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After a half thought out plan with an ancient potion Hermione finds herself connected to two men that that hate each other.

Warning: This story contains sexual situations.

Rating: MA

A/N-  This story is a very random piece of smut that I wrote a few months ago.  It is a triad fic between Hermione/Severus/Sirius and has no real plot.  Huge thanks to Eclectic Pet an awesome beta and helping to bring all my work to life!


Part 1: Turkey Sandwich
Part 2: Potion Tools
Part 3: Train Ride
Part 4: Graduation

Part 1: Turkey Sandwich

It had been a very weird kind of day at 12 Grimmauld Place.  First Ron mysteriously disappeared for the first half of the day.  Only to show up again in the kitchen with a special lunch set just for him and me.  Harry left us alone, seeming happy we were getting along.

I was surprised by how much work Ron seemed to have put into lunch.  He had made us both turkey sandwiches with fresh lettuce and tomato as well as a creamy sauce I couldn’t quite place.  It was actually pretty delicious and I was saddened when I had to leave it before we were rushed from the kitchen before I could finish it.  The Order was having an emergency meeting and we were promptly sent to our rooms.

Harry, Ron and I spent the next few hours in their room talking about what the Order could be meeting on down in the kitchen.  Every time I looked over at Ron, he was looking back at me as if he expected something to happen.  This and the fact I was coming down with something made the afternoon very uncomfortable.

Throughout the day it became more and more apparent I was getting sick.  My temper slowly rose to the point all I wanted to do was lay naked on my bed.  I skipped dinner not feeling well enough to eat.

Now it’s that time between too late and too early in the morning and I’m still lying with this uncomfortable heat settled into every pore of my body.  Suddenly the heat spikes and I can’t even take laying down any more.  I head to the window in hopes of getting some fresh air on my sweating skin.

When I look out into the garden, I notice two figures obviously arguing.  I can’t see them clearly in the darkness, but by their shapes I’m pretty sure it’s Sirius and Professor Snape having yet another fight.

At the thought of them a strange kind of shiver rolls down my body and I can’t help but blush as my mind wanders off in odd and perverted directions.  Hands and lips touching me and making me moan.  I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to feel these older men inside me.

Before I know what I’m doing, I’ve wrapped a thin robe around my overheated body and I’m heading out back to break up whatever fight they’re having now.  By the time I reach the back door I can hear them nearly screaming at each other.

“Who else would have done something like that to my food?  Do you think it’s funny?  Whom else did you give it to?”  My professor demands in his deep voice that makes me tremble.  What else could he be doing with his mouth right now?

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”  Sirius growls sounding so much like his animal form I start to think about how it would feel to rut with him like wild beasts.

“I saw you near my food and I know what a Matrimonium potion tastes like.  Now tell me who else you gave it to!”

“A marriage potion?”  I ask as I come out into the cool night air.  I want to jump them both but I can’t decide which one I want first or more.  But the idea of learning something helps to distract me from the building lust.

Both men turn at my question and I feel my body pulse with pleasure as they both look at me as if they want to eat me alive.

After a moment the look clears from my Professors face as he looks to Sirius.  “You didn’t, you perverted mutt!”  He hisses keeping his eyes off of me with great effort.  “Are you trying to get me fired?”

“I think you can leave us alone now Snivilius.”  Sirius says not really paying attention to the other man’s words.  His complete focus on the tie to my robe as if he was willing it to drop.

“What?”  Snape growls putting himself between Sirius and me.  “She’s mine, you made sure of that.”  He says as if he’s willing to kill the other man for looking at me that way.

“She’s mine.”  Sirius growls without taking his eyes off of me.  “Get your own.”

“What’s a marriage potion, I’ve never heard of them.”  I tell them both, as I really don’t want them killing each other.

“It was a potion used in ancient days to bind two people together.  I’m sure you’re feeling the same pull I am because this idiot drugged us.”  Snape tells me as he takes a step back towards where I stand.

“I did no such thing!”  Sirius says trying to look around Snape.  “Why would I want to share her?”

“Then what were you doing with my sandwich, I saw you by it after the meeting ended.”

“The turkey thing?  I finished it off.”  Sirius says with a shrug.  “It was good, the sauce was really good.”

