Monthly Archives: November 2015

I know I know…


I am so sorry for missing last weeks post!  Between getting back to the U.S. (which didn’t happen till Monday) and the plague the game left me with, I just have not been up to posting.  But! I am here now and I have a new chapter for you.  Moon Guard- Chapter 5: Conditioning.

So I have some other bad news.  I have not been able to work on NaNoWriMo as much as I would have liked this month, which means I only have a bit of Sound of Submission started.  My goal is to start posting on Blind Nymph again next week, but that may not happen either… I will have a new chapter in SOMETHING for you all next week… it just may be another new short start that I’ve already finished.  We will see.

Only a bit late


So I’m only a bit late… it is still Sunday… As for next week I am sorry to day you won’t be getting a new chapter till Monday at the earliest.  Next weekend I will be going to the Collage of Wizardy.  This is a LARP (Live Action Role Play) that takes place in a world inspired by Harry Potter.  In short I am going to go be a wizard for a few days in a castle :D.  Because of this I won’t have access or time to post the chapter till I fly back to the US Monday afternoon.

Just enjoy this chapter for as long as you can 😉 Chapter 4: Mind & Body



So first thing is first.  New chapter of Moon Guard is up.  You can now enjoy Chapter 3: Suffering.  Not sure what I will start posting after Moon Guard is finished.  There are five chapters in all and I haven’t finished Blind Nymph yet.  I’ve been having writing issues lately but I am working hard to get back on track.  My hope is to start posting on Blind Nymph again, but you may get another short story before that depending on how NaNoWriMo goes.