest against her body.  “You are going to enjoy this.”  he promised as his hand moved over her chest once again.

“I am not a fuck toy Draco.”  She said breathing deeply as she felt his hands push her skirt up.  “I play your little games but that was going too far.”  She added as he hooked his fingers into her panties and pulled them down her legs.

“Oh I am so sorry.. let me make it up to you.”  he said sweetly as his lips trailed down her neck.

“I’m not playing anymore Draco.”  She said getting annoyed that he wasn’t listening to her.  “Untie me right now.”

“Let me just make it up to you.”  he said softly against her neck.  He slowly kissed his way down to her chest and gave each of her nipples a bit of attention before kissing further to her stomach.  He was soon kneeling in front of her half dressed form.  “If you don’t like it I will untie you.”  He promised with a smirk.

He gently moved one of her legs over his shoulder, and then the other.  He kissed her inner thigh as he teasingly moved his lips closer and closer to her sex.  He pushed her legs apart a bit before his tongue found the sweet little nub that always made her twitch.

“Draco!”  She gasped at the feel of his tongue, and he smiled.  He knew she would forgive him for his actions.  She always forgave him after he did this to her.  She would be putty in his hands again after a good orgasim or two.

He sucked the sweet spot into his mouth and lapped his tongue against it.  As he worked her over he listened to the announcer calling out the game play by play.  Luna was holding her own, but the Hufflepuff team was pathetic this year.

When his tongue finally dived into her she shook against him and whimpered, she was completely at his mercy in this position.  He wouldn’t push her over the edge until he was good and ready, and she would thank him for it in the end.

As Hufflepuff scored their first goal Draco ruthlessly attacked Pancy’s sex.  He wanted her to come while the Hufflepuff’s cheered above.  As she shook she screamed his name, but even as he felt her come he kept up his licking and sucking.  He pushed her pleasure to heights only he could just to remind her he wasn’t so easily replaceable.

He set her feet back on the ground gently and licked his lips.  “Do you forgive me?” He asked looking up at her with the most innocent expression he could muster.

She was still hazy from the after effects of her orgasim as she smiled down at him.  “Yes… no harm done.”  She said breathlessly as he stood once again in front of her.

He smiled at her in that boyish way and kissed her softly on the lips so she could taste herself on his tongue.  He used the distraction to unbuckle his belt and free his hardness from his pants.  

“Now for my pleasure.” he said with a smirk as he let her feel his excitement.  She moaned and rolled her hips against him eagerly.  He pulled her thighs up to wrap around his body as he turned slightly so he could watch Luna while he fucked Pancy.

He thrust into Pancy with one thrust and she gasped under him.  He smiled as he started a slow rhythm into her.  He would tease her for a while and really enjoy his ride.  He watched as Luna defined the goals with the skills he had helped her develop, but it wasn’t the game he was thinking about.  He was simply putting her face to the body he was using in that moment.

“Draco.. please… faster?”  Pancy begged and he smiled so he could look back at him.

He couldn’t keep himself from taunting her.  “Like that?” he asked as his thrust got a little faster and a little harder.

“Yes!”  She gasped as she tried to wiggle her hips a little to make the sensation better.

“You like being fucked and helpless?”  he asked and decided against mentioning the fact he was thinking about another woman.  His actions became more forceful and he looked into Pancy’s eyes.

“Yes!” She screamed and he knew she was lost in passion, her intelligent eyes becoming dull with lust.  He smiled, he always liked that look on a woman.

He turned back to watch Luna some more and focused on the idea of what it would be like when he could finally take her.  He would have to be different with her at first, slow and more careful, but he was sure he could make her enjoy everything he would do to her in the end.  He wondered if she would always have that innocent look about her, like an angel he was doing sinful things to.

He smiled at his last thought and closed his eyes to truly enjoy the image and he used Pancy to make it all the more real for him.  He let out a low growl as his spilled his pleasure into the helpless woman.

he took in long slow breaths as he slowly l came down from the high of the experience.  He smirked as he looked up and watched Pancy enjoy the moment as well.

“CHANG HAS THE SNITCH! RAVENCLAW WINS!”  the announcer calls out and Draco smiles more widely.  He pulls away from Pancy and unties her wrists so she can dress herself.

“Good match.”  he said with a smirk on his lips as he adjusts his clothes and leaves her there before she is full dressed.

Chapter 29: Yes Master

As she handed the journal over to Draco he conjured a pillow for Luna to kneel on.  He wanted her to start and understand that good pets were rewarded.  He read through the most recent entries slowly, showing her no emotion over what she had done to Adrian and the hall and what he can called her.

“Do you feel like he is right?”  he asked her when he was finally set the journal aside.  “Do you feel like a slut?”  He pressed wishing to see her reaction to the word.  She flushed and glanced up at him before looking down.

“I am being taught very sexual things from one man, and dating another just so I can catch the attention of a third.  What else would that make me?”  She countered.

Draco reached down and lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes.  “Slytherin.”  he answered with a wide smirk.  “Young, and curious.” He added and ran his thumb over her lips as she frowned.

“Slut is a word with judgment attached to it.  I make no judgement as long as one is getting something they want out of it.  You wanted my help to gain the attention of a certain Gryffindor, and are paying the price for my help.”  He said with a shrug.  “It may make you a bit of a slut, but that is only a bad thing if you make it a bad thing.  Would it make you feel better if you broke it off with Pucey?”  Draco gave her the option.

She shook her head.  “No, I have started this and I want to see it to the end.”  She said and bit her lower lip.  “May I ask you something Master?”  She looked down once he let go of her chin.

“What is that pet?”  he asked as he watched his pet.

“Once I am with Ronald, will we still be able to be friends?”  She asked and bit her lower lip as she waited for her Master to reply.

“Our friendship will have to change pet, but I don’t see why we would have to end things completely.”  He said and rubs his chin.  “You will no longer need my help on getting him, but you may need advice on how to keep him.”  he offered with a smirk.  It was a good sign that his pet did not like the idea of letting him go.

“Would you still be my Master then?”  She asks even more softly.  This question not only made a wide smirk form on Draco lips, but also make his prick jump a bit with excitement.

“Would you want me to be your Master pet?”  He countered before he could answer.

She frowned at the question as she tried to figure out if that is what she wanted.  If she was honest with herself she had grown to enjoy being his pet more than she could say.  She took a deep breath and nodded.

“What was that pet?”  he asked as he wanted to force her to say it out loud.

“I want you to still be my Master.”  She said and then blushed again, knowing this really did make her a slut.

“Is that so?”  he asked deciding it was best to torture her a bit before he agreed.

“Yes Master.”  She said unable to look up at him.

“If I would agree to such a thing our relationship would change now my pet.”  he told her firmly.

“What do you mean Master?”  Luna asked with a slight whimper, she didn’t want things to change, that was the point.

“Unless I am mistaken you have just asked to be my pet for the foreseeable future.” He stated and she nodded in agreement.  “Well that would mean this relationship would become much more serious.  As of now I have only been having a bit of fun in repayment for my lessons.  If I were to truly become your Master, I would expect more out of you.”  He said and licked his lips as he decided how far he could push her.  “There would be rules you would have to follow at all times, and we would have to work on your discipline more.  Is this all something you could handle my pet?”  he asked looking down at her.

“What kind of rules?”  She asked looking up at him finally as her stomach did little flips.

“Rules that please me, you don’t need to know more than that for now.”  He told her firmly.  “Is that something you could handle my pet?”  he repeated.

“Y-yes Master.”

“Then I will accept you as my pet permanently.”  he told her and brushed his fingers along her cheek.  “What are you plans for the rest of the day?”  He asked as he realized their time was almost up.

“I was going to eat lunch with Adrian and then we were going to go to the library with his friends.”  Luna said with a shrug.

“That is fine, this week you are all his.”  Draco said as he started to make plans in his head.  “I need time to set a few things up.  At midnight Sunday morning you will be kneeling on that pillow with nothing on but you necklace and leash.  Do you understand pet?”  he asked as a smile spread across his face.

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now get dressed.”  he said and bent down so he could take the panties and bra from the top of her pile of clothes.  “You won’t need these today, and I want you to write down how Pucey reacts when he finds them missing.”

Luna frowned and hesitated in getting dressed for a moment.  “He might think it is some kind of offer.”  She told her Master with a frown.

“He may do anything to you that I have already done.”  he said with a wave of his hand.  He would give Pucey the week.  Maybe if the other Slytherin thought he was winning he would do something stupid to get the red headed git’s attention.

Luna frowned and looked up at Draco.  “Do you like when he touches me like he does?”  She asks shyly.

“Are you still upset that he called you a slut?” Draco countered never giving her a straight answer for anything.

“He made me call myself a slut.”  She pointed out.

“That is not an answer.”  he told her firmly and frowned.

“It embarrassed me, and this will only confirm what he already thinks.”  She said motioning to her knickers.

“I know.”  he told her and smiled.  “It pleases me to have him think he controls you more than he does.”  Draco explained simply. “And it should help with our other plan.”

She looked to the floor and nodded slowly.  “Yes Master.”  She said and got back into her school clothes.

Once she was dressed and about to head to the door Draco grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to him so that her back landed against his chest.  “But, it will not do to have you think you can question me pet.”  he told her firmly before before pulling her outer robe off once again.  “I am going to have to punish you.”

She whimpered as he pushed her over the desk he usually sat on.  He pushed her skirt up  to reveal the smooth pale skin beneath.  His hand ran over her cheeks lightly at first.

“I want you to count.”  He told her as he enjoyed the sight of her in such a prone position.

“Yes Master.”  She said and rested her forehead against the desk.  He has said she would receive more discipline now, she couldn’t protest what she had just agreed to.

He smiled as she submitted to him so easily.  He had been so patient and now he could taste some of the fruit of his hard work.  He pulled his hand back and let his hit her just hard enough to sting a bit and make a loud sound.

She jumped at the feel of his hand.  “One.”  She said remembering he had ordered her to count.

“One Master.”  He corrected her with a sly smile, before he and spanked her again.

“Two Master.”  She said whimpering slightly.

“No, that was still one, you have to do it right for it to count.”  he told her seriously and ran his hand over her bottom as she whimpered.  When he thought she had relaxed a bit he brought his hand down for a third strike.

“One Master.”  She said as she swallowed hard and wondered how many there would be.

“Good pet.”  he praised before spanking her again.  She counted each strike and with each count he praised her.  When they reached the number ten her butt was nice and red.  He lowered her skirt and helped her to stand.

“Now I am sure your boyfriend is looking for you, have fun pet.”  he said just to make her blush as she headed for the door.

Chapter 30: Two Masters

As Luna was walking down the corridor towards the Great Hall for breakfast a strong hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her into an alcove.  She struggled to free herself until she realized it was Adrian.

“What are you doing?”  She asked before he pressed her up against the wall and kissed her with a demanding force.

“I missed you yesterday.” he said as his hands ran down her sides.  “You played well my little raven.”  he purred as his lips trailed down her neck.  She giggled and tilted her head up as his lips trailed down her neck.

“Thank you Adrian.  It felt good to win.”  She admitted as his hands ran down over her thighs.  As soon as they touched skin she remembered she wasn’t wearing knickers.

“I hope no one bothered you at the afterparty, or this morning.”  he said as his hands trailed up her legs.  When they brushed the lower edge of the spanking she had gotten that morning she jumped.

“What was that?”  he asked in an amused tone and turned her so her chest was against the wall.  She flushed unable to think how she was going to explain her red skin.  He pulled up her skirt and smirked as he not only noticed lack of knickers, but the sure signs of a fresh spanking.  “Where you a bad little slut this morning?”  he asked letting the skirt fall and pressing his chest against her back so he could speak directly into her ear.

“I asked too many questions.”  She told him honestly as she flushed with embarrassment.  She then decided it was a good time to let him know what her Master wanted him to think.  “He doesn’t want to see me for the rest week.” She told Adrian meekly.

“Don’t worry baby…”  Adrian answered smoothly smirking in delight as Draco withdrawal.  “I won’t leave the slut wanting.”  His hand moved up the inside of her tight until he brushed against her uncovered sex.

She whimpered and looked towards the opening to the alcove.  “Someone might come.”  She said as his thumb found her clitorus.

“And that someone will be you.”  He teased as he heard her breath catch with his touch.  He chuckled as she started to try and wiggle out from between the wall and him.  “Don’t you want me to make the naughty slut feel better?”  he asked playfully as he let her go.

She blushed deeply and turned back around to face him.  “Please, this is too public.”  She said as she worked to calm herself down.

“Fine.”  Adrian said and took a deep breath as he decided his next move.  “You know I would never do anything to you you didn’t like.”  he said and pet his hand against her cheek.

“I know Adrian.”  She said softly and looked to the floor.  He enjoyed the fact she was so naturally submissive with him.  “Call me Sir when we are in private.”  he said after a moment’s thought.

Her eyes shot up to him in confusion and she tilted her head.  “Sir?”  She asked not understanding the request.

“Don’t you want to please your boyfriend?”  He asked as a playful smile moved across his lips.

“Yes… Sir.”  She said and swallowed hard, she didn’t know what her Master was going to think of this.

“That is my good slut.  Now breakfast.”  he said as he pulled her out of the alcove and wrapped his arm around her to lead her into the great hall by his side.

At breakfast Luna sat at the Slytherin table with Adrian.  His hand never left her thigh as he ate his eggs and talked to his friends.  The higher the hand moved the more red she became.  He never actually touched more than her upper thigh, but the threat of him going higher was making her very nervous.  She soon found she couldn’t focus enough to eat, so she just sat there and tried not to look at anyone.

After breakfast Adrian and his friends went to the library and Luna tagged along like always.  When they got there Adrian told his friends he needed to get a few books from a back section and took Luna with him.  She could see their knowing looks as he took her away from the other students.

Once they were alone he pressed her up against the stone of a wall and started to kiss her neck.  “That was amazing.”  he said breathily into her skin as his hands moved to undo her shirt.  “You were amazing.”  he repeated as her body pushed against his.

“We didn’t do anything.”  She answered as his hands found she was braless as well.

He stepped back and pulled her shirt aside so he breasts were on display for anyone who walked by.  He smirked as her and chuckled.  “It is even better than I thought.  You will be doing this the rest of the week.”  he told her before letting his mouth settle on one of her breasts.  She gasped and arched her back as his tongue went to work her nipple.

“Adrian someone could see.”  She said breathlessly which only got a chuckle and a painfully hard bite from her boyfriend.

“Who cares.”  he said and looked up into her eyes with a wicked grin.  “They can just envy that you are my slut.”  He said as his eyes lit up with a new idea.  His lips moved up her neck to the column of her neck.

She whimpered still very embarrassed by his nickname for her.  “Please don’t call me that.”  She asked softly.

“I will call you anything I want slut.”  he said and sucked on her neck just above her choker.  He sucked and bit the skin there hard enough to cause just a bit of pain before he moved to a spot on the other side and did the same thing.

She was wanting from the attention as he moved from a third spot and leaned back to look at her.  The smile on his face confused her as did the fact he suddenly knelt before her to give the same treatment to her thighs.

His lips moved up her legs and his tongue soon found her core.  She couldn’t help but let out a moan at his sudden attention.  “What are you doing?”  She gasped as her eyes shut tightly.

“I would think that was obvious.”  He answered, letting his breath brush heavily against her.  “I want you to scream like the slut you are.”  he told her before going back to work on her now aroused body.

She wanted him to stop because she knew they shouldn’t be doing this in the library.  She wanted him to keep going because she would end up very frustrated if he didn’t.  She was soon whimpering in need as he teased her.

“You know you want to scream my little slut.”  he said as he let his teeth brush against the more sensitive parts of her body.  “Go on… scream.”

“Please Sir.” She begged in a hoarse voice of restraint.  “Please lets go someplace more private.”  He drew one last whimper from her before he pulled back and licked his lips.

“I don’t think so.”  he said with a deep frown as he stood up.  “You are not getting rewarded for displeasing me.”  he snapped and narrowed his eyes at her like she had done something horrible.  He then smiled as he looked her over.  “But we will talk more about that later.”  he said firmly as he pulled a book by her head off the shelf and went to join his friends.

She took a few slow calming breaths before she fixed her clothes and headed to rejoin the group with Adrian.  As she stepped out where other students were reading many eyes followed her progress across the room.  She frowned and wondered if they had heard her after all.

When she sat down in the chair next to Adrian he looked over her with another smirk and said in a voice loud enough for many of the other students to hear.  “Go play with your friends, I’m done with you until tonight.”

She blushed and looked around as people were snickering at her.  She quickly got her things and rushed out of the library before she started to cry.  She didn’t like to cry in front of people, she had learned in her first year it only made them tease her more.

Chapter 31: A Knight in Red Anger

Luna had made it all the way down the hall and to the moving stairs before the tears started to flow and cloud her vision.  She decided it was best not to go on the stairs her her state so she could a small alcove to hide in while she sorted out her feelings.

Why as Adrian so cruel to her?  It was like he wanted to make her hurt, like he enjoyed her pain more than the pleasure she tried to give him.  How was she going to last a week without being able to take comfort in her Master’s touch?  She started to weep again at the thought of not having someone who cared for her in the coming days.

“Did you hear that?”  Harry asked and  she tried to wipe her eyes a much as she could before anyone found her.

“I think it was coming from over there.”  Ron answered as she heard footsteps coming closer to her hiding spot.  She bit her lower lip and decided it would be best to crouch down and look as small as she could.

Ron pulled back the tapestry that hid her alcove from the hall and frowned down at her.  “Luna?”  he asked seeming surprised to find her there.

She stood up slowly as she nodded in agreement.  She didn’t trust herself to talk just yet, even more so to the red headed hero in front of her.  His eyes widened at he looked at her.  “Luna what happened to you?”  he asked moving closer to her and tilting her head to the side.

She blinked unsure about this action but enjoying the feel of his hand nonetheless.  “What are you talking about?”  She asked in a quivering voice.

“Luna who did this to you?”  he asked and then turned back to the hall.  “Harry it is Luna, someone attacked her.”  He said which confused her to no end.

“No one attacked me.”  She said still very confused about why he was making such a fuss.

“Then where did all these bruises come from?”  Ron asked as he looked back to her with a deep frown.  Harry moved up behind him and looked at her over his friend’s shoulder.

“Bruises?”  She asked with a deeper frown.

“On you neck and legs.”  he said motioning to the ones within her sight.

She looked down at her legs and saw the red purple marks that had bloomed there.  She lifted her skirt a bit and it finally dawned on her what Adrian had been doing while he sucked on her skin.  She blushed even more deeply and turned her back to both boys.  She couldn’t believe what she must look like at that moment in time and she couldn’t face them with the truth.

“Luna?”  Ron asked in a more worried voice than before.  “Do you want us to get a teacher?”  he asked unsure of how to deal with an emotional girl.

“No!”  She squeaked and shook her head quickly.  “It is nothing, can you guys just leave me be?”  She asked her voice trembling all the more.  If they knew the truth they would think she was a slut just like Adrian did.  She didn’t want Ron to think of her like that.

Ron stepped forward and ran his hand up and down her back gently.  “Look Luna you can tell us what happened.  Did that, boyfriend of yours attack you?”  he asked and his voice seemed suddenly tight.

“No one attacked me.”  She said softly shaking in shame.  “He just…”  She couldn’t think of how to say it without making herself sound like a tart.

“He did do this?!”  It seemed that was all the confirmation Ron needed and he suddenly pulled his hand away from her.  “Where is he Luna?  Tell me where he is!”  he demanded in an angry voice which only made Luna whimper and lower herself into a crouching position again.

“You’re frightening her Ron!”  Harry said and tried to pull his friend away.

“No Harry she needs to tell me where that bastard is.”  Ron demanded as he was pulled back from her a few steps.

“I’ll go get Hermione to talk to her, but you need to calm down.”  Harry said as he saw the effect of Ron’s temper on the already upset girl.

Ron looked over at Luna and heard her whimper again.  His anger shifted to a low seething and he turned his back to her.  “Fine.  I’ll protect her until you get back.” He said firmly like no one was going to move him from that stop.

After a moment of hesitation Harry went to go get their only female friend to help with the obviously delicate situation.

“I am sorry for scaring you.”  Ron said in a tone of obvious anger.  Luna took in a long slow breath then stood up.  She was acting like she had been attacked so she couldn’t blame the Gryffindor for thinking that, but she had to set things right.

“Ron, no one attacked me.”  She said softly as she looked at his back.  “They aren’t what you think.”  She said blushing.

“Oh?  Than what are they?”  he asked still not looking at her.

“They are kiss bruises.”  She said so softly that she didn’t know if he heard her.  He turned around slowly to look at her and she dipped her head in shame again.

He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by three teens walking down the hall and laughing.  “Why are you keeping that tart so long anyway?”  asked one of the Slytherin upper classmen.

“She has her uses.”  Adrian’s voice answered as the boys got closer.

“Oh we can see her uses.”  Another boy added suggestively.  All three boys laughed again at their own cruel joke.

Luna bit her lip hard so she wouldn’t whimper as the boys were obviously talking about her.  Ron couldn’t seem to take any more and jumped out of the alcove with his wand at the ready.  “I’ve been looking for you Pucey!”  he stated with a growl.

“What do you want Weasley?”  Adrian asked in a bored tone.

“It seems you need a lesson and how to treat women!”  He spit as his anger only grew.

Adrian’s eyes lit up in understanding, and then a smile crossed his face.  This was the one his little toy actually liked.  If he ruined her for the boy Draco’s plan would also be for not, then maybe both boys would leave him alone to have his fun.

“What did the little slut tell you Weasley?”  he asked with an arrogant smirk on his lips.  “Maybe how good I am at making her moan?”

Luna whimpered from the alcove, unable to keep herself quiet for any longer at her boyfriend’s words.

“You shut your mouth!”  Ron yelled his anger boiling all the more.

“Do you have her back there?”  Adrian asked suddenly angry himself.  “What have you been doing with her Weasley?”  he asked.  He had not given the blood traitor leave to touch his things.  “Luna get out here NOW!”  he yelled.

Luna moved to the opening of the alcove with her head down.  The situation was completely mortifying and she wasn’t sure what she could even say.

“Don’t you talk to her like that.”  Ron snapped and moved himself between Luna and her boyfriend.

“She is mine Weasley.” Adrian seethed.  “I will talk to her anyway I like.  Luna get over here.”  he ordered looking past the red head.

Luna moved to step forward but Ron blocked her way, he was not about to just let her go to her attacker.  “She is not a thing Pucey she is a human being and should be treated with respect.”  He stated with his wand still at the ready.

“If she wants respect she needs to stop being a whore.”  Adrian sneered as he narrowed his eyes at Ron.

“We didn’t…” Luna started and Adrian cut her off.

“Suck his cock, or fuck him?”  Adrian asked with a cruel tone.

Ron had had enough, forgetting about his wand he lunged forward and tackled Adrian to the ground.  His friends stepped back stunned as the angry red head repeatedly punched their friend in the face.

Adrian was only surprised for a moment and was soon giving Ron as good as he got.  It was Luna who finally moved toward and tried to pull Adrian off as the two boys fought.

“Could you both just stop fighting please?”  She asked softly as she tugged at Adrian’s arm.  “Both of you!  Nothing happened!”  She whimpered as neither boy listened to her.  She stepped back so she wouldn’t get hit with swinging fists and worried her lip between her teeth.  “Nothing happened.”  She muttered to herself.

“What is going on here?” The crisp voice of a teacher rang through the hall.

Chapter 32: Teacher’s Punishment

(Alt) Chapter 32: Teacher’s Pet

Everyone in the small group looked to the Professor who was walking briskly down the hall towards the fight.  The two boys on the ground stopped pummeling each other and jumped apart so they could at least try and not get in trouble.  Adrian sneered as he saw the old woman coming towards them, he would have to talk fast if he was going to get out of this.
“Mr. Weasley, Mr Pucey, what do you have to say for yourselves?”  The woman glared down at the two boys.  Both boys answered her question at once.

“He attacked Luna professor and then he started calling her the worst names.”  Ron said and waved his hands wildly at Adrian.

“He is just attacked me out of nowhere professor, he is jealous of Luna and I.”  Adrian told the professor at the same time.

The professor frowned and looked up to Luna, when she saw the girl standing there trying to look as small as she could her frown deepened.

“The rest of you get on with your day!”  She snapped to the students standing around.  “You three to my office.”  She pointed with her wand down the all.

As they walked a nervous ball started to build up in Luna’s stomach, she looked between the two boys, knowing that neither of them were going to be happy with her after all was said and done.

Adrian glared at Luna as he planned for her punishment for this.  It was obviously all her fault for lying to the red headed git and then spreading her legs for the low class Gryffindor.

Ron spend his time glaring at Adrian.  He wasn’t just going to stand by and let the Slytherin snake treat girls the way he had been treating Luna.

When they got to the professor’s office she motioned Luna inside.  “I will talk to her first, I expect the two of you to behave while I am away.”  She said giving each boy a poignant look before ushering Luna inside.

Once Luna was settled the old professor looked down at her kindly.  “Who attacked you Miss Lovegood?”  She asked in a worried tone.

Luna shook her head not looking up at the professor.  “They aren’t what you think Professor Mcgonagall.  Adrian just got a bit carried away this morning when we were snogging.”  She told the older woman.

It took a moment for the woman to understand the full meaning of Luna’s words.  “You are dating Mr Pucey?”  She asked and Luna nodded.  “I see.  Well Miss Lovegood I find the behavior of you and Mr Pucey is high inappropriate for those of your age.  I will have to take five points from Slytherin and Ravenclaw as punishment for said actions.”  She stated before moving on to the next topic.  “Now what happened between Mr Weasley and Mr Pucey just now?”

“Ronald and I were talking in the hall when we heard Adrian and his friends talking about me in a way Ronald didn’t like.  I tried to explain to him that Adrian didn’t attack me, but he wouldn’t believe me.  He yelled at Adrian and Adrian thought that I was cheating on him with Ronald.  They both said some mean things and attacked each other.”  Luna told her still looking at her hands.

“I see.”  The professor said stiffly.  “Go sit in the corner while I bring in the other two.”  She said before going to the door and making the two boys come and sit across from her desk.  Luna sat in a chair that had been placed in the corner and tried not to look at either of the boys.

“After speaking to Miss Lovegood I have decided to take twenty points from each of your houses for muggle fighting in the hallway.  You two will also be having detention with me the rest of the week so you can learn to discuss your problems instead of resorting to fisticuffs.  Mr Pucey I should also make you aware that I am taking five points from Slytherin and Ravenclaw as well for inappropriate behavior between yourself and Miss Lovegood earlier in the day.  Am I clear on all points?”  She looked to the two boys to see if they would speak.

“What about him attacking Luna?”  Ron asked with a growl.

“Miss Lovegood has assured me she was not attacked Mr Weasley, if you find you need more of an explanation than that it would be wise to ask her and actually listen to her answer.”  The professor answered sternly.

“What about her and Weasley’s inappropriate behavior?”  Adrian asked still seething that Ron had touched his things.

The professor raised her eyebrow at Adrian and shook her head.  “There is no evidence that such things happened between Miss Lovegood and Mr Weasley.  Again I direct you to talk to Miss Lovegood about such activity and actually listen to her answer.  Now, this should be the last I hear of any of such behavior from the three of you.”  She stated and waved them out of her office.

The moment they were out of her office Adrian turned on his girlfriend. “Luna.  Follow.  Now.”  he stated then stalked down the all fuming.

“You don’t have to go with him Luna.” Ron said as he grabbed her hand.

“I’m waiting.”  Adrian called back.

“I’ll talk to you later Ronald.”  She said and pulled her hand out of Ron’s grasp, a sad smile on her face as she followed her boyfriend down the hall.

Chapter 33: Luna’s Honor

Once they were out of earshot of Ron and anyone else Adrian grabbed Luna by the hair and pulled her into an empty classroom.  He threw her to the ground in his rage and turned so he could lock, and silence the room so they would not be interrupted.

Turning back to Luna he spoke.  “What did you do with him slut?”  he yelled.  Luna whimpered and moved back away from him, she raised her wand to defend herself.  Adrian quickly disarmed her and put her wand in his own robes.  “Tell me what you did with him?”

“I didn’t do anything Adrian…” She whimpered as she back away from the angry boy.  “I am sorry you got in trouble, but I swear nothing happened.”

As he looked down into her eyes his rage lightened up a bit as he seemed to believe her.  “So the twirp was just defending your honor.”  he said the word as if she didn’t have any.  “Maybe we should tell him just how much honor a slut like you has.”  he added with a sneer.

“Adrian you are scaring me.”  Luna told him softly knowing she couldn’t physically overpower the Slytherin Chaser.

“Call me Sir.”  He said firmly then pulled her into a standing position.  “Sluts don’t get to use my name remember?”  he said as he pushed her outer robe off her shoulders.

She swallowed hard and nodded.  “I’m sorry Sir.”  She said meekly as he tossed the robe aside and started to back her towards a large window ledge.  When her butt hit the ledge he lifted her to sit on it and stepped between her legs.  When he moved to undo his pants Luna put her hands on his and shook her head.

“Don’t you understand slut?  Draco isn’t protecting you any more.  You are mine and she learn obedience.”

She whimpered and shook her head again.  “No.”  She said trying to maneuver away from him.  “Sir I don’t want to do that.” She said shaking with fear.

He smiled broadly and licked his lips.  His hands settled and he leaned in to kiss her neck.  “You will.”  he said as his hands pushed her shirt up over her breasts.  “I’ll have you begging for it soon enough.”  he added after a moment he lowered his lips to her breasts.

His tongue danced around her exposed nub till it hardened in his mouth. Once it was excited to his liking he blew across it to bring a bit of pain before he worked on the other breast. Only when he had given it the same treatment did he remove her shirt and throw it aside.  “Do you like that slut?”  he asked wanting to excite her.

She nodded unable to find her voice in her embarrassment.  Next Adrian kneeled down between her legs and pushed her skirt up to expose her flower to him.  He pushed her legs apart more widely before he leaned in to taste her.

Luna couldn’t help but gasp at the feel of his tongue and lips against her sex.  Adrian knew exactly what he was doing when it came to the female form, and she didn’t know how long she would last with his attentions.

He licked and nipped at her sensitive clit before pushing her tongue inside of her.  “Sir…”  She moaned as she lost herself in a haze of pleasure, no longer fearing the boy that gave her so much.

Just as he muscles started to tense and she could feel her climax about to overtake her Adrian pulled back and licked his lips, in doing so denying her release.  She whimpered as if the feeling was painful and he just smiled as he stood up again.

“There is only one way you are coming today Luna, and that is with my cock in you.”  He told her firmly as he left her body cool just a bit before he started to torture once again.  He would never actually rape a woman, he never needed to as woman always gave themselves willingly in the end.

“I don’t want to.”  Luna told him again as he body trembled with need.

“You will.”  he confirmed and decided to remove her skirt as well.  His hands traveled over her body soothingly before he started his sweet torture once again.

Hours later Luna was a whimpering mess and Adrian was starting to get frustrated with her denal.  He couldn’t think of what else he could do to make his little slut beg to be fucked.  they were both tired and beyond the pain in their need for release.

“What is wrong with you slut?”  he growled and grabbed her hair.  “I know you want it, why are you not giving into me?”  he asked as he roughly tugged on her locks.  He undid his pants to release his hardened shaft before he pressed his against her body so she could feel his need.  “Don’t you want to please me whore?”

“I do Sir.” She said softly moaning at each tug of her hair.  “Let me please you with my mouth.”  She begged as she tried to stay strong.  The feel of his against her sex was melting her resolve, but the thought of how mad her Master would be reinforced it.

“I don’t want your mouth.”  he growled and pushed himself against her again.  When her body pushed back on its own he smiled.  She may be saying know, but her body was obviously saying yes.

Just as he was about to take his prize there was a loud banging at the door.  Adrian growled in frustration and ordered Luna to dress as he put his painfully hard member back into his pants.  If it was a teacher he couldn’t very well explain the state of their undress.

The moment he un-warded the door it came flying open.  Crabbe and Goyle entered first and each grabbed one of Adrian’s arms to hold him in place.  Draco entered as a more casual pace and looked around the room.

Chapter 34: Not Your’s

“You didn’t even last a day.”  Draco said sounding almost disappointed.  “You didn’t even last a day before getting into a row Weasley and mistreating your sweet girlfriend.”  He looked over to Luna and frowned as he noticed the marks other’s had told him about.

“I came as soon as I heard.”  Draco said as he walked over to her and looked into her eyes with worry.  “Did he hurt you?”  he asked ignoring the struggling Adrian between his two guards.

“He just scared me.”  She admitted softly not wishing to look Draco in the eyes.

“Did he break my rules pet?”  he asked low enough that no one else could hear him.

“He tried.  He almost…”  She bit her lower lip and looked away.  Draco growled lowly and turned back to Adrian.

“What did I tell you?”  He asked the older boy.  “What was my ONE rule?”  He had never liked Adrian touching what was his, but the idea of the boy taking her before he could blew him over the top.

“The slut is my girlfriend I can do what I want with her.”  Adrian growled back just as angry as having to share Luna with another.  “You’re the one disrespecting another man’s things!”  he spat.

“Another… Luna?”  He looked to her and then back to Adrian.  “Who is your Master?”

She whimpered at having to admit this in front of the other three boys but she knew that he was just protecting her.  “You Master.”  She said softly.

