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Harry absorbs some of Voldemort’s darkness during their final duel.  Where is he after almost six years after the final battle, and more importantly, what does he want?

Warning: This story contains sexual situations.

Rating: MA

A/N-  This fic was written as a gift for Eclectic Pet a few months ago.  She has allowed me to post it for all your enjoyment!  I would like to thank her for being the awesome beta she is and helping to bring all my work to life!


Prolog: What No One Noticed
Chapter 1: Waiting to Strike
Chapter 2: Having His Way
Chapter 3: Making Her Scream
Chapter 4: A Night that Never Ends
Epilog: Not a Ring

Prolog: What No One Noticed



The two spells flew at each other with the force each caster put into them.  When they hit at the midpoint between the enemies, they bounded back at their casters.  The darkly robed snake-like figure froze wide-eyed as death finally took him.

The other much smaller figure dodged his spell and landed at Voldemort’s feet as the powerful wizard landed on top of him.  All within the Great Hall froze for a moment at the death of one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

As Harry struggled underneath the heavy body not even he noticed as a shadow of darkness seeped from Voldemort into his own skin.

When the man was finally removed from the lean teen, he looked around at his friends with new eyes.  Ron and Hermione came running towards him, both bloody and scraped from the battle.  Harry decided in that moment he would never let anything like this happen again.

The three friends collided together in a firm hug, but Harry couldn’t help but notice the way Hermione felt pressed against his.

“We did it!”  She said as she pulled back from her two friends, blushing a bit at Ron.

“Harry did it!”  Ron said excitedly patting him on the back.

“It’s over.”  Harry said looking around them as Order members were taking care of those few Death Eaters who hadn’t just surrendered with their Lord’s fall.  “Let’s get out of here.”  He said picking up the Elder wand at his feet.  “We should deal with this.”

As the three friends walked away from the battle, they decided the wand should be hidden so no one would ever be tempted to use it again.  Harry knew just where he planned to do it and told his friends it would be best if only one of them knew where it rested.

He felt regretful leaving them alone with the way they looked at each other, but knew it would be best if he could protect the wand now and worry about these odd feelings later.

Chapter 1: Waiting to Strike

Time passed and friends moved on with their lives.  Hermione went back to Hogwarts to finish her NEWTS.  Ron joined the Aurors and moved quickly up through the ranks.  Luna and Neville opened a flower shop in Diagon Alley.

It took Harry some time to figure out what this new world held for him.  All he knew for sure was that he needed to keep it safe and make sure no one like Voldemort ever threatened his friends again.  Well that wasn’t the only thing, he also quickly realized as his two best friends dated and were engaged, that he wanted Hermione for himself.

He watched and waited as his friends moved forward with a relationship that was only based on a common traumatic experience.  They moved quickly and were got married the day after Hermione left school.

While the rest of the world moved on Harry came up with his own plans.  He invested in the rebuilding of the wizarding world.  He took on partners like Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini.  Ever so quietly, the three gained a fortune and watched as the world flourished around them.

It was Zabini who introduced him to the club scene.  Private places to find a release like Harry had never experienced before.  As years passed on, he moved into the skin of Master Stag, a feared and loved figure in the wizarding BDSM scene.  He took many pets but never collared or kept them for long.

In the daylight hours, he was Harry Potter; war hero, working toward being hired on as a full professor of Hogwarts.  He told Ron whenever he asked that he was simply tired of fighting and thought he could use his experience to help the next generation.

He had watched his friends get married too quickly.  Then watched them bicker and fight, as they both wanted such different things.  He even watched as his powerful little witch gave Ron a daughter to help fix what was so very broken.  Rose was now three and he loved her as much as any of her family did.  He continued to watch as they tore the relationship apart, being cautious to never take too much of one side, to never seem to push.

Even after they separated, he gave her time to get her own life back.  He was careful to be there for both his friends in the hard time when they mourned their marriage.

It had been five and a half years since the Battle of Hogwarts.  It was one of Rose’s days with her father and Hermione had asked Harry to keep her company while she tried on interview outfits.

“I just want to make a good impression.  It’s the first step Harry.”  She called from the dressing room.

He kept his mind busy by imagining her undressing behind the curtain.  “All I’m saying is that I’m not one of your girlfriends.”  He said putting an annoyed tenner in his voice.

“I don’t have any girlfriends.”  She snapped coming out in tan robes.

He made a face at the most boring outfit he’d ever seen and got to his feet to check out what else she planned to try on.  “Well that’s just ugly, and I’m a guy; I’m not used to caring.”  He said shaking his head.  “We’re getting a sales woman.”  He said as he noted everything she’d chosen was baggy and boring.

“They make such a fuss in here.”  She said frowning as he stole all the outfits from her dressing room.

“If I have to sit through this I should at least have something nice to look at.”  Harry insisted taking charge by telling a sales woman what he wanted.

“Seriously Harry I don’t have the job yet, I can’t afford to go crazy.”  She remarked frowning as she watched the woman walk off happily.

“My treat.”  He gave her a friendly smile.  When her only answer was a slight frown forming on her lips he slowly backed her towards the dressing room.  “Hermione I have it to spare.  You are going to take this new robe and like it.”  He ordered her firmly.

Hermione twitched a little at his tone, opening her mouth a few times to argue but he was having none of it today.  He pulled her quickly into the dressing room to get them out of sight then backed her into the wall so she had to look into his eyes.

“Hermione.  I want to spend this money on you.  Now the only thing you’re to say now is thank you.”  He told her firmly.  

“It’s very nice of your Harry but…”  She started and he pressed his body against hers to cut her off.

“That doesn’t sound like a thank you.”  He said, his lips almost brushing hers as he spoke.

He could feel her heart racing; see the way her breath deepened with how he was acting.  He smiled; it was a reaction he’d seen many times before in the pets he played with.  This was turning her on.

“How long Hermione?”  He asked boldly.

“What?”  She asked him breathlessly.

“How long since you were really ravaged by a man?”  He asked as his hand moved to the hem of the ugly robe.

“Ravaged?”  She asked in a fit of nervous giggles.

“So never?”  He asked a smirk playing on his lips.  He enjoyed the fact she had yet to push him away.  Deciding he would just buy the ugly thing he ripped the front seam of the robe causing tan buttons fly everywhere.