“You guys ate my sandwich?”  I frown at both of them as my hands are working on the tie of my robe.  “Ron made that for me special…” I say realizing this must be Ron’s fault.  What kind of potion did he think he was drugging me with?

Snape groans and shakes his head.  “None of us will be able to think much longer in order to counter it.  The mutt is already half gone.”  He adds keeping Sirius away from me.

I lick my lips pushing my robe off my shoulders.  “So what do we do, because having you both so far away is becoming painful.”  I tell them as I take a step closer.

Both men are dumbfounded as they look over my nude form.  After a moment Snape shakes his head to clear it.  “Two choices, we all complete the binding now, or we try to outlast its effects by getting far away from you.”

“You run, I’ll keep Hermione company.”  Sirius says trying to move around the other man again.

“I don’t think I could handle that.”  I whimper as it feels like bugs are starting to crawl over my skin.  Somehow I know if one of them were touching me it would be better.

“I know it’s uncomfortable, but you two need to strengthen your wills.  I don’t think you’ll like it if we complete this bond.”  My professor insists.

“It’s painful Sir.”  I whimper taking a step forward and falling to my knees in the process.

Both men frown, but Snape still keeps them back.  “How painful?”  Snape asks looking at me with actual worry in his eyes.

“More by the moment.  I know just a little touching will make it better.  We can stop after that.”  I beg on the verge of tears now.

“Please tell me you aren’t a virgin Miss Granger.”  Snape says as he too takes a step closer to me.

I blush at the question and nod quickly trying to resist crawling over to them.

“Forget what I said we need to finish the bond.”  He says letting go of Sirius and moving to me as well.  He takes me into his arms and everywhere he touches starts to feel more than better.  It’s like going from being on fire to be nearly climaxing in a single moment.

“Yes, please?”  I ask pressing my body against his as he moves us over to a bench and pulls me into his lap.

“What happened to your powerful will?”  Sirius asks moving behind me while laying kisses on my neck.  I moan rolling my hips against Snape’s lap.

“Not completing this could kill her.”  Snape says as his hands move to unbuckle his robes and remove the fabric from between us.  “Since we both took the same batch we both need to have sex with you to complete the binding.”

“At the same time?”  Sirius asks as he too is stripping out of his pants.

“Yes, but it doesn’t have to be vaginal sex for both of us.”  He explains as he pulls me against his hardening shaft.

“I want to do everything with you.”  I tell them not caring what we have to do as long as they’re both touching me.

Sirius moves back behind me his hands start to explore my body.  His restraint is a whole lot less than Snape’s; I can tell his kisses will be leaving teeth marks in my skin.

“I’m sure you don’t.”  Snape says with a sarcastic smile as he takes my lips in his own kiss.

Sirius moves with us and I can’t help but moan as the man’s fingers move between my legs.  The careful digits explore my hooded clit with force and skill.

I almost miss as my professor casts a few spells that I know are for contraception and some kind of purification before he drops his wand and pulls me harder against his cock.

“Who says you get her virginity?”  Sirius asks with a frown as I start to rub myself against Snape half wanting to feel him inside of me half scared of his large size.

“Because I’m in the right position and she doesn’t want to stop now.”  Snape says smugly and he’s very right.

“Don’t stop.”  I moan feeling as if I’m nothing more than something for them to sink their pleasure into.  “Please?”  I start to beg, my mind completely clouded by the need for them.

When I feel Snape sink himself into me in one strong thrust, I scream, it seems something has ripped inside of me, but at the same time, the connection is so right I don’t want him to every pull away.  What seems like only a moment later I feel a second cock as Sirius takes my arse the same way Snape had taken my quim.

I scream again as I feel so full and I don’t know if I could take something like this for long, but still there’s something inside of me that wants to stay in the moment forever.

When they start to move they find a rhythm so that only one is inside me at a time, but it means I’m never empty and I can’t help but ride with every delirious feeling.  This is what I’m made for; this pure sexual connection and I never want it to stop.

When new heights of pleasure wash over me with a climax like I’ve never felt before I start to regain a little of my head but I know I still want more, need more.

Their thrusts are hard and rough and I can hear them argue over me like I’m just a thing they’re doing.  Something that doesn’t matter enough to stop their fight.  Then I realize I’m a part of that fight as they use my body the way footballers use a field.  Just ground to battle upon.