“Come kneel at my feet.” Draco ordered as he kept his eyes on Adrian.  Luna moved to him and kneeled by his side.  His hand moved to her hand and soothed her gently, rewarding her for her obedience.

Side Chapter: Blackmail

Adrian struggled enough to get out of Goyle’s grasp and pointed his wand at Luna.  “Fucking WHORE!”  He screamed but before he could cast his spell Draco disarmed him and Goyle moved to get a better hold.  Draco’s two guards forced Adrian down to his knees.

“My pet is breaking up with you I am afraid you no longer have a purpose.”  Draco said mockingly.  Luna sighed with relief that she would no longer have to endure Adrian’s advances.

She didn’t know if she should speak, but she wanted her wand back.  She felt more than powerless without it.  “Master?”  She asked softly.  When Draco smiled down at her she took in a slow breath.  “He has my wand.”

“Crabbe find her wand.”  Draco said as he tapped his own against his lips in thought.  “Now what am I going to have to do to you to keep you from speaking ill of a lady.”  he spoke almost to himself as he freehand pet Luna’s hair.

Crabbe found the wand in Adrian’s robes and handed it over to Draco.  Her Master then gave it back to her and kissed her softly on the head.  “Go wait in our classroom my pet.  I will be along when I am done dealing with this trash.”

When Luna got to her feet and moved to the door Adrian tried to lunge at her, more angry than ever with the Ravenclaw.

She waited for her Master to come as he said he would for three hours before the door opened.  She smiled when she saw her Master and looked to the floor as she felt so safe around him.  “I am sorry my sweet.”  He told her softly with a frown.  “I should have never let him touch you, I did not think he would go so far.”  he said in a regretful tone.

“I want you to take off your clothes so I can take away his marks.”  Draco said as he pulled a jar of ointment of of his pocket.

Luna stripped without hesitation.  She was not in the least bit mad at her Master for putting her in that situation, she was just glad he had saved her from it.  As her skin was revealed to him Draco slowly and softly rubbed the bruise balm into her skin. He wanted to erase all trace that the other man had touched her.

Her body was singing in sweet bliss by the time her Master was finished rubbing the ointment into her skin.  “Master?”  She asked in a strained voice.

“What my pet?”  He answered softly as he put the jar away and watched as the dark marks disappeared.

“Would you be my first?”  She asked blushing deeply as she looked down.  She felt so very safe and loved at Draco’s hands, she knew he would make the experience wonderful for her.

Draco lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes.  “Is that what you truly want?”  He asked her as if she had ever had a choice in the mater.  “Are you sure you do not wish to wait and give it to, Ronald?”

She bit her lower lip and shook her head.  “I want it to be with you Master.”  She said then added so he would not think she was falling for him.  “Shouldn’t I practice before I am with him?”  She asked meekly.

Draco smiled at her and pushed some hair from her face.  “Of course, but I still wish it to be special for you.”  he told her gently.  “I still have much planning for us head now Luna, so I have decided to free you until Saturday evening.”  he told her and moved to remove her collar.

Luna whimpered uneasy at the loss of the symbol of his ownership.  “Do not worry pet, no one will bother you.  Just enjoy this last week of freedom.”  he said kissing her softly on the lips before he pulled away.

“Remember Luna, things are going to change now.”  Draco said as he placed the collar in his pocket.  “Since I have taken the collar, get me your leash as well.”

“Yes Master.”  She replied which made him smile.

Chapter 35: Collaring

Saturday evening Luna decided she would go down to the classroom directly after dinner.  Her stomach was doing little flips as she walked down the hall and thought about what they would be doing tonight.

The week had been rather dull thankfully.  Adrian wouldn’t even look in her direction which she was glad of.  On the other hand Ron kept shooting her looks when he didn’t think anyone else was looking, which pleased her a great deal.

Even though she was free for the week she still wrote in her journal about any stray sexual thoughts she had, it had really just become habit.  Though she didn’t have much to write about, her dreams were oddly tame for the week.

She sighed whens he entered the empty classroom before going to her spot to kneel before the desk.  It was another twenty minutes before Draco showed up with a smile on his face.

“I have a very long night planned for you my pet.”  he said smoothly “We are going to my dorm room where I will be more comfortable.  Don’t worry about my roommates, I have told them all to find someplace else to sleep.”  he added as he helped her to her feet.

“Yes Master.”  She said as she was finding it very hard to breath with how nervous and excited she was for this night.

He smiled and ran his fingers down her cheek, she was just such a good pet, he was so very pleased with the work he had put into her.  “Now you will follow five paces behind me with her head down.  If anyone but another Slytherin pass us in the hall you will pretend to be heading in a different direction.  We wouldn’t want Weasley to know how close we are, now would we?”  He asked making sure she understood in directions.

“No Master.”  She said as she leaned into the feel of his fingers.

As they made their way down to the Slytherin dungeons Luna only had to change direction a couple of times to throw other students off.  He opened the wall to the common room and waited for her to enter before letting it close behind them.

She flushed slightly as the other Slytherins watched her cross common room and follow him up to his dorm.  When they were inside he locked and silenced the door before turning on her.

Draco had done just best to transform the room for tonights activities.  He had a room for this better suited at the Manor, but he did not want to wait any longer to claim her fully as his property.

The other beds had their currents drawn closed and it looked like he had moved all the trunks against one wall.  He had also enlarged one of the beds, obviously his own and put soft looking black sheets on it.  Off to the side of the bed was a small table with a very lumpy covering.  There were obviously many objects Draco did not wish for her to see just yet.

In the center of the room a tiny table held a single silver velvet box.  Luna eyes the box curiously as Draco moved up behind her.  “You can look.”  he said with a smile and motioned for her to open the box.

Within the box was a very intricately designed chain collar.  It was silver in color and each link was designed to look like a different kind of wild flower.  It clasped in front with a small pendant that was a very detailed representation of a Common Welsh Green dragon (though still silver in color).

“It’s so lovely…”  She said softly afraid to touch the very feminine collar.

“There are several enchantments on it.”  Draco told her with a smile.  He was very glad she liked the piece, it had cost a pretty penny, but he planned to keep his pet for a very long time.  Not only should others know she belonged to him, it was a point to his pride for them to know she was well taken care of.  “Goblin made, only they can work the metal inside such perfect detail.  The clasp is made so only a Malfoy male may lock or unlock it, I can track it wherever it is, and on a command word it will become invisible to all but a Malfoy.  Do you like it?”  he asked as he rested looked over to Luna.

“It’s too much.”  Luna says meekly and looks back to him.

“You wish to be my pet, Malfoy men take care of what belongs to them.”  he said leaving no room for argument.  Abashed Luna looked to the ground and nodded.

“Yes Master.”  She said as he heart raced, what was she getting herself into?

“After this is on you Luna, there is no turning back, you will belong to me.”   He told her firmly.

“What about…”  She wanted him to be her Master for as long as he would have her, but this was sounding more like she was becoming his wife.

“Weasley may still date and marry you if he wishes and you wish.  This has nothing to do with that.”  he said waving her question aside.

“You promise Master?”  She asked looking back at the collar.

“I promise, if you wish to date others it will be allowed.”  He said choosing his words purposefully.  After he was done playing with Weasley’s heart he would make sure she didn’t wish to date anyone but her Master.

She smiled and nodded at his words and he closed the box.  “Now I got you something to wear for tonight, it is in the washroom right through that door.”  he said and kissed her neck before sending her to go get changed.

When she entered the bathroom she was worried he had bought her yet another extravagant gift.  When she saw the simple white silk bathrobe she couldn’t help but smile.  She undressed quickly and pulled on the robe.  when she went to tie it closed she realized it had no belt and couldn’t help but giggle.

Looking in the mirror she brushed her hair with her fingers and made sure she looked nice for her Master before she exited the the bathroom.  She decided to kneel by the bathroom door with her head down until her Master told her how to proceed.

When caught a glimpse of Draco he was wearing black leather pants and nothing else.  The sight sent a shiver down her spine as she took in his lean muscles and hairless chest.

The sight of her kneeling with her hands in her lap just waiting to be claimed excited Draco so much he was having a hard time breathing for a moment.  He closed his eyes and started to think of unpleasant things just to get himself under control.

“Crawl over to the center pet, then we will start your collaring.”  Draco said as he waited by the small table.  She didn’t notice that he had added a few other items to it while she had been changing.

Once she was kneeling in front of him he smiled down at her to give her reassurance that she was safe.  “I am going to teach you your first proper position.”  he said and licked his lips.  

“Kneel with her back straight as you can, your butt should be sitting on your heels, kneels spread as far as you can, leaned forward in respect, and your wrists crossed over your head.”  he said as she tried to moved into the position he described.  he only had to make a few adjustments to get her into the correct pose.  “This is called the submit position.  If I command you to submit in the future you will take this position, if it is done incorrectly you shall be punished.  Do you understand pet?”

“Yes Master.”  Luna said as she tried to get used to the odd pose.

“Good.”  he said simply before kneeling down next to her so he could put her hair into a simple braid to keep it out of his way for the night.  Once he was satisfied with everything he stood and licked his lips as he looked down at his pet.

“This is your very last chance Luna.”  he said purposefully using her name. “After I start the collaring ritual you will be mine until I set you free.  If you accept my collar, kiss my hand.” he said holding his right hand out to her with his palm up.

She leaned forward slightly and kissed his palm, she was shaking with excitement and nerves, but she knew that she was making the right choice.

Draco picked up a black silk cord from the table and bound her hands together with a very intricate knot.  Once he made sure it was perfect he picked up his wand and cast the first of many spells needed for the ritual.

Next he chose a white rope and moved behind her so that he could bind her ankles together, he had to lift up her position just a bit so he could make sure the knots were placed correctly.  Once they were tied he cast the next spell then had her settle back down on her feet.

The next rope was blue and tied it under her breasts, and around her shoulders.  He fished the rope under the robe she still wore.  He cast the spell then stood back to enjoy the look of her before he went for the last rope.

It was green and a bit thicker than the other cords.  He tied it around her stomach and purposefully let a small tail from each end hand down between her legs.  When he cast the last spell she felt all the ropes tighten just a bit around her body, she she dared not move.

He opened the box with the collar in it once again and smiled down at the shaking Luna.  “With this collar I claim you as mine.”  he said simply before hooking the collar around her neck.  There was a small flash of light in the room and the cords around her tightened to the point that she worried she would lose a hand or foot, then they disappeared completely as if they had sunk into the skin itself.

“You may relax into a more comfortable position now my pet.”  he said and she quickly dropped her arms and moved her knees together.  “You should know that this ritual is reversible if I choose to one day set you free.  There is another ritual that can not be reversed, but I feel we are not ready for such a commitment just yet.”

“Yes Master.”

“Oh I almost forgot you tags.”  he said with a smirk as she looked up at him in confusion.  He showed her a small fire shaped charm that was made to hook to the dragons mouth.  On the back it was scribed with neat handwriting.

Name: Little Raven

If lost please return to Draco Malfoy (Master Dragon), Hogwarts, Slytherin House, Sixth Year Boy’s Dorm

“It is enchanted to always show where I am currently residing.”  he explained as he hooked it onto her collar.

Chapter 36: Her First

She flushed a bit at as she fingered the tag.  It was kind of humiliating thinking of things returning her to her Master, but at the same time the fact that he so clearly claimed her excited her in indescribable ways.

“Little Raven?” She asked looking up at him nervously.

“For the collaring you need a new name, one that represent your new life with your Master.  You have two lives now.  Luna Lovegood is a student at Hogwarts, she has a crush on Ronald Weasley, she likes to read her father’s magazine, and she is quite perceptive about the world around her.  Little Raven is the pet of Master Dragon, she quivers at his touch, and is obedient to his every order.”

“Do you have other pets Master?”  She asked as she looked back down at the floor.

“You are my first fully collared pet.  Pancy and I play the game, but she would never fully submit to me.”  he told her honestly.

“Will you take other pets Master?”  She asked wishing to know more about this life of Little Raven he was describing.

“I may, if I find others that please me as you do.”  He told her and pet his hand down her cheek.  Her body hummed with his touch, and his compliment.

“You have been such a good pet my Little Raven.”  he told her as he helped her to stand.  “It is time that I reward you for not giving herself to that trash Pucey.”  he his hands slowly glided down her form, gently brushing her breasts as he pushed the robe open more.  “What would you like?”  He asked smoothing as he leaned down and kissed her neck.

“I don’t deserve a reward Master.”  She said softly as her body trembled.  “You have given me so much already.”  At her words his hand came down on her thigh in a sharp spank.

“Pets do not disagree with their Masters.”  he said firmly and then knelt in front of her.  “You will stay standing.”  he commanded.  “If you fall you will be punished.”  he made himself clear before kissing her sweet mound.

“Yes Master.”  She said as she looked down at him.  Her senses already filled with need for his touch.

He pushed her legs apart a bit more so she would open herself to him.  Once he was satisfied with her position he rested his hands on her thighs.  His tongue moved against her labia, pushing it apart so he could take her excitement for him.

She gasped and swallowed hard as his tongue sent little shocks threw her body that settled back in her core.  Her nipples harden painfully and she started to feel a bit light headed when his tongue moved against her inner walls.

Teeth scraped against her awakening clitorus and she let out a little whimper as it all so to be too much to withstand.  Giving her womanhood a dog like lap he sat back and looked up at her.

“Do you like that pet?”  He asked as his fingers started to brush up and down her upper thighs.

“Oh yes Master.”  She said looking down at him with shaking need.

“Take off the robe my Little Raven.”  he ordered firmly and watched with a pleased smile as she complied.  “I really am looking forward to showing you off.” He said almost to himself.

“Master?”  She asked unsure what he meant.

“We will discuss it later my pet, for now only think about the pleasure I am giving you.”  He spoke before leaning in and lapping at her once again.  His wicked tongue moved against her, finding new and delightful ways of making her whimper and moan.

It didn’t take long of his attention before she was shaking.  Her legs were melting under her and she knew she would not be able to follow her Master command if he kept this treatment up.  Her hand settled on shoulder to find some way to hold herself still.

“Hands behind your back.”  he snapped in a commanding tone before going right back to work on her sex.  She whimpered as she obeyed, her head swimming unable to focus on anything but the divine mouth that consumed her.

“Master!”  She screamed as her body was pushed over the edge into oblivion.  She wasn’t sure what happened next, but when her head cleared she was in a heap on the floor, her Master kneeling over her.

“Did you like your reward pet?”  he asked as he licked his lips.

“Very much Master.”  She told him breathlessly.

“You know I have to punish you now?”  He asked a knowing gleam in his eye, wondering if she would accuse him of setting her up.

“I tried so hard to listen Master.”  She pleaded as she worked to catch her breath.

“But in the end you failed.”  he told her simply and moved to his feet.

“It just felt so good I couldn’t stand it Master.”  She whimpered not wishing to be punished for something she couldn’t control.

“You will have to learn self control my Little Raven.  It will come with time and discipline.  It is time for you to learn your next position.”  he said before helping her to her feet.  She still felt a bit unsteady but he supported her until he was sure she could support herself.

He led her over to one of the bed posts and too her hands.  “Bend over about half way and put enough weight on the post as you need to keep yourself steady.”  he said and walked around her.  “Spread her legs just beyond your shoulders, then arch her back so as to present your butt to your Master.”  He helped her get into the exact position he described and smiled down at his sweet little pet.

She made such a beautiful picture with herself so exposed to him.  He was right in taking this all slow and truly getting what he wanted from his little pet.  He would have to work very hard to keep her as innocent as she was now.

He didn’t want the tainted slut that Pucey had tried to mold her into.  Draco found that he was immeasurably more attracted to the submissive angelic creature in front of him now.

Shaking his head out of his musing he smiled at her. “Good Little Raven.  This is your paddling position.”  he told her as he went to get some supplies from the other table.  He picked out a blindfold and a small wooden paddle before moving back to her.

He tied the blindfold around her eyes and he smiled as she never even hinted at a pretest.  She trusted him with her body and he made him want to do wicked things to make her scream in pleasure.

Once he took her sight from her he readied the paddle in his hand.  “Count for me my pet.”  He said before bringing the paddle down firmly on her butt.  She gasped, but did not flinch at its sting.

“One Master”  She said remember the rules from before.  He brought the paddle down again, this time just below where he had hit the last time.

“Two Master.”  She whimpered  as she struggled not to move.  The next stroke was just above the first and her back arched a little into the pain.

“Three Master!”  She cried and he noticed she was shaking slightly unsteady on her feet.  He ran a soothing hand over the cheek he had reddened until he felt she was calmed enough to continue.  He moved to the other side and laid the same stripes upon the other cheek before he was done.

He smiled down at her reddened skin and ran his hand over it to sooth her.  His fingers dipped between her legs, and when he found her wet with desire he smiled.  “You crime was minor, so was the punishment.”  he told her soothingly as he guided her to stand once again.

When she moved to take the blindfold off her slapped her hand away.  “Did I tell you to removed my gift?”  he asked in a dark tone.

“No Master.”  She said her breath hitching a bit as she thought she might be punished for her crime.

“Then it stays on until I say otherwise.”  He told her firmly and helped her to lay back on the bed.  She whimpered as her punished rear brushed against the sheets.  There were as soft as they looked, which helped with the soreness a bit.

His breath caught in his throat as he looked down at her pale from against his black sheets.  She looked like an angel, glowing with divine light.  He leaned forward and carefully took her hair out of its braid, then spread it back across the bed.  He mouth went dry as his looked at her.  Just enjoying the fact that she was all his.

Unsure of what he was doing she shifted on the bed, her hand moving up her chest and running a light finger over her collar.  Why did it feel so right to belong to him?  She remembered the things she used to think about him.  She remembered the cruel things he and his friends used to pull on her, but with all they had been through together since he helped her make the team, all she felt was safe.

Draco leaned down and kissed the inside of her knee.  He would have her writhing under him before he took what he really wanted from her.  As his lips and tongue trailed slowly up her leg he could hear her breath start to deepen.

“Do you like that my pet?”  he asked as he turned and moved back down so he could give the same treatment to the other leg.  “Do you enjoy your Master’s tongue?”

“So very much Master.”  She answered sounding breathless.

“Should your Master lick every single inch of your body?”  he ask and let his hot breath brush over her womanhood.

“If it pleases him.”  She said as he legs spread a little in reaction to his closeness.

“That is a very good answer pet.  My Little Raven knows this is about my pleasure and not hers.  Her pleasure only comes from my pleasure.  Isn’t that right my pet?”  he asked lapping at her a bit just to tease.

“Yes Master.”  She gasped her back arching with his attention.  He chuckled softly and kissed his way up her body.  He brushed his lips over her hip bone, and ran his tongue around her navel.  he gave her butterfly kisses to her her breast and then lapped it quickly to make her gasp.  His lips and tongue trailed their way on her chest and collar bone.  He kissed the Dragon on her collar softly before moving to the underside of her jaw.

She was panting under him, wanting to reach out and touch him, but not wishing to displease him by doing so without permission.  “Master…”  She moaned her insides feeling like they were on fire, her thighs wet with her desire.

“You are nearly ready for you Master to take you.”  he told her softly and when his lips reached her ear he nipped before taking off the blindfold so he could look down into her eyes.

“I want you Master.”  She told him breathlessly, as she finally got to look up into her gray eyes.  Her hands unable to keep still any longer moved around his neck and brushed into her hair.

“Did I tell you to move pet?”  he asked giving her a swift speak to her thigh before taking her lips into a demanding kiss.  He would make her completely his tonight, and it would be perfect.

“I am sorry Master.”  She said with a whimper as he broke the kiss.  “I did not wish to displease you.”

“I forgive you my pet, just try and control yourself.”  He hold her as he moved up onto his knees to free his aching member from from the restraints of the leather pants.

Her eyes shifted down to him as he freed himself and she licked her lips trying to wet them.  She was so nervous, but she felt so safe with him.

“This is going to hurt a bit, but I will be as gentle as I can.”  he promised her as he moved the head of his shaft to her body.  She was shaking like a leaf under him and he just smiled and looked down into her eyes.

“Little Raven… You Master will only bring you pleasure… He will never do anything you can’t handle.”  he told her soothingly.  He slowly pushed his way in until he felt the resistance of her innocence.  He moaned and she whimpered.  “You feel so good my Little Raven.”  he told her softly and started to kiss her neck to get her to relax a bit before he went any further.  “Don’t you like pleasing your Master?”

“I do Master.”  She said slowly relaxing in his arms.  He pushed past her virginity with a single thrust and let her cry out in pain,  again he stopped and let the pain subside, let her get used to this new pleasure.

“Shoo, my sweet, that is the worst of it.” He promised as he waited for her body to relax once again.  “I swear it will feel good in a few moments.”  he told her as his finger moved between them and he started to do wicked things with a thumb against her clit.

His hips stayed perfectly still, his length halfway rapped in her perfect body he decided he would bring her to heaven before he went any further for himself.  His thumb worked madly against her, his lips trailing down to her on her perfect breasts so he could devour the little sensitive nub.

It wasn’t far after that he felt her body grip him like a vice and quiver around him as he pushed her over into ecstasy.  While she was still panting under him he pushed himself in the rest of the way and let out a low groan at how very worthwhile his wait had been.

“Oh my pet… Your Master is very pleased.”  he moaned before he started to take her with long slow thrust.

Chapter 37: A Pet’s Dream

By the time Draco was ready to actually sleep they were both covered in sweat and well satisfied.  Luna could barely keep her eyes open, but her limbs felt weak at her sides.  Her Master smiled down at her and kissed her lips softly one last time before getting to his feet and finding one last item to attend to.  He pulled a silver chain from his bedside table and attached it to her collar.

“Pets do not sleep unbound.” He told her before attaching the other end of the lead to a hook on his bed.  “I am sure you have missed this this week.”  he told her and kissed her neck softly as he snuggled against her.

“Yes Master…”  She said sleepily and closed her eyes as she drifted off to sleep.

It was morning and she walked into the Great Hall for breakfast.  When she looked at all the students around her she noticed everyone was wearing the Slytherin colors.  She looked down at herself and with a deep blush realized the only thing she wore was her collar.

She froze in panic and tried to cover herself so the others would not see her naked form.  As soon as her hands obscured any part of her body she felt the sting of a paddle to her butt.  Swinging around she looked for her Master, but no one was around her.

When she moved to leave the Great Hall there were several more spanks that make her gasp and they only stopped when she fell to her knees back inside the large room.

As soon as she was on her knees she felt like her Master’s tongue was licking her the way he had the night before.  She let out a soft moan and then blushed and looked around to see if anyone was watching her ordeal.

Everyone seemed to be completely ignoring her.  It was almost like she was below their notice, or her behavior was perfectly normal.  When she moved to get up there was another spank so she settled on her knees to go to her place at her table.

She moved to take her normal seat, when she felt the hard sting of a belt across her back.  She cried out the pain was so much, and moved back to her kneeling position by the bench.

What did this phantom want from her?  As she knelt and thought about it she could feel ghost lips kiss her neck softly.

“Where should a Little Raven eat?”  A voice she knew only she could hear asked.  She looked around and found her Master.  She bit her lower lip and shook her head.

The moment she disagreed with the voice she felt another hard strike her to back.  She let out a whimper and shook her head.  “But everyone will see…”  She told the voice miserably.

All the students around her started to laugh at the same time, all eyes now on her.  She tried to claw under the table to get out of view but found her leash not attached to her collar and keeping her pinned where she was.

“They laugh at Little Ravens who don’t know their place.”  the voice inside her head told her.  “Where do Little Ravens eat?”  It pressed and she could feel the leash pulling her towards her Master.

With a start she woke up in Draco’s bed, her butt and back still stinging from the dream.  She looked over to her Master who was awake and watching her.

“Bad dream my pet?”  he asked with concern.  She laid back down beside him as the pain subsided.

“I don’t know…”  Luna told him and closed her eyes.  “Where do Little Ravens eat?”  She asked softly.

“At their Master’s knee.”  he replied into her ear.  “But I am sure Lunas eat at tables.”  he said sounding amused by her question.

Chapter 38: A Trip Home

Before Luna knew it it was the night before christmas holidays.  As promised her training had changed dramatically after Draco became her full Master.  He focused much more on how she would meet his needs rather than some other man’s in the future.  Her taught what he expected of his pets, how she should stand and kneel, different positions for different purposes.  He was much more strict with her now, and she walked around with a sore bottom more often than not.

Her life had changed in other ways as well.  With Adrian now fully out of the picture again, Ron hadn’t quite gone back to ignoring her.  He still wasn’t completely friendly with her, but he seem to have taken it on as his job to keep unsavory types away from her.

Draco made a game of sending Slytherin boys to go flirt with his pet just to see the red headed git jump up and defend his pet’s honor.  Of course the rest of the Slytherins knew Luna was off limits, that she belonged to Draco, but that was a private in House matter.  Draco made sure her collar was only visible when they were in their private training sessions.

He hadn’t taken her again since the night of her collaring, he decided it was only something he would do on special occasions for now.  She would have to earn the right to feel him inside of her, and he still wished for her of her future with the Weasley git for now.  But that did not mean he did not give her a great amount of pleasure and reward her with the same.

The night before the Holidays they met their old classroom, and he went through a normal day’s training with her.  He smiled as she bent down to retrieve her clothes with her bottom red from his hand.  She had a very naughty little pet and looked him in the eyes during a position that required her to keep her chin up, but her eyes down cast.  She would only make the mistake again if she wanted another spanking.

“Little Raven, what are you doing for your holidays?”  Draco asked as she dressed slowly.

She looked over to him, but made sure not to make eye contact, her bottom was sore enough for one night.  “Luna is spending most of her time with her father.  On boxing day we have been invited to the Weasley’s for dinner.” She said, she had taken to responding to questions like this during their sessions.  As if Luna was a separate person from her, it just made it easier to keep it all straight in her head.

Draco frowned at this news, he did not like the idea of his pet being surrounded by the red headed brood.  “Why is that my pet?”  he asked sitting back on his desk.

She tilted her head as if she wasn’t sure what he was asking.  “We live right by them, and Ginny and Luna are more friendly now.”  She explained before going back to her clothes.

“I will have to think about how we can use this my Little Raven.”  he told her and rubbed his hands together.  “Maybe your Master can get you what you truly want soon.  If you can get away from those Gryffindor friends of yours on the train tomorrow, I want you to come to my cabin.  I have a present for you, but I don’t wish for anyone to see us together.”

“Yes Master.  I will try.”  She said before leaving him for the night.

It wasn’t until halfway through the trip home that Luna found a way to slip away from her friends.  She had sat in a compartment alone at first, but was soon joined by Ginny, Neville, and Harry.  She had almost gotten away sooner, but that was when Hermione and Ronald had come back from their prefect duties.

She made her way down to the other side of the train, keeping an eye on those who moved in the cabins and anyone who was in the hall.  She leaned against the wall outside of her Master’s compartment for a little while pretending to read the newest issue of the Quibbler while a few older Ravenclaws passed.

When she could finally slip in she looked around the compartment to see who else was there.  Her Master was sitting in the car corner with Pansy on his lap kissing his neck.  Crabbe and Goyle sat next to them watching with interest as Draco’s hand slipped up Pansy’s knee.

On the other side Blaise Zabini sat reading a book and ignoring them.  When she saw who was sitting next to Blaise she almost stepped back out of the compartment.  Adrian was sitting across from her Master looking as if he wanted to kill the blond with his bare hands.

Before she could leave her Master noticed her her saw what she was looking at and old smiled.  “Pet heel.”  he told her firmly so she wouldn’t back out of the compartment.  Blushing deeply she moved to the space and front of him and knelt down with her knees together and her head down.  

“Don’t mind him my Little Raven.”  Draco said as he waved a hand at Adrian.  “He knows better than to even look at you.”

With Draco’s attention now on Luna, Pansy slipped off his lap and moved across to the seat next to Adrian.

“Why…”  Luna started to ask more about Adrian before Draco held up a hand to stop her.

“Pets to not speak unless spoken to.”  he said firmly.

Luna flushed and glanced over to Adrian, still a bit nervous about him.  Adrian seemed to be studying the ceiling very closely a she tried to avoid looking at her at all.

“Maybe I should not give you your present since you are being a naughty pet today.”  Draco said then looked over to Pansy.  “What do you think?”

“Oh you know you want to give it to her, I would just punish her a bit first.”  She said and looked over to Blaise who had looked up when she moved to sit next to him.  “Wouldn’t you like to see Litten Raven punished?”  She asked with a cruel tone.

The darker skinned boy looked over at Luna’s back and then up to Draco as if considering.  “I can wait, who knows when your little pets friends will come looking for her.  After that was mistreated her…”  he started motioning to Adrian.  “…they have been a little jumpy to have her out of their sight.”

“That is true.”  Draco agreed which made Pansy pout a bit.  “Okay pet, I will go easy on you this time.”  He said finally addressing Luna once again.

He got up on his seat so he could pull a small bag out of his things.  Luna waited, deciding it was best to just kneel and look to the floor as she did.  She really didn’t know if she could handle being punished in front of the others.  When Draco settled back on the bench Luna glanced to his lap to see the small black package.

“This is for you my pet.”  he said setting it down in her lap.

She looked at the black paper and frowned then glanced up to him.  “Is it a christmas present?”  She asked softly confused.

Draco chuckled and shook his head.  “No no, this is not your christmas present, it is something you will need over the holidays.”

Now very confused she unwrapped the paper and found a few items inside.  The first thing that caught Luna’s eyes was the white leather mask that looked like it had been made to fit her face like a second skin.  It would cover her face from her eyebrows to her cheekbones.  Looking more closely at it she found that it was carved with tiny Raven designs.

She set that aside wondering what she would be needing it for, then looked to the next item.  It was a simple white linen dress.  She assumed it was a nightgown of some kind because it would be completely see through.  She held it up to her form to look at it more closely.  It was sleeveless, and the v-neck would go all the way to the bottom of her breasts.  It was very fitted from her breasts to mid stomach, and the rest flowed loosely down to her mid thigh.

She glanced around at the occupants of the cabin to see if there was any explanation for the garment.  Crabbe and Goyle were both looking at her like she was something to eat.  Pansy still looked annoyed but most of her attention was on Adrian, who was trying very hard not to look at her, when he briefly lost the battle and their eyes met she could see lust in them.  She quickly turned to Blaise who was looking at her with an arrogant smirk.  Finally when she looked up to her Master with questioning eyes, still holding the dress up to her body her smiled at her.

“Lets just say it is part of your uniform.”  he answered her unasked question.

She set the dress aside and found one last item in the small package.  There was a silver pin in the shape of a tree with an s carved into the trunk.  She frowned at it having absolutely no clue what it was or meant.  She looked up to her Master for the answer.

“That is a membership pin to the Dancing Dryad.”  he told her simply.

“Slaves don’t need the platinum membership Draco.”  Pansy said sounding annoyed again.  “I thought you were going to get her bronze.”  She said with a bit of a huff.  Luna looked between her Master and Pansy all the more confused by the pin.  She had no idea what the Dancing Dryad was.

“She is my pet Pansy, and you are just upset because I only got you gold.”  Draco answered with a smirk.

She narrowed her eyes at him as if he had hit the mark exactly.  Blaise chuckled and looked opened his book back up as if he knew the entertaining portion of the trip was now over.

Luna packed the few things back into the paper and placed it in her satchel by her side.  Draco reached down and ran his fingers through her hair before looking back to Blaise.  “So what are you plans for the holiday?”  he asked to change the subject.

The Slytherins talked like that for some time, only Luna and Adrian staying silent as the friends carried on.  Draco pet Luna’s head all the while, the motion soothing and relaxing her.  She only noticed when he stopped.  Looking up she saw that Pansy had moved back into his lap and seemed to be demanding all his attention.

A bit of jealousy crept up inside Luna as she looked away from the couple.  She knew she was the pet, it wasn’t like she was offering herself to Draco in that way.  She still wanted Ron right?

“Master, Luna will be missed soon.  She should head back to her friends.”  Luna said softly not wishing to upset anyone.

“Yes yes..”  Draco said and waved her off with one hand as his other was moving up Pansy’s back.

She got to her feet and looked out before she left the compartment to head back to her friends.  When she stepped back inside Ron looked up from a pile of chocolate frogs and frowned at her.  “Where have you been?”  he asked setting aside the chocolates before checking behind her in the hall.

“I went to read in the luggage compartment, sometimes if you are quite enough you can hear a sneezle there.”  She said with a soft smile before she took her seat.

“Oh.”  Ron said as if he wasn’t sure how to respond to such a statement.  “Well if you would have told me I would have come with you.”  he decided on as he sat back down and opened a candy for himself.

“Why?”  She asked curiously looking up at him.

“Because you shouldn’t go places alone.  I wouldn’t put it past your slime ball ex to hex you.. or worse.”  he said firmly and looked around for backup from his other friends.

“I saw him in Draco Malfoy’s compartment.”  She told him with a shrug.  She wasn’t scared of Adrian, but that was mostly because she knew her Master would protect her, and she couldn’t tell Ron that.

“Should have known they would be friends.  Wouldn’t put it past Malfoy to be behind what that git did to you.”  Ron huffed looking very angry.

Luna shook her head and sighed at Ron.  “Everyone should be responsible for their own actions, even me Ronald.  I chose to date Adrian even though I was warned against him.”  She pointed out.  She lifted up her copy of the Quibbler so she could start reading.