“Harry!”  She gasped still not pushing him away as his eyes fell on the white cotton bra and boy-short style knickers she wore.  They were boring but sexy in an innocent kind of way.  He flipped her around so he could pull the robe from her and pressed her body hard against the wall.

“Seriously Harry, this isn’t funny anymore.”  She told her friend, but he could hear the lust edging her voice.

“I’m being serious Hermione.”  Harry said as his hand slipped into the front of her knickers.  “I’ve wanted you for so long, but you were with Ron.”  He smiled as her hips pushed against his fingers as he slid them between her legs.

“This is wrong Harry.”  She said breathlessly. But he could feel how very turned on she really was.

“Does it feel wrong?”  He asked as he pushed his middle digest inside of her.

“We’re in public!”  She tried to keep her focus.  “We’re just friends.”  She added as Harry added a second finger.

“Just go with the moment Hermione, stop thinking so much.”  He warned in a dark tone.  “I want to claim every inch of you in this public place.”  As he spoke, he used his thumb to circle around her excited little clit.

“We can’t Harry.”  She whimpered as she tried to pull away from him.

With a sigh he pulled back from her and sucked on the fingers that had been inside of her a moment before.

It took her a moment to compose herself and turn to face him.  She was blushing furiously when she finally looked him in the eyes.  “Harry that was…” she said frowning as she bit her lip.

“Hermione I’m serious.  I want you to be mine, but I would never actually force you.”  He said before she could continue.  “Can you really tell me you don’t want me?”

“Ginny and I thought you were gay.”  She blurted out in embarrassment.

Harry blinked a few times at this very surprising news.  He thought about all the woman he’d enjoyed taking over the years and shook his head.

“Well when you told her that she just didn’t fit what you needed anymore, and you didn’t want to hurt her.  Then it’s been almost six years since you’ve mentioned anyone special.  We just thought you were… gay.”  Hermione said covering her chest with her arms.

“I’m not keeping the fact I’m gay from you.”  Harry said, as he understood the misunderstanding.

He stepped against her again and moved her wrists above her head.  “After what happened back then I found my tastes had changed.”  He agreed.  “But it isn’t what you think.”  He added casting a silent spell to stick her wrist to the wall.  “I realized quickly Ginny would never enjoy what I like to do to women.”

Hermione frowned at this and looked up at her unmoving wrists.  “What’s that Harry?”  She asked once she was sure she couldn’t get free.

“So many things Hermione.”  He told her as he ran his fingers down her arms and the sides of her body.  He imagined her beautiful soft skin lined with welts and bruises; it made him want to take her right then and there.

When he heard the sales woman finally come up behind him, he didn’t spare her a glance.  “Go away.”  He ordered in a tone he usually reserved for the club.

“Yes Sir.”  The sales woman said without really thinking and headed off to do other work.

Hermione watched the girl go with astonishment all over her face.  He was showing her his true self now, a self with perfect control of the world around him.

“Harry what’s come over you?”  She asked almost forgetting he had her magically stuck to a wall.

“Did you want her to watch?”  He inquired instead of answering her question.  His hands moved around her back so that he could unclasp her bra.

“No.  I just- I already told you we shouldn’t do this.  Not here, not like this.”  She said as he released her full breasts from their constraints.

Harry moved her chin so that he could look her in the eyes as he spoke his next words.  “You don’t have to be in control all the time.  I’m going to take that from you.  I’m going to show you what real freedom is.”

Before she could answer, he leaned down and wrapped his lips around one of her nipples.  He licked and sucked on it to make it hard and sensitive.

Hermione gasped her back arching on its own to meet his attention.  “I just, this is wrong.”  She said in a tone that told Harry she was enjoying every moment.

“What’s so wrong about me giving you what you’ve needed all these years?”  Harry snapped, getting quickly tired of her protests when she obviously wanted this as much as he did, if not more.

“I’ve had sex Harry.”  She said defensively.

“This isn’t just sex I’m offering Hermione.”  Harry stated and he pinched the nipple he’d just been sucking.  The slight intake of breath told him she had no idea pain could be that good.  “I’m offering to make you mine.  I’ll train and own you and you’ll never again have to be the one in control.”

“I need to think.”  She said trembling with all the competing thoughts in her head.

“I’m going too fast.”  He said after a moment of watching her.  “You want information.  You want to see what I’m offering.”  He said as he hooked her bra back in place.  “You want to read about it.”  He added with a sly smile for her.

Hermione blushed and looked away from him, blushing over something he didn’t quite understand.  “Hermione?”

“I’ve already read all about BDSM.”  She blurted out suddenly.  “That’s what we’re talking about right?”  She asked looking back at him before looking up at her arms.  “You want to be my Master.”

“Yes.”  He said amused with this turn of events.

“Please let me down?”  She asked politely.

He smiled and released her from the spell.  “Come with me to a club tonight.  Be my pet for one night in a safe place where no one will judge you.”  He commanded wondering how she’d react to his tone.

She stood against the wall for a long time just looking at him.  Her large intellect going through all the possibilities of the situation.  “Alright.”  She said with a nod of her head.  “After we get all this done.”  She said motioning to the store.

“I think we need something for you to wear tonight as well.”  He said as he started to think how he wanted his pet to dress.

Chapter 2: Having His Way

After the first robe shop where he’d picked something business elegant for her interview.  Harry took Hermione to several other shops to get her some clothes she could shine in that night.  After her dropped her off at home they made plans to meet at the club.

Harry got there early wishing to stake out a claim on one of the comfortable half circle coaches the club had, just off the dance floor.  He dressed as he usually did for his nights out, comfortably in stark black jeans and a dark red button up shirt with a black leather vest and robes of dark gold that only shimmered when the lights hit it directly.

Once he’d gotten a drink and made himself comfortable, two men casually joined him on the couch.  He guessed he would call them his friends now, as he spent a lot more time with the pale blond and the dark skinned Italian than any of his old friends.  He even enjoyed their company much of the time if he were honest.

“You’re ignoring the floor tonight.  Have someone coming?”  Blaise asked as Harry glanced to the door.

“Yes, someone new.”  He said taking a sip of his drink.  “I don’t see you playing with anyone.”  He mentioned as he looked over at his friend.

“Indigo has been complaining about the lack of new skin in here.  You know he’s a man of discerning taste.”  Dragon says helpfully.