I know I should be angry with them, that I shouldn’t feel an ever-rising need for their brutal treatment.

I come again and again while they fuck me and fight about who gets to do what to me next.  I’m not sure they even notice the quivering mass of boneless girl between them until suddenly I’m being filled in a completely new way.

I scream one last time as their seeds warm my insides and make me know only blackness.

Part 2: Potion Tools

When I wake the sun is shining through the window, much higher than it should be in the sky.  I’m confused for a moment as the evening before slowly comes back to me.  I blush remembering what I’d done with two men who hated each other.  I remember the feel of hands and tongues and it starts to actually turn me on to think about how they’d made me feel.

At the same time I don’t know how in the hell I am ever going to be able to face them again.  What did professor Snape think of me, and how I was begging for those long hard thrusts?  What would Sirius do now that we’d rutted like some kind of animals?  And most importantly, how did I get back to my room with a nightgown on?

Before I could ponder this any further there was a light knock on my door. “Hermione, are you feeling any better?”  Sirius asks truly sounding worried.  “Are you up?”

“I’m awake.”  I say and have to shift because the sound of his voice is actually turning me on again.  When was this going to end?

“I’m…” He starts and falls silent for a moment as if he’s looking around.  “I’m supposed to ask if you’re still…” He hesitates again and just sighs.

“You’re voice is having an affect on me.”  I tell him half hoping he comes in half fearing it.

“Shit.”  He starts and there’s another pause.  “The slimy git wants to talk to us in the basement.  So, get dressed and I’ll meet you down there.”

I start and nod to myself before I remind he can’t see me.  “Okay, give me half an hour.”  I tell him before getting up and finding that walking is harder than I’d planned.  “Make that forty five minutes.” I add not knowing if he is still there.

My body feels well used from the night before.  They hadn’t been gentle and I hadn’t been at all used to such treatment.  When I go to look in the mirror I can see bruises blooming on my neck from where Sirius had bitten me.  Lifting my gown there was more on my thighs and hips from being pulled this way and that.

With a sigh I retrieve my wand from the nightstand and start to cast what glamor spells I can, so no one asks where the marks came from.  After I’m satisfied I don’t look like some slag I head out towards the bathroom to shower.

I wash away the smell of sex and sweat with a relieved sigh regretting I can’t just enjoy the hot water on my aching body.

When I’m finally dressed, I head down to the main level trying to avoid anyone I can.  I really am not in the mood to be social when there is so much I need to find out about what happened last night.

Fortunately I make it to the basement free and clear and wonder if Sirius had told everyone I was sick or something.  When I open the door I once again hear the familiar sound of two men arguing like teenagers.  I sigh and head down to see what could possibly have them going now.

“Maybe it was just an accident that I ate some too!”  Sirius growls.  “Upset you don’t get to just take advantage of one of your students?”

“It wasn’t him.”  I tell Sirius before this fight can go any further.  “I think I know who it was and I’m going to kill him when I see him.”  I say looking around the dusty room for a place to sit.

I’m avoiding looking at the two men, worried that the sight of them will ignite another need for their bodies.

“Originally I thought it may have actually been Miss Granger, but I found this rudimenty potion-set here and begrudgingly by the looks of things I admit she’s too skilled to have done such a botched job.”  My professor says no more pleasant for having been inside me.

“It was Ron.”  I tell them because I feel like they have the right to know.  “So how do we undo this binding?”  I ask after a moment when no response comes.

“Ron?”  Sirius asks with a slowly deepening frown.  “Why do you think that?”  Sounding a little defensive of the redhead.

“He was gone all morning yesterday and he made the sandwich.  Then most of the afternoon he kept watching me.”  I tell him regretfully.  “I’m sure he didn’t understand exactly what he was doing.  Ron isn’t like that.”  I tell them after a moment.

“No, Mr. Weasley is in no way this sloppy and never does anything without thinking it through.”  Snape say with dry sarcasm.

“That doesn’t matter right now, what I we need to focus on is how to fix it.”  I say because I can feel the pull towards them only strengthening the longer I’m around them.

“Looking over what I see here I’m afraid there’s little we can do until the potion has run its course.”  The professor says with an even deepening frown.

“When will that happen?” I ask as my mind starts to think about how wonderful his lips felt on mine the night before.

“When you are with child.”  He answers and I can hear an edge of true anger in his tone.