“Well that doesn’t make him any less of a git for taking advantage of you.”  Ron said firmly and this time everyone in the cabin agreed.

“I mean I only really did it to get your attention.  I am not sure if it worked in the way I wanted…”  She started lowering the magazine so she could look over at him.

Ron choked on his chocolate, his eyes going wide at her statement, like out of all the crazy things she had said in her life, that one was the craziest.  “You… what?”

“I’ve been trying to come up with ways of getting your attention all year, but obviously from your expression you haven’t noticed.”  She said with a sigh.  “I think I am going to give up soon, you seem to be rather dense.”

A stunned silence filled the compartment as all the occupants stared at Luna, and she went back to reading her Quibbler.

Chapter 39: Parents

Luna was in her room unpacking for the holiday when she heard her father calling up the stairs.  “Luna, there is an owl for you!”  he yelled before going back to making them lunch.  She shrugged and went down to find out who had written her so soon after being home.

The owl was gone by the time she got down, but the green envelope with her name on it told her exactly who the letter was from.  Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered why he was writing so soon.  She opened it quickly and found that there was a card and a letter.  She looked at the letter first.

Little Raven,

You did not think I would wish to be without my pet for a whole two weeks?  How long do you need to spend with your father before he will let you come to me without suspicion?  I have enclosed an invitation for both you and your father to the Malfoy Christmas Gala. You will be attending, you father may also come if he wishes.

You Master,

Draco Lucius Malfoy

Luna looked at the card and sure enough it is an invitation addressed to both my father and her for the Malfoy Christmas Gala.  It was one of the events of the year in pureblood society and she knew her father had actually been wanting to see the Malfoy estate for years.  Ever since there had been a sighting of a Snoralack in the lake of the Malfoy grounds.

“It seems the Malfoys have finally decided to invite us to the Christmas Gala this year.”  Luna told her father and held out the invitation.  “It must be all those letter you wrote Mr. Malfoy.”  She continued with a smile.

“Well I did try and write Mrs Malfoy this year, maybe that is the trick of it.”  He said and smiled at the invite.

“That must be it.”  She told him with a smile.  “Father, I was actually wondering if I could spend most of the holiday with some new friends of mine?”  she asks trying to seem casual.

“Friends?  Have you made a lot of new friends this year Luna dear?”  he asked happily.

“Oh yes.  I think joining the Quidditch team was a very smart idea.”  She told him making it seem like the friends she wanted to spend time with were on the team.

“Well I don’t see why not.  Do you still want to go to the Weasley’s for boxing day?  I know you were looking forward to that.”  he asked looking up form in card in his hand.

“Of course we already said we would go.” She said with a smile.  “We can meet at the Gala and I can come back here for the night so we can go together the next afternoon.”

“Well if that makes you happy my dear, I don’t wish to stand in your way.”  he told her and kissed the top of her head.  “When are you leaving?”  He asked with a frown.

“I will have to write my friend and ask when I can come over.”  Luna said as she pulled out a piece of parchment.

Draco smiled as an owl he had never seen before flew in through the window and landed next to his plate.  It would have to be from Luna.  It took the letter and ignored his parents questioning looks so he could read it.


As long as I can go home with father after the Gala and have Boxing Day with the Weasleys my father has no problem with me spending the rest of my holiday with my new friends.  When and where would you like you to join you?

~Little Raven

Draco licked his lips and read the note twice.  The owl was waiting for a reply so he quickly scribbled the answer to her question and sent it on its way.

“What was that about Draco?”  His mother asked looking up from her lunch curiously.

“I am having a friend spend the holidays with me here.  She wanted to know when she could come over.”  he told her as he took a bite of his own lunch.

“She?”  His mother pressed curiously.  “Are you and the Parkinson girl getting more serious?”  She asked with obvious distaste.

“She is a gold digger son.  You shouldn’t take her that seriously.  She will spend you out of your inheritance before I have a chance to die.”  His father put in.

“Oh I am not planning on marrying Pansy father.  She is just a placeholder for when I find a woman worthy of the Malfoy name.”

“Well that is good to hear at least.”  His mother sighed and tilted her head curiously.  “So who have you invited to stay then?”

He glanced to her father and then smiled to his mother.  “Her name is Luna, she is a sweet little pureblood that has a bit of a crush on me.  I thought the holiday would give us a chance to get to know one another.”

“I see, well I can have a room ready for her in the east wing by tonight.”  his mother told him with a smile.  Draco nodded and glanced to his father again, he should talk to him about what his real plans were, but his mother was too innocent to be privy to such things.

“Thank you mother.”  he said and turned his full attention to Lucius.  “Father, after lunch I was hoping I could show you some of the hex work I have been doing at school.”

“I have have already put aside some time for us today.”  The older man confirmed then went back to eating his lunch.

Once they were alone in his father study later that day it was Lucius that brought up the subject of Draco’s pet.  “So who is this Luna girl?”  he asked as he fingered the snake head of his cane.

“Honestly father, she is my pet.”  Draco answered leaning back in the leather chair to get more comfortable.  He put one of his legs up on the arm of the chair and sat causally.

Lucius sneered and looked over to his son.  “Like the Parkinson girl?”  He asked his obvious dislike for Pansy clear in his voice.

“No no.” Draco said putting his hands up.  “Pansy plays my games sometimes because she wants your money father, but she is not made to be a pet.  We both know that.  No, I have actually bond Luna to be already, like Dancing Flower was bond to you.”

“I got rid of Dancing Flower when you were seven, what do you even know of that relationship?”  His father sneered again.

“I know that when mother found out about her was the only time she has ever yelled at you, and I found the journals you had her keep.  Does mother know you kept them I wonder?”  Draco asks slyly.

Lucius narrowed his eyes at his son.  “I see.  What do you want from me then my boy?”  Draco’s father asks in a low deadly tone.

“I wanted to know if I could use your personal dungeon over the holidays.  I think it would be a good training space for my pet.”  Draco asked with a smile.

Lucius waved his hand as if the request was nothing.  “I hardly get to use it myself these days.  Do not think I don’t know who really showed your those journals.  Let your godfather know I am not pleased with him.”

Draco smiled innocently.  “I have no idea what you are talking about father, but I will pass on the message.”

“So tell me before this pet of yours comes to my house, did you use the exact same binding that I did on Dancing Flower?”  Lucius asked curiously.

Draco frowned unsure why he wished to know.  “Yes father, it seemed the best choice for now, out of those I have access to anyway.”

His father just licked his lips and smiled.  “Yes, it is a very good binding for a pet.  So what is your pet’s real name?”  Again the innocence in Lucius’ voice seemed suspicions.

“Little Raven, why?”  Draco asked as he narrowed his eyes at his father.

“Just wondering, nothing more…”  He answered with a shrug.

Chapter 40: Malfoy Manor

Luna stepped through the floo to Malfoy Manor at exactly nine o’clock like Draco’s message had instructed.  She decided to just bring everything she had packed for the Holiday, since Draco had made it sound like she would be staying for almost the whole thing.

When she dusted the soot out of her eyes she looked up at the three blonds waiting to greet her.  She hadn’t really thought about her Master’s parents until she came face to face with them.  His mother was tall and willowy, her nose in the air she looked down on Luna with only slight interest.  His father on the other hand was looking as if he wished to inspect her like a prized horse he was planning to buy, she wondered if he was going to ask to check her teeth.

Her Master on the other hand smiled and walked forward to offer his arm to her.  “I will show you to your room Luna.  I think it would be better if everyone got to know one another in the morning.”  he said as he almost pulled her from the room.

Once they were out of earshot of his parents he started to speak.  “So Little Raven you will actually be sleeping in my rooms, but for my mother’s sake we will pretend you are staying in the room she had made up.  When my mother is around you are to be Luna, and when she is not you are Little Raven.  Do we understand each other?”  he asked holding her close.

“Yes Master.  So your father knows that I am your pet?”  She asks curiously.

Draco nods and smirks.  “He is letting us you his play room over the holiday.”  he said and looked over to her.  “I think you will like it, I can start to truly show you the pleasure of pain.”  He added as he leaned down to kiss her neck.

A shiver went through Luna as she remembered the many spankings she had gotten over the last few weeks.  “Is that why your father was looking at me like that?”

“How was he looking at you exactly?”  Draco asked with a frown on his lips.

“Like you do sometimes, when you are trying to decide what to do with me next.”  She told him.  His frown at the information made her worry.

“That’s good to know.”  Draco said as he led her into a lovely room decorated in light blue.  “Mother thought you would enjoy the blue guest room.  You will be doing all your changing and most of your bathing here.”  he said as he let go of her arm so she could look around.

Luna set down her back and shrugged.  It was a lovely room, but if she wasn’t going to spend much time here she wasn’t really that interested in it.

“Tomorrow night we are going to the Dryad to meet some friends.”  He told her with a smile.  “But tonight I thought we could just relax and settle in.  “I will come fetch you at eleven you should be showered and ready for me.”  he told her firmly as he looked into her eyes.

“What should I wear Master?” She asked unsure if she could get used to living as his pet over the holidays.

“Nothing.”  he told her and smirked.  he walked over to her and ran his finger around her neck before saying the word so that her collar could be seen by anyone who looked.  “That is better.”

With that he left her alone to unpack her things.  She turned back to the room, almost having two hours to kill she put all of her clothes away in the wardrobe then took a very long relaxing shower.  She even took the time to straighten her hair with her wand, letting it flow loosely down to her waist.  By the time eleven rolled around she was laying in bed reading while she waited for him to arrive.

He opened the door without knocking and Luna sat up and put the book behind her like he had caught her doing something wrong.  He smiled at her guilty behavior and at how lovely she looked with her hair actually done.

“Heel.”  he ordered pointing to the spot in front of him.  “And bring the book as well I want to know what you were trying to hide.”  His voice firm as he looked at her.

Luna jumps off the bed with the book in hand and moved to kneel in front of him with her head down as he had ordered.  She set the book in her lap and waited for his next order.

“The book pet.”  he said sternly as he held out his hand for the item.  She whimpered and held it up for him.  When he looked down at the cover her smirked.  “Master and Slaves: A Love Story.  This is a muggle book my pet, what do you think you will learn from it?”  He asked with a sneer.  “Do you think we are in love?”  He teased her and tossed the book aside.

“No Master.” She said meekly.  “But I couldn’t find any wizard books on being a pet, and I wanted to know more about what to expect in our relationship.” She told him softly.

“I will give you any information you need, if you have a question you shall ask me.  Is that understood?  No more reading trash muggle books.”  he told her firmly.

“Yes Master, but can I ask a question?”  He sighed, he knew that book would be trouble.

“Fine, one question and then you will forget about that book.”  he told her in a tone that left no room for argument.

“Why don’t I have a safe word?”  She asked softly.

“Safe words are for those who play at the relationship we have.  I am your Master you are my pet, it is up to me when you have had enough.  I will never push you past what you can take.”  he told her firmly.

“Yes Master.”  She said and nodded as she wrapped her head around his words.

“Good.”  He nodded and pulled her chain leash out of his pocket.  “Now I wish to walk you to my room.  My mother is asleep so we have no reason to worry about being caught.”

Luna blushed, her Master had not walked her like this since the day her had first given her the leash. It embarrassed her greatly that he enjoyed treating her like she was lower than human, but she knew it pleased him, and that was her role so she did not complain.

She kept her head down as he walked her down the all, every so often he would reach down and pet her on the head or butt to show her how pleased he was with her submission.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs that led up into the family wing draco stopped suddenly.  “Heel.”  he ordered and Luna knelt with her back straight and her head down, she wondered why they had stopped until Draco’s next word.  “Father” he said which made Luna jump and cover her breast then shrink down into a tiny ball.  She did not wish to be exposed in front of the older Malfoy.

“Draco does your pet not even know how to properly heel when ordered?”  Lucius asked with a smirk on his lips.  Draco looked down at his pet and growled.

“Little Raven heel.  Now.”  he ordered, and he sounded more than angry.  She swallowed hard and moved back into her kneeling position blushing deeply as she could only imagine the older man leering at her.

The older man laughed and moved down the stairs towards them.  “I see you have a lot of training left to do with this one.”  Lucius said sounding amused.

“We only have so much free time at school.”  Draco responded defensively.

“Would you like some help training her?  You know I have a lot of experience disciplining a naughty pet.”  Lucius offered with a smirk.

“No, I think it is best if her discipline comes from her Master and no one else.  I do not wish to confused her.”  Draco answered politely.

“Do let me know if you change your mind.”  he said and licked his lips before heading off to another direction.

Luna whimpered and looked up at her Master.  “I don’t want him to touch me Master.”  She told him softly.  Draco frowned at first and then sighed.

“Do not worry pet, my father is just being a dirty old man.  He is definitely not the one I would go to to help me discipline you.”  he told her softly.

“Who would you go to Master?”  She asked, still feeling worried.

“If you are good you will never have to find out.”  he said and pulled on the leash so she would follow him up the stairs.

Chapter 41: The Dancing Dryad

Luna stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and looked at herself.  She was wearing her new ‘uniform’ as her Master had called it and she felt like a slave from some forgotten temple.  Like she had thought the dress was completely see through, so she was allowed to wear white cotton knickers and a patching bra.

Linen, cotton, leather, these were all basic natural materials, she wondered if there was a meaning there that her Master was following.  Even the tie she used to keep the tidy braid in place was made of white cotton.

Draco moved up behind her silently and let his hands rest on her hips as he looked at her reflection in the mirror.  “You look good enough to eat my sweet.”

“Master?”  She asked unsure if she was allowed to speak.

“Yes Little Raven?”  he answered and gave his permission with his words.

“Is there a reason I am wearing all white?”  She asked curiously.

“I like to think of you as innocent.”  he said simply as he ran his hands up her sides.

“I am far from innocent any more Master.”  She said blushing as she remembered all the things they had done together.

“You are what I say you are.  You still blush as the thought of my tongue tasting your sweet honey.”  he commented and smiled as she blushed all the more.

“I am sorry Master.”  She said meekly dropping her eyes.

He leaned in and nipped at her ear.  “No reason to be sorry my pet.  Your innocence pleases you Master.  He never wishes for you to lose it.  He enjoys defiling it way too much.”  He teased and stepped back.

She giggles at his words and glanced up to him.  “Then I will work hard to hold onto it Master, to please you.”

“Good girl.”  Draco laughed as he attacked her new leash to her collar.  “I have a cloak you can wear till we get there.  Don’t forget to put on your pin.  We wouldn’t want anyone to think you are just a guest.”

She nodded and went over to her dresser to find the pin before fastening it to her dress.  “What is this place we are going to Master, and why did you get such an… I mean Pansy said I could.”  Luna blushed she had been waiting to ask why he had spent so much on her.

“To be honest I got you the platinum membership because I am a very greedy boy.”  he said with a smile as he wrapped a white wool, fur lined cloak around her shoulders.  When she looked at him with confusion he smiled and continued.  “If you haven’t already guessed Little Raven, the Dancing Dryad is a private club that caters to those in relationships like ours.  It is a place where you are free to be my Little Raven.”

“So why are there levels of membership?”  She asks as he leads her from the room down to the main hall.

“There are actually both levels and types of membership.  I have a dominate membership for myself, while I got a submissive membership for you.”  he said with a smile.  “I think that part is really self explanatory.  There are six levels of membership to the club: wood, bronze, gold, silver, platinum, and diamond.  Wood only gets you entry to the main room of the club, you can’t go into any of the private or theme rooms unless you are with an owner or diamond member.  Which is why Pansy understands I would never get you that level.  Bronze on the other hand will get you into many of the theme rooms, but not all, unless you are accompanied by a dominant member who does have access to those rooms.  Gold gets you into any theme or private room you want, well besides for the platinum and diamond lounges.  Platinum gets you in anywhere but the diamond lounge, and diamond members pretty much have owners rights.”

Luna frowned as she took all of this information in.  “Then why not get my bronze like Pansy suggested?”  She asked not thinking she would ever go to this club without her Master anyway.

“Well that is where the greedy boy part comes in.  As I have gotten you a submissive pin, any member of a higher level than yourself is allowed to play with you.  Rules of the club.”  he said with a frown.

She blushed again and swallowed hard as the understanding of that came to her fully.  “So you are going to let diamond members play with me Master?  And Pansy wished for many more members to have the right to play with me?”  She asked meekly.

“That and the owners if they wish, fortunately there are only half a dozen diamond members there at a time.  They are usually good about not stepping on anyones toes if the pet or slave is already busy.  Bronze pets get passed around a lot though.”  he told her evenly.  “I think Pansy would have liked to see you be passed around.  That reminds me, tonight if she is there you are to call her Mistress Park if she addresses you.  It seems she got herself a dominate membership.”

They flooed to the Malfoy city house and then they got a cab to what looked like it was a muggle night club called Decadence.  Draco bypassed the line of those waiting to get in by slipping the bouncer a few galleons.  He took her straight back to a door with a door with a tree on it that she was pretty sure the muggles couldn’t even see.

The door opened up into what looked like a very high class waiting room.  Off to one side was a cloak check to the other side was two doors with a tall desk between them.  Draco lead them to the cloak check first and handed over the cloak hiding most of Luna’s body.  She blushed and leaned into Draco ever so slightly when the man that took their coats gave her a once over.

It seemed Draco had also dressed for the evening, he wore tight fitting leather pants, dragon hide boots, a blood red cotton shirt, black leather vest and gloves.  Luna noticed he also had what looked to be a deep red riding crop hanging from his belt.

She swallowed hard and took a step away from him before lowering her eyes to the ground.  Draco chuckled and took hold of the end of her leash so he could lead her to desk in front of the two doors.

Only now did Luna notice the woman dressed completely in shiny black vinyl sitting behind the desk.

“Master Dragon, off for the holidays it seems?”  She asked pleasantly before her eyes shifted to Luna.  “Oh and you brought a slave, she is even collared?”  She asked sounding surprised.

“Little Raven is my pet.”  Draco corrected the woman in a firm tone.

“Sorry Master Dragon, I did not mean to assume.”  She said lowering her own eyes.  “Would you like me to make it up to you later?”  She asked in a very suggestive tone.

“That will not be necessary Whip.  Is anyone of interest around tonight?”  he asked to change the subject.

The woman named Whip looked disappointed but said nothing to the rejection.  “Master Prince is with Lord Oak in the tree lounge, the Master mentioned something about wishing to speak with you if you came in.  He did not look happy.  Also Master Inferno is in private 18 having a bit of a party, you are on the invited list.”

Draco sighs and looks over at Luna for a moment.  “Better go see Master Prince before he hunts me down to skin me.”  He says and tugs on her leash before heading through the left door.  This opens up into a room very much like the nightclub outside.  A large dance floor is filled with thumping bodies as a DJ plays music with a very load base element.

There are several doors off from this room which all have a symbol on them instead of a number.  Draco goes directly to a green door marked with another tree.  The moment they step through the music is replaced by sounds of the forest.  Luna would be sure they had traveled outside but the air is warm and pleasant.  It looks as if they have stepped into a nighttime forest with moss covered paths.

“Lord Oak usually rules from the left path.”  Draco says almost to himself.

“Lord Oak?” Luna asks softly, the millions of questions she had were becoming too much to bare.

“He is one of the owners of the club.  Lord means owner.  Master means dominate, and neither means submissive.”  he told her softly and then smiled.  “Down on your knees pet, I wish for Master Prince to get a good first impression of you.”

Luna dropped to her knees still blushing.  It was one thing to do this in front of a few people, but it seemed much harder to do it in such an open space.  Draco led her down the path like that, walking at a pace she could keep up with easily.

When he stopped she glanced up to see where they were.  They had come out into a small clearing lined with green leather chairs and sofas.  In the center there was a magical blue bonfire that had no wood.

There were two men lounging comfortably.  One sat in a high backed chair, and had several women around him.  He wore a very similar outfit to Dracos, but it was completely brown and looked as if it was made completely out of leather.  The women around him wore different colored loincloths with their breasts exposed and bits of jewelry hanging off their nipples.  They all attended to the man in different ways, one seemed to be cleaning his nails, as another was serving as a footrest on all fours.

But it was the other man that made Luna turn bright red and think about running.  Professor Snape looked very much like himself, in his high collared black robes and his grim expression.  The only thing that made Luna question if he was real was the slightly younger woman with pale blue hair sitting in his lap as he ran his hand down her exposed back.  She wore a dress similar to Luna’s, but it was also pale blue and she wore no collar.

Suddenly Luna realized her Master was upset for some reason so she decided she would have to be on her best behavior.

“What are you doing with her?”  Draco snapped to his godfather.

The other man, who Luna guessed was Lord Oak just laughed.  “I told you he wouldn’t take her return well.”  He told the Professor lightly.

“She isn’t his, she belongs to my fam…”  Draco started but the Professor cut him off.

“Her collar was stripped from her Master Dragon, she belongs to no one so I can enjoy her if I wish.”  he stated firmly.  “but this is not what I wished to discuss with you as I am sure you know.”  He said and motioned to one of the seats nearby.  “I spoke with your father this afternoon, he was quite livid with me you see.”

“Before you get into that Master Prince I wish to know what this little treat Master Dragon brought with him is.”  Lord Oak cut in and motioned to Luna.

It seemed like the Professor noticed Luna for the first time when the other man pointed her out.  “I think you are correct Lord Oak, for I see a collar around her neck, and this is the first I have heard of a new pet.”

Luna whimpered and forced herself not to move behind Draco to hide.  Draco just smiled and pulled on her leash slightly.  “Little Raven stand so they can get a better look at you.”  he commanded.

Luna stood and put her hands behind her back with her head up but her eyes down.  It was an inspection position and she thought it would be what her Master would want.

“You have fine taste Master Dragon.”  Lord Oak said as he got to his feet to walk over to Luna.  “Little Raven you called her?  I think you are wrong, look how pale she is?  I think what you have here is a Dove.”  The older man said with a smile as he inspected her from all sides.  “A very sweet little dove.”

The dark Professor did not stand, but he moved the woman from his lap to a position kneeling at his feet.  “Why did you not come and speak to me about this?”  Snape asked as he motioned to Luna with a sneer on his lips.  “Did your father talk you into it?”

“No Master Prince my father had nothing to do with it.  He just met her yesterday.”  Draco responded sounding annoyed.  “And I didn’t come to you because I knew you would say I wasn’t ready.  Must we really have this talk in front of my pet?”  he asked with a deep frown.

The Professor narrowed his eyes for a moment and shook his head.  “No, but I will be coming by the house tomorrow so we can finish this conversation, and the other one.”  he said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Draco then turned to Lord Oak who looked ready to devour Luna with his eyes.  “Lord Oak, this is her first night here, I was hoping to keep her to myself for a little while until she adjusts, if that would not offend you?”

Luna couldn’t help but whimper at the idea of the older man doing something to her.  The sound was soon answered by a sharp sting to her thigh as corrected her action with the riding crop.  This only made her whimper again at the pain.

“It seems she needs more training anyway.  You know I do not enjoy the training part.”  Lord Oak said with a sigh.  “But as soon as she is ready I wish for you to come to me first.  Lord Elm and Lady Willow have to wait their turn.”  he told Draco firmly.

“It will be so Lord Oak.”  Draco says with only a slight bow.

“I will see to her after Lord Oak.”  Snape says a moment later which causes Luna to completely break position and look at her Master in panic.

“Once she is trained.”  Was all Draco says before he quickly leads her away.

Once they are out of earshot of the two men Luna could not hold her tongue a moment longer.  “You said only owners and diamond members can, play with me.”  She said to her Master meekly.

“My godfather is a diamond member sweet.  Do not worry I am sure he just wished to frighten you.”  He told her soothingly.

Chapter 42:  Private Room 18

Draco stopped in front of door number 18 in the long hall of private rooms. He looked to his pet and smiled.  “Down.  You shall enter the room like a good pet.”  he told her firmly and pointed to the ground.

Luna dropped to her knee and flushed a bit once again.  She only had a small idea of who was on the other side of the door, but it was still very embarrassing to be treated like an actual animal.

“Good girl.”  Her Master said and ran his hand over her hair as a reward.  Her stomach did a little flip at his praise, she was finding it was better than anything in the world to be praised by her Master.

When he opened the door and lead her inside she kept her head down as she followed him, so she did not have to see who else was in the room just yet.

“Master Inferno, Mistress Park.”  Draco greeted his friends and lead Luna over to a green velvet sofa.  “How are your nights going so far?”

“This place is a whole lot better when you are a Mistress.”  Pansy purred which made Luna’s eyes glance to her.  What she saw made her freeze halfway to the couch.  Pansy wore a tight fitting leather cat suit that had a diving neckline to show off ample cleavage.  But somehow this looked normal to Luna.  No, it was the boy sitting next to her with a thick black dog collar around his neck that made Luna freeze: Adrian Pucey.

“How is your new slave working out?”  Her Master asked with his eyes on his own pet.

“He is a very naughty boy.”  Pansy purred again pulling Adrian closer by a very short black leather leash so that she could lightly kiss his lips.  “I have to punish him constantly.”

“So well then.”  Draco responded with a laugh as he pulled Luna towards the couch once again.  Luna crawled after him with her head down, not wishing to feel another smack from his crop.  She could still feel the last one stinging her thigh.

“How is Little Raven handling the club?”  Blaise’s voice came from nearby on the couch, which made Luna look up once again.

Blaise was dressed exactly like Draco, only his shirt and crop were green instead of red.  Luna vaguely recognized the girl on his lap from Hufflepuff.  She had dark skin and hair, and she was dressed in nothing but skimpy bright yellow knickers.  She wore no collar but she seemed to be enjoying the fact that Blaise had one hand down the front of her knickers and the other playing idly with her breast.

Before she knew it Draco was pulling her up into his own lap.  It was a new position for her, but she had to admit that she liked to feel her Master’s strong arms around her.

“I think she is doing quite well considering this is her first time.”  Draco answered his friend.  “She has only broken position when she realized Master Prince was my godfather.”  He added with a chuckle as his pet his hand down her back lightly.

“I heard he was looking for you, what did he want so soon in the holiday?”  Blaise asked as his companion moaned on top of him.

“I got him into a bit of trouble with father.”  Draco answered with a sigh.  “But now he wants to take it out on my pet.” He added sounding more annoyed.

Luna whimpered and nuzzled her nose into his neck.  “Which you can see she isn’t happy another either.”

“I didn’t think he liked playing with students.”  Pansy cut in as she pushed her slave off the couch and put her feet up on his shoulder.

“Why?  Because he never wanted to play with you?”  Blaise asked as the girl in his arms started to moan a bit loader.  He smacked her thigh with his hand.  “We are talking slave.”  He reprimanded her then went back to what he was doing before.

Pansy huffed and narrowed her eyes at Blaise.  “Are you trying to say that little twit over there is more desirable than me?”  She asked with narrowed eyes.

“I don’t know, have I ever imagined your lips wrapped around my cock?”  Blaise countered with a smirk as his slave moaned again.  “The answer is no.”  He added with a laugh.

“Master Dragon are you going to let him talk to me like that?”  Pansy asked as she turned to Draco with a frown.

“You are a Mistress now, you should be able to defend yourself.”  Draco told her with a shrug.  His hands traveled down to Luna’s legs so he could push her skirt up slowly.

Pansy narrowed her eyes for a moment more before standing and turning to Blaise.  “Well you are the only male in this room that has to imagine what her lips feel like.  Isn’t that right slave?”  She said looking down to Adrian.

“Yes Mistress, the slut gave me a wonderful blow job in the hall a month or so ago.”  Adrian answered with a smirk on his lips.  Pansy patted him on the head in reward.

“I don’t think you can call a girl who has only done things with two guys a slut.”  Blaise answered as his slave arched her back.  “Off.”  he commanded suddenly and spanked her thigh again before pushing her to the ground.  “Now how many guys have you been with Mistress Park?”  He asked innocently while his slave whimpered in need.

“Shut up, if you are just going to abuse me like this I am taking my slave elsewhere.”  She snapped and left the room.

“I never thought she would leave.”  Blaise said and turned his attention to Draco.  “She is a rather annoying little slag, why do we keep her around?”  He asked as if he needed reminding.

Draco smirked and tapped his fingers against Luna’s thigh.  “Because she is a useful slag as well.”  he said and took hold of Luna’s braid so he could turn her head and kiss her neck.  “Who is the slave by the way?”  He asked and motioned with his free hand to the girl on the floor.

“Just a little Huffleslut trying to gain my collar.”  Blaise said as he looked down at the girl.

“Didn’t think you were planning to collar any time soon.”  Draco said as he enjoyed the taste of Luna’s neck.  Luna closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feel of her Master’s lips and hands.

“I’m not, but she feels she is special.  Don’t you slave?”  He asked as he looked down at the girl.

“Yes Master, please Master may I pleasure you?”  The girl had moved to a kneeling position in front of him.

“Do you feel you deserve a reward after disobeying me?”  Blaise asked with narrowed eyes.

“No Master.”  She said with a whimper and slumped her shoulders.

“I am glad to hear it, but you may worship my boot while I am talking.”  Blaise said and the girl leaned down and started to kiss and nuzzle his shoe without another word.

Draco watched the girl for a while before looking back to his friend.  “She seems clingy to me.”  He said finally before going back to kissing Luna’s neck.

“Do you want to try her, I am sure she would be just as happy with your collar.”  Blaise said with a smirk.

“Do I look like I am in need of a second hand pet?”  Draco asked with a raised eyebrow, his hand pulling Luna a bit closer.

“I am not sure, I haven’t had a chance to see this one very well.”  Blaise said as he motioned to Luna.

“That is true.”  Draco said with a smirk and turned Luna’s head again to place a soft kiss on her lips.  “Pet I wish for you to give us a show.”  He told her and helped her to stand back up.  “Strip down to your collar.  Pets as lovely as you don’t need clothes anyway.”

Luna blushed and worked very hard not to look at Blaise as she slowly pulled the dress up over his head, then dropped it on the ground behind her.  Next she undid the small clasp in front of her bra and slipped it off her shoulders.

“Why have her wear one of those at all?”  Blaise asked in a tone that suggested he was inspecting a racing griffon.  “The breast are defying gravity without it.”

“Because I enjoy unwrapping them, and she is not a slut like Park’s slave seems to think.”  Draco said, not taking his eyes off of Luna.

As Luna hooked her thumbs into the sides of her knickers and bent down to pull them down her legs the door behind her opened again.  She froze for a moment in the exposed position as the person walked around her and knelt down in front of the two Masters.

“Drinks?”  Whip asked with a devious smirk on her lips.

“Thank you.”  Blaise said as he look his glass then turned his eyes back to Luna.

“Finish.”  Draco said firmly as his eyes narrowed at his pet.  He took his own drink from Whip but said nothing to her.

Luna pulled the knickers the rest of the way down and stepped out of her shoes once she let them fall to the ground.  Whens he stood back up Whip was still kneeling by the boys feet.

“Well I must say she is a much prettier thing than I would have thought with all the clothes she used to wear.”  Blaise commented as his eyes roamed Luna’s body.  “What do you think Whip?”  He asked the woman before them.

Whip turned to look at Luna and shifted a bit where she knelt.  “She looks like a tasty treat I would like to lick all over.”  The woman purred as she almost looked hungry.  “But not before I made her ass cherry red.”

“Would you like to play with Whip my pet?”  Draco asked with an amused expression on his lips.

Luna shook her head quickly which made Draco laugh.  “You know that isn’t the right answer pet, I shall have to punish you now.  I will lighten the punishment if you can give me the correct answer.”  He told her firmly.

“If it pleases you Master.”  Luna said in a very soft tone.

“Better.”  Draco answered and then looked to Whip.  “I don’t think we will be needing anything else for now.”  he said to dismiss her.  Whip look disappointed but she got up and left the room without another word.

“I think she has a thing for you.”  Blaise said after the woman was gone.  “She is constantly trying to get your attention you know.”

“I hadn’t really noticed.  She is much too forward to truly enjoy.  I like my pets timid.”  Draco said and motioned for Luna to come towards him again.

“I noticed.”  Blaise said with a smirk as he enjoyed watching Luna move.

“You still have to be punished my pet.”  Draco said firmly and pulled her down over his knee in a quick move.  He adjusted her so that her legs were caught between his own and his arm was firmly wrapped around her waist.  “Now count and thank me for your punishment with each strike.” He instructed as his hand ran softly over her butt.

“Yes Master.”  She said as she lowered her head and tried to forget Blaise was there.

She gasped as Draco hand came down hard against her skin.  “One, thank you Master.”  She said after a short pause.

His hand came down again in a different spot but this time she swallowed her gasp.  “Two, thank you Master.”

By the time she had gotten to ten she wasn’t sure which was more red, her face or her butt.  Draco ran a soothing have over her red abused skin.  “Have you learned your lesson pet, or should we start again?”  Draco asked with a smirk.

“Whichever pleases you Master.”  She said not wishing to get punished again.  Draco laughed and turned her around so her stinging ass rubbed against his leather pants.  She whimpered at the new pain and then realized she felt something very hard between his legs.

She tried not to look over at Blaise but movement drew her eyes.  At some point during her punishment Blaise had moved the girl and was now having her suck him off.  At least that was what she guessed she was doing by the head movements, the girl’s hair hid anything Blaise would have had exposed.

“You want the next go Little Raven?”  Blaise asked as he noticed where Luna was looking.  She quickly turned away and did not answer him.