“Meaning he doesn’t like to taste the same girl twice.”  Harry said with a chuckle.

“Who’s your girl?”  Blaise asked with a sour face at his friends.

“Not to your taste. Unless you lifted your no mudblood policy?”  Harry asked wanting to cut off those ideas from the start.  Hermione was his.

“I don’t see how you can stand it.”  Blaise said his face becoming more contorted.

“Because their cunnies are just as warm and it’s very satisfying to see them begging on their knees.”  Draco answered for him.  “I prefer them actually.  It’s their one proper use.”

Blaise looked unconvinced.

“You two won’t say any such thing when my pet gets here.”  Harry warned dangerously.  “I don’t want her to spook.”

“I’ll be good, but when you get done with her would you nudge her in my direction?”  Draco asked lightly as a waitress came by with his and Blaise’s drinks.

“Really Dragon?  Have you no pride at all?”  Blaise asked with disgust.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never done it.  He has a way of breaking them in just right.  It’s a really talent actually.” He told Blaise seriously.  “It isn’t like getting some guys cast offs.  It’s like buying a prize mare from a Master trainer.”

Blaise rolled his eyes and took a sip of his drink.

“I’m not sure if I’m getting rid of this one Dragon.”  Harry started as he looked down into his drink.  “And even if I did I don’t think you could handle her.”  He added with a smirk.

“Why not?”  Asked the blond defensively.

“Well, there is that time in third year she punched you in the face…”  Harry thought back to his fiery friend with a smile.

Draco blinked a few times.  “You’re bringing Granger here?”  He asked sounding shocked.  “Well I’m glad I didn’t stay in tonight.  I want a front row seat when her vanilla head explodes.”

Blaise too looked amused at the idea of Harry’s old friend actually stepping foot inside a place like this.

“Say what you like but I know her better than either of you.  She’s submissive to the core; she just needs a proper Master.”  Harry said looking to the door once more.

“Granger?  Submissive?”  Blaise looked highly amused by the very idea of it.

“Speaking of Granger… did you know she was interviewing for Flitwick’s position?”  Draco asked wanting to pass on worthy news.  Through much brilliant maneuvering Draco had regained his family’s position on the board of governors for Hogwarts and used the position to keep Harry informed about what was going on at the school.

“She told me.  I think she’ll make a fine addition to the school.”  He said with a smirk as the blond frowned that his news was out of date.

“There are two other candidates.”  Draco added trying to regain his pride.  “All of them are qualified.”

“Someone better than Hermione?”  Harry asked and rolled his eyes as Blaise pretended to yawn in boredom for the conversation.

“One is a guy named Ludwig, graduated near the top of his class from Durmstrang, but he has a few years in the field on Granger.”  Draco said thoughtfully.

“And the other?”  Harry asked wanting all the information, he could get.

“Who cares?”  Blaise burst out.  “Are professor posts really something we plan to get involved in?”  He asked looking between the other two.

Harry was about to go into a detailed explanation of why posts at Hogwarts were in-fact important when he was distracted by the five-foot-one walking goddess stepping into the club.

He smiled as he took her in.  She looked stunning in the thigh-length peasant dress he’d bought for her that day.  The deep blue made her skin seem to shine in the darkness of the club.  She had tamed the mane of hair into lovely soft curls that fell down her back and framed her face.  The energy around her made her all the more appealing.  The dress and the work she’d put into herself, made her carry herself like a sexual being, not just a bookworm.

He left his friends behind so he could greet her before she was introduced to what his life was really like.  The life he’d been hiding from her and the rest of his old friends.

A smile came to her lips when she spotted him and she blushed, as he made no pretense about looking her over with an appreciative eye.

“You look lovely my pet.”  He said as his slipped a hand to the small of her back.

“Are you going to call me that all night?”  She asked with a bit of nervousness in her voice.

“I’m not sure, but I’ll warn you it’s probably the most tame thing I’ll call you.”  He told her teasingly while he guided her to the dancefloor.  “Is there anything you don’t want to hear from my lips pet?”

She bit her lower lip as she gave the question serious thought.  “And remember you’re letting yourself really enjoy tonight.  No one will judge.”  He said before she could come up with anything.

She nodded in agreement and thought for a long time.  “Nothing bad about my body or my hair please?”  She asked unsurely.

“So anything else is open?”  He asked thinking of all the things he could say to embarrass and shame her.

“You wouldn’t…”  She started and then looked to the ground.  “You really are into this stuff.”  She changed what she was going to say.  “You look so comfortable here Harry.”

“Master Stag.”  He corrected as he gave her a quick swat to the thigh.  “But yes, I’ve been here many times before.”

She blushed at the reprimand and looked around to see what people thought.  It was such a non-event at a club like this one that no one had even noticed.

“So what now Master Stag?”  She asked looking uncomfortable over the title.

“Now we’re going to go sit with my friends and be social while you relax a bit.”  He told her leading her back to the seat he had secured earlier.

They were still about ten feet away when Hermione stopped in her tracks.  “That’s Malfoy and Zabini.”  She told him as if he wasn’t perfectly aware of who his friends were.

“I know.”  He answered pulling her forward and settling back into his place.  Once he was comfortable, he pulled Hermione right down onto his lap.

“Never thought I’d see you here Granger.”  Draco said trying to break the silence that had formed.

“I hadn’t realized you and Har…Master Stag had kept in touch.”  She said correcting herself before she made another slip.

“I’m sure there are plenty of things you’ve never realized about your Master.”  He said with a sarcastic grin.

“Dragon could you go get my new pet something special to drink?”  Harry asked his friend, feeling he should cut off this conversation before it really started.

“Sure.  What’s your poison… what should I call her?”  Draco asked looking to Harry for the answer instead of Hermione.

“Good question.”  Harry said thinking over what he wanted others to call his pet.  “I think just Stag’s Pet will do for now.”

“Don’t I get a say in this?”  Hermione asked with a frown.

“For tonight you have no say but the one I give you.”  Harry told her as he tightened his hold on her thigh.  “She’ll have a firewhiskey, neat.”  He told Draco before she could protest.

“I hate firewhiskey.”  She said as she watched Draco retreat to the bar.

“And still you’re going to drink every drop of it, and enjoy every sip.”  Harry told her as he made soft circles on her skin with his finger.