“Why would Ron want to do that to me?” I ask taking a step back.  I’m only in fifth year; I can’t have a baby now.

“If I had to guess I would say he didn’t read the directions or explanation of the potion all the way through.  If he had I don’t think we would be the ones having this discussion right now.”  Snape points out.

“Why wasn’t he affected?”  Sirius asks frowning as he looks between Snape and me.  I think he ignored the whole baby statement as I’m trying to do.

“Again, if I had to guess I would say he didn’t realize he had to ingest the potion as well for it to take effect.”  Snape points out and I have to agree.  Ron never was one for reading things thoroughly.

“I don’t think I can stay here much longer.”  I say after we’re all silent for a moment.  “I’m starting to feel that pull again.”  I tell them, risking a glance at each man.  They too, look as if they’re taking great care not to move toward me.

“Miss Granger I’m sorry to inform you as well that you’ll need to have sex with at least one of us each day, until the potion has run its course.”  He says looking as if he hated being the informed one in this situation.  “It would be best if it was both of us and at the same time, but I think one of us will keep you alive.”

The blood drains from my face at his words.  “I’m still at risk?”  I ask biting my bottom lip hard.

He sighs looking anywhere but at me.  “Very much so.”

“Why is it best if it’s both of us?”  Sirius asks sounding a mix of frustration and pain.

“Because we’re both her husband by the potion’s account.  She’ll feel off and distracted unless she’s had a chance to give both of us a child.”

“But together?”  I ask licking my lips as I think about how wonderful it felt to be filled by them.

“That is a guess on my part, but I think the potion will see us as one person and also two.  It will see you as cheating on the one who isn’t there and that can get complicated.”  He says looking to each of us.

I nod my understanding as my fingers itch with the need to touch them.  “We can’t keep doing that forever.”  I point out taking an uncontrolled step towards them.  “But I really don’t want to be a mother at 16.”  I say looking between them.

“We don’t want that either.”  Sirius says as he licks his lips and takes a step towards me.

“I’m sorry Miss Granger, but those are the only choices I see.  I’ll speak with other Potions Masters to see if anyone has come up with an antidote.”

“What happens when she goes back to Hogwarts tomorrow?”  Sirius asks a deep frown forming on his face.

“Then she’ll have to make do with just one of us.”  Snape says glaring at the other man.

“No way!”  The animagus yells.  “You can’t have her all to yourself!”  He growls and looks as if he’s about to pounce on the taller man.

“I’m sure I’ll have no issues satisfying her needs.”  The potions master says with an arrogant glint in his eyes.

I can’t help but rush forward seeing my mates about to rip each other’s throats out.  “Stop this.”  I say putting a hand on each of their chests.  The moment we all touch, it is like an electric current travels down my arms settling directly between my legs.

I happen to be facing Sirius at the time so I lunge forward and take his lips in an eager kiss.  He returns it easily with a growl taking command of it as he pulls my body towards himself.

Grasping hands seem to cover my body as both men work to get my clothes out of their way.

“Back off Snivelly.”  Sirius growls as he pushes the other man’s shoulder.  “She wants me.”

“I told you, she wants both of us.” Snape pressed back and I feel deliciously trapped between the two men.

“I do.”  I moan turning my head to offer my lips to Snape while Sirius’s lips work their way down my neck.  “Both!”  I gasp feeling teeth along my collarbone.

Suddenly I’m being lifted from the ground as Sirius wraps my legs around his waist and braces me right up against Snape.  I’m pinned between the two hard bodies and my body is shaking, as it knows what’s coming next.  There’s a moment’s pause as Snape casts the same spells from the night before then claims my arse for myself. Not a moment after that Sirius claims the rest of me and I know I’m screaming as waves of pleasure rush through me.

They continue to fight about who I want more and which is doing a better job of fucking me, but all I know is that having both their cocks inside of me is the only way I wish to be for the rest of my life.  How could I have tried to fight against this when it’s perfect bliss to be filled with the men I belong to?

Spikes of pleasure and pain pulse in me as they’re nowhere near gentle with my already beaten form.  I feel like I can’t take a deep breath as one set of lips claims mine only to be replaced by another set.

I lose all sense of the world again as they drive me higher and higher until I break apart in their arms.  Not even then do they let up, taking me with fierce desire until they’re both satisfied.