Draco ran his hand down her stomach and let his fingers lightly brush against her sex.  It was only then she realized how turned on she was.  When had that happened?  During the spanking, before?  She couldn’t place it but she realized even with how embarrassed she was tonight, she was also enjoying herself and everything her Master did to her.

“Little Raven will not be having a go with anyone but be tonight.”  Draco told his friend.  “And anyway Lord Oak has requested first try at her once she is done training.  You wouldn’t want to step on his toes.”

Blaise frowned but shrugged.  “He gets all the fun.  Do you know how big his harem is now?”  Blaise asked as he shook his head.

“Last I counted her had seven?”  Draco answered with a frown as his fingers started to play with Luna’s womanhood in very wicked ways.

“Ten.”  Braise corrected with a frown.  “Who needs that many woman at once?  Plus he needs to play with other Master’s pets?”

Luna bit her lip as she tried to focus on her Master’s conversation.  She did not wish to moan like the other girl and get punished again for it.  Soon her Master and Blaise’s voice drifted off into nothing and all that existed for her was her Master’s delightful hands.

A second hand brushed her breast and played with her nipple while the first hand pushed its middle finger inside of her.  She arched her back and enjoyed the touch, but made sure not to moan.

She felt a soft kiss to her neck every so often, which only added to her delight in what he was doing to her.  She was shaking on the very edge of pleasure by the time she heard her Master’s voice whisper softly into her ear.

“Don’t you dare come.”  He told her which made her whimper.  She wasn’t sure she could hold back the wonderful feeling that was building up in her core.  “If you come without permission you will be punished Little Raven.”

“Please Master?” She whimpered finally as she tried to pull her hips away from his hand in order to follow his commands.  “I don’t know if I can’t stand it.”  She told him with another whimper.

“You are not an ‘I’.”  he told her as she shook in his lap.  “You are a pet or you are Litten Raven, but never an ‘I’.”  he explained.  “Master and Mistresses are people, they use words like I.  Are you equal to a Mistress?”  he asked still torturing her with pleasure.

“No Master.”  She said with a whimper.  “But if Master doesn’t stop Little Raven won’t be able to hold back any longer.”  She said trying to correct the behavior he was talking about.

“Well that will get her punished now won’t it?”  he asked and nipped at her neck to see if he could push her over the edge.

She whimpered and tried to think of things that would turn her off, she thought of school and teachers, as she tried very hard to hold back from what her body wanted.

“She is doing better than I would have thought.”  She heard Blaise’s voice sounding impressed.

“She knows better than to disobey.”  Draco said and licked her ear.  “Now Little Raven you deserve a reward.”  he told her as he nipped at her ear.  “Come.”  he commanded sharply.

Luna’s vision went white as she released herself from the hold she had been putting on her body.  She screamed for her Master as the pleasure rocked her form.  She couldn’t deny it was the best climax he had ever given her.  She liked this reward, she never wanted it to end.

Chapter 43: Lucius

With each new visit to the club Luna had gotten more and more used to the other members and what went on there.  It was a playground for rich wizards with particular interests.  Her Master and Master Inferno obviously used the place as a private place to relax and have fun.  Every night they visited during the Holiday Master Inferno has a new pet or slave on his lap, some of them collared, but none of them belonging to him.

She was even getting more used to walking or crawling around the place completely naked where any of the other members could see her.  It didn’t hurt that many of them complimented her Master on her beauty and grace.  She felt a pride for making her Master look good.

Tonight they were playing in the platinum lounge.  It was very similar to the main room, as it had a dancefloor and a bar, but everything in the room had a metallic look to it, and it was smaller with less people.

Draco had had her strip and give him a lap dance in front of the ten or fifteen people milling about the room and she had blushed the whole time, but did her best to please him.  he had told her she was a good girl, which made her glow with pride.

She wasn’t sure how it had happened, but the next thing she knew he had put her hands into a pair of metal cuffs that lined the walls and locked her there.

“Don’t move.”  he told her with a chuckle before kissing her neck and walking away towards the bar.

She pouted at his back but decided it would be better if she didn’t make any sound of complaint.  She trusted her Master, and knew he would come back for her when he was ready to play again.  She closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall as she tried to find a comfortable position.

“Funny meeting you here.”  A familiar voice said much too close to her.  Her eyes shot open and she wished she could step back as Mr. Malfoy was standing only a foot or so from her.

“Mr Malfoy?”  She asked unsure of how to responded to his statement.

His eyes narrowed at her and she felt the sting of his crop before she saw it.  She frowned and whimpered, he had no right to punish her!

“Master Viper to you slave.”  he snapped and stepped even closer to her.  She looked around frantically for her Master and could not see him.

“Little Raven is a pet, Master Viper.”  She said meekly just hoping her Master would return soon.

He chuckled and played with the collar around her neck.  “I could take this off of you and then what would you be?”  he asked as he ran his thumb over the dragon lock.

“Only Master Dragon can take it off of Little Raven.”  She said not meeting his eyes.

“Wrong.”  he told her playfully pulling on the collar as he spoke.  “Any Malfoy male can remove the collar.  So tell me Little Raven, what would you be?”  he almost purred.

She swallowed hard and frowned, she wasn’t sure what she would be exactly.  Would she still belong to her Master?

“You would be a Masterless slave.  Do you know what they do to the Masterless here?”  He asked moving aside so she could see the room better.

“Master would collar Little Raven again when he got back.”  She said not wishing to think of what would happen to her in the meantime.

“Do you think he would still want you after you were defiled by so many?  I count seven Master in this room, and I am sure all of them would want a go.”  he told her and she whimpered in response.

“Please don’t.”  She begged as she started to panic a bit, why had her Master not come back for her yet?

“I won’t, as long as you are a good girl for me.  As long as you understand this collar is mine as well as his.  Do you understand?”  the older Malfoy asked as his hand dropped from the collar to her breast.

“But Master Dragon…”  She started before he cut her off.

“Will know nothing of this, or you will be punished.”  He said and firmly.

“Little Raven can not keep things from her Master.  It is against the rules.”  She said just as firmly as felt a string across her breast where his crop had landed. She looked down to see the red welt start to form.

“Of course you are correct, I guess I should just take off the collar and then have my way with you.”  he said as he reached back up for the lock.

“Please no Master Viper.”  She whimpered her eyes wide with fear.

“That was a dirty trick father.”  her Master’s voice came from behind the older man.  “You are not aloud to play with my pet without permission.”

“We were just having a conversation near boy.”  Lucius said as he stepped back away from Luna.

“A conversation that left a welt upon her thigh and breast?”  Draco asked as he studies his pet closely to make sure there was no other damage.

“She was being lippy.”  Master Viper said with a sneer.

“I am sure, but she is mine father, not yours.”  the younger man said as he looked at his father once again.

“Actually she belongs to the Malfoy line.”  Lucius corrected his son.  “So she is ours.”  

Draco opened his mouth to argue but soon closed it again as he knew his father was correct.  “I don’t like sharing father and neither do you.”  he finally settled on as he moved between Luna and his father.  “Get your own.”

Chapter 44: Dancing Flower

Draco frees Luna from the wall and kisses her deeply in front of his father just to prove who she really belonged to.  When he looks back he looks into his pets eyes and sighs.

“If you go through that door there it is for pets and slaves only.  You will be safe there until I get back.  You are not to play with any of the other subs, but you can talk to them if you like.  I have to talk this over with my father my Little Raven.”  he told her all the while locking his eyes with her.

She nodded and played with the lock to her collar. “Little Raven doesn’t want Master Viper to take her collar from her.”

“He won’t, my pet.”  Draco said and kissed the top of her head before pointing her towards the room.

When Luna entered the room she looked around shyly.  Both male and female submissives relaxed around on pillows and blankets spread over the floor.  It reminded her of pictures from the muggle book of fairy tales Arabian Nights.

Unsure who to talk to or where to sit she lowered her head and moved out of the way of those entering and leaving the room.  She did not notice the man coming up to her before he was too close to her away.

“Little Raven, funny seeing a slut like you here.”  Adrian snapped and lifted her chin she she had to look him in the eyes.  “Still dreaming about me?”  He asked with a smirk.

Luna frowned and pulled her chin from his grasp.  “I don’t think you are supposed to touch me Adrian.”  She said firmly.  “Are you even aloud to look at me?” She asked remembering the rule from the train.

“Adrian isn’t no, but Mistress Park said Talon is allowed to play with anyone weak enough to submit to him.  You were always very weak, Little Raven.”  He said as he slowly backed her towards the wall.

“And you are out of line Talon.”  A woman nearby said in an angry tone.  “She doesn’t belong to your Mistress, so your Mistress has no say.”  The woman adds firmly and soon moves between the two.

Adrian frowns as he looks between the new woman and Luna.  “This isn’t over, Little Raven.”  he told her after a moment and heads out of the room.

“Thank you Miss.”  Luna said finally turning to the woman who had saved her.  She realizes it is the same woman she saw with Professor Snape a few nights before.  “I know you.”  She said then blushed.  “I mean I saw you.”

“Dancing Flower.”  The woman told her with a kind smile.  “You can come sit over with me, why has Master Dragon left you alone?”  She asked as she walks Luna over to a group of pillows.

The woman seemed to be around her father’s age, maybe a bit younger.  Though Luna can see laugh lines starting to form on the woman’s face she still finds the woman to be surpassingly beautiful in a wild kind of way.  It is odd to Luna that the woman wasn’t a dominate, or at least collared.

“Master Dragon and Master Viper are having an argument over me.”  Luna tells the woman shyly as they sit down.  “It seems that when Master Dragon collared me, it gave Master Viper permission to play with me as well, and Master Dragon does not like that.”  She explains plainly.

Dancing Flower laughs and shakes her head.  “This is not going to go well for you I am afraid.”  She said after a moment.  “I am sure Master Viper sees you as a gift from Merlin himself.”

“Why is that?”  Luna asked with a worried frown.

“Well you are exactly his type, wild and innocent.  Then there is the fact that his wife can’t say anything about it because you belong to his son and not himself.  He would see it as being able to play for free.”  The woman explained.

Luna frowned and looked to the door and then back to the woman.  “I… I mean Little Raven…”  Luna corrects herself even though her Master is not here to witness the slip.  “Little Raven doesn’t want to play with anyone but her Master.”

“Master Dragon having you speak about herself without I huh?  Just like his father.”  Dancing Flower says with a shake of her head.  “Don’t worry I won’t tell on you, unless you wish to be punished?”  She asked with a knowing smile.

Luna ran her fingers along the welt on her breast and shook her head.

The woman looks at her breast and sighs.  “He got you good didn’t he?”  She asked and made a motion to touch the welt before pulling her hand back.  “Did you like it?”  She asked still pressing Luna.

Luna shook her head, then nodded, and then shook her head again.  “I would have liked it more of my Master had given it to me.”  She admits very softly.

“So Master Viper punished you?”  She asked knowingly.  “yes punishment always feels better with a Master that knows you.  But if Master Dragon wishes to keep bringing you here you know he will have to share you.  Both Master Prince and Lord Oak wish to play.”

Luna flashes a bit at the mention of her Professor.  “They frighten me.”  She admits softly.  “You were with him when I saw you before, but you don’t… belong to him?”  She asked trying to understand why the woman wore no collar.

“Not yet, we are still trying to decide if we are a good fit.  We have not seen each other for a very long time.  Almost nine years since I left London, well since I was taken away actually.”  The woman told her with a frown.

“Who would take you away?”  Luna asked wishing to know more about this woman.

“My Master at the time.  I was given to him, and he feared that I would try and see my old Master behind his back.”  She said with a frown.

Too many questions came to Luna’s head at once.  She shook them a little and took a deep breath before speaking.  “How could you come back now, did you Master give you up?”  She asked with a frown.  To be gotten rid of twice seemed horrible to Luna.

“My Master passed away a few months ago.  He left me a bit of his money so I decided to come back to my home, and once again choose my own Master.”  She said with a smile.

“How did you not choose your last one?”  Luna asked curiously.

“It is a long story, and not something I wish to tell.”  She answered and patted Luna’s hand.  “Just remember this, when your Master marries, make friends with his wife.”  She said with a sigh.

Luna blushed and bit her lower lip.  “Little Raven doesn’t think she is doing very well at that.  Little Raven thinks Master’s girlfriend is unhappy with her.”  Luna said remembering Pansy latest comments.

“Girlfriends are not wives, and if you mean Mistress Park?  She is not going to keep him, my little boy is too smart for a harpy like that.”  Dancing Flower said firmly.

Chapter 45: Her Little Boy

Before Luna could ask what the woman meant by the odd statement her Master called her from the door of the room.  “Little Raven, I’m done now.”  he told her and glanced to the woman she was talking to.

“Oh, Dancing Flower…”  He said and both women got to their feet to greet him at the door.  “I thought you would be entertaining Master Prince tonight.”  he said sounding more awkward than Luna had ever heard her Master sound before.

“Lady Willow has him distracted with questions about potions.  So I decided to relax a bit.  Would you like me to join you and Little Raven, Master Dragon?”  She asked in an easy tone.

“If you wish, I thought we would go to a private room and have some supper.”  He said and moved out of the way so they could exit the room.

He turned towards one of the private halls and lead the way to the room.  Luna followed, but was rather confused by the action.  Up until now he had lead her around the club on a leash.  When they got to the room he had received Luna whimpered in distress, unsure what she had done to displease him.

Draco looked at her with confusion in his eyes unsure of why she was distressed.  Dancing Flower just smiled and moved into the room.  “You have only been here with her three nights and most already know she is a pet that requires a lead.”  She said as she knelt on the floor and got comfortably.  “She obviously thinks she has displeased you.”

Draco looked down at the leash in his hand and blushed before turning his back to the older woman and facing Luna.  “I am sorry pet, you have not displeased me.  My father just has me a bit distracted” he promised as he pet the side of her cheek and neck.

“Are you sure it wasn’t before you were embarrassed in front of me Master Dragon?” the woman asked boldly.  Draco lead Luna into the room and motioned for her to kneel next to his seat.

“It has nothing to do with you.”  Draco snapped and opened a menu to see what he would order for himself and the women.

Luna watched with interest as Dancing Flower spoke to him as if she was another Master and not kneeling at his feet.  What seemed very odd was the fact that Master Dragon never corrected her.

“Are you sure Master Dragon?  That you are not someone timid in your duties around me?”  She asked and Luna realized the woman was purposefully pushing her Master’s buttons.

“You speak out of turn Slave.”  Draco finally snapped and reached for his crop.

“With no Master around to take me in hand how else should I speak?”  Dancing Flower asked still not backing down.

“I am a Master.”  He said firmly and brandished the crop towards the older woman.

“Than act like it.”  She said just as firmly back.  “Correct my behavior.”  She demanded pressing him.

After a moment of holding the crop tightly in his hand he relaxed and shook his head.  “I can’t.”  he said and frowned as he looked at Luna.  “Before you get any ideas, she is a special case.”  he told his pet firmly.

Dancing Flower lowered her head and smiled to herself.  “I didn’t think you remembered me.”  She said more meekly than she had previously been speaking.

“You were a second mother to me until I was seven.”  Master Dragon said looking back to the older woman.  “Then you were gone.”  He added a bit coldly

“I did not wish to go.”  She said with a sigh and slumped her shoulders.  “Your father took my collar and gave me to another.”

“I still don’t understand why…”  he started then looked to Luna and back to the woman.  “We will have to talk some other time.

“If you wish Master Dragon.”  She said bowing her head lowly to him.  “But you should not feel embarrassed to be the good Master you usually are with your pet just because I am here.”  She said going back to her original point.

“I have watched you with her, and she is quite devoted.”  She praised both Master and pet.

“Thank you.  We have only really started her training a few weeks ago.” He said as he pet Luna’s cheek.

He then remembered the menu and decided on food before bring a bell to call a waitslave.  Once he ordered food for the three of them he turned back to pet Luna’s head and shoulder.  “You did well with my father pet, many would have not been able to stall him from what he wanted as long as you did.”  he told her softly.

“Will he leave Little Raven alone now Master?” Luna asked glancing up and with a flush on her cheeks as she remembered the feeling of Lucius pressed up against her.

Draco sighed and sat back to consider the question.  “He wishes for me to find him a new pet.  He has given me till the end of the holiday to achieve this goal.  If I fail then he will use you as his own.”  Luna whimpered and looked to the floor.

“He isn’t so bad Little Raven.”  Dancing Flower told her kindly.  “I would imagine that him and Master Dragon’s tastes are not so far from each other.”

“I don’t want him touching her.  I am not one to share what is mine.” Draco says crisply.

“So find him a pet.”  Dancing Flower said with a shrug and when Draco looked at her she shook her head quickly.  “No.  I am sorry Master Dragon, I wish it was possible but it is not.  He is not even allowed to touch me any longer.”

“Mother’s doing I suppose.”   Draco said sounding a bit put out.

“No, the Master that he gave me to made him swear to he never touch me again for the rest of his days.  He thought your father would try and trick him, have him take care of me while your father took the pleasure.”

“I’m sure he would have.”  Draco added with a chuckle.

“With the way he reacted when he found that part of the contract, I am sure he was planning on it.  No you mother’s only demand is that I not live in her house and I have no further contact with you.”  Dancing Flower said with a sigh.

Draco looked at the woman and blinked a few times.  “Wait, it was all because of me?”  he asked flushing a bit as the waitslave brought in the food for the three of them.  They placed Luna, and Dancing Flower’s plates on the ground in front of them.

“Oh yes, my boy.  I no longer belong to the Malfoy men because one of them called me Mama.”  She said sounding as if she was remembering a better time.

Chapter 46: Christmas Moaning

Luna wakes christmas morning to the feel of a tongue teasing her folds.  She moans softly and arches her hips to meet the pleasurable sensation.  It was then she noticed that her hands are tied together.  Her eyes flutter open and she looks up to see her hands tied with a big red bow and secured to the headboard of Draco’s bed.

When she looks down she sees her Master kneeling between her legs with his face planted firmly between her legs.

“Happy Christmas Little Raven.”  he moaned when he felt her move under him.

“Happy Christmas Master.”  She says softly and spreads her legs a bit more widely for him.

“I just decided to give you the first of your presents.”  he told her and lapped at her clit with the very tip of his tongue.

Luna let out a small gasp and closed her eyes to focus on what he was doing.  She moaned wondering what else he had gotten her besides the orgasim she was about to have.

“Master!” She moaned as her toes started to curl into the sheets under her.  “Master please.”  She started to beg, unsure if she would be able to hold back and unsure if she had permission to set her pleasure free.

“What is it pet?’  He asked pulled back so she wouldn’t go over the edge until it wished it to happen.

She whimpered when he tongue stopped its heavenly work.  “Please Master… Little Raven needs release.”  She whimpered and looked up at him.

“Have you been a good pet this year?”  he asked licking her once before looking back into her eyes.

“Yes Master, Little Raven tries very hard to be a good pet for Master.”  She whimpered as her body twitched.

“You know I think you may be too good, you know Master likes to punish you, you have taken that away from me many times.”  he said licking her again.

“Master wants Little Raven to be naughty?” Luna asked gasping wishing he would just let her come.

“Does Little Raven not enjoy her punishments?”  her Master asked and nipped at her a bit.

“PLEASE?!”  Luna screamed as she could feel the tears of frustration leak from her eyes.  Draco grinned, it was one of the first times he ever got the soft spoken little Luna to really scream, he had to say, he enjoyed the sound.

To reward her for pleasing him he pushed two fingers inside of her and curled them around as his thumb went to work on her little clit.  “Come for me pet, scream and come for you Master.”

She screamed again as the floodgates of pleasure were opened up in her small body.  She shook and twitched under him and just let her mind ride the way of ecstasy he had given to her for a christmas morning wakeup call.

Just as her body was about to cool from the highs he had pushed her to her Master moved over her form and started to kiss her neck.

“Time for my present.”  he told her as he nipped at her skin.

“It is in Luna’s room.”  She said still in a daze.

He chuckled and shook his head.  “No, she is right here.”  he said and he pushed into her slowly.  She was well pleased from her wakeup call, but she was still tight enough he worried he might hurt her.

She gasped as she felt him slowly fill her body.  It was so perfect, she thought his cock was made for her.  “Please Master… more?”  She asked his slow pace somewhat frustrating to her.

“I don’t want to hurt you pet.”  he told her as his hand ran down her side.

“Little Raven likes it.”  She whimpered and tried to buck her hips against him.

“My pace.”  he growled and cleared his throat after having to take hold of her hips.  “These things go at my pace, always my pace.”  he told her then started a faster rhythm into her sweet form.

She whimpered then moaned as he started to speed up.  Merlin she thought her Master’s manhood must be made of heaven with how good it felt inside of her.  Draco smiled at the little sounds she was making and picked up his pace a bit more.

Her hands strained against the red ribbon as she waited to touch and feel her Master’s skin.  She struggled a bit under him, which only made Draco moan and started to move a bit faster.

When he was nearing his own peak his hand moved down between them so he could play with her form and help her over the edge before him.  She mewed and panted under him and he could tell she had lost the ability for coherent thought.  He loved girls this way most in the whole world, when they were nothing but sweet little sex kittens begging for a treat.

“Come Raven… come for your Master.”  he told her breathily, giving her a few firm thrust to accentuate his point.  It didn’t take a moment longer before she broke apart under him.  She moaned and tugged on her arms, her body quivering around his.

He released himself inside of her giving her a few last long strokes to fully satisfy him till the end.  When he was done he slumped down on his arms and kissed her lips softly.

“What a nice Christmas Moaning.”  he whispered before slipping off of her.

Chapter 47: Christmas Ball

Luna actually spent most of the day apart from her Master.  His mother took her under her wing and insisted she get to play dress up since she had no daughters of her own.  Her Master had told Luna to be nice and listen to what his mother said, so she was on her very best behavior all day.

Narcissa actually spent most of the day slyly asking Luna questions so she could learn more about the young girl’s background and her relationship to her side.  The picture she put together by the end of the day had the usually cold woman fuming.

As Draco was getting ready for the ball himself his chamber door was thrown open by his mother.

“You are not too old for me to take you over my knee.”  I snapped waved her finger at Draco.

“Is something wrong mother?’  Draco asked with a frown, wondering what had his mother so upset.

“Yes.  No son of mine is going to play those sick games.”  She said shutting the door behind her and putting up a charm so if she got in the mood to scream none of the staff for the ball would hear.

Realization dawned on Draco like a flood and he sighed, he had forgotten to warn Luna that he mother was just as much a Slytherin as the rest.  “If you are speaking on my relationship with Miss Lovegood mother, is is not something I will talk about with you.”  he told her clearly.

“I am speaking of that particular…”  She paused as she tried to think of a word best to describe Luna in her mind.  “…harlot.  You don’t know where women like that have been my son.  I won’t have you catching something.  And I am going to skin your father for introducing you to such… females.

Draco sighed and rubbed his eyes, he really did not want to have this conversation with her.  This was almost as bad as his father trying to play with the same pet as him. “Mother.”  he started tiredly.  “If you have some idea in your head that I would ever actually claim a woman like that you are gravely mistaken.”  he started and then decided to give his mother some graphic details to punish her for making him talk about this at all.  “Actually my pet was completely pure before I got to her and I took her innocence myself.”  he added with a smirk.

“So you have, what did your father call it?  Bond this girl to you?”  She asked and her eyes narrowed.  She did not react to his comment about Luna’s virginity as outraged as he had hoped.

“Yes mother, Luna is mine.”  He said with a sigh as he tried not to pout.  “And stop thinking you can get me to give her up.  I finally have her the way I want her and I did a lot of work in getting her there.”  he said with a frown.

She could tell she was not getting anywhere with the yelling tactic so she shifted speeds.  “Darling.”  She started with a sigh and looked at her son with sadness.  “I just worry about you love.  I don’t want you to fall in with the wrong kind of people.”  She told her son as she opened her arms to him.

Draco snorted and shook his head.  “Mother, our whole family are the wrong kind of people, as you say.  You would have told me sooner you did not wish for me to take after all the male influences I have ever had in my entire life.”  He said and sighed.  He hated to upset her this way, but he had just put too much work into Luna.  “I am sorry mother, but I will not give her up.”

She huffed and struggled for another way to get her son to listen to reason.  “Fine, but you are not to invite her into my house ever again.”  She said sternly, her back straight.

“Had Luna wronged you in some way mother?”  Draco asked moving to his mother to let her finish tying his tie.  He was sure it would please her.

“Besides the fact that she is a little harlot defiling my guest bedroom?”  Narcissa asked as she broke her stance to help her son.

“We have gone over this mother, Luna is not a harlot.  She is a sweet little thing that likes to listen to me.”  Draco said in a soothing voice.  “If you insist that she not be able to come back here I will be spending my next break at Hogwarts with her, and I wouldn’t see you again until the summer.”  He told his mother clearly.

Narcissa huffed and shook her head.  “Fine, let me think about it.  I can’t believe you would choose that girl over your family.”

“I’m a teenage boy mother, it is perfectly normal for me to choose sex over everything else in the world.”  Draco told her with a smirk.

His mother just huffed and left the room.  If her son wouldn’t see reason she would make sure the Lovegood twit understood she wasn’t welcome.

When surrounded by so many unknown people Draco couldn’t give his pet the attention he really wanted to.  He had warned her before hand that she should spend the ball with her father, focus on being Luna nd not Little Raven for the night.

When he first got the chance to see her during the ball she was dancing with his cousin Silvain, and his temper flared a bit.  How dare someone touch his property without permission!  He growled slightly and dig his pulled Pansy closer to him.

“Darling is something wrong?”  She asked as she noticed the mood change keenly.

He looked back at Pansy and was about to tell her exactly why he was upset. but then decided it was best to keep the level of attachment he had to his pet to himself.  To cover up his interest he looked around for something else to be upset over.

“Your slave is misbehaving.”  he said and turned them so Pansy could see Adrian in the corner snogging a blond woman.

“Oh you are so sweet Dracky.”  Pansy said with a laugh.  “To get upset on my behalf.”  She moved to her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.  “He just wishes to be punished later and knows that is the easiest way to get something severe.  I assume your pet is doing the same, dancing with another man, and that cousin you hate so much to boot.”  She laughed cruelly.

“She is under orders to act not as my pet tonight.”  Draco told her dryly.  “I do not trust these people, and I want it to seem that she is here with her father so nothing has the possibility of getting back to the Weasel.”

When the dance ended and Luna and Silvain parted ways Draco got his first good look at his pet.  She was wearing a strapless, silver blue formal gown that hugged her slender form from her breasts to midway down her hips, then bloomed out like a bell.  He had made her collar invisible for the evening so in it’s place she wore a necklace that looked like shining icicles, with matching earrings.  It was an odd choice, but still had a very lovely effect.  Her long blond hair was pulled up and twisted with tiny braids with a few scattered icicles within the folds of her hair.

The short of it was she was ravishing.  She looked out of place at the ball it was true, but more like she was some magical creature that was dancing among mere mortals.  Like a unicorn found in a herd of cows.

He parted ways from Pansy and decided he could dance with her at least once that evening, it was expected of him as son of the hosts to dance with all the young ladies who were there after all.

By the time he made his way back over to her Silvain was once again at her side.  It seemed he had gone off to get them both drinks, as Luna now held a small crystal cup of juice.

“Miss Lovegood.”  Draco greeted coldly with a bow and then looked to his cousin.  “Silvain.” He greeted and held out his hand to shake the older boy’s.

Silvain Malfoy was the eldest son of Lucius’ younger brother, Reynard.  As the younger son, Reynard was expected to make most of his fortune on his own.  He had done this simply by marrying a french heiress.  Their wealth surpassed many, but not that of the Malfoys.  Silvain was raised in his mother’s ancestral home in the south of france which meant he had attended school at Beauxbaton instead of Hogwarts.  A fact that pleased Draco greatly.

He looked every bit the Malfoy, with the platinum hair and silver eyes.  He had always been taller than Draco before, being three years older, but the younger boy was pleased when he could look directly into his cousin’s eyes.  Silvain’s face was not as pointed a usual Malfoy, he had more soft curves he had inherited from her mother.

Growing up it was made very clear to both Draco and Silvain that they were to surpass the other.  Both their father’s demanded to have the superior heir.  This made the boys relationship into a constant competition.  As Silvain was older then Draco his accomplishments were harder for Draco to match in their younger years, which made him hate his cousin all the more.

“Draco.”  Silvain greeted in a fake tone of friendliness as he took his cousin’s hand and squeezed it tighter than necessary.  The other boys french accent always grated on Draco’s nerves, but he was used to the over excited handshake, and just squeezed back just as tight.

“I thought I would take Miss Lovegood out for a dance.”  Draco said turning back to Luna before he offered her his hand.

“No reason cousin, I am keeping sweet Luna entertained for the evening.”  Silvain countered pleasantly.  “I am sure you have other ladies you must attend to, such as your date?”

Luna looked between the two boys with worry.  Her Master had told her to not act as his pet tonight, but it was obvious he did not like the boy who had offered to keep her company when her father had left to explore the grounds a bit.

Draco kept the cold mask well in place as he raged against his cousin on the inside.  Luna was his!  It was at that moment he realized that Silvain was also a Malfoy and his need to get his pet away from the other boy grew ten fold.  His lifelong rival could still take her away, could keep her for himself, and that simply wouldn’t do.  He thanked Merlin and all his ancestors that Silvain could not see the collar around her neck.

“Did you not come with a date of your own, cousin?”  He asked as he mind worked on ways to get Luna away from the viper.

“No.  Bernadette and I have decided to part ways.”  The older boy said with a sigh.  “We decided we wished for different things out of life.  She could not live up to what was expected of a Malfoy wife.”  he added with a wave of his hand.

“I am sorry, Silvain.”  Draco said not did not sound it in the least, well maybe a little, but only because the a marriage would keep Silvain away from Luna.

“Do not worry about me cousin, I heal quickly, and I thought tonight would be a perfect time to look for a new lady to court.”  Silvain said then turned his eyes to look at Luna in a way that made her blush.

The look made Draco’s mask slip slightly and he could not stop what came from his mouth next.  “You should look elsewhere Silvain.”  He warned.  He realized his mistake as his cousin’s expression reflected curiosity and defiance.  To fix the blunder he added as quickly as he could think.  “Miss Lovegood is not exactly, our kind.”  he said meanly.

He would have to apologize and explain the danger to his pet later, but for now it was more important to drive Silvain away.

“Oh?” Silvain asked and looked to Luna with a slight tilt of his head.  “Would you please excuse us ma bichette, I feel my cousin and I need to have a talk.”  He took her hand and kissed just the tips of her fingers, then motioned for Draco to lead the way away from Luna.

Once in his father’s study he turned to his cousin and frowned.  “Her father was only invited so he would stop badgering the family every year.”  Draco opened simply.

“Is she not pure?”  Silvain asked with a sneer.

Draco sighed and shook his head.  “She is pure, but her family has no standing.”  Draco clarified.  “The Lovegoods are a joke, her father edits that ridiculous magazine The Quibbler.”

Silvain sighed as if a load had been taken off his shoulders.  “Is that all?  You are such a snob Draco.  Our family has enough standing that I just wish for a lovely pure creature to decorate my arm, and give me beautiful children.  This Luna would do nicely in such a respect, don’t you think?”

Draco wanted to punch his cousin but settled for sneering.  He knew if the older boy knew of his claim he would want her more, just to take her away from him.  “I hadn’t really noticed, whenever I see her at school I am too distracted by the stupid things that come out of her mouth.  I really have saved me from having to dance with her Silvain, I am glad you will keep her company so I don’t have to embarrass myself that way.”

The older boy narrowed his eyes and just shook his head.  “We will see.”  He said and headed back out to the ball.

The two got back to the main room just in time to see Luna jerk away from Narcissa and run out of the room towards where her father would be.  Draco cursed himself that he could not follow, so he decided to question his mother instead.

Silvain on the other hand rushed after the girl to see if he could catch her before she got to the safety of her father’s arms.

Draco walked up to his mother at an unhurried pace, and when he got to her he made sure she was the only one to see his displeasure.  “What did you say to her?”  he asked under his breath.

Narcissa smiled as if she had no idea why he son would be upset.  “I simply let the girl have a full understanding of her place in your future.”

“What place is that Mother?”  he asked as he was sure Luna already had a pretty clear understanding of their future.

“Just the part of what will happen to her the moment you tire of her.”  his mother said with a bored expression.

Chapter 48: Boxing Day

That night when Luna went home with her father she found her Master’s eagle owl waiting for her on her bed.  She fidgeted before going over to the owl and taking the letter.  The owl flew out of the window a moment later.

She fingered the letter as she tried to decide what she would do with it.  If she never read the letter then it wouldn’t be disobeying him not to listen to whatever it said.  Was not reading the letter itself an act of rebellion?  Luna sighed as she knew the answer, she opened the letter carefully and looked at the message from her Master.

Little Raven,

You will stay away from Silvain.  What I said this evening was an attempt to curb his interest in you, but it seems to have failed.  Any letters or gifts he sends to you will be returned to him unopened.

As for whatever it was my mother said to you this evening, you should know she knows nothing of the life I have introduced you to.  She is completely ignorant of the ways of a pet and her Master.  You are not to pay her any mind.

Tomorrow you are to see Ron and his family.  I wish a full report on how things go when you return to the Manor.