“Oh why is that Master Stag?”  She asked sarcastically.

“Because he’s your Master and he told you to drink it.”  Blaise cut in for the first time.  “I don’t think this new one is going to last the night Stag.”  He said with a sneer.

“Give her some time to adjust Indigo.”  Harry said as he ran his fingers down her cheek and neck.  “My pet tends to think too much, but I think she’ll relax by the end of the night.”

“Willing to wager on that?”  Blaise asked making Hermione look as if she was going to cut in again.

“What did you have in mind?”  Harry asked cutting her off and slipping his fingers into her hair against her scalp.

“If she isn’t tamed by the end of the night you have to co-sign on that deal we were talking about yesterday.”  Blaise said being just vague enough to annoy the girl in Harry’s lap.

“And if I win?”  Harry asked curiously.

“I’ll give you my shares of Shadows Deep.”  He said knowing it would was ever so temping.

“You have a bet.”  Harry replied making Hermione punched him in the arm.

“Did you really just bet that you could tame me?”  She growled.

With one smooth motion, he rose to his feet dumping her on the ground as he did.  “Kneel.”  He ordered in a serious voice.

Her eyes went wide at the way Harry looked at her now.  He seemed full of a dark menace that she’d never seen before.

She thought about protesting but the look in Harry’s eyes told her to do as she was told.  Once he was sure she was going to stay, Harry sat back down and finished his drink.

Hermione was looking at the ground still trying to figure out when she had become the one in the wrong here.

No one in the small group spoke until Draco came back with the drinks.

“What happened?”  The blond asked giving his friends refills and setting Hermione’s by her hand.

Hermione looked at the disgusting drink with a glare and thought about pushing it over.

“One swig, all of it.”  Harry ordered without answering Draco’s question.

“His little pet actually punched him in the arm.”  Blaise explained under his breath.

“Please Master.”  She said after a moment.  “I really don’t like it.”  She told him trying to sound meek.  She was trying to be honest with herself tonight like Harry had asked, and she had to admit that it felt nice to kneel at someone’s feet.  She understood the pathology around it and she could see that this was something that she’d actually been craving for a long time.

“That is why I chose it.  Now by drinking it, you do it only for me, and that should please you.”  Harry explained simply.

With a nod of her head, she picked up the glass.  “Yes Master.”  She said downing it in one swallow.  She made a face as the liquid burned her mouth and throat.  Once it was empty, she looked up at him, the room spinning a bit.  “I’m sorry for hitting you Master, but I’m still upset over you making stupid bets over me.”  She told him feeling a bit more comfortable.

“You have no right to be upset.”  He said petting her cheek.  “It’s my business, not yours.”  He said sitting back to think.

She frowned at this and shook her head.  “But people in these relationships are supposed to be equals working together to fulfill each other’s needs.”

“We aren’t equals in this relationship.  I am the Master.  The one who keeps you safe and your needs fulfilled. You are the Slave.  The one who serves and depends on her Master.”

She couldn’t help but shift as the directness of his statement turned her on a little.

“That’s what you want and need my little slave.  You need someone to please and serve; someone who’ll do all the thinking that’s so very hard for you.”

“Did you just call me dumb?”  Hermione asked with a frown.

Harry chuckled and looked to the two men sitting next to him.  “You’re not dumb little pet.  But thinking makes you unhappy.  I’m here to make you more happy.”

Hermione started to feel a bit dizzy as she looked up at Harry.  She realized taking in so much alcohol so fast wasn’t her best idea.

“Everything okay my pet?”  Harry asked as he looked down at her.

“The whiskey is hitting me a bit.”  She answered honestly.

“Good, just relax and go with it my pet.”  Harry said petting the side of her cheek then lifting her chin so that she had to climb back into his lap to keep up with his finger.  This time he made her straddle his lap and pushed her skirt up so he could see the little white kickers she wore.  “Is white all you own?”  He asked with a laugh.

“Why would I need colors?”  She asked him blushing as she looked at Draco and Blaise.

“You guys go have fun, we’ll talk later.”  He dismissed them and pulled her focus back on him.

He moved his fingers between her legs and pushed the fabric aside so that he could feel how easily his middle finger slipped into her body.  “Childbirth isn’t kind to a woman’s body.”  He commented and drew his wand.  “But you know there are ways to fix that.”  He told her keeping his finger inside her and cast a spell she didn’t know.

After a moment, she could feel herself hugging his finger and blinked, as she was pretty sure she’d never been so tight.  “What did you do?”  She asked as he moved the finger around inside of her.

“It’s a pretty simple spell.  You know I’ve learned quite a few sexual spells over the years.”  He told her casually as his thumb started to make circles around her little bud.  “Would you like to learn one?”  He asked with a smile.

Hermione nodded as her body moved against his hand as if she were riding a cock.  “Yes please.”  She said as the sex and drink clouded her brain.

“Lift your wand in a circling motion and say voluptatem apicem.”  He said wondering if she would actually cast the spell on herself.

Voluptatem apicem.”  She cast doing as he said.  With widened eyes, she gasped and dropped her wand.  Her body riding his hand more feverishly.

“Oh what a perfect little pet.”  Harry cooed.  “That spell mixed with the potion Dragon slipped you is going to do magical things for you tonight.”  He told her with a smile.

“Potion?”  She asked having a very hard time thinking with the electric need that seemed to run through her entire body.  She couldn’t get enough friction as she rode his hand.  She needed something bigger.  With this new drive, the people of the club seemed to disappear from her mind completely.

“Yes, it triggers when you cast any number of spells.”  He said letting her hump his hand like a dog in heat.  “It keeps the body from climaxing.”

“What?”  She asked with a whimper, as a climax was what she needed most in the world right now.

“The spell makes you climax instantly.”  He told her as he patted the side of her neck.  “Together they keep you in this state of need, just shy of your peak.”

“The potion will wear off by morning, but I could always give you the antidote sooner.”  He told her as he pressed his thumb hard against her swollen clit.

“Please!?”  She said grinding herself against the thumb.

“You’re going to have to be a good girl and earn it.”  He told her as if none of this was affecting him at all.

“Ye-yes please Master?”  She whimpered leaning forward to rest her head on his shoulder.

“Good girl.”  He said with a grin.  “Tell me your darkest fantasy?”  He demanded wondering just how depraved he could get in her training.