This time when we’re all a panting sweaty mess of tangled limbs, I’m still awake.  I feel a calm settle over me and ever so slowly I come back to myself.

“I’m sorry.”  I say embarrassed that I’d given in so easily.

“We should be sorry.”  Sirius says, his voice full of regret that sends hurt to my heart.  What must it be like for them to be forced to have sex with someone like me?

“It’s hard to resist the pull of the potion.”  Snape says as his softening member slowly slips from my body.

“It’s my fault we’re in this mess though and I…”  I shake my head as Sirius sets me down on my feet.  “I know it must be very hard on you both.”  I choke out as I try to cover myself as quickly as I can.

Before they can say anything else, I’m making my way toward the stairs as quickly as my beaten body can.

Part 3: Train Ride

I spent the rest of that day hiding from everyone.  I didn’t know how to explain this situation to anyone, and I don’t want to kill Ron accidentally.  I’m glad to be heading back to Hogwarts soon, though as Snape pointed out that has its own set of problems.

After breakfast, I go looking for the two.  Figuring I could get one last fix from them before I head back to school.  I look all over the house and Harry looks at me a bit funny when I come back down into the main hall.

“What are you looking for?”  He asks timidly as he doesn’t know what’s wrong exactly.

“I wanted to say goodbye to Sirius.”  I tell him with a shrug as the adults start to shuffle out from the house.

“He was just here, had some kind of Order business.”  Harry says with a frown.

“Oh.”  I say sighing that I missed him but trying to shake it off.  I remind myself I still have Snape at the school to keep me alive.

Once we’re all packed on the train and Ron and I have already taken care of our Prefect duties I settle onto the bench next to Harry and glare at Ron.

“What?”  He asks his voice a bit higher than it would be if he were actually innocent.

“Want to tell everyone what was in my sandwich?”  I ask, though by everyone I mean Harry and I.

“You can’t be mad at me!  It didn’t work!”  He says his eyes full of the fear he should be feeling right in this moment.

“It did work you… you… slacker!”  I tell him fiercely as Harry looks between us.

“You wouldn’t be mad at me if it worked?”  Ron says still unsure what he was talking about.

“You didn’t complete it correctly so instead of having to have sex with you every day I have to with… someone else.”  I snap.

“What?”  Both boys look to me now.  Harry still not quite getting what Ron did, so is still surprised by the statement.

“Who?”  Ron asks sounding angry now.

“None of your business.”  I snap and get to my feet.  “Harry I’ll see you at Hogwarts.”  I say looking at my friend before closing the cabin door in Ron’s face.

When I turn towards the bathroom, I freeze as I notice a large black dog looking at me with the most intelligent eyes.  Looking around to make sure no one else is in the hall and follow him to the end of the train.

At the end is a cabin with darkened windows and a “Do Not Enter” sign hung on the handle.  Sirius noses the door to show me to go inside.

I see Snape sitting next to the window reading a book while he waits.  He doesn’t look up as I enter and Sirius comes in right behind me.

“What are you doing here?”  I ask closing and locking the door before turning back to the men.  Sirius turns back into his human form and smiles brightly.

“You have a new pet dog!”  He says winking at me.

Snape sighs and sets the book aside.  “We decided it would be best to have him near and copulating on the train would give us more time.”  He says simply

I stand back against the door as I start to feel the pull towards them.

“After our last encounter you gave us the impression you feel this situation is more of an imposition on us than on yourself.”  Snape adds a moment later.

“Well it can’t be fun being forced to lust after a nerdy know-it-all.”  I say using his name for me.

The men look at each other as if a message passes between them and then back to me.  “That’s what we thought.”  Sirius says sitting down on the bench across from Snape.

“Are you guys actually agreeing on something?”  I ask looking between them and suddenly feeling ganged up on.

“Yes, well one thing only.  We both agree you should know that even without this thing between us, you’re a hot piece of…”

“You are desirable.”  Snape interrupts glaring at Sirius.  “We want you to know that you are desirable.  It has been highly inappropriate for us to express it before this point, which is why neither of us have.”

“Now that we’re in this situation where we have to shag, we figured you should know that we don’t really mind that part of this at all.”  Sirius says. I can see his eyes start to really take me in.