~Master Dragon

Luna swallowed and bit her lower lip as she read the letter several times.  There were no apologies, only statements and demands.  She set the letter aside with a sigh, he was her Master after all, what would he have to apologize for?

Luna spent most of the next day with her father.  She was so used to tell him everything about what was going on in her life.  Since her mother had passed the two had been very close and it was odd to have to keep a whole new part of her life a secret from him.  She would tell him one day, maybe.

It wasn’t that she was ashamed that kept her from explaining her new life.  The more she had thought about her Master’s letter the more she forgot about Mrs. Malfoy’s viscous words.  What kept Luna from telling her father about Little Raven was how she thought Ron would react to the idea.  Her father never understood about secrets.  She had about a dozen different guesses on what Ron would do if he found out about her Master’s and her relationship, none of the reactions in her head were good.

When it came time to head over to the Weasley’s for dinner Luna dressed herself in a deep purple sweater dress and tights.  She braided her hair back out of her face and decorated it with tiny bits of purple tinsel.

It was a full house at the Burrow, all the Weasley children were home as well as the addition of Harry, and some of the older boy’s dates.  Luna couldn’t help but smile at how warm the Burrow always was, how cramped but cozy.  She had to admit she loved the small house since she was a child.

When her father and her entered the living room everyone was sitting around listening to music and fiddling with the presents they had received the day before.  Harry, Ron, and Ginny had tucked themselves into a corner and were playing with a miniature quidditch pitch.  As she walked over to greet them she overheard them talking.

“That way she will have to sit next to me.”  Ron said and she looked at the pitch to notice the players only running practice drills.

“Thats really cool.”  Luna said which made Ron jump.  When he looked up at her her turned bright red.

“Ey.. bu… ne…”  He started and then ran off up the stairs.

“I think he said he needed to go to the bathroom.”  Ginny helped with a knowing smile.  Luna took his place by the pitch and smiled to her other two friends.

“How is your holiday going?”  Luna asked and watched her two friends chuckle as they looked back to her.  “Did I do something funny?”

“Our holiday has been amazing Luna, though Ron’s been a bit distracted.”  Harry tells her still snickering.  “Quite a confession you made on the train.”

“Well he was being rather dense.”  Luna defended and straightened her back.

“That is Ron for ya.” Ginny said with a bright smile.  “You want to go to my room and talk?”  She asked and got to her feet.

“Okay.”  Luna said and nodded to Harry.  “See you at dinner.”  He told him before she followed Ginny up the stairs.

Once they were settled in her bedroom Ginny burst into another fit of giggles.

“What is so funny?” Luna asked with a tilt of her head.

“Oh you have him right where you want him Luna.”  Ginny said with a cackle.  “He had been talking about you the whole holiday!  I wonder what Luna is doing?  Do you think I should send her something?   And more!”  Ginny said happily throwing up her hands.

Luna blushed and looked down.  “So he finally noticed me then?”  She asked shyly.

Ginny sighed and sat down next to her friend.  “I would say he has been noticing you for a while now Luna, he just wasn’t putting two and two together like the dumb wanker he is.  After the whole Adrian thing he kept his eye on you whenever you two were in the same room.”  Ginny pointed out.

“Yes, Adrian was a rather large miscalculation on my part.”  Luna said with a frown.

“Slytherins can’t be trusted Luna, and that is that.”  Ginny told her firmly.

“I think that is a silly thing to say.”  Luna replied with a frown.  “Saying a whole group of people have no worth?  Sounds too much like You-Know-Who to me.”  Luna added with a deep frown.  “Slytherins are people just like us.  They may have a different form of community than Gryffindors, different moral codes, but that does not make them any less than anyone else.”

Ginny put her hands up in surrender and had the decency to look sheepish.  “Okay Luna, I can see you feel strongly about it, but you have to admit, Adrian was scum.”

Luna sighed and nodded.  “He was only out for self gratification.”

“Has he been leaving you alone?”  Ginny asked sounding a bit worried.

“Oh yes, I think he has been scared off.”  Luna said and knew Ginny would think she meant by Ron.

“Do you want to sit next to him at dinner?”  Ginny asked with a smile.

“Adrian?”  Luna asked confused.

“No, Ron!”  Her friend said and laughed again.

“Oh, do you think he would mind?”  Luna asked and frowned, she did not wish to force herself on Ron.

“Oh he has been trying to maneuver plans to get you to sit next to him all day.”  Ginny told her friend with a bright smile.  “He says he wants to play it smooth, but as his sister I have to ruin any chance of that, it is in the sister by-laws.”

Luna had to laugh at that and they continued to talk about other things while they waited to be called to dinner.

The large table was stretched even longer for all those who had been invited to the meal.  It was moved outside to accommodate everyone and a warming charm was put up around it.  Luna found herself sitting between Ron and Ginny, with Harry next to Ron and the Weasley twins across the table.

About half way through the meal one of the twins asked her a question, she wasn’t sure which was which and she guessed it didn’t matter.

“So what happened to you away?”  The twin asked.

“What do you mean?”  Luna asked with a frown at the question.

“Well little Loony, you are so…”  One twin started and motioned to her.

“Hot.”  The second twin finished and they both laughed as she blushed.

“I just decided no one would notice me…”  She glanced to Ron then back to the twins.  “…If I didn’t look the part.”  She explained simply.

“Ah yes, well we have decided you are too good for wittle Ronniekins now.”  The first twin stated as his brother nodded in agreement.

“Will you two shut up!”  A very red Ron suddenly snapped.

“I mean now that you have his attention are you sure…”  One twin started.

“You wouldn’t want to try…”

“An older…”



“Special this week only…”

“Two for one sale.”  The twins went back and forth then both winked at her playfully.

“No thank you.”  She said with a shy smile, she knew they were teasing, but it was still very sweet.

“If you change your mind…”

“…let us know.”  They said with wide smiles.

Ron cleared his throat to get her attention and she turned to see he was still tomato red.  “Sorry about them.”  he mumbled under his breath.

“They are just being sweet.”  She said and put her hand on Ron’s.  “Are you okay Ron?  You don’t look well.”  She told him kindly.

He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat at her touch and nodded.  “Luna.”  he squeaked then cleared his throat.  “Luna I was hoping you would… go out on a date with me.”

“Oh.”  She said as her stomach flipped a bit.  “When would you like to go?” She asked wondering

“The day before we go back to Hogwarts?”  he offered timidly.

“I think that would be wonderful, will you owl me with more details in a few days?”  She asked with a smile.

“Yeah.”  he said with a big goofy grin on his face.

Chapter 49: You did what?

Draco paced back and forth in front of the fireplace as he waited for his pet to return to him.  He had had his first all out row with his mother the night before over Luna and it had turned the manor even colder than usual.

She had been completely out of line to talk to his pet in such a way and he had since decided he would stop protecting his mother from both his and his father’s tastes.  He had spent all of Boxing Day sending female slaves to his father’s study for inspection.  Strutting them in front of his mother and smirking at the colors she turned.

He had thought about doing the same with Luna, having her be nothing but his Little Raven for the rest of the holiday.  Parading her around the Manor in nothing but a collar and leash for the rest of the time they were home, but eleven words from his mother had stopped that idea in his tracks.

“Silvain is going to be staying with us for a while.”  She had told him yesterday after he brought the seventh slut to see his father.  He knew it was her revenge, she had seen his cousin follow Luna out of the ball, knew the depth of rivalry between them.  He was sure she would be hoping for Silvain to take his pet away.

So now he found himself pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace while he waited for his pet to return.  He needed to catch her before Silvain, needed to explain how things would be.  He would have told her not to return at all of his mother hadn’t let his cousin know she was staying with them as well.

When Luna finally stepped through the fireplace she looked around for a moment to see if they were alone then knelt down in front of her Master.  He smiled and relaxed a bit as he took in her form.  “Are you still upset my Little Raven?”  he asked as he pulled her chin up so she could look into his eyes.

“Yes Master.”  She told him honestly.  She could not even think of lying to him, he was her Master, the one person she could tell everything.

He stroked her cheek with his thumb and sighed.  “What did my mother say to you exactly?”  He asked as he looked down into her eyes.

Luna though for a moment so she could collect the exact words from her memory.  “She said that a whore like Luna would never touch a cent of the Malfoy fortune.  She said that it would only take a few more months before you would tire of Luna and give Luna to one of your friends.  That it would happen again and again until Luna had belonged to the entire male population of Slytherin.”  She told him meekly as her eyes started to water.  “Master, when you tire of Little Raven, will you please just set her free?  Little Raven does not want to belong to a lesser Master.”

Draco sighed and wiped away the few tears that ran down his pet’s cheek.  “If, and that is a big if my pet, but if I was ever to tire of you than I would set you free so you could find a new Master of your own choosing.”

Luna nodded and swallowed.  “Now, no more tears over my mother’s words.”  he told her firmly and then looked around to make sure they were still alone.  “Unfortunately I must tell you my cousin is staying with us for the rest of the holiday.”  He said and watched the frown form on her face.

“What does that mean for us Master?”  She asked shyly.

“It means you are to never be around him without me present.”  He told her in a firm tone.  “We are rivals my sweet Little Raven, and he would want nothing more than to take you away from me.  He was looking into you before he knew what you were and who you belonged to, when he finds out the truth he will only want you more.”

Luna swallowed hard and shook her head.  “But Master he doesn’t even know me.”  She said with a deep frown.

Draco laughed as how innocent she still was.  “My sweet, you are an innocent ravishing pureblood woman.  To those in my circles that is enough to make you an appealing prospect, add to that your sweet and shy submissive side, and you are a creature as rare and fabled as a unicorn.”

“The forbidden forest has a whole glory of unicorns.”  Luna answered and Draco chuckled.

“Beside the point my pet.”  Draco said shaking his head.  “Now go to your room and I will collect you later.”  he told her and helped her to her feet.  “We will be going to the club tonight, with my cousin.”  he warned her and kissed her lips to reassure he.

“Yes Master.”  Luna said softly and took in a slow breath.  “Master wished for Little Raven to report how Luna’s day went?”  She asked as she glanced up into Draco’s eyes.

“Yes pet, how was dinner with the Weasley’s?”  he asked unable to keep the sneer out of his voice.

“It seems what Luna had told Ronald on the train affected him…”  She started and Draco held up his hand to cut her off.

“What did Luna tell Ronald on the train?”  he asked with a frown.

“Oh, Little Raven is sorry Master, she did not think to tell him.”  She said and bit her lower lip before continuing.  “Luna told Ronald that she had been trying to get his attention and that he was dence and she was thinking of giving up on him.”

Draco laughed and put his hand over his face as he thought about how that would made the red haired git’s eyes bulge.  “Go on, tell me what happened tonight.”

“Well he asked Luna out for the day before break ended.”  She said and looked up at him meekly now, she wasn’t sure if she should have accepted without asking her Master.  But Ron was part of her deal, he couldn’t get upset at her for wanting to go out with him.

Draco frowned then shook his head.  “I guess it can’t be helped, but I will have to punish you before you go.”

“Why Master?”  She asked and crossed her arms over her chest.

Draco smiled wickedly at her fire.  “I said you would still be allowed to have a relationship with that boy, I never said I wouldn’t punish you for every action you took with him.”  He pointed out.  “I know you care for him and wish for his attention, and with my help you will get everything you want my sweet pet.”  he told her and cupped her cheek.  “But you will always remember who owns you, who makes you quiver with just a brush of his hand.”  he said and to prove his point his gently ran a single finger down to neck to make her shiver.

Chapter 50: Discipline

She followed Draco back down to the main hall where the floo was.  She had dressed in her uniform for the club and wore her usual white cloak over it to keep her body warm and hidden until they got their.

When Master and pet entered the hall three were already waiting for her.  Luna had expected to see Silvain, as her Master had mentioned him earlier, what she had not expected was Lucius with a girl she had seen with Blaise kneeling at his feet.

Silvain’s eyes widened a little when he realized Luna would be joining them on their night to the club.  He had obviously not been told what she was and who she belonged to just yet, maybe her Master wished to show him rather than tell him.

“Are we all ready?”  Draco asked sounding cold and bored.

“Luna is coming with us?”  Silvain asked with a frown.

“Little Raven enjoys her time at the Dancing Dryad.”  Draco stated without looking back at Luna.

Silvain suddenly smirked and licked his lips as he looked over her as if he could see through her cloak.  “Not Mistress Raven then?”  he asked with a smirk.

“No, not Mistress Raven.”  Draco said and stepped to block Silvain’s view of his pet.  “She is Little Raven and she belongs to me.”  he told the other boy.

“Shall we be off?”  Lucius cut in before anything more could be said between the two younger men.

Once they were at the club Draco had hoped the Silvain would go off and amuse himself with some of the wandering subs, but that of course had been too much to hope for.  Instead he followed Draco right to the private room he had arranged to meet Blaise in.  His father of course headed off with his new pet to try her out in some of the more recreation themed rooms, which was at least a small reprieve.

Blaise was already comfortable with a bottle of wine and a new girl with her head resting on his knee when the three entered.

The dark boy raised an eyebrow as Silvain followed the other two into the room and smirked at the expression of frustration Draco was hiding.  Silvain remained quiet until they had all gotten situated, Luna kneeling at Draco’s feet in a relaxed position.

“So when you were warning me off the sweet flower you just were being greedy I see cousin.”  The older Malfoy said to break the silence.

“As I am known to be cousin.”  Draco answered tiredly.  “Why are you here?”  he asked bluntly as her softly ran his fingers in Luna’s loose hair.

“Well I thought I was going to have a night of fun.”  Silvain said and stretched a bit.  “I do prefer The Devil’s Den, in Paris, but this club is a close second.”  He said not letting himself even look at Luna.  “Have either of you ever been?”  He asked and looked to Blaise.

“I have a membership to Lilith’s Dungeon which is their Venice location.”  Blaise answered and sounded almost bored.  “I find it only services those interested in the pleasure of pain.  I enjoy the Dryad because of variety of services they provide.”

Luna’s head was spinning a bit as she realized how many clubs like this existed all over europe.

“Oh well let me invite you both to Paris over the summer!”  Silvain said and looked to cousin.  “The Devil’s Den is not as niche specific as Lilith’s Dungeon, let me prove it to you!”

“We will have to see if we have time.”  Draco said with a shrug.  “I have invested much in my pet’s and my memberships here.”

“Of course it would be my treat cousin.”  Silvain said as he finally glanced to Luna’s pin and sighed with regret.  “You bought her a platinum membership?”

“As you said, I am greedy.”  Draco responded dryly.

“Very smart, with anything less I am sure she would be quite popular.”  Silvain said in a friendly tone.  “May I speak to her at least?”  He asked to show the proper etiquette.

Internally Draco growled, he wanted to tell his cousin to piss off so he could have fun with his pet.  But the git was being too gracious and polite, it would make Draco look bad to be the first to be rude.  “If you wish.”  Draco said as he forced a smile on his face.

Silvain turned to Luna and smiled.  “Do you like being Master’s Dragon’s pet my sweet?”  He asked kindly.

“Little Raven is very pleased to please her Master.”  Luna said and blushed as she remembered their much more normal interactions at the Ball only a few nights ago.

“But you like to be Luna as well, do you not?  You enjoy the freedom to use your mind for more than just the pleasure of your Master.”  Silvain asked her.

She looked at him confused for a moment.  “Little Raven is happy in all aspects of her life Master…”  She wasn’t sure what to call him here.

“Forest, you may call me Master Forest.  As I am sure you know that is what Silvain means, and I am afraid I lack any more creativity than that.”  He told her with a bow of his head and a knowing smirk on his face as he glanced to Draco.

Blaise cleared his throat and got to his feet.  “I think I am going to take this slave dancing for a while.”  he said as he obviously wanted to get away from the ice that was forming in the room.  “Silvain, would you like to join me, I am sure we can find you some company for the night.”  he said then glanced to Draco then back to Silvain.  “Master Dragon feels that discipline in a private affair.”

“You are punishing her?”  Silvain asked in surprise, but did not move from his seat.

“She has collected a few misdeeds that need correction.”  Draco admitted and Luna looked down before blushing as all eyes were now on her.

The frenchman got to his feet slowly.  “I see, well then I see you both later.”  he said and bowed his head before he followed Blaise out.

Once the door was closed Draco got up to lock it from the inside.  “Do you know what you are being punished for my pet?”  he asked as he motioned with his hand for her to stand.

She rose to her feet and shook her head.  “Only some Master.”  She said as he directed her to the center of the room.

He moved behind her and started to pull her dress up slowly.  “Tell me what you know.”  he said softly.

“Little Raven thinks she is being punished for sitting next to and flirting with Ronald Weasley today.”  She started and turned her head to see what he was doing.

Draco moved her head back to face the front before pulling the dress completely off.  “When you are Little Raven you will call him The Bitch.”  Draco corrected her with a grin.  “Now say it again, correctly, or I add to your punishment.”

Luna swallowed and flushed at the name.  “Little Raven thinks she is being punished for sitting next to and flirting with The B-bitch.”  She said before she whimpered.

“Good girl.  That is one of your two major crimes for tonight’s punishment.”  he told her as he undid her bra and let it slip down her arms.  “Can you think of another mis-deed you have done recently?”

“No Master.”  She said as the bra dropped to the ground.

“Well let me remind you.”  He started as his hands ran gently over her breasts and down her stomach before he hooked fingers into her the elastic holding her knickers up.  “What were you told to do at the Ball?”

“Little Raven was to act as Luna for the night.”  She told him and frowned as that was what she felt she had done.

“Did your Master give you permission to leave early?  You greatly offended the host… me.”  he told her as he pushed the knickers over her small round ass and let her last stitch of clothing drop to the ground.

“Little Raven is sorry Master, she was upset and she wasn’t thinking.”  Luna whimpered as Draco ran his hands up her sides to her arms.

“I am sure you are sorry, but you still must be punished.”  He told her as he lifted her arms above her head.  Once she was in the position he wanted he walked over to the wall and tapped a green crystal.  A chain with shackles attacked dropped from the ceiling and stopped at the perfect height to keep Luna’s arms stretched above her head.

“As this is our first major punishment I will be lenient and only punish you ass.”  He informed her which made her wonder where else he would be punishing in the future.  “I think ten stripes for each sin is a fair penalty.  You will count your stripes my pet, and after I am done you will thank me for the correction.”  he told her sternly.

Without further delay Draco moved behind her and have her her first swat with the crop at his hip.  She gasped at the sting and took in a deep breath.  “One Master.”  She said and closed her eyes.

As the punishment continued she found that her Master was skilled with his strikes, he never hit the same place twice, which added to the pain, but was also kind of a relief.  He paused every so often to run a gentle hand across the abused skin to sooth and comfort.

It was around the thirtieth swing that Luna lost herself to the pain, her body shaking as adrenaline filled her veins.  It felt similar to what she had heard some other students describe what it was like to be high.  She continued counting, but her voice was on autopilot as her mind entered this space of bliss.

She did not notice right away when her Master stopped.  It took his voice to bring her back to earth.  “Little Raven?”  Draco asked and she could hear a tell tail smirk.

“Master?”  She asked in a dazed confusion, she found that she was panting for air, her face was wet from tears.

“My sweet Little Raven had her first taste of subspace.”  he told her as he stroked her gently.  “Did you enjoy it?” He asked her softly.

“Yes Master.”  She said still a bit out of it.  As she came back to her body she realized her bottom felt like it was on fire.  “Is that wrong Master, it was a punishment.”  She said suddenly worried she had upset him.

“No my sweet little pet, it pleases me greatly.”  he told her and kissed her neck before he released her arms.  “How does your butt feel?”  he asked as he helped her to sit on the soft couch.

She flinched and whimpered.  She was too weak to stand, but sitting was not something she wanted to do either at the moment.  “It is on fire Master.”  She whimper and he chuckled.

“You complain but I bet I will find you well and truly turned on.”  he told her as he moved her so she was laying on her stomach.

With that thought planted in her mind she blushed as she knew he was correct.  “Of course Master’s touch always arouses Little Raven.”  She said softly.

Draco chuckled and traced his fingers over the welts on her ass.  “What a good answer pet.”  he mused and looked up at his pet’s face.  “I think we will try something new tonight, as your Master is also very aroused.”  he told her and sat by her head on the couch.  “I don’t want to abuse sweet rear much more tonight.”

Luna moved so her head rested on her thigh.  “What dose Master wish?”  She asked lazily.

“Come straddle your Master’s lap, facing me.”  He told her and as she moved to get up he undid his own pants to free himself from its confines.

She moved into the position he described and he let her rest her head on his shoulder as he held her hips in place.  “Very good pet.”  he praised as he moved her against his very needful manhood.

Understanding what he wanted she tilted her hips so he could move her onto his length easily.  Her hands moved to his upper arms to balance herself as her body slowly swallowed his.

She let out as gasp as she felt him fill her, her reddened butt only gently brushing his pants as he moved her hips against him.  She didn’t think she would last long after the whipping, and she briefly wondered if there was something wrong with her that she was already so turned on by the pain.

“Master.”  She moaned as he started to move her hips in a slow pace.

“Yes my pet?”  he groaned as he took the pleasure he had been aching for for the last few days.

“Never stop… Please Master, never stop.” She moaned on top of him.  Her words pushed him to move her fasted and be a bit more rough with her.

“Never my sweet, never.”  he moaned and smirked as he felt her trembling on top of him.  “Not yet my sweet, you know better than to come without permission.”  he reminded as he sped her up her pace a bit more.

“Yes Master.”  She moaned and squeezed his arms to try and keep control of herself.  Only a few strokes later and she was begging.  “Please Master… please Little Raven needs release.” She whimpered and bit her tongue to keep focus.

“Come now pet!”  he ordered and she screamed in ecstasy on top of him.  He wasn’t quite ready himself but he enjoyed as her body quivered around him.  Her kept thrusting into her while she turned into a putty in his hands.

A little while later he found his own release and sat back with a sigh of joy.  His hands held her hips against him as he softened inside of her.  He had to admit he enjoyed their coupling more than any taste he had had before.

Chapter 51: Wicked Ideas

A few days before the end of the Holiday Luna was laying at the foot of her Master’s bed reading in the nude while Draco sat at his desk answering correspondence.  It was the middle of the day, but he insisted that she never be dressed in more than her collar while they were alone.  She was getting used to the feeling found the experience rather liberating.

Draco glanced over to her as he folded up a letter to be sent and got a delicious idea.  He couldn’t help getting delicious ideas when he watched her slender form.  “Little Raven, heel.”  he commanded suddenly and pointed to the rug beside his desk.

Luna looked up from her book and frowned.  She sighed and climbed off the bed to walk across the room and kneel at his feet.  “Did you need something Master?”  She asked as she looked up at him.

“Yes my pet.”  He said with a smirk.  “My work is getting rather dull, I need something to help me relax.”  he told her as he brushed her face.  “I want you to help me relax while I keep working.”  He told her simply.

“How Master?”  She asked and tilted her head with a frown.

“With your mouth.”  he told her simply then motioned to his slacks.  “I think if you move under the desk you will have a better angle.”

Her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed as she understood what he wanted.  After a slow swallow of the lump in her throat Luna did as she was asked.  Her small hands went to work on his belt and pants.

Draco just smiled and opened up his next letter.  He kept focus until he felt her tongue finally lap against him.  He forced himself not to react.  It would be better for them both if he remained in control while her mouth worked him over.

He tried to go back to working on his letting but he had to settle for pretending to work on the letter as her lips wrapped around him and he tongue stroked him in just the way that he liked.

“I’ve also decided you don’t need any more lessons with Pansy.”  he told her as he tried to sound off handed.  She hummed around him so he would know she was listening, which made him groan.  “You are getting very good at that pet.”  he praised unable to hold back the compliment.

She moaned at his praise and he had to clutch his desk to keep from groaning again.  He needed to stay in control.  He needed to be the Master here.  He couldn’t show weakness.  

When there was a knock on his door he cleared his throat as Luna tried to take him deeper into her throat.  “Who is it?”  he asked a bit higher of a tone than he would have liked.

“You mother, I have a letter here for Miss Lovegood, but she does not seem to be in her room.”  Narcissa said coldly.  He looked down at Luna who asked stopped her work the moment she heard her name.  A moment later Narcissa entered the room and looked around.  “Is she not here either?” She asked with a frown.  “I swear if she is off…”

Draco put a hand on the back of Luna’s head to calm her and smiled at his mother as innocently as he could.  “She is in the loo mother.  You can leave the letter on the table.”  He told her stiffly.

“Is something wrong with you son?”  The woman asked as she noticed out stiff Draco sounded at the moment.

“I’m fine, just in the middle of someth-thing.” he told her and smiled as his devil pet chose that moment to run her tongue against him.

Narcissa narrowed her eyes as she obviously did not believe her son.  “Well lunch is almost ready, you could leave your whore here if you like, or bring her with.”  She said and held her nose up high before leaving the room.

“When did you become a naughty pet?”  Draco asked with a wide smile and let her pull back to answer him.

She smiled shyly and wouldn’t meet his eyes.  “It just, seemed like it would be fun.”  She told him timidly.

“Well just for that I am going to have to punish you.”  he said and pulled her up so she was standing between his legs.

She flushed a bit and swallowed before speaking.  “Master said he wanted Little Raven to be more naughty so he could punish her.”  She pointed out which made him smile.

“My Little Raven is such a good listener.”  he teased as he ran hands down her sides.  “Go fetch the letter and bring it back here.”  he told her and motioned with his head.

She skipped across the room in a playful kind of good as she retrieved the letter and returned to him.  The moments he was within his grasp he pulled her down into his lap, with her back against his chest.

If his manhood wasn’t already stiff from her playful mouth, watching her move across the room would have been more than enough to motivate it to attention.

“Can Little Raven read the message Master?”  She asked as his as he moved her bottom against his shaft.

“Not yet pet.”  he said as his hand moved around and forced her to lay back against his chest.  “I want to play with you a bit first.”

“We’ll miss lunch Master.”  She pointed out as she felt one of his hands move between her legs to explore her already excited form.

“I’ll have something sent up.”  he said as he brushed the curls between her legs.  “You know I think we should get this removed.”  he told her before he slapped his hand down against her mound.  

Luna gasped at the new feeling and wiggled in his lap.  “Little Raven could shave it if Master wishes.”  She told him breathlessly.

“No… then it is something we would have to deal with all the time.  I will get an appointment for you in the Dryad’s grooming room.  I’ll have to see when they have an appointment open.  It takes months to get in there from what I hear.”  he said as he lazily ran his fingers over her.  His fingers found just the right way to touch her in order to make her need him.

She moaned and wiggled on top of him more, she was giving him a lap dance without knowing it.  Once he felt she was ready for him, he moved her into position and made her body swallow him whole.  Their moans joined together like a sexual chorus.

“Now… now you can read your letter.  Read it to me while I fuck you.”  he ordered her and slowly moved her up and down his shaft.

Her trembling fingers opened the note as she tried to focus on reading instead of the wonderfully full feeling he was gifting her with.

“Dear Luna…”  She started and swallowed before she continued.  “It was really goo-od seeing you last week.”  She stopped to moan as he hit a particularly good spot.  “You looked really prret-tty pretty that night.  As I am sure you know… I am writing to arrange our date.”  She moaned again as her Master started to move her faster on to him.  “I thought it would be nice if we… FUCK!”  She screamed unable to think about the letter for the moment.

Draco chuckled and looked at the letter over her shoulder as he slowed her down a bit.  “The Bitch is more forward than I thought he was.”  He said while he let her catch her breath.

“It doesn’t say that… you are making it hard to focus Master.”  She told him breathlessly.

“Turn about is fair play.”  he told her with a smirk.  “Continue.”  He ordered after a moment.

She took in another deep breath and nodded before she found her place.  “…it would be nice if we got some lunch at the Leeeeaky Cauldron then went for a walk down Di-diagon Alley.  We can meet at the Cauldron around one?”  She closed her eyes as her Master started to speed his movements once again.  “Looooking f-forward to seeing you THERE!”  She screamed the last word and moved forward so she could hold the desk and brace herself.  “Ron.”

“It sounds like it will be nice and boring.”  Draco said with a sneer as he took the letter away from her and moved her forward over the desk completely.  He started to drive himself into her more roughly so that he could finish them both off.  “He’ll probably make eyes at the the whole time, and not even try to touch you until his goodbye kiss.”  He told his pet with a sneer on his face.

She was nothing but moans and whimpers under him until her climax was on the very edge when her moans turned into a single word in a begging voice.  “Please..”

Satisfied with her submission leaned down and with one deep thrust he spoke into her ear.  “Come my little pet.  Come for your Master.”  He ordered her and felt her immediately start to quiver around him.  It was enough to give him his own peak, and he growled in completion.

He panted behind her and withdrew once they were both done to sit back in his chair.  

Chapter 52: Ronald

“Put this on.”  Her Master said as her eyes fluttered opened.

He held her white cloak she usually wore to the club out ot her.  She flushed and she was suddenly wide awake at the idea of him taking her there completely naked, unbathed without breakfast.

“Master?”  She whimpered as she slipped off the bed to take the garment and hang it over herself.

“Do not worry pet, I just do not wish for our other houseguest to see your form while we go down to the dungeon.”  Draco explained simply with a smile.  “I told you I would have to punish you before your date.”  he reminded his pet and licked his lips.

“Yes Master.”  She said and flushed as he attached the leash to her collar.  Since his mother had discovered what she truly was to her Master he had her on the leash any time they were out of his room, he even dropped the pretence of her having a room of her own and had her things moved to his.

She wondered if the leash was meant to rub the relationship in his mother’s face, or to make sure Silvain knew exactly who she belonged to every time they crossed paths.  More than likely both if she knew anything about her Master by now.

They got to a room with a large metal door without seeing anyone else up.  Her Master made a show of unlocking the room and opening the door before motioning for ehr to enter first.  It was dark, the blackness was deep enough that Luna could not see a thing as she entered the room.

When Draco entered on the other hand, the room sprang to life, candles lit themselves on every wall.  Now that she could see the room reminded Luna fo a medieval torture chamber.  Tables, and crosses were set around the room with thick leather cuffs.  Chains hung from wall and ceiling.  Whips, crops, and other torture devices Luna had never seen hung from every wall.

She forced down the lump that formed in her throat and followed her Master to the center of the room.

“I am going to use the lined cuffs today so that you won’t have to explain marks on your wrists.”  he said as he took the cloak from her and moved her hands above her head so he could lock her wrists into cuffs lined with soft fur.

“Thank you Master.”  She said softly as her heart started to race.  This was the first time he had chained her since the night at the club where she had found pure bliss, she wondered if she could find it again today.

“Your Master is a fair and kind Master.”  he told her and kissed the back of her neck.  “Do you know why you are being punished today pet?”

“Because Luna is going out on a date with The Bitch today.”  She said and flinched as she used the name for Ron that he Master demanded.

“That is correct pet.  Your Master is also a greedy and selfish Master.”  he told her and went over to a wall of whips to choose one to use on her.  He pick a two inch wide paddle covered in  softer leather.  It would sting and leave welt, but used correctly it would bring no real damage.

Luna whimpered at the look of the new torture device, she had just gotten used to the idea of the crop.  Draco noticed her fear and shook his head.  “Do you trust your Master my pet?”  he asked as he moved up in front of her so he could look into her eyes.

“Yes Master.”  She said with no hesitation.

“Then you know he would never push your further than you were ready to go.”  he told her and ran his fingers down her cheek to sooth her.

“Yes Master.”  She said again and relaxed a little with his caress.

“Good pet.”  he told her and moved around her so he could see her beautiful back and butt.  “Now today’s punishment will be two fold.”  He told her as his hand ran over her soft flesh of her ass.  “First there will be ten stripes for each hour I suspect you will be away from you Master.  If you take longer than you have been punished for, we will have to come back down here tonight to finish the job.”  he told her and he let her feel the paddle run over her bum, and down the back of her thigh.  “You will find out the second half before you leave later.”  He said as he enjoyed making her worry about it all morning.  “Doesn’t that sound fair pet?”

“Yes Master.”  She said as her heart raced in anticipation.

“You will count each strike.”  Draco ordered as usual as he moved into a good position.

“How many Master?”  She asked softly.

“Thirty.”  he told her and he watched a shiver go down her spine.  “You may find lunch to be… simulating.”  he said with a chuckle as he started her punishment.

The first five strikes made Luna gasp and whimper.  He aimed not only for her butt, but the back of her thighs as well, she was sure she would be a deep red by the time he was done.

With the next five strikes her body was on fire, but more than the pain from the spanks, there was the heat in her core.  The bubbles of need that grew with each new pain.

She knew she was still counting as her Master wished, but her head soon became light with the bliss she had craved.  This was a perfect moment again, a moment she could fall into and live forever.

Draco noticed that his pet entered the dazed state of subspace more quickly with this punishment.  He smiled and finished the correction.  He had hoped she would find her way back into the state.  This time he planned not to wake her from it until they were back in his room.  He wanted her to see how much better everything was when she gave herself over so completely to him.

When he finished her strikes he made sure to use a calm and soothing voice when directing her.  “That is my good pet.” He told her and ran the paddle over her lips.  “Does my pet like her toy?”  he asked with a smile.  “The paddle is her friend.”  He told her and she nodded ever so slightly.

“Does my pet want to wake up, or would she like to pleasure her Master more?”  he asked her as he set the paddle aside for now.

“Pleasure Master.”  She told him in a misty voice.