“Umm.”  She started trying to think through the jolts of pleasure.  She flushed as her mind settled on something.  “I guess it would have to be letting a stranger fuck me in a public loo.”

Harry chuckled and shook his head.  “Maybe next time.”  He said and pulled his hand out of her knickers.  He pushed a finger into her mouth and didn’t even have to order her to suck her pleasure off it.  “I bet you’d be a right good little cock sucker wouldn’t you?”  He asked as she cleaned his thumb.

“Ron never complained.”  She said looking him in the eyes.

“When you say things like that it makes me want to punish you.”  He warned her as her body was still grinding itself against his lap.

“Maybe I’m not as submissive as you thought.”  She said as her hands moved to the zipper of his jeans.  “Maybe I want to take control.”

“No.”  He said smiling but making no move to stop her yet.  “You don’t want control.  You want to have that control taken.”

She licked her lips and stopped her hands before she looked up into his eyes.  It was as if he was seeing her in a way no other could.  “I won’t let it go easily.”  She warned.

“You wouldn’t be fun if you did.”

Chapter 3: Making Her Scream

Her disorientation at being so wound up on lust made her easy to maneuver.  It was a simple matter to get her to the dungeon Harry shared with his friends.  It wasn’t safe to keep a place like this under his own name, and Draco’s manor was constantly being watched for dark spells and anything suspicious.  So the three friends pooled their resources and made a place to play privately.  Since Blaise was the only one who didn’t have such public ties to dark or light the flat was in his name.

When Harry got there with his prize, he found the other two had already brought back pets of their own.  Draco sat near a fire with his feet propped up on a pretty little blonde.  Blaise was leading twins into one of the more private bedrooms.

“How did she like the drink?”  Draco asked taking a sip as he ignored the nude woman his feet were resting on.

“Pet?  Are you enjoying your high?”  Harry asked the dazed woman in his arms.

“It’s torture.”  She gasped looking around at the room with sudden interest.  It was a large space with toys hung on what seemed like every wall, with chains, cuffs, and bars hanging from what was left.  “What is this place?”  She asked as Harry led her over to a large pillar in the center of the area.

“Our playroom.”  Harry told her as he lifted her arms over her head and tied them to the column in a set of wool-lined cuffs.

Draco moved his chair and the girl he had with him so that he could sit comfortably as he watched Harry play.

“Harry I don’t want him here.”  Hermione gasped looking away from Draco.  A large part of her was enjoying this newly discovered side of Harry that commanded and controlled her, but she didn’t know if she could take the humiliation of showing what she really wanted to a man like Draco Malfoy.

Harry quickly shifted her so that she was facing the post and lifted her skirt to place a hard smack on her upper thigh.  He spanked her again and again until her struggling died away and she hung limp from the cuffs.

“What did you do wrong?”

“I didn’t call you Master.”  She said as both her face and arse glowed red.

“Are you going to make that mistake again?”  He asked running his hand over her covered red bottom.

“Honestly?  I probably will Master Stag.”  She said pushing her butt back into his hand, Draco forgotten for the moment.

“Maybe I should get something that will leave more of an impression on you?”  He asked amused at how she pressed back against him.

Her breath deepened at his suggestion.  “Maybe you should.”  She said playfully.

Harry shook his head and grinned.  He pulled away to go find a new implement for her discipline and left her looking directly at a grinning Draco Malfoy.

“You drugged me.”  She said resting her head against her arms.

“You’re enjoying every moment of it.”  He said with a satisfied grin.

“It could get you in deep trouble with your history.”  She said starting to tremble again now that she had nothing to distracting her from the pleasure.

“I feel safe that you won’t be saying anything after tonight.”  He said casually.  “After tonight you’ll belong to him.”

She felt her body react to his words, her core grasping around nothing, as she wanted it to be true.

“You’re already halfway gone.”  He continued as he set his drink aside.

“I’m drugged, once my head clears…”  She started to explain when she could feel Harry’s heat move up behind her.

“Do you want your head to clear pet?”  He asked before she could feel the back of her dress as he unzipped it slowly.  “I think you’ve had too much thinking in your life.  I’m going to help it go away.”

His words made her whole body jerk as if she was again on the very edge of pleasure just about to fall off.  When the peak didn’t come, she whimpered as it was becoming almost painful to continue this state.

He cut her sleeves with a clean slicing charm and let her dress flutter to the ground.  “Please Master?”  She begged not wishing Draco to see and make fun of the imperfections in her body.

He moved up behind her so she’d be able to feel his bare chest against the skin of her back.  “Do you need a gag or can we continue your punishment?”  Harry asked as he took her hair and twisted it out of his way.

“I don’t want him here.”  She gasped shaking her head before glancing at the girl Draco was with.  She was young and spotless from her life.  She didn’t want to be compared to such a creature.

She watched as Draco let the girl undo his slacks drinking again while the unknown girl retrieved his cock.

Harry looked over at Draco as well, he saw the man ignoring his own pet as he kept his eyes on Harry’s beautiful slave.

He laughed and shook his head.  “He’s enjoying the show too much to send him away.”  He said as he pushed her white knickers out of his way.  He only pushed them off her arse, leaving them to frame the globes just where bottom meets thigh.

“Much obliged mate.”  Draco said with wicked grin.

Hermione shook her head as she felt Harry step back and hid her face between her arms.  “He’s just going to make fun of me.”  She said before the first blow to her arse landed.

Her eyes went wide as she felt the sting of leather on her already reddened skin. The one hit brought her focus completely and sharply back to Harry.  When the second and third fell she whimpered and jerked wondering what he had gotten to use on her.

“What is my name pet?”  Harry asked as he ran a soothing hand over the marks he’d made.

“Master Stag.”  She told him breathlessly.  “What did you get?”  She asked unable to keep herself from moaning at the feel of his hand.

“That’s the kiss of the crop.”  He told her before stepping back again.

Harry hit her six times in quick succession and Hermione couldn’t help but notice the whistle before new cutting heat bloomed on her bottom.

“What is my name pet?”  He asked again as fingers trailed the path of magma he was forming on her arse.

“Master Stag.”  She gasped as she pushed back against his hand.  “Fuck!”  She gasped knowing this too could have made her come, if he would let her.