“Fine whatever.”  I say not wishing to think about that right now.  “We should get this over with.  Instead of waiting until we attack each other.”  I say unsure how to begin without just following my body’s needs.

“I don’t think so Miss Granger.”  Snape says as a little smile plays across his lips.  “I think you are in need of a different kind of outlet.  A relationship that you are not in charge of.”

“What?”  I ask looking to Sirius who looks just as confused as I feel.

“I don’t care what you two plan to do together.”  Snape says waving his hand at Sirius.  “But you will service me as I desire.”

The professor’s words send a shiver through my body.  His tone was filled with dark promise that I could only admit to myself excite me all the more.  Before I can act on them though Sirius punches Snape in the jaw.

“You perverted little fuck!”  He growls looking as if he’s going to go in for another hit.  I move between the two as quickly as I can so that they won’t kill each other.

“He’s only trying to make the best of a bad situation.”  I say trying to calm Sirius.

“He’s trying to take advantage of you!”  The older Gryffindor yells trying to move around me to get at Snape.  His anger overriding any lust the potion is making him feel.

I move back against the professor so that I’m sitting in his lap with my back pressed against his chest.  I figure the position will shield him better but he seems to have other ideas.  “Do you want me to take charge my little Gryffindor?”  He asks as he unbuttons my shirt.  “Do you want someone who would put you in your place and fuck you till you can’t walk?”

Hearing the dirty words in that deep baritone stokes a chord in me that I can’t even help the moan that falls from my lips.  Sirius’ eyes widen as he looks at me, realizing that maybe Snape is offering something I want.

“I think for our first real lesson in pleasure you will be on your knees.”  Snape says as he unceremoniously pushes me from his lap.  “We can either fight this pull every time we see each other or we can enjoy it… dog.”  He says turning to the other man.  “I plan to show Miss Granger what her mouth is really good for.  I don’t care what you do.”

I blush as I play his words over a few times in my head.  Snape grasps a handful of my hair by the root and jerks my head up.  “Nothing to say to that Miss Granger?”  He asks pulling me so I have to kneel in front of him.

I shake my head nervously.  “I don’t know how.”  I tell him and I feel Sirius move behind me.

“Don’t worry about him; he can just watch us have fun.”  Harry’s godfather says as he starts to undress me slowly.  “You don’t have to listen to him.”

“Listen or be punished, whichever you prefer.”  Snape says looking as if maybe he’s more looking forward to the second than the first.

“I want to learn.”  I say breathlessly as Sirius pushes my jeans and knickers down my thighs.

The dark smirk that crosses his lips as I look up at Snape sends shivers right to my core.

“Always have to have the answer, always have to be a little teacher’s pet.”  He says tilting my chin this way in that as I feel Sirius’ fingers dip between my legs in an attempt to pull my attention away from Snape.

“I like to please my teachers.”  I say breathlessly as my hips move against the other man’s hand.

“A born sub.”  Snape says pushing his thumb into my mouth.  “Look into my eyes and pretend this is my cock.”  He tells me pushing the pad of his thumb against my tongue.

I do as he orders sucking on the thumb and moving my tongue against it as I imagine a man would enjoy other parts being treated.

“Press harder with your tongue.”  He instructs letting me give his digit a blowjob to practice.

All the while Sirius is obviously trying to distract me with fingers and lips. He strokes my core as if it’s a fine instrument, leaves kisses, and nips on the back of my neck and shoulders.

“Come for me Hermione.”  He whispers in my ear.

His words make Snape jerk my head up.  “If you come without my cock in your mouth I really will have to punish you.”

“Give her a break Snivilius!”  Sirius growls starting their usual fight.

I moan around the thumb and push back against the hand at the same time.  I really wish in that moment that they were using their members instead of fingers.

“She wants it dog.  She’s a creature that can enjoy more than just rutting with a mutt.”  Snape snaps back.

“Well I bet this mutt’s rutting can make her scream without your permission.”  Sirius says and I can feel him shift behind me.

“What are we betting?”  Snape asks interestedly.

“Whoever wins gets her to himself for a week.” Sirius states making Snape pull his thumb from my mouth as he grins.

“Fine.”  He says sitting back and watching the two of us.

“Miss Granger, no matter what he does you are not allowed to come.  If you do when I do get ahold of you again I’ll punish your bottom red.”  The professor makes himself very clear.