“Such a good pet.”  he told her and undid the cuffs so he could carry her over to a metal table.  When she set her red backside against the cold surface she gasped and licked her lips.  He smiled down at his perfect Little Raven.

A thought of tying her to the table and not letting her go on the date crossed his mind.  She was his, it was going to be hard to share her with the git.  But he knew his sweet little pet would be able to draw the lesser man in, make him love her, and it would be so very sweet to take her away.  After that he would never really have to share her again, she would be completely his.

With that thought in mind he undid the belt that held up his pants and freed himself.  “My sweet little pet, are you with me?”  he asked as he moved over her, his hand moving between her legs to make sure she was as ready as she seemed.

She moaned at his touch and arched her back.  “Yes Master.”  She purred as her eyes fluttered closed.

He smiled and pressed his hard member against her as his lips kissed her shoulder.  “I want you to remember what your Master’s cock feels like when you are with The Bitch.” he told her before he gave her a very vivid reminder.

“OHH”  She screamed as she floated on the pleasure of being filled by her Master.  Everything in her world was for him and his pleasure only compounded hers.

He decided not to hold the fact that she found her peak without permission while she swam in this state of pure experience.  He sort of envies her in that moment she just looked so at peace.

It took Luna a moment to remember where she was and how she got there.  She looked around her Mastered bedroom and it started to come back to her.  The burn that came from her bottom and thighs was a great reminder as well.  After her punishment her Master had made love to her.  She wouldn’t use this term to his face, but that is how it felt to her.  After he had gently wrapped her back up in the cloak and lead her back to his room before inviting her back to the real world.

“Breakfast pet.”  Draco said as he motioned to food set on his table.

He allowed her to stand while she ate.  He knew she would be in pain for some time with the punishment he had given her that morning, but that really was the point.  He wanted her to be constantly reminded of him while she was with the red headed git.  He wanted her constantly reminded of how boring the other man was, and how exciting Draco was.  How only her Master could really bring her the bliss of this morning.

Once breakfast was over they showered together, he took her again against the the wet tile and made her scream for him before they washed up.  When they were done he dried her himself, pampering her and kissing her skin.  He wanted this morning to be a vivid memory that haunted her the rest of the day.

He even chose her clothes and dressed her by hand.  He put her in soft blue wool tights and a darker blue dress that was casual, but still hugged her curves.  He let her go without knickers, knowing they would rub her butt all the more, and made her go without a bra.  She was young enough, and her breasts were small enough a bra was really pointless unless she was doing some kind of activity.

It waited until she only had a few minutes left to leave before he enacted the second part of his punishment.  “Now pet.”  He started as he made her collar invisible with a word.  “You will wear this while you are away.”  he told her as he held up a small clip looking object.

“What is it Master?”  She asked with a confused expression on her face.

“I’ll show you.”  he told her as he lifted the front of her dress and moved the object into her tights.  His fingers moved into the fold of her womanhood and she moaned softly before a moment before the object was placed on the most sensitive of areas.

Her eyes grew wide at the new feeling, her Master ignored the change in expression and put her dress to rights.  “It is magiced so it silently starts to vibrate every time a certain sport is mentioned.  With each additional use of this work the vibrations with increase.  The only way to stop it is to say my first name.”  He told her with a smirk.

She flushed a bit as he pushed hair from her neck so he could kiss the skin.  “Have fun my pet, I expect a full report when you get back.”  he told her softly.

Ron was already waited for her when she arrived.  He looked at her with a wide silly grin on his face.  It made her smile as well, just how relaxed he was compared to her Master.  Luna was sure with Ron there would never be an imbalance of power between the two, and if there was she was actually the one with more.  The thought made her sort of sad, but she put that away for later examination, right now she wanted to live in the moment.  She was finally out on a date with Ronald Weasley.

“Luna!” he called and waved to her as he made his way across the bar.  “How was your morning?”  he asked in his friendly tone.

She opened her mouth to answer and closed it again as the morning’s events played out in her mind.  “It was… fun.”  She finally decided on a good word to use in front of him.  “How was yours?”  She asked to take her mind of the mind blowing orgasims her Master had given her earlier that day.

“Oh nothing special, Harry and I got in a little Quidditch practice before I got ready to come here.”  He told her and she almost choked as the clip between her legs came to life.  “Are you okay?”  he asked with a frown.

“Yes I’m fine.”  She told him as she got used to the sensation.  “Do you mind if we eat at the bar?”  She asked as she wished to not have to sit down in front of him today.  She wondered if she would never want to sit down around Ronald, he might notice after a while.

“Sure.”  He said with a shrug and led them over to the bar where he sat on one of the stools and held out another for her.

“I prefer to stand.”  She told him as her mind was working on ways to work her Master into the conversation.  

Ron frowned at the weird preference then shrugged, he knew Luna was always a bit odd.  “So?  Do you like playing Keeper?”  he asked as quidditch was one of the main things the two had in common.

She laughed and smiled at him, just glad he had not said the name of the game.  “I do actually, seeker seems like it would be too much pressure, though I wouldn’t mind trying out the chaser position.”  She told him honestly.

“I love Keeper myself, but I have thought of trying out Beater since I am getting a pretty strong arm.”  he told her and relaxed.

“If things keep going the way they are I think Ravenclaw will have to play Draco’s team in the final.”  Luna said just to stop the evil thing between her legs.

Their conversation went on like that through lunch, Quidditch was mentioned by name every so often and every so often she would find a way to say something about Draco.

By the time they left the bar the clit vibrator was going on two notches and she was running out of ways to say her Master’s name without seeming odd.  Her Master was also right about the fact that Ron was a perfect gentleman, only going so far as to take her hand as they walked down the road.

It was a nice comfortable feeling to have a boy that didn’t seem to be constantly wanting to touch her, but at the same time it felt more like being around a friend than a date.  They passed by a few shops and looked into windows, still talking about school and quidditch mostly.

She had three layers of vibration happening between her legs when they approached Quality Quidditch Supplies and she whimpered when he started to move in that direction.  Then her savior appeared in front of the store.

“Draco.”  She said the name, glad to have a reason to use the word as her Master was standing in front of the store.

“What is he doing here?”  Ron asked with a grumble and he shifted himself before her and her Master.

“Who knows, maybe he is just out shopping?”  She offered casually.  Ron seemed at war himself as he tried to decide weather to go to his favorite store in the alley, or avoid his nemesis.  Finally it seemed his need to look at the latest broom won out, or at least he decided he would not be run off by the other boy.

Draco smiled as he noticed the couple, they were holding hands like third years and Ron left at least a foot between him and his pet.  Though it did not go unnoticed that the other boy also felt a need to place himself between the Draco and his pet.

“Oh well isn’t it Weasel and who do you have here?” Draco asked as if he didn’t recognize her at least.  Her faked shock and smiled at her with his charming grin.  “Well I think that is Loony!”  He said with a laugh.  “Don’t you clean up well.”  He added and gave her a very suggestive look just for Ron’s benefit.

“Stop bothering us Ferret.”  Ron snapped and put his body fully between Luna and Draco, he did not seem to like the way the other boy was eyeing his date.

“Would you even know what to do with a woman Weasel?”  Draco asked with a sneer.  “I could take her off your hands and show you how to make her scream if you like?’  Draco offered to remind Luna of that morning.  “I bet she would like to be handled by a real man.”

Ron was turning more and more red as Draco spoke.  “Shut up!”  He yelled and took a step towards Draco.

“Make me Weasel.”  he said as his arms crossed over his chest.

“Ronald please?”  Luna finally spoke up and reached out to take his arm.

“Look Ronald she begging for it.”  Draco said with a smirk.  “Prove me wrong, take her breath away.”  Her Master kept egging her date on.

“Not rising to you bait.”  Ron said between gritted teeth and retook Luna’s hand.  “Lets get some ice cream.”  he said more forcefully and pulled Luna way from her Master.

She sat down with him only wincing a bit as they sat down in Florean and Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor.  Ron was seething the whole time while they ate their treat and mumbling something under his breath.  As they exited the shop he turned fully to her and looked at her with a very serious face.  “I can take your breath away.”  he told her firmly.

She smiled sweetly at him and nodded.  “I am sure you can, you shouldn’t let him get to you Ronald.”  She said patting his hand.

“I’m serious.”  he said and looked around before stepping into her suddenly and kissing her lips without warning.  She was stunned by the kiss but it didn’t take her long before she was kissing him back.  He wasn’t nearly as skilled at it as her Master, but his novice tries were still very delightful.

Chapter 53: Game Three: Slytherin vs Ravenclaw

It had been over a month since they got back to school.  Ron and Luna went out on a few more dates, averaging one a week, but they still kept things uncommitted.  Luna told Ron whenever he brought it up that she was nervous about labels such because of her experiences with Adrian, and Ron was always understanding.

Before each of the dates with Ron, no matter how small, Draco would punish, then fuck her.  He told her he it pleased him to have his seed in her while she was out with The Bitch.  If she was honest with herself she enjoyed these sessions, and almost looked forward to them more than the dates themselves.

This morning Ron was sitting at the Ravenclaw table giving the team a pep talk as he was very supportive of the idea of them beating the Slytherin asses.  Luna smiled at how supportive he was, and wondered what will happen when they are playing against each other at the end of the year.

“I want to make a wager with you Luna.”  Ron said which drew her attention out of her musings.

“What kind of wager?”  She asked as she looked up at him with a smile on her lips.

“If Slytherin wins today you have to be my girlfriend.”  he said with a goofy grin.  “It will give me something to look forward to either way.”

“What do I get if Ravenclaw wins?”  She asked as she shook her head at the tactic.

“Humm?”  he rubbed his chin in thought.  “I won’t bother you about it again until the next Ravenclaw game?”  he offered.

“So you won’t even mention dating until the game against Gryffindor?”  She asked and looked into his eyes.

“Exactly.”  he said with a single nod and held out his hand to shake on it.

“You have a deal.”  She said and shook the offered hand then kissed him on the cheek before she headed out to get ready for the game.

The Slytherin team took to the field first, only those from their house cheering from them as they flew around the pitch before they took their positions.  Next the Ravenclaws flew out and waved to the school as rest of the school cheered and screamed for their team.

Luna saw Ron sitting in the Gryffindor section next to his friends, but he was wearing Ravenclaw colors and she could tell he was yelling her name.  She flew down and took her position in front of the goals before the game started without her.

It was only the first play of the game and Adrian was already being vulgar as he flew towards her with the quaffle under his arm and making blow job motions with his free hand.  This act to distract her lost him the ball, but he did not follow right away.

He flew close enough to her that no one would hear acting as if he was out of control for a moment.

“You know once he is tired of you, he won’t protect you any more, and then I get to have some real fun.”  he told her and then flew away to rejoin the game.

She worked to ignore the comment and focus on the game.  Each time he got near her as the game went on he would make lewd or similar comments as the first.  This was countered in her mind by the fact he never actually scored against her as some of the other chasers from his team did.

They were going on the second hour of the match and the score was 90-30 Ravenclaw.  Luna was starting to feel a bit smug as she blocked yet another quaffle from Adrian when the crowd hushed.  It could only mean one thing, the snitch was spotted.

Luna glanced around to see who was chasing it down and saw both her Master and Cho diving towards the other end of the pitch.  Draco was in the lead, but only by a foot or two.  Luna turned away, focusing back on her goals to make sure no one tried to score while she was distracted.

The moment cheers went up from the Slytherin section she sighed and looked to Ron to give him a smile at least.  So they were dating now, her Master was sure to punish her for this new development, but it was nice to be with the boy she had crushed on for so long.

As she made her way to the ground Blaise came flying up next to her.  “He wants to see you at the party tonight, he says wear your uniform.”  He told her then shook her hand as if they were exchanging a sportsmanlike gesture and flew off.

Her heart almost stopped at the second part of the message, he hadn’t had to wear her uniform since the holiday, and she would be in front of the rest of his house in the thing.  She thought about how it would feel to be so exposed in front of her classmates and she felt herself getting slightly aroused by the mere thought of it.

She quickly shook the line of thought away and focused on Ron.  He, Harry, Hermione and Ginny were all waiting for her win she landed.

“You did great hun.”  Ron told her and wrapped an arm around her waist.  “Sometimes these things just happen.”  he said as he tried to comfort her.

She smiled up at him and nodded.  “Thanks Ron.”  She said and kissed him on the cheek.

“So can I tell them, or are you backing out of our bet?”  He asked as he eyed her playfully.

“I figured you would have told them already.”  She said back playfully then turned to the group of confused looking friends.

“We are official now.  Luna finally agreed to be exclusive.”  Ron said beaming as he announced the news.

“No accounting for taste it seems.”  Draco said as him and his small gang walked up just in time to hear the news.

“Go away Malfoy.”  Ron said and turned, he moved between the Slytherins and Luna as he always did.  “No one was talking to you.”

“Oh but I wanted to congratulate the happy couple.”  Draco said mockingly.  “If I think about it you make a perfect little pair, you’re both losers.”  He said and Crabbe and Goyle chuckled.

“I don’t know Draco, the two girls look pretty useful to me.”  Blaise said as his eyes ran over Ginny and Luna.  “I bet they would sound wonderful screaming my name.”  He added with a smirk.

“There are three girls here.”  Hermione said as she stepped in front of Ginny as if the younger girl needed protection.

“Oh well you know, mud… muggle borns don’t really count.”  Blaise said, pretending the slip was an accident.

Before any of the Gryffindor’s could respond Snape came over to see if there was a problem.  His eyes scanned the two groups and he raised an eyebrow as he spotted the lone Ravenclaw behind the Gryffindor lines.

“What is going on here?”  he asked in his deep tone.

“Nothing professor, just a friendly chat.”  Draco said and smirked as the Gryffindor’s all turned red.  “We were just going to celebrate our victory.”

That night Luna found herself outside the Slytherin common room wearing the white dress with a set of matching green satin bra and knickers.  She figured her Master would like to see her in his house colors as such an event.  She was currently also wrapped in her fall cloak so that anyone she may have seen in the hall would not have seen what she was wearing.

The wall opened before her as Pansy and Adrian were stepping out.  Pansy smirked as she noticed her and looked to Adrian.  “It seems a Little Raven has been ordered to entertain the team, maybe you will even get a turn slave.” She said meanly, which made Adrian smirk at her.

“Is Master Dragon inside Mistress?”  Luna asked, she felt it would not do her any good to respond to such a comment.

“Yes, you will find him in the middle of the gang of sluts, you’ll fit right in.”  She said and then started down the hall with Adrian at her heels.

When she entered the common room she spotted Draco right away.  As Pansy had said he was sitting on one of the couches near the fire, surrounded on all sides by many Slytherin girls.  She made her way over to him timidly and bowed her head to wait for him to notice her.

“Ah my pet is here.”  Draco said happily, then frowned at the cloak.  “You are out of uniform pet.”  he said sternly.’

“Sorry Master, Little Raven did not wish for other houses to see her like that.”  She told him as she slipped the cloak off.

“That is wise, but you will still need to be punished for the infraction.”  He said, but seemed more pleased as her uniform was revealed.  He took her hand and roughly pulled her into his lap.   Her back was to his chest and her head rested on his shoulder.   “The green suits you.”  he said as he brushed her thigh with his hand.

Glancing to the girls on either side of them, they seemed a bit put out that Draco was giving her attention, but they did not move away.

“Now what should your punishment be?”  He asked then murmured the word to reveal her collar.  “I think five spanks will service for the minor infraction.”  he said still petting her thigh.

“Thank you Master.”  She said softly.

“Now for agreeing to go steady with the git, now that sounds major to me, what do you think Blaise?”  He asked turning to his friend who was necking with another seventh year.

Blaise looked up and smiled.  “Oh that sounds pretty major to me, may even have to revoke some privileges.”  He said and his eyes moved over Luna’s form before he turned back to his date.

“What do you think pet, how should Master punish you for this?”  Draco asked as he spread her legs slowly.

“However pleases Master the most.”  Luna said not wishing to make her punishment worse than it would already be.

“Do you hear that Tracy?”  He asked the girl to his left.  “That is a well trained pet’s answer to most questions really.”  He said in a way that seemed like the girl and him were having a normal conversation.

“If she is so well trained why is she dating the Gryffindor?”  Tracy asked with a purr, glad to have attention back on her.

“Answer her pet.”  He commanded Luna with a smirk.

“Luna is dating the Bitch because it is what she wanted before she met Master, it is what Master offered for her service.”  She tried to explain.

Many of the Slytherins laughed when she called run the bitch, which made Luna blush and look to her Master with a pout.

“Does that mean you are a completely free man now Draco?”  Tracy purred and put her hand on his arm.

Luna looked to him in confusion, she thought he was still dating Pansy.

“Pansy and I broke up pet.” he told her and ran his fingers down her neck.  “Tell her, am I a free man?”  He asked and motioned with his head towards the other girl.

“Master is free to date anyone he wishes, Little Raven is only a pet.”  She told the girl.

“Now back to your punishment.”  he said and moved his hands to her inner thighs to part her legs for the room.

“Little Raven thought Master prefers to punish her in private.”  She said as her heart started to race.

“That is what Blaise said simply to let me get rid of my cousin.  I would prefer him not to see you naked.”  He explained.  “But we are all friends here.”  he added and licked his lips as his left hand pushed up the skirt of her dress.  “I think maybe I should deny you release for the rest of the night, maybe give your orgasms to someone else, what do you think pet?”  He asked as his hand slipped under the elastic of her knickers.

“If it pleases Master.”  She said with a whimper of obvious displeasure at the idea, or at least with what his hand was doing.

“You would prefer the paddle though, wouldn’t you pet?  For me to tie you to my bed and make you ass all red and rosy?”  he asked as his fingers started to play with her folds.

She swallowed and nodded.  “Yes Master, Little Raven would prefer that kind of punishment.”  She agreed which made him chuckle.

“My Little Raven is becoming quite the painslut isn’t she?”  He asked Tracy who just looked back at him questioningly.  He chuckled and shook his head.  “She doesn’t know what a painslut is pet, would you like to tell her?”  he asked as he pushed his middle finger inside of his pet.

Luna moaned, then whimpered, she was not enjoying the fact he was playing with her so opening in front of her classmates.  “If it pleases Master.”  She said breathlessly.

“It does.”  he answered as he nipped the back of her neck.

“A painslut is a pet or slave that gets aroused by pain.”  She told the girl breathlessly.

“So what is the difference between a pet and a slave?”  Tracy asked curiously.

“Oh that depends on the Master.  For me the difference is care, if Little Raven was my slave she would not be on my lap right now being pet by her Master.  She would be on the floor, on all fours and propping up my feet with her back.”  Draco explained simply.

“Do you have any slaves?”  Tracy asked and made a face of displeasure.

“Not yet, are you offering?”  He teased the girl.

“No.”  She said and turned away, which made him chuckle.

“Little Raven would never make a good slave, she is too soft and delicate.”  he added after a moment, his hand not focusing on areas of her form that made Luna’s body twitch with pleasure.  He leaned in and whispered in her ear.  “If you come without permission you will not enjoy the punishment.”  He told her seriously.

Luna whimpered and nodded quickly as she then tried to focus on something besides his hand.  That was when his second hand pushed the fabric of her dress and bra aside and revealed her left breast to the room.  She gasped and looked over at her Master as his fingers started to play with her nipple.  “Please Master.”  She whimpered and bit her lower lip.

“Get used to it pet.”  he said in a tone that left no room for argument.

Luna closed and eyes and tried to pretend they were alone.  This was not helped by the fact that he kept carrying on conversations, not only with Tracy, but with others that were around as well.  Though this did not stop the building pressure she was starting to feel because of his ministrations.

“Master?”  She asked breathlessly when she couldn’t take any more.  “Master Little Raven needs release.”  She said turning pink with how she was acting in front of the others.

He chuckled shook his head.  “Obviously not bad enough if you can still form sentences.” He answered and nipped the back of her neck.

She whimpered and swallowed as she worked harder to keep her climax at bay in the face of his skilled hands.  She was surprised to find she lasted a few more minutes under his care before she found herself unable to sit still.

“Master?”  She whimpered “Master please?”  She begged and bucked her hips, the rest of the room did not exist for her, only her Master’s hands.  “Please, please, Little Raven, must, please?”  She whimpered unable to focus on the words.

“Now is when Little Raven needs release.”  he said mocking her words from before.  “But she won’t get any.”  he pulled his hand out of her knickers and chuckled.  “At least not until after she has been punished.

She thought she was going to cry with the pain the sudden lack of his hand caused her body.  She felt his fingers at her lips and opened them without a thought.  “You made my hand all dirty pet, clean it off.”  Draco ordered which made her start to suck on the probing fingers.  She moaned at the taste of her self, her body shaking with the cruel tease her Master inflicted on her.

Draco repeated the process three more times over the hours he spent celebrating the victory with his frends.  Each time he would bring her to the very edge until she was begging him with her need, and each time he pulled back and made her clean his fingers with her tongue.  He then waited just long enough for her to cool down before starting the process again.  By the time most of the others had gone to bed Luna was sure she had also messed her Master’s pants with the flow of her desire.

“I think it is time to wrap up our evening.”  he said finally and helped Luna to stand before getting up himself.  “I think I am going to have to gag you for your punishment tonight so you don’t wake my roommates.”  he said with a chuckle he hooked her leash to her collar.

She looked down and whimpered at the idea of being punished in front of the other boys.  “Mmm yes, tied, gagged, and a bright red ass.  Do you know what happens after that pet?”  He asked as he started to lead her up the stairs.

She swallowed and looked away from him.  “Fucked Master?”  She said with word soft and innocently.

“Exactly my sweet.”  he answered as he pushed open the dormitory door.

He led her over to his bed and attached the leash to the headboard.  Then he carefully started to tie each limb to the bed so she was spread eagle and face down.  Once she was positioned the way he wanted he found the ball gag he wished to use.  He made her bite down on the blue plastic leather ball before securing the gag in place.

“Oh my sweet Little Raven, you make such a pretty picture.” He told her in a soothing voice.  “But I don’t think you are going to need these any longer.”  he said and with a rough yank he ripped her knickers from her form.

Luna whimpered around the ball as her bottoms were taken from her and left her ass exposed to him.

“Now you do not have to count tonight, obviously, but once we are done you will thank and kiss the paddle for your punishment.  You love your paddle don’t you my sweet little pet?”  he asked as he showed her the leather covered paddle he had used on her before.  She whimpered and nodded her agreement and understanding.

“Good pet, now as I said, five for being out of uniform.  Then I think one for each of those stupid pecks he calls a kiss he laid upon her lips that I had to witness, which brings us up to nine.  Finally another fifty one for actually agreeing to date the Bitch.  Which makes sixty in all.  That seems fair to me, what do you think pet?”  Draco asked but Luna only whimpered.  “Glad you agree.

Luna jumped and whimpered as each of the first ten hit her backside and thighs.  With the next ten she started to moan around the gag in her mouth.  By the time he was to thirty she had reached the blissful state of pure pleasure that her Master called subspace.

When he noted her dazed eyes Draco smiled and paused the punishment to run his hand over her already bruised behind.  “Such a good pet enjoys her punishments.”  He said before continuing.  After forty he stopped again to sooth her tortured bottom.  “I wonder if I could get you to come this way my pet?”  he asked the spaced out Luna.  “I bet you would like that, meaning I should start making this your reward for things.”  he teased and chuckled.

By the time he reached the end of her punishment her ass, and thighs was hot enough to cook breakfast on.  Her skin seemed to glow red with purpled brushed lines here and there.  “I am going to enjoy watching you at breakfast in the morning pet.”  he told her as he drew the curtains to his bed and started to undress himself.  “I think I may have to find ways of stealing you away for a quick fuck a few times tomorrow.”  he cooed as he freed his painfully hard erection.

“Would my painslut like that?  Her red little behind rubbing against the rough stone walls as her Master fucked her?”  Draco asked as he untied the rope that held her legs to put her into a better position to take.  He then put up a silencing spell on his curtains and freed her from the gag.

Before she say anything he held the paddle out to her lips.  She kissed it almost lovingly and smiled before kissing it again.  “Thank… punishment… mr paddle…”  She said unable to think in full sentences.

He chuckled at the ‘mr’ part and set the paddle aside.  “Do you want me to fuck you now my sweet Little Raven?”  He asked as he leaned over her form.

“Master…” Was her answer and he took that has a yes.

“You really are a perfect little pet.”  he said more to himself than to her.  She was wet enough that he slid into her with little resistance.  She was still tight around him, and felt like a glove meant exactly for his member.  He moaned in pleasure and started a slow, long, rhythm into her wanting form.

She moaned and gasped under him every time his body met her tortured back side.  Her lustful sounds drove him to take her faster and harder.  She started to scream for more as if it was the only word her addled brain could form at the moment.

With her body quivering around him so very near her peak he couldn’t take it any longer and drove his cock home before reaching his own climax.  “Come pet, come now”  he said and spanked her one last time before she screamed so loud he was sure she wouldn’t have a voice the next day.

Chapter 54: Only For Me

When the next Hogsmeade weekend comes all the students in the school are excited as always.  Luna and Ron decide to spend the day together away from their other friends to have time as a couple which is hard when they are in different houses.

They walk down to the village together holding hands.  “What are Harry and Hermione’s plans for the day?”  Luna asks with a peaceful smile on her face.

“Hermione is staying in to get some homework done, and I think Harry is going to ask Ginny to the village with him.  I am not supposed to know, but he mumbles in his sleep.” Ron says with a frown.  “But how do you yell at a guy for mumbling?”

“I think they would make a cute couple.”  She tells him as they walk.

Ron makes a face and shakes his head.  “She is my baby sister, she is way too young to date.”  he tells Luna with a frown.

This makes Luna laugh, this musical kind of laugh and shake her head.  “Ronald, you know she is three months older than me?”  She asks curiously with the easy smile still in place.

Suddenly someone pushed past them and knocked Luna to the ground.  “Watch yourself Weasley.”  Draco hissed and looked back with narrowed eyes.

“You ran into us Malfoy!” Ron shot back as he helped Luna to her feet.  She wondered why her Master seemed so angry with her.  She frowned and bit her lip.

“Well you were taking up the whole road!”  Draco answered before turning and leaving the two to walk alone.  Draco has planned to follow the two lovebirds all the way down to the village, but he couldn’t handle it any more.  Weasleys should not be allowed to touch his things like that!

He left the two lovebirds behind so he could clear his head.  It had all been fine, the little bitch had barely been touching her while they walked almost a foot apart. Then it happened, the thing that made him see red and want to hex the other boy’s face off.  She had laughed, and it was beautiful.

She had never laughed for him, he hadn’t really thought about it until that moment.  He had made her moan and scream, cry and whimper, but never laugh.  He was her Master, all her sounds should belong to him!  More so all her beautiful sounds.

Draco knew his pet didn’t like Puddifoot’s so he figured the two would head to the Three Broomsticks.  He made his way there and found a table for himself so he could watch the door.  As he waited he looked around the place, just to see if he could find one of his new fan club to entertain himself with.

He didn’t see any of his usual fans, but as he looked around the room he noticed a younger Slytherin girl looking back over to him.  She couldn’t have been older than a fourth year, and she reminded him a bit of Daphne.  He smiled at her and motioned for her to take the seat next to him.

Her friend’s eyes widened at his silent offer and pushed herto answer his call.  Even Slytherin girls were sweet at this age, they just started to think about boys, and they weren’t yet being pressured to use their femaleness to manipulate the men around them.

When the girl sat down next to him he smiled at her kindly.  He wouldn’t do much with the girl, but she seemed like she would be fun to at least play with and get his mind off his pet.

“So what is your name?”  he asked as she took the seat next to him.

“Astoria.”  She said and looked back at her friends before blushing up at him.

“That is a lovely name.”  he told her and took her hand to kiss it, he liked to play the charming Prince sometimes, and he could only play the roll with foreign witches, or young Slytherins.  “I assume you know who I am?”  he asked playfully.

“Draco.”  She said and couldn’t bring herself to look at him.

“Would you like a drink Astoria?”  he asked and glanced to the door when it opened.  His pet and the git walked in, they were red faced and puffy lipped.  The other man had been kissing her!  He turned his attention back to the girl next to him.

“Butterbeer?”  She asked nervously.

“You stay here, I will go get us two.”  he answered and pat her hand before heading up to the bar.  It wasn’t his fault him and the git got there at the same time.

“Two Butterbeers.”  Both Draco and Ron said at once then look at each other and frown.

Draco is tempted to say something about how Weasley’s need to learn their place, but as Luna may be watching it just isn’t a smart idea.  Madam Rosmerta places four mugs down in front of the two boys and they head back to their own ends of the Inn.

Luna smiles at Ron as he places the drink down in front of her.  “Thank you.”  She said before she looked over to follow her Master back to his place next to a young Slytherin.  He would be fishing for a new girlfriend now she supposed.

“It was kind of odd, I was waiting for an insult but he didn’t say a thing.”  Ron said which drew Luna’s attention back to him.

“Maybe he isn’t as bad as you think he is?”  She offered.  She knew it would be too much to ask for her Master and her Boyfriend to get along, but it would be nice if one didn’t wish to always hex the other.

“You know I find it really sweet that you like to see the good in people.”  Ron started with a smile.  “But it can get you in trouble too, some people have no good to see.”  He added with a frown and she knew he was talking about her relationship with Adrian.

“All I am saying is he had never been particularly mean to me.  Maybe you and Harry just have a different set of Tasleturns than him?”  She asked with a smile that said she should know what that was.

“Maybe.”  he answered awkwardly.

After dinner Luna pretended to go back to Ravenclaw tower and kissed Ron softly goodnight.  The moment she felt it was safe she turned and headed down to the Slytherin dungeon.  She was out on a date that day, which could only mean a punishment for her tonight.  Her Master kept her up to date on the password into the common room, just because it made his life a bit easier.

When she entered she looked around for her Master, and found that he was sitting by the same young Slytherin from that afternoon.  Luna would have to try and make friends with her as Dancing Flower had suggested.  She walked over and kneeled at her Master’s feet to wait for him to acknowledge her.

“Draco, is she Weasley’s girlfriend?”  The young Slytherin asked the moment she noticed Luna.

Draco smiled and nodded.  “You’ve never seen her around the common room before?”  he asked amused.

“Never really noticed her.”  The girl said as she looked to Luna in confusion.  “What is she doing here?”

“She is my pet.”  Draco said and ran his hand over her hair.  “She has come to be punished for her misdeed today.”

“What did she do?”  The girl asked softly, unsure about the idea of the boy who had been flirting with her all day having a pretty Ravenclaw for a pet.

“Tell her my Little Raven.”  he said motioning to Luna.

“Luna went out on a date with her boyfriend.”  She said softly.

“You punish her for seeing her own boyfriend?”  The girl asked even more confused.  “Then why do you keep dating him?”

Before Luna could answer Draco cut in.  “Because she obviously enjoys her punishments.”  He said with a smirk.

The girl blinked a few times and blushed a bit.  She seemed even younger in that moment.  “Does Weasley know she is cheating on him?”  She asked suddenly as she looked between Draco and Luna.

Draco laughed and shook his head.  “Why don’t you go join your friends Astoria.”  he added as he could see how uncomfortable this made the girl.  “I enjoyed our day together.”  he added and took her hand to kiss the knuckles.  “Maybe I will see you again?”  he asked in a charming tone.

The Slytherin girl looked between Draco and Luna and bit her lower lip.  “Maybe.”  She said and headed off to join her friends.

“Little Raven is sorry for scaring her off Master.”  Luna said softly once the girl was gone.

“I have no plans on keeping my tastes secret from any future girlfriend or wife, if it is too much for her, it is best she figures that out before I put any work into her.  Now,”  he started and turned fully to Luna. “are you ready to be punished for your actions today?”  he asked sternly.

“Yes Master.”  She said and lowered her head.

“Has he tried to do anything more to you than I have witnessed, and if so have you let him?”  Draco asked clearly so that all his minions and alleys could hear.

“We have..” She licked her lips slightly before continuing.  “We snogged outside of Hogsmeade today.  I let his hands roam a bit more than he usually tries.”

Draco chuckled and shook his head.  “The boy is a child.”  he said with a sigh.  “Did you like it my sweet little pet?  How did his hands on you make you feel?”

“It was, enjoyable Master.” She told him honestly.  “Different than I am used to.  He is so sweet, and gentle.”

Draco wants to ask her if she liked it better than what he does to her, but he stops himself as he felt it would make him look jealous and weak.  He was still upset over what happened on the road down to Hogsmeade, and he would take that out on her now.  The only question was, what would make her feel the same way?

“Blaise?”  He called his friend to get his attention.

“Yeah?”  the dark boy answered as he looked up form homework.

“I don’t really have time to punish her tonight, would you mind taking my place?”  He asked coldly as he watched his pet for a reaction.

Blaise looked a bit confused and then smirked with a shrug.  “I think I can spare a few minutes, but you will owe me.”  he answered as he knew Draco’s game.

Draco said the word to reveal her collar to the world, then hooked her leash to the end before handing it over to Blaise.  “Have fun.”  he said and then got to his feet and headed over to where Astoria and her friends were talking.

Blaise smiled down at her.  “I think we should take this upstairs.”  he said and looked her over for a moment.  “Get rid of the robe, it will just get in your way.”  he told her firmly.

After a moment of hesitation and a look over to her Master’s back she pulled her robe off, which left her in the shirt, skirt, and vest of her school uniform.