“Quite a little painslut you’ve got there Stag.”  Draco commented casually.  “I think she’s frightening my whore.”

“Please Master?”  Hermione begged as he stepped back for another round.  This time it was twelve and by the time he was done, she was barely keeping her feet.  She leaned heavily on the post glad to have it as she wondered if she had any buttocks left.

“What is my name pet?”  Harry asked for a third time and Hermione didn’t understand what she was doing wrong.

“What do you want it to be Master?” She asked, her question getting a chuckle from both Harry and Draco.

Harry turned her around so that her back was once again against the post, her arse screamed as it brushed the pillar.  He pulled her breasts from the cups of her bar without removing it.

“I am Master Stag.  By the time I’m done with you, you’ll think of me as Master Stag.”  He told her as he pushed her hips so he arse flamed to new life.  She hadn’t noticed how rough the column was until Harry ground her abused rear against it.

“Too much!”  She gasped, as the feeling was both painful and sent new waves of pleasure all through her body.  “Please too much!”

“What is my name?”  Harry asked as if it was the first time.

“Master stag masterstagmasterstag!”  She gasped getting more and more desperate.

Harry ravaged her mouth as she twitched in pain and desire.  He delivered the antidote to the potion in the kiss so she wouldn’t know how her released had finally come.

Her vision went white as her whole being was overloaded with completion.  She had never felt anything like it in her life and all she knew was Master Stag had given her this gift.

As her vision ever so slowly cleared, all she was aware of was the deep and quick pace of her own breathing.  She blinked and looked around to find Harry standing over her.  He lifted her chin and smiled down at her in the most pleased way that she couldn’t help but glow with pride.

“Did you enjoy your ride pet?”  He asked stroking the side of her cheek.  She couldn’t help but nod, unable to find her voice just yet.  “You should thank Dragon for helping you to achieve it.” he told her and turned her head to see Draco’s eyes burning into her as he held the head of the girl against his crotch.

She swallowed and looked down at herself to shake her head.  “I can’t.”  She told him softly.

Harry lifted her chin and looked deeply into her eyes.  “Why are you being so rude pet?”  He asked with a deep frown.

“That’s Draco Malfoy.  The man who tortured me all through school.”  She felt it odd she had to remind Harry about this simple fact.

“You’re afraid of him?”  Harry asked with a grin.

She shook her head blushing as Harry hit the cord of why she was so upset.

“Dragon, my little pet is afraid of what you’re going to do after seeing her like this.”  Harry said taking a step back.

“Besides wank?”  Draco asked pulling the other girl’s head away to show his hardened shaft.

“Could you tell her what you’d want to do to her?”  Harry asked in a polite tone.

“If you would let me?”  Draco asked thoughtfully.  “If she were mine I’d bend her over the horse and fuck her until I came all over that red arse of hers.”  He explained as he fisted his own shaft.  “Then I’d let her know what a good little mudslut she was and go get a shower.”

Hermione’s face turned bright red as her old enemy described an old fantasy of hers.  She wondered if he had somehow picked it out of her brain.

“Would you like him to do that to you my pet?”  Harry asked before his lips found one of her nipples.

Hermione gasped and shook her head unable to admit that Draco’s words excited her.

“Are you lying to me or yourself pet?”  Harry pressed as he nipped at her breast to get her back into a frenzied state.

“He was horrible to me!”  She whimpered and shook.  “I’m just a warm hole to him.” She panted as she felt Harry’s fingers move between her legs.

“That is just a warm hole to him.”  He said making Hermione look at Draco and his pet again.  He was fucking her face now, letting her do nothing but jerk, as his cock invaded her mouth and throat again and again.  “You would be a worthy conquest.”

“Fuck!” She gasped as Harry thrust a finger into her core.  He’d made her so tight earlier that even as wet she was she felt every inch of the digit.

“I’m going to ask you again.  Are you lying to me or to yourself?”  He asked twist his finger inside of her.

“I don’t want to say.”  She whimpered shaking her head, still unable to admit such a humiliating thing aloud.

“Have you ever played with yourself to thoughts of Draco using you for his pleasure?”  Harry pressed, his thumb moving against her sensitive little nub.

“Please don’t make me Master.”  She whimpered as she tried to press against his hand.

“That is answer enough.”  He said pulling away to leave her alone and empty.

A moment later she heard the whistle and felt the sting as the crop came crashing down just below her nipple.

She screamed as the skin of her breast was much more sensitive that her arse.

“The punishment for lying to your Master is severe.”  He told her before giving her a strike on the other breast.

“No please Master… No I can’t…”  She gasped trying to pull away from his strikes.

He rained strikes down on her breasts, careful never to hit the bundle of nerves in the center.  By the time he was done, she was a whimpering mess hanging limply from her cuffs.

“Apologize.”  Harry ordered firmly.

“I’m sorry Master.”  She said as she wondered if she had any skin left on her breasts.

“Wow.” She heard Draco say sounding impressed.  “I can’t believe she isn’t yelling at you right now.”

“She wants to be a good pet, don’t you Hermione?”  Harry asked lifting her chin so he could look down into her amber eyes.

“I do.”  She said feeling more sure of that than she had all night.  The punishment had been painful and horrible, but at the same time, it had been wonderful and cleansing.  She couldn’t really understand it at the moment, but she liked the freedom of it.  If her brain had been working like usual she would have started to think about books and how they had tried to describe the peace of submitting, but at this moment she couldn’t think of anything more than the peace of her moment.

“Good girl.”  Harry purred softly petting her cheek.  “Such a very good girl.”  He added as he helped her to stand once again.  He dried her cheeks and cleaned the sweat off her brow.

“Thank you Master.”  She told him weakly wondering if she would ever feel normal again.

Chapter 4: A Night that Never Ends

“She needs a soothing bath.”  She heard Harry say before she felt him unbuckle the cuffs.  “Would you like to join us after?”  He asked his friend as he pulled her up into strong arms.  She’d never thought of Harry as strong before, but he carried her as if she weighed nothing.

“I’ll think about it.”  Draco answered before they entered a separate room.

Looking around she saw they were in a large bathroom with a tub big enough to fit a wild party of people.  Harry set her down on the edge before going about the work of filling the bath.

Hermione hissed as her butt came in contact with the cold stone of the tub.