Without a moment more of hesitation Sirius grasps my hips and moves them up to meet his and forcing me to lean forward.  A moment later, he sheaths himself in my body, his hand moves up and pushes my neck down.  This pins my shoulders and head to the ground as he starts a quick hard rhythm.  It’s as if he really is rutting with me as if I’m his little bitch.  Sometimes I have to remind myself how many years he spent as a dog.  It isn’t really that surprising he enjoys fucking like one.

Though I can’t say I’m not enjoying it just as much.  I hear myself moan as I start to push back against him.  I forget for a moment what’s on the line and the fact I don’t want to come.  Thankfully, the clearing of Snape’s throat reminds me of the stakes.

When I feel his hot seed fill me up, I bite the side of my lip to keep myself just on the edge of pleasure without going over.

“Tell me Sirius.”  Snape says sounding amused.  “Since you’re the one who really cares about her, you did remember a protection charm right?”  He asks knowing the answer himself and making all the blood drain from my face.

“Oh umm….”  Sirius says panting behind me.

“While you think about that, I think the dog should go see its godson while I collect my prize.”  Snape says motioning to the door.

Unable to go back on a bet Sirius gives me a sad look before turning into the big black dog and leaving the compartment.

I look up at Snape and swallow hard.  “What are the chances I… I’m?”  I ask still waiting to taste his shaft but the fear is enough for me to really think.

“Zero chance.”  Snape says lifting my chin again and looking over my nude form.  “I cast it when you first entered the cabin.

“Thank Merlin.”  I say letting the stress melt away leaving only the desire.

“You already know how you can really thank me.”  He says looking pointedly at his pants.

I look at the place he’s looking and a flutter goes right to my stomach.  After my act with Sirius, I have enough focus to know that we really didn’t need to be doing this for my survival.  If I did what he was clearly indicating now it would be purely for the pleasure of it.

Purely for his pleasure, I realize as my sex throbbed feeling empty.  Because of their bet and how wrapped up I was in not being punished I had denied myself release, and I was pretty sure our next activity wasn’t going to satisfy it either.  Why did that idea turn me on even more?

Moving forward I unbutton some of his robe and work on the fastenings of his pants carefully.

“Did the mutt leave you wanting?”  Snape asks in a dark husky voice that turns his usual baritone into something that was pure sex.  “The way you’re rubbing your legs together I think you may have gone into heat.”

“You told me not to come.”  I remind him as I push the slacks and pants out of my way to reveal a man sized shaft.  I laugh as I remember it’s been in every other part of me already.

“Something funny?”  He asks his hand moving to my head to grasp hold of my hair.

“Only that you’ve come in twice, each time in a new place.”  I say shyly, my heart pounding as I try to lean forward, but his grasp keeps my head in place.

I can hear that arrogant smile when he speaks again.  “Ah yes, the more I think about it the more I should thank the Weasley brat for giving you to me.”

“I thought you were only doing this to keep me alive.”  I say even though I already know it isn’t true.

“I would never take advantage of a student.”  He says still smiling.  “But now that we have to anyway, it releases me from any guilt.  I can’t say it doesn’t please me to know I will be the first to own that smart little mouth of yours.”  He says pulling me towards his hardened member.  “Just like with the thumb.”  He gives a final order before letting go of my hair.

Part of me wants to punch him and leave him with his dick hanging in the wind for how he’s talking to me now.  But, there’s a usually quiet part of me that wants to listen and take his length into my mouth, to let him spew his hateful words and just ride the wave of pleasure they sparked.  That part was much louder than usual.

I lean forward again and lick the length of him to just taste his skin and musk.  It is much harder than I was expecting, but soft at the same time.  Once I’m done tasting, I wrap my lips around the engorged head and run my tongue around it as I had his thumb.

A low moan answers the action so I do it again before starting to suck on him.  I can’t believe how much I like the feel of his hardened rod in my mouth.  I soon take as much as I can handle, which isn’t a lot.

“Wrap your hand around the rest.”  Snape says in a focused voice and I comply.

As I suck and lick his piece, I stoke the rest with my hand making him moan again.  I think about how wonderful he felt inside other parts of me and moan in answer.

When he finally does come in my mouth, I feel as if I’m on the very edge again.  How could I get so much pleasure from giving him head?