When Blaise headed for the stairs she moved to get to her feet to follow him but he yanked the leash down so she would stay on her knees.

“Bad pets don’t get to walk.”  he said firmly and lead her up to the boys dorm on all fours.

Once they were alone, he licked his lips as he smiled at her.  “Stand up, but don’t move unless I move you.”  he said firmly as he took off her tie then wrapped it around her eyes tightly.  “Can you see?”  he asked and waved his hand over her eyes to make sure.  Once he was sure her sight was gone he cast a sticking charm so it would not move until he wanted it to.

She focused her breath so she would be able to handle whatever Blaise would do to her.  Her Master had never given her to another for punishment before, did that mean he was going to get rid of her so soon?  The room went silent, and she guessed her had put up a spell to block the sounds, she expected that meant she would be screaming for this punishment.

She felt his hands as they unbuttoned her shirt and slowly removed her clothes.  She didn’t mind them as much as she thought she would, they reminded her of her Master’s hands, strong and precise in their movements.

“I can’t believe he lets you wear knickers.”  Blaise said and she could feel his warm breath on her skin.  “If you were mine I would keep you naked in my room so I could fuck you any time day or night.”  he told her as he pulled the last of her clothes from her.

His hand moved between her legs and they paused as they found she wasn’t the least bit aroused yet.  “Oh?  Don’t you like me Little Raven?”  he asked with a chuckle as his hands moved up to her breast.  “Or are you so much of a pain slut now that my gentle touches aren’t doing anything for you?”  He asked as he laughed at her.

She spoke softly as she tried not to flinch at the way he touched her.  “Little Raven is Master Dragon’s pet.”  She answered as if that would explain her lack of reaction.

“Oh so only he can turn you on?”  he asked and shook his head.  “We both know that is a lie Little Raven.  He told me how hot and bothered you got by Adrian when you two were a thing.”  He reminded her as he ever so slowly excited her nipples.

“That is why Little Raven doesn’t want to be turned on my anyone but Master.”  She told him softly and whimpered as he slow work was wearing her down.

“You don’t want to be turned on?  Who said pets get any choice in the matter?”  Blaise asked and slipped his hand up into her hair just so he could yank it back and expose her neck.

“Master never said Little Raven had to enjoy her punishment.  Little Raven only has to listen to Master unless he tells her otherwise.”  She told him defiantly.

“Oh?  You do have some fire?  I thought Draco had burned it all out of you.”  He said before biting her neck hard enough to leave teeth marks.  

She gasped at the pain.  “Little Raven serves Master because she enjoys serving Master.”  She told the boy.  “She is good for him because it pleases him.”  She added as Blaise bit the other side of her neck.

“Well you are mine tonight.”  He told her and stepped back.  “And you better please me.”  He snapped before pushing her back onto what she assumed was his bed.  “And if you don’t let yourself enjoy it a bit, it is really going to hurt when I fuck you.”

“Please don’t…”  She said in a pitiful voice that made the man on top of her stop.

“Why?”  he asked in a deadly tone.

“Little Raven isn’t ready to be with anyone besides her Master.”  She told him meekly.  “She will if she must because Master did give her to you for punishment…”  she trailed off and slumped under him.

“What about the Weasley?”  He asked his hand traced light circles on her stomach.

“She isn’t ready for that with R… The Bitch either.”  She told him honestly.  “But he isn’t pursuing her about it so Little Raven isn’t worried like she is right now.”

Blaise stopped even his light touches and shifted on the bed to get his wand.  He used a few simple spells to bind her to the bed, spread eagle on her back, which made her whimper.  He then reversed the sticking charm on her tie and pulled it away from her eyes.

She blinked a few times before looking at the man on top of her and her eyes widened as her Master grinned down proudly at her form.  “I never thought you would be such a good pet.”  he told her in Blaise’s voice.

Chapter 55: Game Four: Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff

“I’ve decided to give myself something to do during the game today.  Who really cares about the two teams playing for last place?”  Draco said as his pet kneeled in front of him.

They were in the room he shared with the other 6th year Slytherin boys.  He was sitting on his bed and she kneeled in front of him completely without clothes, her hair was down and hung in her face as he just enjoyed the view for a moment.

“Luna is supposed to be cheering the Bitch in his game this afternoon.” She said softly.

“And she will be.  Only you will be entertaining me at the same time.”  he asked and licked his lips as he enjoyed her confusion.  “I have a special outfit for you to wear to the game.”  he told her before he got to his feet.

When she looked up at her Master her curtain of hair got tossed back from her face.  “Master?”  She asked as she felt worried now about what he had planned.

He held up the small clip she had been forced to wear on her first date with Ron.  “You remember your old friend?”  he asked with an amused smirk as she blushed and looked down to the ground.  “Well he has a few sisters you will also be wearing.”  he told her as he held up two more clips that looked almost exactly the same as the first.

“Master, Little Raven does not think she can think of a reason to say Master’s name that often during the match.”  She said worried about the triggers she remembered from the date.

“You don’t have to worry about that pet.”  he said as he moved to kneel down in front of her.  He pushed her legs as widely apart as they would go before continuing.  “I’ve changed their activation requirements.”

“To what Master?”  Luna asked with a gasp as his skilled fingers worked to arouse her body so he could more easily attach the clips.

“Lets just say they are completely under my control, would you like me to show you?”  he asked as he pulled a round gem from his pocket.  He closed his hand around it and the clip he had just attached her to clitoris hummed to life.

She let out a moan as she arched her back as the feeling was much stronger than she remembered it being last time.  He decided to leave it on as he attached the other clips to her nipples before he took out a second gem and turned them on as well.

Draco watched his pet very closely, and just as she was about to go over the edge of bliss he turned the clips off and put the gems back in his pocket.  Luna whimpered and blushed as she tried to regain control of herself.

“You may wish to get the sounds under control, as you will be in public.”  he pointed out and kissed her forehead before he stood up.  “Over those I want you in this.”  He said and held out a dress very much like the one she always wore to the club, the difference with this one was the fabric was not see through as the linen one was, and it was a deep emerald green.

“Master I can’t wear that.”  She said as she looked between the dress and him.  “Someone will see.”  She pointed out as her lip trembled.

“You have you winter cloak to wear over it.”  Draco said with a wave of his hand.  He had thought of the dress as he was reminded of the last Quidditch player she had dated, it would keep her from going off with Ron after the match.  Not that he thought the Weasley would have the balls to actually play with his pet the way Pucey did.

She whimpered and bit her lip, she obviously didn’t like the idea but he knew she also wouldn’t refuse him, even if she could.  She pulled the dress on over her head and made sure it was fitted right before she looked to her Master for his approval.

“That color really does suit you my pet.”  he said as he gently ran his fingers down her cheek.  “Now you better get going and give you boyfriend a good luck kiss.” he told her before he helped her to her feet.

Luna pulled her cloak into place and made sure her lack of clothing wasn’t showing before she went to meet Ron in the Entrance Hall.

Ron was waiting for her when she got there, she smiled as she ran up to hug him and worked hard to keep her cloak closed at the same time.  Draco watched as she let him kiss her firmly on the lips before the Gryffindor team left together.

Once out in the stands Luna sat between Hermione and Dean.  She was nervously fidgeting with her cloak, obviously worried she might show off what was under the thing.  Draco decided to not play with the gems until the same started, to make her think she was safe before he made her moan for him.

“Who are we cheering for?’  Blaise asked with a sneer as he they watched the two teams fly out.

“Me.”  Draco answered and motioned with his head towards his pet across the way.  “I want to see how loud I can get her to scream.”  he told his friend and showed him the gems.

“You do know how to make these things interesting.”  Blaise replied with a smirk on his lips.

The players soon made their entrance onto the field and the game started.  Luna watched and smiled to Ron as he waved to her and made to blow him a kiss.  As her fingers touched her lips the clips on her breasts started to vibrate which made and she grabbed the railing so she wouldn’t gasp.  She then used her free hand to blow Ron the kiss and glanced over to see two snickering Slytherins across the way.

“You okay Luna?”  Hermione asked as she had obviously noticed the jerk movement.

“I’m fine.”  She said then shifted in her seat as the vibrations stopped.

When Ron blocked his first goal Luna was surprised with a painful shock to both her breasts and her core.  She let out a small whimper at the pain and then looked around quickly to make sure no one had noticed.  When she was sure they were all too busy cheering for Ron’s success Luna looked over to her Master.

As their eyes met he sent the pleasurable vibration to the clip between their legs.  Luna bit her lower lip and looked away, this time the vibration only got stronger, and soon her nipple clips were activated as well.  Her hips rocked back and forth on their own accord and she really wasn’t paying attention to the game at all at that point.

She wondered if he would let her come this time but was answered too soon as she was shocked again.  She looked up to see Ron had blocked another goal and she found herself to be angry with him for interrupting her pleasure.

Draco let her have her first climax of the game as Hufflepuff scored their first goal.  By the time her she was coming down from her second Hermione was looking at her very strangely.  “Are you sure you are okay Luna?’  She asked and rested her hand on the younger girl’s shoulder.

Luna’s eyes widened and she whimpered as Hermione touched her.  Her Master had sent a very painful shock to her breasts when her friend tried to comfort her.  She looked up to Draco and saw he seemed upset.  She realized then that she had not answered Hermione because the other girl put a hand on her forehead to see if she was sick.  She gasped as her Master punished her more but giving her a longer shock between her legs.

“I… I think I s-should go.”  She said and stood up to pull herself away from Hermione hands.  She understood what her Master’s message was, but she it was not a message she was willing to so easily comply to.  “I’ll meet you guys later after Gryffindor wins.  Can you tell Ron I wasn’t feeling well?”  She asked and when Hermione nodded she headed down to the castle.

Draco waited just long enough so no one would think his departure and his pet’s were in any way connected.  He found her in the Entrance Hall and after a quick look around he moved her against one of the walls and opened up her cloak for his own pleasure.

“No Master.” She said firmly as she pushed him back.  She was frowning, obviously angry.

Draco blinked, it was the first time his pet had ever really refused him and it made his own temper flare.

“What did you just say to me pet?”  he asked in a deadly tone.

“I said no Master.”  She repeated and pulled the cloak back around her form.  “I have muggleborn friends Master.”  She told him straightening her back.  She opened her mouth to continue but Draco was on her with his hand covering her lips.

“You listen to me pet.”  he said as he looked into her eyes.  “I am not going to tell you who to be friends with, or who to date or even who to marry.  But I DO reserve the right to punish you for being around people I don’t like.  If you think being Granger’s friend is that important then you have to suffer for it, end of story.”

He stepped back and he could tell she was still upset.  She gasped as he shocked her again and looked up to glare at him.

“No pouting.”  he told her firmly before he looked around again.  Once he was sure he had calmed down a  bit he stepped back into her and kissed her neck.  “If you let me fuck your right here in the Entrance Hall I’ll take off your little friends so you can go back to the match.”  he offered softly before he nipped her earlobe.

She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes.  “What if someone catches us Master?”  She asked in a tone that was slightly upset, slightly aroused.

“That is part of the fun.”  he told her as he parted the cloak again and then turned on the clip vibrating between her legs.

Luna’s hands moved to his shoulders and she flushed and whimpered.  “Master… you are not a nice man.”  She told him softly.

“That is so very true.”  he said with a chuckle as he worked to get her body not only ready for him, but needing him.  Once he had her keening and mewing with his touch he opened his pants and slid himself into his favorite glove.

“OH!”  She moaned and her hips bucked up against him.

“You are my corrupted little angel.” he moaned as he started a slow rhythm into her waiting form.  “You know how much you turn me on with those sweet little sounds you make?” He asked as he felt her legs wrap up and around his waist.

“Master please?” She started to beg, the skin of her face and cheeks going rosy from her blush.

“Oh god and the way that you blush.”  he moaned as he started to drive into her more quickly.

Off in the distance across the lawns they could hear cheers roar as someone caught the snitch.

“Not much… time… left.”  She moaned and she clutched his shoulders.

“I wonder what Ron would say if he found us rutting like this?  Humm?  What would he think if he knew who you belonged to?  Maybe I should take things slow so he can see for himself what his girlfriend really likes?”

“Master please?”  She whimpered and he could feel she was on the edge of pleasure.

“No.”  he said as he cleared his throat and pulled out of her.  He undid the clips on her body and left her trembling against the wall.  “That is what you get for telling your Master no.”  he told her firmly.  “No orgasms till I say so.”  he told her firmly.  “If I find out you have disobeyed me you will be finding out what a chastity belt feels like.”

Chapter 56: Spring Holiday

A few weeks passed and soon students were getting ready for the spring holiday.  Luna received a letter from her father saying that he wished to spend the break in South America looking for a Boltnose Nesslpot and he wished for Luna to join him during her time off.  Both her boyfriend and her Master agreed that she would have to go, but neither of them were happy about it.

As Ron lead her to a compartment in the train she glanced down the hall to see her Master watching her from afar.  He had agreed to let her ride home with her boyfriend, with a promise that he would punish her for it when they saw each other again.

“I hate the way ferret is always looking at you.”  Ron said as he pulled her down next to him on the seat.

“What?”  Luna frowned, she had no idea Ron was that perceptive.  He had never noticed her watching him, why was he noticing boys watching her.

“Malfoy.  He is always looking at you, ever since we started dating.”  Ron explained with a deep frown.  “Maybe I should go explain to him about not looking at other people’s girls.”  Ron said and got up as Harry and Ginny entered the compartment.

“Who is looking at other people’s girls?’  Harry asked as he sat down by the window on the seat across from them, Ginny sat down next to him.

“I think he is complaining about Malfoy again.”  Ginny said and rolled her eyes.

Luna looks between the three Gryffindors with her own frown.  “This is the first I have heard of Draco looking at me.”  She said innocently then looked to Ginny.  “Has Ron been talking about it a lot?”

“He is just fixated on it right now.”  Ginny said with a shake of her head.  “You’ll get used to it after a while.”

“He is constantly looking at her, and you should have heard the rubbish things he has said to  and about her!”  Ron yells and waves his hands about.

“Ron, Malfoy is just trying to get under your skin.  He is doing it just to provoke you.”  Harry said to try and calm down his friend.

“He probably just heard the horrible things I am sure Adrian is saying about me.”  Luna added and took Ron’s hand.  “Can you just not worry about it?  Is it really doing any harm?”  She asked and kissed his cheek.

“I just don’t like the idea of him even thinking about you that way.” Ron said, but smiled at the kiss.  “Luna you have no idea what goes on in guys minds.  You are much too sweet to be in his.”  He told her and kissed her softly.

Luna blushed and looked to the floor.  She felt strange when Ron said things like this to her, it wasn’t guilt exactly, she couldn’t really place the emotion.

Ron pulled her into his arms and let her rest against his chest.  He seemed to favor this position when they were all just sitting around talking, and Luna couldn’t say she minded in the least.

“You know Luna, I think you are good for my brother.”  Ginny said from across the way.  “You seem to be the only thing that calms him down when he is in one of his moods.” She added with a teasing smile.

Ron huffed and pulled Luna in closer.  “Than I am sorry I will not see you guys until we are coming back to school.”  she said and looked up at Ron’s face.  “Please try and not think about it while I am away?” She asked and moved to kiss him on the lips this time.

Ron sighed and nodded.  “I’ll try, but I am not making any promises.  The only thing that makes me feel better is that you are in my arms and not his.”  He told her before he kissed her again.  Now that statement made her feel guilty.

They rode back in the train talking about nothing of real importance.  They just enjoyed each other’s company while they could.  When they got out onto the platform and saw their parents all heading their way Ron turned Luna to him and looked down into her eyes.

“Going to really miss you.”  he told her with a smile before he leaned down and gave her a passion filled kiss right out in front of everyone.  Luna closed her eyes and let herself sink into the kiss until he slowly pulled away.  “Will you write me?”  he asked with a smile.

“Only as often as you write me.”  Luna said with a knowing smirk.  She gave him one last peck on the lips before she headed off to join her father.

“So are you and the youngest Weasley dating now?”  Her father asked with a curious interest as he looked over to the boy who was just kissing his daughter.

“Yes, I guess we are.”  She said with a shrug.

The two weeks of break were spent camping in a deep jungles of South America, and Luna loved every moment of it.  They didn’t find what they were looking for, but as with all her adventures with her father, that was only really half the point.

She only received one letter from Ron, but she sent him a few in return none the less.  Her Master sent her a letter every other day and their content would make the most jaded person blush.

She was glad to have her own tent because Draco’s letters required privacy to read, for more than one reason.  The day before break ended Luna and her father were settling back into their home when Draco’s letter arrived.

“It is that eagle owl again.”  Her father said as he nodded to the door.  “I assume you will be heading to your room?”  he asked with a smile that made Luna blush.

“Yes, see you for supper?”  She asked as she took the envelope from the owl.

“I invited some of your friends over tonight.”  He informed her for the first time which made Luna stop on the stairs.

“Who?”  She asked feeling sick that he may have invited people that should not see one another.

“The ones staying at the Weasley’s house.  I didn’t think they got along with your other friend.” He said and nodded to the note.  She had forgotten how perceptive her father was as well, which made her blush.

“They don’t, so please don’t mention him?”  She asked her father meekly.  It wasn’t in a Lovegood’s nature to lie, but he would understand keeping the peace.

“Don’t worry, I know how explosive Weasley’s can be.”  her father said, and with one last nod she headed up to her room to read her Master’s letter.

Little Raven,

I do hope you have been enjoying my letters to their fullest.  I have decided since you are back in the country that you would enjoy my company even more.  Tonight I wish to see what your room looks like and thoroughly defile it.  Write back to give me a time I may come over without being caught by your father.

~Master Dragon

The idea of him coming to her room sent a spark of pleasure between her legs.  She was breathing heavy from just the thought of what he could do to her.  She had to take a deep breath to calm down before she went to the door to yell down to her father.

“What time are people coming tonight?”  She called so she would be able to give her Master better details.

“I told them seven to nine.”  Her father called back.

She went over to her desk and started to write her response.


My father has invited guests over for supper tonight.  They will be leaving around nine so it would be best if you didn’t come until ten.

~Little Raven

Once that was complete Luna headed down stairs to get her father’s owl so she could send the letter on its way.  When the owl returned he had a new message for her.  She took it from his leg and opened it right away.

Little Raven,

Who are your supper guests?  They are making your punishment worse by making me wait.

~Master Dragon.

Luna wondered why every time he wrote or spoke of punishment it sent a thrill through her instead of dread.  She liked being punished by him and he seemed to enjoy doing the punishing, but she put those thoughts aside while she wrote back.


My father has invited some of my friends over because they did not get to see me over break.  As far as I understand it, Harry, Ginny, and the Bitch will be our guests.  Hermione may also be joining us, but I am unclear about this.

~Little Raven

She finished writing and sent the note off.  This time she expected the own to return with a reply, and even told him to wait for one.

My Little Raven,

There is no way you are going to see him before I get to see you.  I will be over in a few minutes and I will stay in your room until they leave.  You will make sure your father has no problem with this.  Exspect me by floo.

~Your Master

Luna swallowed hard as she read the letter and then looked up to her father.  “Would it be okay if my other friend came to visit as well?”  She asked as she folded Draco’s letter.

“I thought that would cause problems?”  Her father asked with a frown.

“He will just stay out of sight while the others are here.”  Luna told him honestly.  “He is just as excited to see me as they are.”  She said and hoped her father didn’t notice her blush.

“If that is what he prefers.”  Her father said with a smile.  “But if he spends the night it will be on the couch.”  he added a bit more firmly.

“I am sure he will go home, if maybe a bit late.” Luna said then rushed to the bathroom to make sure she looked okay before Draco got there.

By the time she came back out she heard Draco and her father talking in the sitting room.  She paused to see what the two men were saying to one another.

“You know she is dating Ronald now?”  he father asked

“I am aware.”  Draco replied stiffly.

“I am fairly certain she would break up with him if you admitted you were in love with her.”  Her father added calmly.

There was a long pause, and Luna was about to enter the room before Draco answered.  “I can’t deny I do have feelings for you daughter Sir, though I would not be so bold as to call them love.”

“Ah, well then you should tell her once you figure out that is what they are.”  Her father said as if it were a sure thing.  Luna shook her head as she knew how off her father really was on this one.  The feelings they shared were not love, but very much its sinful sister lust.

“What have you two been talking about?”  She asked as she walked into the room.  Draco looked relieved to see her, her father was obviously making him uncomfortable.

“Nothing important.  We have an hour until your other friends show up, so show me your room.”  Draco commanded in his most polite tone.

She smiled and took his hand before waving to her father.  They soon found themselves in Luna’s bedroom.  Draco spent some time looking around. He picked up a few objects and took in her natural environment for the first time since they started their relationship.  It was a clean space, but far from organized.  The ceiling looked as if it had recently been painted white, thought the rest of the room was a pale blue color.

“Do you actually sleep in that tiny bed?”  Draco asked as he walked over to the twin sized canopy bed.

“It is the same size we have at school.”  Luna pointed out with a smile.

“Well that is at school, you expect to be uncomfortable there.”  he said with his own smile.  “Now, I do think it is time to start defiling this room.”  he said as he approached her like a predator after his prey.

“What did you have in mind Master?”  She asked before she locked and warded the door.

“I’m traditional, we can start with the bed and move from there.”  He said as he caught her around the waist.

“Will you be punishing me before or after supper Master?”  She asked as he pushed the hair from her neck and started to kiss and bite at the skin.

“Before, after will be a reward if you are a good pet.”  he told her as his hands pulled her shirt up over her head.  Her breath caught in her throat as his hands nearly tore her clothes from her.  When he was done her knickers laid in pieces on the floor.

“Master…”  She gasped as he threw her over his shoulder and carried her over to the bed.  “Little Raven missed you.”  She told him breathlessly.

“I missed my Little Raven.”  he admitted as he dumped her on the bed.  “Do I need to tie you up or are you going to take your punishment like a good girl?”  he asked with an evil smirk.

She licked her lips as she tried to think of the right answer.  “What ever would please you more Master.”  She decided to go with the safe choice.

“I’ll leave you free for now, but if you try and get away from your punishment I will just have to add more.”  He told her as his smirk just widened.

“Yes Master.”  She said and wondered what her punishment was going to be.

“Lay back on the bed and close your eyes.  I want you to keep them closed unless I tell you otherwise, do you understand pet?”  he asked and she quickly got into position.

“Yes Master”  She answered and closed her eyes tightly.

She felt his hands on her knees and he moved her legs so she was completely open to him.  “I can see my little pet is already looking forward to this.”  he told her with a chuckle as he noticed her arousal.

Luna swallowed and blushed as she turned her head away from him.  She heard him chuckle again.  “I’ve decided to decorate your front today, but I want you to count each lash.  You will stay focused on each new pain I give you.  Do you understand pet?”  He asked as he ran his hands down her body.

“Yes Master.” She said and licked her lips in anticipation.  She soon felt the sting of his riding crop just under her breast.  “One Master.”  She gasped and her hips rolled.

The second lash landed above her other breast.  The third made her scream by landing directly on her overly excited nipple.  She moaned and screamed as he gave her twenty lashes to her breasts, and by the time he was done they were nothing my bruises and welts.

When he was doen his ran his hands over his work which made her flinch and moan.  “Wearing a bra down is going to be hell.”  he told her with a chuckle before he licked her heated skin.  “But that is a part of your punish.”

She could feel him moving between her eyes.  “Watching you twitch and moan has made your Master hard.”  he told her before he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

She gasped and arched her back, all the while making sure she kept her eyes closed. “But you should know your real punishment is yet to come.”  he told her as he moved up her form.  “Keep your hands above your head.”  he ordered before kneeling and pulling back from her.

“What is my punishment Master?”  She whimpered as she felt he may leave her like this.

The next thing she felt was his hardened cock slipping against her wet folds.  She licked her lips and gasped as her hips tried to move to meet him.  “You will see pet.” he said before leaning back down and licking at her neck as his sunk himself into her slowly.

Taking her like this always felt so right.  He was slow at first as they both got used to the union and just enjoyed themselves, but as the clock neared seven his strokes started to speed up and become more rough.  “Don’t you dare come until I say so.”  he groaned and Luan nodded unable to speak.

She jerked under him as her hands wanted to reach out and take his shoulders.  It was almost painful to keep herself on the edge when all her body wanted to do was fall over it.  When it was only a few minutes before her friends were supposed to arrive Draco found release in his pet.  Luna waited for his command, as her body twitched with need for release.

When he pulled out of her she found that she was crying in frustration.  “Master?”  She whimpered under him.

“That is your punishment.”  he said as he pulled himself completely away from her.  “Cool yourself down and get dressed.  Your friends won’t be much longer.”  he said as he cleaned himself up with a spell.

She was still whimpering on the bed when her father called up to tell her her friends had arrived.

It took her another ten minutes to calm herself and dress to go see her friends.  Draco did not permit her a cleaning spell because he wanted his seed inside of her when she saw Ron.  She made her way down the stairs and tried to walk as naturally as she could.

The moment she stepped into the sitting room Ron picked her up and swung her around happily.  She smiled back at him and kissed him softly on the lips before he put her down.  She heard giggling from behind him and looked around to see Ginny smiling brightly at her.

The supper was an event filled with laughter and smiles.  Luna couldn’t find a comfortable way to sit, but she didn’t let that get in the way of spending time with her friends.

When it was finally time for them to head home Ron pulled her away from the others so they could have a few private moments.  When they were in the hallway he just smiled a goofy smile at her before kissing her softly.

“See you on the train tomorrow?”  he asked and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Yes.”  She told him simply and leaned up to kiss him once again.  “I have missed you Ronald.  I wish you would have written more.”  She teased and smiled as he blushed.

“I meant to, the days just got away from me.”  he told her sheepishly.  “See you tomorrow.”  he said and kissed her one last time before he head out with the other.

Once they were gone and told her father she and Draco would be spending a few hours talking in her room before he headed home as well then went up to see what he had been up to the whole time.

“I brought some food Master.”  She said as she opened the door.

Draco smiled and shook his head.  “I packed food.”  he said as he looked up from her desk. He placed the book he had been reading back in his bag and turned to her.  “How was supper with the Bitch and friends?”  he asked with a grin.

“Fun.”  She told him honestly as she moved to him and knelt at his feet.

“You took your punishment very well.” he complimented her as he ran his fingers through her hair.  “Would you like me to heal them for you?”  he asked with a smile.

“No need Master, they are just a bit bruised.”  She said and smiled back up at him.  “I kind of like it Master.”

He chuckled and shook his head.  “I thought you would.  Now, what would you like as a reward?”  He asked as he played with the ends of her hair.

“I only wish to bring you more pleasure Master.”  She told him simply.

“Oh you will.”  he promised with a smirk.

Chapter 57: Game Five: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin

“Why are we even watching this game?”  Ron asked with a bit of a pout.

“If Hufflepuff wins Ravenclaw has a chance as the Quidditch Cup.”  Luna told him simply as people piled into the stands around them.

“You would have to beat Gryffindor as well you realize.”  he tease and Luna smiled up at him.

“Maybe I plan on distracting your Keeper?”  She offered as she teased him back.

“Not if I distract the Ravenclaw Keeper first.”  he said and pulled her small frame into his lap so he could more easily kiss her.  If he was going have to watch the Hufflepuffs get slaughtered by Slytherin than he would at least get something good out of it.

Luna laughed and kissed him back as the teams flew into the pitch and the game soon began.

As Draco entered the pitch with the rest of the team he looked around to see if he could spot his pet.  When he found her in the lap of the red headed git, it took much of his will not to fly over and pummel the other boy the muggle way.

He took a deep breath once the game began and tried to focus on finding the snitch.  His focus only lasted so long and he found himself looking back to the couple as they made out again and again.

Before he knew it Slytherin was up by more than a hundred and he still had not found the snitch.  He needed to focus, the sooner he could end this stupid game the sooner he could punish his pet’s ass raw for even being near her boyfriend.

He glanced over one last time before he set himself to search for the snitch when he noticed the bastard’s hand on her breast.  Those breasts did not belong to Weasley!  Those breasts were his!

It was in that moment of distraction that a flick of gold caught his eye.  He turned to go charging for it but found that the Hufflepuff Seeker was already on his way.  If something didn’t happen the other Seeker would get there before Draco and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

When the deafening cheers went up from Hufflepuff as they won their first match of the year Draco almost tore his hair out.  This was all Weasley’s fault!  If the that stupid blood traitor had not been touching what didn’t belong to him Draco would have been so distracted.

Draco landed and stalked out of the pitch with the rest of his team.  “What happened?”  Blaise asked and sounded angry.

“Stupid… git… touching… mine.”  Draco grumbled unable to form full sentences.

His teammates gave him some distance after that as the realized the depth of his anger at the moment.  He thought about sending for his pet so she could pay for her crimes for the rest of the night, but decided it could actually be dangerous for her as the target of his anger.  He would punish her another way, and very soon.

He still needed to let off some steam though so when he saw Tracey sitting in the common room with her friends he grabbed her hand.  “Why don’t we go talk about our future.”  He said as he pulled her to her feet.

She looked around for a moment as if trying to gauge what was going on, then just smiled at him.  “I would like that.”  She said then let him lead her up to his dorm.

Once they were alone he locked and silenced the door before turning back to her.  “Would you like the power that comes with being my girlfriend?”  he asked bluntly.

“Why do you think I have been trying to get your attention.”  She responded just as plainly.

“Fine, then get on your knees and put your mouth to good use.”  he said and motioned to the floor in front of him.

She licked her lips and knelt down before looking up at him with her hands resting on his belt buckle.  “I do this and we are dating?”  She asks to confirm what she will get out of the act.

Draco grabbed the back of her scalp and turned her head up to look down into her eyes.  “You last the night and then we are dating.”  he countered before letting go.

She smiled and went right to work on releasing him from the confines of his quidditch gear.  He didn’t help in the least, he only watched and got more and more irritated that it was taking her so long to get to the part he wanted.

When she finally had him released from the bottom half of his clothing, she licked the tip of his flaccid member.  She nibbled and sucked at his skin as she waited for him to respond to her attention.

Draco closed his eyes and started to think about his pet’s mouth on him instead of the girl kneeling at his feet.  He grew hard at her attention, then felt her lips wrap around his head as her tongue brushed against the tip.

His hand moved back into his hair, but he made no move to hinder her actions in any way.  When she took him in much deeper than his pet had been able to he smiled.  “You’ve had a lot of practice at this.”  he moaned softly.

She moaned around him in response, which only made the experience better.  “If you keep this up you may be Mrs Malfoy some day.”  he said then let out a slow groan before pulling her off his cock.

She smiled and licked her lips as she looked back up to him.  “Oh I can do better than that.”  She said with a smile as she moves back to try and take him into her mouth once again.  He held her hair tight to keep her still.

“If that is what you really want, you will have to learn that I am in control.  Do you understand?”  he asked as he let go of her hair and pushed her back away from him.

She sat back on her legs and looked up at him.  She smiled up at him and licked her lips.  “I don’t think that is what you really want.”  She said as she got to her feet, and looked him in the eyes.  “If that was what you wanted wouldn’t you be dating that little Ravenclaw slut you like to play with?”  She asked as she pushed him back towards the bed.

Draco caught her wrist as she touched him and swung them around.  “Is that what you think?”  he asked with a smirk on his lips.  If it was any other day he would have thrown her out now just to teach her a lesson, but he needed release and he could not go to it pet for it.  “Well maybe I should get a few things straight.”  He added and he pushed her hard so she fell back onto the bed and moved over her a moment later.

She laughed and wrapped her legs around him as she looked into his eyes.  “What is that?”  She asked playfully.

He smiled down at her as he slid his hands up her arms before pinning her wrists above her head.  “You will never refer to my pet as a slut, ever again.  Do you understand?”  he asked and squeezed her wrists.  Tracey whimpered and looked up into Draco eyes before nodding her head.

“You will keep your hands above your head while I fuck you raw.”  he told her as let go of her wrists.  “If you don’t like it, than you can go at any time, but if you do, I will never touch you again.  Do you understand?”  He asked as his hands trailed down her form.

“Yes.”  She gasped as she looked up into his eyes.

“Good girl.”  He said with a smirk before he pushed her skirt up her legs to find her knickers.  When he saw the black lace that covered her blond curls he chuckled to himself and shook his head.  He slipped them down her legs slowly them tossed them over his shoulder towards Crabbe and Goyle’s part of the room.

Draco reached down and slipped two fingers into her body easily.  She purred and moaned under him, but he could tell it was an act.  At the moment he didn’t really care, his pleasure was all that mattered, and more importantly his release.

He thrust himself into her in own smooth stroke making ehr let out a gasp as she wasn’t quite ready for his girth.  “Draco!”  She moaned prettily under him.  He shifted her hips up so he could get the best angle into her before he started to thrust at a rapid pace.

Tracey leaned up to try and capture his lips into a kiss but he just pushed her shoulder back down.  “I don’t kiss on the first date.”  he groaned and enjoyed the confusion that lit her eyes.

He took her rapidly and with no regard to her pleasure.  He liked to make women come most of the time.  But at the moment all he wanted to do was rut the image, of Weasley so openingly touching what should belong to him alone, out of his head.

When he closed his eyes the image came back to his head and he started to thrust into Tracey harder, more in anger than his lust.