“Even with the bath you’re going to feel that for a few days.”  Harry said sounding pleased.

“I could heal it.”  She said wondering for the first time where her wand had gone.

“You will never heal any wound I give you.  If I wish for it to be healed I’ll heal it myself.”  He told her in a stern voice.

“Yes Master.”  She said wiggling against the tub now to enjoy the sizzle it created.

“You’ve taken a lot for a first timer, I’m very proud of you.”  Harry told her as she heard the water start to fill the bath.

“Thank you Master.”  She said before looking up at Harry.  “Are you really going to share me with him?”  She asked suddenly nervous.

“I think I am.”  Harry said looking back at her.

“I don’t know if I could handle that.”  She said thinking of Draco touching her made her skin crawl, but at the same time turned her on.

“Do you know why you find the idea of him fucking you so exciting?”  Harry asked as if he knew exactly what she was feeling.

“I…” She started, about to lie and say she wasn’t excited.  “No.”  She caught herself; she wasn’t ready for more punishment.

“Because you hate him.”  Harry told her simply as he disrobed the rest of the way.  He’d taken off his shirt and outer robe for their play, now he finished the job.

“And that’s sexy?”  She asked frowning at him when helped her into the bath.

“To a woman who wants to be used for something other than her brain?  Immensely.”  He told her climbing into the bath behind her.

He pulled Hermione into his lap, resting her back against his chest so she still had a clear view of the room.  She only noticed then that she was still wearing her knickers and bra.

“You want to be used and humiliated.  You want to be treated like a brainless fuck doll, and Dragon will do that for you.”

“He called me mudslut.”  She said as Harry pushed her knickers down her legs carefully.

“To him, that’s what you are.  You’re something lesser, that’s only use is his pleasure.”  He said as if it were obvious.

“What am I to you?”  She asked.  She had been sure before today that she was his friend, but now she wasn’t so sure.  Did he see her the same way as Draco?

Harry laughed and started to play with her body again.  His fingers doing magical things as her tortured arse moved against a hardening member.  “To me you’re an unbroken mare who’ll make a prize show animal once she has the proper training.”

“You plan to show me off?”  She asked unable to stop herself from grinding against his hand.  At what point did she become this thing, only seeking out her next spot of pleasure?

“Oh yes.  I’ll show them all what I own and what they can’t have.”  He said repositioning her so she could feel the tip of him at her entrance.

Hermione moaned wanting him inside her at last, but scared with how tight she was now.  Would he rip her apart?

He took her with one thrust and the pain only beaten back by the shock of pleasure the action caused.  “A nice thing about the spell I used on your little cunt.”  He said as he moved her up and down on his cock.  “It will take anything I want to give it.”

“Master!”  She gasped she felt as if she was going to scream from the way they joined together.  Ron had never felt anything like this.

She grasped his legs to try to keep her balance.  Her entire body seemed to both hurt and beg for more all at once.  She had no idea sex could feel so very good.

“I want you to be mine Hermione.”  Harry growled as he filled her again and again.

“Yes.”  She moaned as he bounced her on his cock.

Harry grinned and forced her to ride him faster and rougher until he couldn’t hold his own pleasure back any longer.  When he was on the brink, he used his hands to send dark power into her as he filled her with his seed.

She jerked on top of him gasping and whimpering as her body absorbed everything he had to give.

“Good girl.”  He said as her muscles milked his cock to completion.

When she was nothing but a panting mess in his lap, he let his softened member slip from her and started to clean them both from the night so far.

“I feel odd.”  Hermione said with heavy lidded eyes.

“Do you like it?”  He asked wondering if she could feel the slight corrupting of her core, he’d just started.

She licked her lips and forced her eyes open.  “I don’t know.”  She said shaking her head as she looked up at him.  “You’ve worn me out Master.”  She said as he continued to cleanse her softly of sweat and sex.

“You still have to show me what a good little cock sucker you are.”  He teased before draining the water from the tub.

She looked up at him while he helped her from the bath and wrapped the soft towel around her form.  Now without the warm water to sooth her skin she was once again starting to feel her punishments from before.  She looked up at him as the pain grew and realized her excitement was growing with the discomfort.

“Really?  Tonight?”  She asked chewing on her lower lip.  “Right now?”  She asked wanting the answer to be yes while her brain wanted it to be no.

“Yes my pet.”  He said brushing wet hair from her face.  “I promised Dragon a taste of you.” He reminded her.

“You’re really going to let him fuck me?”  She asked both nervous and excited by the idea.

“Not only am I going to let him fuck you, but you’re going to lick him clean after he’s done.”  Harry pressed and took the towel before leading her out into the main space.

Now both Draco and Blaise sat by the fire.  Their women nowhere in sight as they smoked odd purple cigarettes with green smoke.

Blaise’s eyes ran over her form with curious interest and stopped at her breasts.  “You didn’t take it light on her.”  He said before offering his cigarette to Harry.

“She wouldn’t have wanted me to.”  Harry said taking a drag from the offered butt before giving it back to his friend and sitting down in his own chair.  “What happened with the twins?”  He asked motioning for Hermione to kneel in front of him.

“Their sleeping in the room.  They had a lot to drink before I even got them back here.”  He said sounding disappointed.

“Are you sure you don’t want to try what we’re sharing out here?”  Harry offered as if she were a bag of crisps.

“Not tonight.” Blaise said making a face of disgust.

“You’re loss.”  Harry said lifting Hermione’s chin to look at him.  “You ready to show off for your Master?”  He asked pulling the towel he’d wrapped around himself aside.

Hermione nodded slowly and moved forward to wake him up a bit.  She moved her tongue along his shaft as if it was a delicious loli.  She focused her attention so completely on his member that she didn’t notice the blond move.

She jerked, looking behind her as she felt him settle between her feet.  “Pay me no mind; don’t you have a cock to focus on mudslut?”  Draco asked pushing her to lean forward toward Harry.

Panting she looked back to her Master and bit her lip as she moved to take his hardening member between her lips.

“You know I think she’s going to be black and blue by morning.”  Draco said as his hand ran over her heated arse.

“I’m counting on it.”  Harry said in a low tone as he slowly pushed her further down his shaft.  “By the time I’m done with her she won’t really be able to move.”  He said sounding pleased by this idea.