“Draco!”  She gasped under him, and he could hear that she was enjoying herself after all.  “Don’t stop!  Harder!”  She screamed and he smirked as opened his eyes to watch her breasts bounce under him.

She had many more curves that his little pet, and he could deny her body was appealing.  It was just the fact that she knew exactly how pretty she was and she used it to her advantage in every situation that bored Draco.

As her body tightened around him, he cleared his throat and tried to hold onto control.  He would keep this one for a while, at least until he decided Ron was in love with his pet.  After that he would have to openly date her for a while so he could truly rub it into Weasley’s face.

When he finally let himself find release inside of her he looked down into her eyes and smiled.   “I think I will be keeping you around for a while at least.” He told her before he pulled out.  “You can go.”

Chapter 58: Sinful Sleep

The moment she felt Ron’s hand on her breast she knew it would not mean good things.  Then moments later the Hufflepuff stands roared in celebration of their first win that year.  She had turned to look at her Master only to see him fuming and pointedly not looking at her.  At that moment she knew she was in trouble.

Ron cheered along with everyone else, and she tried to act happy as it would mean that Ravenclaw had a chance at The Cup.  She listened to her boyfriend as he talked about being torn about the final game of the year.  On one side he wanted Slytherin to lose but on the other he wanted Gryffindor to do as well as they could.

She spent the rest of the day with Ron and her other friends, all the while expecting some note from her Master.  She was on edge waiting to be called so he could properly punish her.  No note ever came.

She went to bed that night worried that her Master was planning on getting rid of her, that she had finally lost his interest and he would abandon her.

When she finally drifted off to sleep she found herself on the Quidditch pitch.  The stands were filled with the students from that afternoon as if the game was about to start.  She looked up and saw no players, then noticed all eyes were on her.  She swallowed hard and shivered as she tried to figure out what was going on.

Just then the announcer came on, but instead of the usual student it was her Master who was speaking.

“Welcome to Little Raven’s punishment!  As we all saw today she was a very naughty little whore.  She let the Bitch not only thrust his tongue down her throat but touch parts of her body that only belong to her Master.  That would be bad enough alone, but because of these wontan acts her Master was distracted and lost the game to Huffle-bleeding-puff!”

Boos came from all sides of her and she hung her head in shame and embarrassment of her crimes.

“Do not worry students of Hogwarts, this slut will be getting a punishment most severe, and you will all be here to witness her humiliation!”  Her Master called and cheers went up from all around the pitch.

What seemed like a moment later Draco was standing in front of her dressed in completely black quidditch robes.  He was holding his broom in one hand and a black rope in the other.  “Are you going to be a brat and fight me on this pet, or will you be a good pet and take what is coming to you?” He asked in a firm voice.

“Little Raven will be good Master.”  She said as tears fell down the sides of her cheeks.

“We will see about that.”  he said as if he didn’t believe it was something she was capable of.  “Strip.”  he ordered and waited for her to comply.

She looked around at all those watching her before she stripped out of her own robes.  Each time she took a piece of clothing off it disappeared, but she continued anyway.  Soon she was shivering in the cold and looking up at her Master.

Without a word her bound her hands with the rope then tied the other end to the broom.  He threw the broom into the air and hung her by her wrists so her feet hovered just above the ground.

He pulled a cat o’ nine tails from his robes and held it up to her.  “Give your whip the proper respect.”  he ordered in an angry tone.

Luna licked her lips then kissed the whip in his hand.  “Thank you for Little Raven’s punishment.”  She said before the stands broke out into laughter.

“Now, you will count as usual, but this time instead of thanking me with each strike you will apologize for being a whore. Do you understand pet?”  Draco asked sternly.

“Yes Master.”  She said and sniffled as her arms were already aching.

When the first blow came to her back it was at a force he had never used with her before she cried out in pain before remembering to count.  “One, I am sorry Master.”  She said and started to fully cry.

“Not good enough, why are you sorry?  Start again.”  he ordered before letting another strike hit her back.

“One!  I am sorry for being a whore Master.”  She said as she tried to swallow her sobs.

It whipped her back and front for what seemed like hours.  Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and even though she counted each stripe she somehow didn’t know how many she had gotten.  The crowd around her cheered at her pain and chanted for her to receive strike after strike after strike.

Suddenly everything was silent and the whole went dark.  She found that she was kneeling on the floor of her Master’s bedroom in the Manor.

“You know this is a dream Little Raven?”  Draco asked from somewhere above her, but she dared not look up.

“Yes Master.”  She said, it had been something she had known for a while, but she still wanted to be a good pet.

“This was you punishing yourself, what do you think I am going to do to you?”  He asked and with that she was awake in her bed, her body still aching from the imagined beating.

She cast a simple time spell and found that it was only five in the morning.  She laid in her bed for a little while as she tried to decide what to do.  After a little while a plan formed in her head and she unhooked her leash from her collar.

She wrote a simple note to Ron first, and told him she wasn’t feeling well and she was going to spend the day in bed.  She had been miserable after the match the day before so she thought it would be believable enough.

After that was sent she slowly got dressed, the pain from the dream was ebbing away with each new movement she made.  It was completely gone by the time she was down in the Ravenclaw common room.

She carefully snuck her way down to the Slytherin dungeon.  No one was patrolling at this time in the morning so it wasn’t as dangerous as if she was out earlier.  She made her way into the Slytherin common room and not surprisingly found it empty, so she headed up to Draco’s dorm.

When she got to the door she bit her lip as she decided what to do.  She could knock and wake him up, or sneak in and kneel at the foot of his bed waiting for him to rise on his own.  She decided a third option was best, she knelt down in front of the door and waited.  This way other people would see her kneeling and waiting for her Master, she thought that might please him.

Soon Slytherins started to get up and ready for a lazy Sunday morning.  Some passed her and chuckled to each other as they spoke about her in hushed voices.  It was an hour and a half later that the first occupant of the 6th year boys dorm opened the door, and it wasn’t Draco.

“Well if it isn’t Draco’s little sex doll?” Nott said with a chuckle.  “You’re Master isn’t up yet, would you like to entertain me while you wait?”  he asked lewdly.

Luna swallowed and bit her lips as she tried to decide how to respond to the boys advances.  She had never really been around the other Slytherins without her Master so she had not expected to be positioned like this.  Fortunately she was saved from having to answer by another smooth voice just behind Nott.

“So it seems you are not that attached to your manhood?”  Blaise asked with a smirk in his tone.  “Do you know what happens to people who touch Draco’s things?”  he asked without waiting for an answer to his first question.

“I don’t know, the Weasley git is constantly touching her, nothing bad has happened to him.”  Nott pointed out.

“Yet.”  Blaise countered as he moved past the other Slytherin into the stairwell.  “I would keep my hands, and other parts, to myself if I were you.”

Nott thought about it for a moment then turned to face the room.  “Draco!  You slut is blocking the hallway!”  he called to wake the other boy.

Luna frowned, she had picked a spot so people could easily pass, and Blaise had not had a problem.

Blaise just laughed and shook his head.  “Bad move Theodore, bad move.”

Suddenly Nott was thrown into the wall on the other side of the hall and slumped down on the stairs.  Draco came into the doorway dressed in a pair of black silk pajama pants, and brandishing his wand.

“You may address my pet as Little Raven, or Draco’s pet, or even Luna if you must.”  He said through clenched teeth.  “But no one calls her slut but me.”  With that he turned to look down to Luna.  “You, bed, now.”  he ordered and pointed into the room.

Luna licked her lips and decided it would be best if she crawled to the bed instead of trying to stand in sight of her Master at that moment.

“Crabbe, Goyle, out.”  he barked at the two half asleep crownies.

Luna knelt on the bed with her head down and waited for her Master to address her before she even thought about speaking.  Once they were alone Draco turned to his pet and paced back in forth at the end of the bed.

“What am I going to do with you pet?”  he asked and she could hear the annoyance in his voice.  “Do you have something you wish to say to me?”  he asked as he stopped in front of the bed and looked at her.

“Little Raven is so sorry for letting that happen Master.”  She said and licked her lips.  “It just happened so fast she didn’t have time to react before she had caused Master to lose his game.”  She added with a whimper.

“No trying to tell me your boyfriend as a right to touch your body?”  He asked mockingly.

“No Master, Little Raven knows she must get permission to be touched by anyone but her Master.”  She said and whimpered as tears started to fall down her cheeks.  “Little Raven just hopes Master won’t leave her now.”

Draco looked down at the pitiful sight of his pet weeping on the bed.  He had sent her a dream full of pain and humiliation last night to start her punishment.  He had not expected for her to think he would get rid of her over this.  His anger broke at the sight of her worry, it helped greatly that she obviously felt guilty over the whole thing.

“What am I going to do with you pet?”  he asked again, though this time there was concern in his voice instead of anger.

“Punish me Master.”  She asked and glanced up to him for a moment before she looked back to the bed.

“Obviously.”  He said and took a step closer to her.  “Are you truly sorry my sweet?”  he asked as he stepped closer and sat down on the bed in front of her.

“Yes Master.” She said and sucked on her lower lip.

He took in a deep breath and nodded to himself.  “Today you will be about atoning for you misbehavior.”  he said and nodded again as the punishment formed in his head.  “You will be a full pet, unable to stand or use your hands for anything you do.  If we are outside of this room you will be on your leash.  Do you understand pet?”  he asked

“Yes Master.”  She said as she took in a calming breath.

“Since it is a punishment day you will also not be permitted release when I take pleasure in you.”  He added after a moment.  “If you come without my permission you will not like the result.”  he warned her gravely.

“Little Raven will try Master.”  She said and moved to wipe the tears from her cheek.  He stopped her with a hand and wiped them off himself.

“Now, I think Nott also needs a better view of what he will never have.”  he told her more lightly as he pushed her sweater up and pulled it off of her.

“Little Raven thinks he went to breakfast Master.”  She said as she let him undress her.

“Maybe we should join him?”  Draco asked playfully which made Luna blush.

“Master… people would…”  She whimpered but did not truly protest.

“People would know you belong to me.”  he said and kissed her neck.  “Do you think your boyfriend would not enjoy the sight of you starkers, kneeling at my feet?”  he asked playfully.

She shook her head.  “Little Raven thinks Luna would be in big trouble.”  She told him honestly.

“Would he spank you like Master does?”  he asked teasingly as he removed her bra, then leaned in to tease her nipple with his tongue.

She let out a quick breath at his action and tried to focus so she could answer his question.  “He doesn’t do things like that Master.”  She told him softly.

Draco bit her nipple a bit roughly at her answer.  “Who doesn’t do things like that?”  he asked and sounded annoyed.

She whimpered at the bite and closed her eyes.  “The Bitch doesn’t do things like that.”  She said as she realized her mistake.

“Better.”  He told her then sat up again.  “Stand so we can take the pants off, I am not one to dress my pets in human clothes.”  he told her with a smirk.

She complied easily and let him remove the rest of her clothing without a word.  “Now, what did I say about standing before?”  he asked with a cruel smile.

She whimpered and dropped to all fours without another word from him.  Draco licked his lips at the sight.  “I need to grab a shower and get dressed.”  he told her as he pulled his extra leash out of his side table.  “If anyone comes in here or tries to talk to you while I am gone you will only make cat sounds.  Do you understand pet?”  he asked as he hooked one end of the leash to her collar and the other end to the bed.

She nodded her understanding and blushed as she moved into a kneeling position to make herself more comfortable.  Luna sat and watched one of the other boy’s cat sleeping on his bed while she waited for her Master’s return.

“Draco, are you up?”  A girl’s voice called from the hall.

Luna decided not to answer but still frowned as she wondered why the girl was looking for him.

Tracey pushed the door open and looked around the inside for a moment before spotting Luna.  She rolled her eyes and sighed as she took step closer to Draco’s pet.  “Isn’t it a little early for you to be here sl… pet?”  She asked as she remembered Draco’s order from the night before.

“Meow?”  Luna said and blushed as the other girl laughed at her.

“You know you don’t look like a kitty to me.”  She said mockingly.  “Don’t you need a tail for that?”  She asked as a smirk formed on her lips.

Luna frowned at the girl, but decided best not to respond at all.

“Yes I think that is exactly what you need, and some ears maybe?”  She added and giggled to herself.  “You know I am very good at Transfiguration, I could help.”  She offered as she drew her wand.

Luna’s eyes went wide.  She did not wish to be partially transfigured by anyone, let alone someone who had not yet passed their NEWTs!  She hissed at the girl a Luna just wanted her to go away and looked around to see where her own wand had gone.

“Bad kitty.”  Tracey teased with a cruel smile on her lips as she lowered her ward to point it at Luna. She opened her mouth to start the spell, Luna hissing all the while, and made the first wand movement when a booming voice came from behind Tracey.

“What is going on in here?”  The Professor frowned as he looked at the two girls.  “Miss Davis do you feel you are supposed to be in the boy’s dormitory?”  Snape asked as he looked at the older girl.

“I just came to see if Draco wanted to go to breakfast with me Sir.”  She said and lowered her wand as she bowed her head.

“He is not here, so it seems you will be going to breakfast alone.”  he said in a stern tone.  “And after you will report to my office for detention.”

“What about HER!?”  Tracey said and pointed to Luna again.  “She isn’t even in the right house?”

“I will deal with her in a moment, now go.”  He said firmly and gave Tracey a look to make sure she did not try and back talk again.

The Slytherin girl pouted then left the room in a huff, but she didn’t dare go against her dark Professor.  Once she was gone the head of Slytherin house looked back to Luna leashed to the bed.

“I assume this is because of yesterday’s game?”  he asked dryly as he looked down at her.

“meow…”  She said in a very small voice as she hoped the Professor would understand her not wishing to unset her Master further.

He sighed rubbed the bridge of his nose.  “He told you to only make cat sounds?”  He asked

“Meow.”  She said as she tried to make it sound as much like a yes as she could.

“Then we shall just have to wait for him him to return.”  he said and walked around the boys room slowly as he glanced as each area with a sneer.

Luna shifted uncomfortable as the man just walked around with his hands firmly behind his back.  She almost sighed in relief when her Master walked in wrapped in a towel.

“Professor?” He asked sounding confused to see his godfather there.

“Your pet was making a disturbance, I feel I saved her from being attacked by Miss Davis.”  he said and turned to look at the younger man.  “You know girls are not officially allowed in the boys dormitories?”  The professor asked simply.

“That is why I thought it would be safe to leave my pet here Sir.”  Draco said as if he didn’t even think of Luna as human.

“Unfortunately, witches are not on the approved pet list.”  Severus told the other boy.  “So I am forced to give you both detention for her being caught in your room.”  He said as if it was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Sir please, if you give her detention than people will know…” Draco stepped up in panic, it would ruin everything before he was ready.

“Are you prepared to serve detention for the both of you?”  The Professor asked as he raised an eyebrow.  “And to refrain from having her in your rooms for the rest of this year?”

“Yes Sir.”  Draco said without a second thought.

“Good, I would suggest you send her back to her own house for today Mr Malfoy, before you two get in more trouble.”  With that the older man walked out.

Draco turned to Luna again and frowned.  “We are going to have to change your punishment.”  he said as he walked over to her and unhooked the leash.

Luna nodded and looked up to her Master with her own frown.  “Little Raven doesn’t want Master to take her detention.”

“I know my sweet pet, but if it makes you feel any better I plan to give you five spanks with your paddle for every cauldron he makes me clean.”  He told her with a smile that only broadened with the shiver that went down her form in reaction.

“So what will my new punishment be Master?” She asked as she looked at him with concern.

He rubbed his chin for a moment and started to get dressed without answering her.  Once he was fully clothed he looked back to his pet.  “You are going to deny yourself any human contact for the next two weeks.”  he told her with a smile.  “If anyone touches you it will be five lashes to your butt, if that Bitch touches you it will be ten.”  he said and then smiled before he added.  “If he kisses you it will be ten to the breasts.  We will meet in our classroom at five in the morning before your match with Gryffindor and you will report to the tally to me honestly.

Luna nodded and swallowed hard as she tried to think of a way to get Ron not to touch her.  This was going to be a miserable two weeks.

Chapter 59: Game Six: Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw

Luna looked down at that tally she had kept of every time she had been touched over the last two weeks.  She whimpered as she calculated the number in her head, but also shifted a little as the idea of be Master paddling her excited her more than she had known possible.  There was one things she knew for sure:  Todays match would not be a comfortable one.

Once she had everything she needed she got ready and headed down to the classroom.  As she walked she wondered if her Master had known the very worst part of his punishment, to be separated from him for the two weeks, able to see him in the halls but unable to speak or feel him.  She knew her Master was smart so she figured that was all planned into his punishment.

When she opened the door to the classroom her found her Master already pacing inside.  She frowned and decided to lower herself to the ground so she could enter on hands and knees.

Draco looked up as the door opened and smiled when he pet dropped to all fours and started to crawl to him.  The last two weeks had been uncomfortable, and he had used Tracey more than he would have liked to admit to fill in for his pet.  When had he become so addicted to her?  

“Master, Little Raven is here for her punishment.”  Luna said meekly then handed him the journal she had been keeping the tally in.

Draco took the book and reached down to pet some hair from her face.  “It is okay my sweet, after this everything will be forgiven and forgotten.”  he told her then opened the book to the last page.  “Put your gear in the corner then come bend over the desk.”  he ordered.

Once Luna was in position Draco moved up behind her.  “I wonder my sweet, have you been touching yourself?”  he asked as he leaned over her back to kiss her neck.

Luna swallowed and shook her head.  “No Master… you said no release during Little Raven’s punishment.”  She pointed out.

Draco smiled at this and ran his hands down her sides.  “That was a very wise decision my pet.”  he told her and stood back up.  “We will do you bottom first.”  he told her before he pushed her skirt up and pulled her knickers down around her knees.

“Yes Master.”  She said and bowed her head to ready herself for the feel of the paddle.

“This book says you were touched eight times by a your classmates, and four additional times by the Bitch.  Is that correct?”  he asked as he ran his hand over her revealed bottom.

“Yes Master.”  She said and chewed on her lower lip.

“By my calculations that will be eighty to your bottom.”  he said and picked up the leather covered paddle from the desk.

“That is what Little Raven thought too Master.” She said as tears started to flow down her cheek.

“You will count each one and for every ten you will apologize for being a slut.”  he said and smirked as her eyes shot up to him.  He knew he had stuck a cord of the dreams she had been having, but he played innocent.  “Do you understand pet?”

“Y-yes Master.”  She said and looked down to the desk once again.

“Good, let us start.”  he said and ran the paddle over her bum before swinging the first strike.

“One Master.”  She said as she gasped, how was it that she liked this so much now?

He soon hit her again and again, each time in a different spot on her bottom or thigh.  By the time she got to ten she was already half dazed, how was she supposed to focus to keep up the count?

“Ten Master, Little Raven is sorry for being a slut.”  She panted as she clutched the desk.

Draco watched as his pet tried very hard to focus on counting, by the time they got to twenty she was murmuring the words.  He decided to give his arm a rest and softly ran his hand over her heated bottom.  His fingers dipped between her legs and he smiled as he found her simply soaking.  She moaned and pushed back against his hand as he brushed her sensitive sex.

“Patents my pet, we are not even half way down with your punishment.”  he said and picked up the paddle once again to continue with her stripes.  By the time he got to forty she was brought red and only moaning and keening sounds were coming from her as he was completely lost to him.  He decided she would not know if he punished the punishment at to her bottom as he was sure she had no real account of how many he had given her.

“Time for your breasts my sweet.”  he said and helped her to turn around and lay on the desk.  She whimpered and shifted as he bruised bottom brushed the hard wood.  “You list said your breasts deserve thirty strikes.”  he told her and undid her shirt.  “I will be a merciful Master and count them for you, as my little pet likes her punishment so much, she is lost in it.”  he said in a soothing tone as she smiled up at him.  “Merlin I just want to fuck you when you are like this.”  he told her then took in a deep breath.  “But Master must wait till after as well.”

She arched her back and cried out with each hit of the paddle.  He was more gentle to her perky little bumpers, but they were still bright red by the time he was done with them.

“Do you want to thank Mr paddle for your punishment my sweet?”  he asked her teasingly as he held the paddle to her lips.

She purred and kissed the paddle softly.  “Thank you…” She started in a very dazed tone.  “…Mr paddle butt…”

He chuckled and just watched her for a little while as she shifted and moaned on the desk.  “Master forgives you pet.”  he told her as he moved to the end of the desk near her feet.  “Would Little Raven liked me to be fucked silly now?”  he asked as he climbed up onto the desk between her legs.

“Master…”  She all she got out but her body moved closer to his.

He chuckled and undid his pants to release the painfully hard member that had been trapped there for quite some time.  “This is the touch you really wanted isn’t it pet?”  he asked her as he teasingly brushed against her.

Luna’s back arched and she moaned as she pushed back against him.  “Master…”  She moaned again and Draco smiled down at her.

“I missed you too my sweet.”  he told her before driving himself into her waiting form.  She let out a cry of pleasure as her body pushed back against him, her hands clutched the edge of the desk over her head.  “Its been too long, I am not going to last.”  he told her as she started a rough pace into her moaning form.

It wasn’t long before she was shaking under him.  He loved to watch his pet like this; out of her mind and thinking about nothing but the sensations he gifted her with.  When her body suddenly tightened around him he let out a groan and fell over the edge of his peak.  He wished he could have lasted longer, savered her more, but this is what came of waiting so long to take pleasure in his pet.  He would just have to call for her again after her match today.

With him still inside of her he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.  “Little Raven.. Time to come back to Master.”  he told her soothingly  “You need to focus and rejoin us on planet earth.”  he added with a wide smile.

Luna felt the wonderful pain of her bottom and breast as they pressed against wood and skin.  Her Master was on top of her, he was inside of her, and she wanted to just float in that moment.  But Master was calling her back and she could ignore his call.

“Master?”  She asked in a daze as she smiled up at him beautiful face.  She suddenly frowned, this whipping was supposed to be part of her punishment, was he upset?  “Master Little Raven…”

He stopped her my taking her lips in a dominant kiss.  His hands ghosted down her sides as he finally slipped out of her.  “Master is very pleased.”  he told her as he pulled out of the kiss and slipped off the desk.  “Little Raven is forgiven and everything is right between us.”  he said as he smiled down at her, her stripes were just so very pretty on her today.

Luna slipped off the desk and looked up at her Master.  “Luna is not going to do well in the game today.”  She said as she imagined what riding a room would feel like.

“She should still do her best.”  He told her and kissed her forehead.  “You know if you guys win today you get the Cup?”  he asked with a smile.

“We Ravenclaws a very good at math Master.”  She said as she sat up on the desk.  “And you still want me to do my best?”  She asked with a frown.

“I think I have given the Ravenclaw Keeper enough of a handicap.”  he told her and he helped her up.  “Get dressed, I am sure your teammates wish to meet for breakfast.”

It was a beautiful day by the time the game started.  Luna tried to focus on keeping Gryffindor from scoring long enough for Cho to find the snitch, but it was turning out to be even harder than she had thought.  Not only was her clothes rubbing against her raw skin, but she found the sensation to be more than bit of a turn on.  Her thoughts kept turning to how wonderful her Master would feel inside her at that moment.

Her teammates yelled at her to keep her head in the game, and she tried.  She focused on things to keep her focused, that would keep her from being turned on.  She had caught herself looking to Ronald a few times for this distraction, then frowned at herself as she wondered why her brain thought her boyfriend would be an arousal killer?

It was not even an hour into the game and Gryffindor was up by forty.  If Cho didn’t find the snitch soon Luna would lose the game for them no matter what.  She refocused her efforts and put her mind completely on the game, ignoring the beautiful ache of her body.

Two hours later and neither team had scored another goal.  Both her and Ronald were doing their jobs well, this game would be completely up to the Seekers now, but everyone was tired.

Madam Hooch started to walk out into the field to call a break when both Seekers went darting towards the gray haired woman.  They were coming from different ends of the pitch so it was hard to tell which one was in the lead.

First Harry then Cho collided into the older woman at full speed.  There was struggling on the ground as they all tried to right themselves, but the rest of the pitch was silent, waiting to see if either of the players had gotten the snitch.

A hand came up into the air holding the golden ball and the students in blue screamed for joy at the hand was connected to Cho.  Once they were all sorted out on the ground Cho kissed Harry’s cheek before speeding off towards her team.

This was the first time anyone had won the Quidditch Cup besides for Gryffindor or Slytherin in longer than anyone could remember.  Luna landed with her teammates and they stood waiting to receive their prize.

The Gryffindor team came over to congratulate them on a game well played.  Ronald took Luna round the waist and kissed her full on the lips.

“Congratulations Love.”  he said as he smiled sadly at her.  “At least Slytherin didn’t win.”  he added more happily.

Chapter 60: Goodbye

As he looked down at that little wanker kissing and touching his pet Draco found that he couldn’t stand it a moment longer.  He wanted to be the one down there with his hands all over her kissing her and rewarding her for a game well played.  It didn’t matter that Slytherin had just lost the Cup again, at least the Gryffin-pounces hadn’t gotten it either.

“This is the moment, the whole school is watching.”  he said with a smile, then looked over to Blaise.  “This is going to be fun.”  he told his friend then headed down to take what was rightfully his.

When he got down to the gathering of students he smiled at Luna as she spotted him and looked both confused and wanting.  He could see as she resisted her need to come fall at his feet.

“What do you want Ferret?”  Ron asked as he pulled Luna more tightly to his side.

“You know Weasel, I have been watching and I decided you don’t deserve that bit of sweetness on your arm.”  Draco said and crossed his arms over his chest.

Luna’s eyes went wide at her Master words.  Was he really going to make her choose between the two of them?

“Get lost Malfoy, no one wants you here.”  Ron countered with a frown, he never took his eyes off his adversary.  If he had he may have seen the look of questioning Luna was giving her Master.

“Oh I think you are wrong, I think your girlfriend wants my arms wrapped around her a lot more than yours.  Isn’t that right my Little Raven?”  he asked as he turned to Luna.  This was the moment, that either all his work paid off or he was embarrassed so badly he would never come back to school again.

Luna thought she might be having a panic attack.  Did her Master really want her all to himself?  Would that mean he would be all hers?  Did she even care?  She looked up at Ron, who wasn’t even looking at her, he didn’t even think it was a possibility that she would leave him for Draco.

Before she could answer Ron stepped in front of Luna and drew his wand.  “You can’t have her Malfoy so just go away.”  Ron snapped as he started to turn red.

It seemed everyone in the pitch had gone silent as they watched the exchange.

“You know that is customary to leave up to the girl?  Could you not afford manors in your home either?”  Draco mocked just to wind him up more.

“Ma…”  Luna started then caught herself before she called him what she longed to call him.  “You are not being very nice.”  She said in the sternest voice she dared to take with her Master.

“Malfoys are never nice, Luna.”  Ron said as he looked as if he would soon be blowing hot steam from his ears.

“That isn’t true.”  She said now frowning at Ron.  “Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy are scary most of the time but Ma…”  She frowned as she tried to think of what else she could call him.  “…but he is very sweet, or can be when he wants.”  She said and looked to her Master.

“You, you’ve, you met his parents?”  Ron asked as he turned to look at his girlfriend finally.

“We are friends.”  She said blushing at the look Ron was giving her.  “I never told you because I knew how much you hated him.”  She added as he turned purple.

Draco smiled at his pet’s story.  It was true in a way, but it worked to give her a chance at coming to him without making her look like a slut to the whole school.

“You’re friends with a SLYTHERIN?”  Ron turned to her fully and started to yell.  “With HIM!”  he said and pointed with his wand towards Draco.  “After what that Pucey git did to you?!”

She frowned as she obviously did not like being yelled at.  She knew she would pay for this later but at the moment she didn’t care.  “Draco is protecting me from him.  You really shouldn’t judge a whole house of people by one person’s actions.”  She said and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Oh yeah I bet he is protecting you.”  Ron said with a sneer on his face.  “The git probably set it up so he could give you his protection and you would feel grateful for it.  How could you be so STUPID?”

Draco had to admit he was impressed with how close to the mark the little Bitch had actually gotten.  Luna did not seem nearly as impressed by his words.  The whole time Luna had not even so much as raised her voice, actually Draco couldn’t remember a single time he had ever heard his pet raise her voice in anger.

“You know what Ronald?”  Luna said in her usual calm tone before she looked between Draco and Ron.  “I think we are not meant for each other.  I cannot be with someone I have to lie to to keep him happy.”  She said with a sigh.  “You are a dear friend, but I simply don’t have those feelings for you any longer, I need to be myself.”  She said then turned to Draco.

Before she could even take a single step Ron grabbed her arm.  “You are NOT going with him.”  Ron ordered her as he held tightly to her arm.

“I was about to tell him he was being unfair as well.”  Luna said in a frustrated tone for what Draco thought was the first time in her life.  “But I have NOT given you permission to order me around Ronald Weasley.”  She added as she pulled her arm free.

“So you are going with him?”  Ron asked his eyes narrowed his anger directed at Luna now.

“Yes.”  She said and took a step away from Ron.

Ron opened his mouth and Draco could tell something foul was about to come out, unfortunately that was when the know-it-all decided to step in and save her friend from putting his foot deeper into his mouth.

“Ron you need to cool down.”  Hermione said in her own firm tone and stepped in front of him so he couldn’t see anything but her.  “If you say what you are thinking right now you will regret it.”  She said.

Draco stepped closer to Luna and took her hand to swing her around so she was facing him.  He smiled down as he looked into her eyes.  “I want you my pet.”  he told her softly.  “I never want to give you up.”  he said and brushed fingers down her cheek.

“You are breaking our deal.”  She pointed out just as softly.

“Oh yes I am.”  he said and leaned down to give her a passion filled kiss in front of the whole school.


Draco looked out the window as the train made a lazy way across the countryside.  He ran his fingers through his pet’s hair without though and just enjoyed the quiet moment.  When he glanced down at Little Raven, he noticed she had fallen asleep with her head resting on his knee, and that just made him smile.

He thought back to how their relationship had started.  How he had been bored that day and the odd little girl was the only victim in sight.  Now he had what he felt was a perfect pet.  He couldn’t really think of a future without her soft smile and sweet tears.  The feel of her head on his knee brought him more real joy than any of his experiences before he had met her.

he was brought out of his musing by the door to the compartment opening and the Bitch entering with his two friends backing him up in the hall.

“Did you want something Weasley?  I thought she told you this was my time, she is asleep anyway.”  Draco said in a relaxed tone.

“I’m here to talk to you Malfoy.”  Ron said as he was obviously trying not to look at his ex girlfriend kneeling comfortably on the floor in her school uniform.

“What do you want then?”  Draco asked with a sigh, why did the riff raff have to be so annoying when one was having a perfectly nice afternoon.

“I know you did something to her Malfoy.”  Ron said and glanced to his two friends for support before looking back to Draco.  “We are going to figure out what it is and I will get her back.”  He told the other boy.

“I am allowing her to stay friends with you all, why can’t that be enough for you?”  Draco asked with a smirk.  He knew it was small of him, but the fact that Ron wanted his pet made her even more perfect and sweet than she already was.

“That is exactly what I am talking about.”  Ron snapped and clenched his fists.  “How is it you are allowing her to do anything.  You don’t own her Malfoy, stop acting like you do.”

Draco smiled widely at Ron and lightly pushed Luna’s long locks away from her neck so he could show the other boy the collar there.  “I thought you would have noticed this already Weasley.”  he started.  The moment he started to openly date Luna he had had her wear her collar visible all the time.  “It means I do own her.  It is a wizard’s collar, I think you might want to look it up.”  he said and smirked when the know-it-all behind the git gasped at his words.

He glanced down to Luna to make sure she was asleep before he spoke again.  “Or at the very least ask your pet mudblood what it is.  That is how you do all your homework anyway right?”  he asked and Harry grabbed Ron’s arm before he could actually throttle Draco, or at least try.

It took both Harry and Hermione to pull Ron from the compartment after that.  When the door slid closed once again the rest of the people in the compartment started to laugh which finally woke Luna.

She looked around to see what was so funny.  Tracey and Blaise were sitting on one bench as far apart from each other as they could.  On the bench with her Master Crabb and Goyle sat eating treats from the cart.

She turned to look at her Master for answers.  “It was your ex my sweet.  He thinks I have corrupted you and he is determined to get you back.”  he said and he brushed fingers down her face.

“That is exactly what you did Master, but Little Raven enjoyed every moment of it.”  She told him with a smile and closed her eyes at the feel of his hand.

“Does that mean he may save you from the evil Slytherin after all?”  Draco asked teasingly.

“Little Raven isn’t going anywhere if she can help it Master.”  She purred with a sweet smile.

Draco couldn’t help but reflect for what he thought was the thousandth time at how very innocent she still seemed.  Sometimes he thought that maybe she was some kind of magical creature that the dirty of the world simply couldn’t touch.

“Do not worry pet, Master is planning to keep you for a very long time.”  he told her and looked up at her heard Tracey huff.  Draco tilted his head at the other girl questioningly.

“Well if you think I am fooling around with her you have another thing coming.”  She said stiffly.  “Unlike Pansy I have standards.”  She said and Blaise actually snorted.  Tracey glared at him as if daring him to say what was on his mind.  Blaise just smirked and shrugged his shoulders without saying a word.

“So what are everyone’s plans for the holiday?”  Goyle asked as if he didn’t notice the exchange, or maybe he did and was trying to change the subject.

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