“Well I think I can help with that.”  Draco said and moved so that he was kneeling between her legs.  “Pussy or arse?”  He asked as his finger ran along her slit.

“Try her cunt; I made it perfect for any cock.”  Harry said letting go of her head and sitting back so that Hermione would have to do more of the work.

When she felt Draco thrust into her she knew that he was not as thick as Harry had been, but he was long enough to hit her cervix when he seated himself inside her completely.  She groaned around Harry losing her concentration.

“Pet you either show me you know what to do with your mouth or I show you I can use it without any skill on your part.”  Harry told her pointedly as she stalled.

Hermione whimpered and rolled her hips making Draco grin behind her back. “Have a heart Stag; many women get distracted by big dragon.”  He said making the other two men roll their eyes.

She growled against Harry and made it her job to ignore Draco so she could focus on proving her skill.  She sucked on Harry’s member, her tongue swirling around as she was jerked forward by the blond’s thrusts.

“Better.”  Harry purred petting her head while she took more of him into her mouth.

Behind her Draco mercilessly pounded against her abused arss.  Every so often, he’d smack her thigh or butt just to send new ripples of pain through her body.

“She’s soaking back here.”  Draco said taking her hips with bruising force.

“Do you like being used like this pet?”  Harry asked running his hand along the back of her neck in a comforting way.

Hermione moaned around him as her body was quickly building towards yet another climax.  She wondered what her ex would think of her now as she let herself be defiled by friend and enemy alike.

When Draco pulled out suddenly, she whimpered at the empty feeling before she felt wet spatters over her arse.

“Good mudslut.”  Draco panted patting her arse before moving away.  “Sure you don’t want to try her out?”  He asked the third man in the room.

Without hearing his answer, Hermione felt the first spurt of Harry’s seed in her mouth.  She swallowed it without thinking and continued to suck as if he were her favorite treat.  Harry held her neck more firmly now.  Again sending dark magic down her spine towards the core of her power.

“That’s my good girl… take it all.”

Epilog: Not a Ring

Hermione paced the class as she watched the first year’s feathers slowly ascend up into the air.  She corrected those who needed it and complimented those who did well with no help.  By the end of the class, almost all the students could make their feather fly.

After the students made their way from the room, thanking her for the lesson Hermione started to collect the fluff from every corner of the room.  Her body froze when she heard her door close.  She could smell him before she even looked.

“Are you supposed to be on school grounds Mr. Potter?”  She asked turning to look at her dark haired Master.

Without answering, he took several strides across the room and devoured her mouth with his.  Her wrapped himself around her and pulled her close as he sent waves of magic through the kiss to disorient her.

“You are looking at the new Defense Professor.”  Master Stag said as he pulled back just enough to let her breath.

“That’s wonderful Sir.”  She said in an undertone.

“We will be celebrating tonight so wear something nice.”  He told her as he stroked the side of her neck and looked into dazed eyes.

“Are the others joining us?”  She asked wondering what kind of celebration it would be.

“No, just us.”  He promised before kissing her again and pulling back to leave.

When he opened the door again her robes and hair were a mess, her eyes were dazed and her body breathless.  It took her a long moment to recover but she was fixed before the next student entered her class.

As Hermione got ready for the night’s celebration, she thought about the last year of her life.  She submitted herself to Master Stag completely now and found she was much happier for it.  He never told her all of his plans but trusted him more than anyone else in the world.

Her relationships with Dragon and Indigo had also developed over time, and sometimes Master Stag even left her in their care without him.  Sometimes she felt as if she belonged to all three of them, but then Master Stag always made her feel like his alone whenever he returned.

With Hermione’s teaching position, Rose spent most of her time with Ron and his side of the family.  She stayed with Hermione over the weekends and Hermione would visit her a few times a week.  Master Stag let her have this and never did anything to part her from her daughter.  Tonight though was not one of her nights so she had no reservations about dressing to please him.

Her underthings tonight were red satin with black lace detailing.  She smiled at the way they made her look before slipping into the skintight leather top.  It had long sleeves and a high neck but only covered her breasts and shoulders leaving her stomach exposed.  Next she slipped into the mid length pleated leather skirt.  It sat low on her hips, but showed nothing of her knickers.  Finally, she used simple charms to tie herself into the form-shaping corset.

She would usually save an outfit like this for going out to the club, but Master Stag had said tonight was special.

She arrived at No. 12 Grimmauld Place a half hour later wearing plum robes on over the sexier outfit.

“Hermione.”  He said kissing her softly before leading her into the cheery sitting room.

She knew her place once she was in the safety of his home and hung the outer robes up as if she were hanging a coat.  She stood for his inspection and enjoyed as her ran his hands over her leather clad form.

“What a nice little present you’ve brought me.”  Master Stag purred as he moved up behind her.  “I think I may have to open it before we eat.”  He said slipping his fingers over the skin between corset and skirt.

“Whatever you wish Master.”  She purred making no move to stop him when he unzipped the back of her shirt then unclasped her bra before pulling both free at once while leaving the corset in place.

Her breasts tumbled out once released find their bindings.

“What would you do to belong to me my pet?”  Master Stag asked as he reached around to her freed breasts.

“I already belong to you Master.” She said with a purr as he rolled her nipples between two fingers.

“Not completely.  I mean to belong to me in such a way that the whole world would know.”  He said as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Mmm, anything you want Master.”  She said enjoying the way he played.

“Such a good girl.”  He praised before pushing her to her knees.  “Next year we will marry for the benefit of the wizarding world.”  He said walking around her.  “But it’s tonight that I truly make you mine.”  He said running his hand over her neck.

Hermione licked her lips and looked up at him in anticipation.  “Yes please, Master.”  She said not really sure what she was agreeing to.

He drew his wand and pointed it at Hermione’s neck.  “You should brace yourself.  Dragon told me this really hurt, and that was only on his arm.”  He said before starting the long spell he had spent years bending to his own purpose.

Hermione’s eyes widened but she made no sound as the tattoo grew out from his wand and wrapped around her neck.  It was the most painful thing she could think of, but it pleased her that he wished to claim her in this way.

A part of her mind stirred to try to tell her this was wrong, but the darkness Master Stag had been corrupting her with slowly over the past year pushed the thought aside and she submitted the way she was made to.

“It’s not a ring, but you can’t take this one back.”  She heard her Master say before she passed out from the pain.