“Drink it all my little Gryffindor.”  He says sounding more relaxed than I’ve ever heard him.

I do my best to swallow the spurts of come but I still make a mess of it.  Not wishing to do anything less than my best I lick what I missed from him and myself.

“Good girl.”  Snape says sending a new thrill through me.  “After classes tomorrow you will come to my office.”

“What about now?”  I ask breathlessly and still very much in need of release.

“If you’re good, I’ll let you come tomorrow.”

Part 4: Graduation

All who are gathered grow silent as I step up onto the teacher’s platform in the Great Hall.  I look out on friends and family and I can’t help but let a coy smile form on my lips.

“Today we come to celebrate the end of childhood.  This is the moment we become full wizards and witches in the eyes of the world.”  I pause looking out at the crowd.  “But we here, know that has long been past for our year.  We have faced in our years at Hogwarts things that gown wizards have never had to really think about.  We’ve faced down evil and protected our home.  So that’s what we’re celebrating today.” I tell them as I place a hand on my chest.  “We’re leaving home.  We’re leaving behind the struggle and the loss.  We are moving forward into the light future hoping it will be better than the darkness of the past.”

I lick my lips before continuing.  “No one here has gone unscathed by this war, but I also think none of us have gone without connection either.  I came to Hogwarts seven years ago with the drive to prove I could be just as good as anyone born to wizards.  Along the way I found that wasn’t as important as making a new kind of family.  I was attacked by a troll in my first year and that was, up until that point, the scariest moment of my life.  But I wouldn’t trade you that moment for the world, because with that fear came a friendship that will last beyond my lifetime.”

“I can’t stand up here and say nothing about Harry Potter.  Though I’m going to get yelled at once this gathering is over.  I just couldn’t think of a way not to mention him.  He is my best friend, and for me he’s one of the key things that has made my time here worthwhile.  To the world he’s the hero that saved us from Voldemort.”  I say and still see people flinch at the name in the crowed.  “But he would much rather point out all the people around him that made it possible for him to do what he did.  Those people are you.”  I say motioning to the crowd.  “So when you think of him, think of yourselves too.”  With a final breath, I smile down at my classmates letting my face glow with joy.

“Class of 98 lets go give them hell!”

When I finish the speech, the room erupts in cheers and everyone casts off fireworks into the air.  I sidestep off the platform ready to slip out the backdoor in order to avoid Harry’s rant.  The moment I pass into the hall I feel a hand on my wrist and someone pulling me against their larger form.

“Avoiding someone?”  Severus asks in his deep husky tone.  As it always did these days my body’s reaction to the sound and his nearness to come alive with need.

“We aren’t meeting till later.” I say a bit more breathless than I mean to.

“Sirius will be busy with the boy the rest of the afternoon.”  He answers pulling us both back into a dark alcove as someone opens the door I just came through.

I see Harry glance around quickly looking for me but he doesn’t seem to notice the two blackened figures in the shadows.  With a shrug he heads back inside.

“If I don’t join them in the common room everyone will know where I am.”  I point out as I feel him unbuttoning the lower half of my robe.

“I wanted some time to play by myself.”  He says slipping a hand inside and pulling up my skirt.

“Sirius will come looking, he hates when you play alone.”  I point out panting as skilled fingers stroke the outside of my knickers.

“He got months of you alone while I had to be here.”  Severus growls as if he wants to take his anger out on my body.

“We were looking for the Horcruxes.”  I remind him with a moan as he really is doing everything he can to make me cry out.

“I was keeping my cover.”  He snaps twisting me around to face the wall pinning me there with his body.

“I know.”  I moan again wiggling back against him now.  “But you’re both…”  I’m cut off as I gasp when he pulls my arms behind me and binds them together.

“I want an afternoon.”  He demands in a tone I find very hard to deny.

“Yes Master.”  I gasp in hopes that he’ll take me right here and now.

“Good girl.”  He murmurs before ripping my knickers from my form and leaving them on the ground.

I smile down at them and wiggle against him once again in hopes.

“Not here.”  He says with a chuckle as I whimper.

Without another word, he opens a secret passage that I had never seen before and pulls me into it, leaving the knickers behind.  I blush as I think about someone finding the garment but decide against saying anything.

Once we’re in the darkness of the tunnel he pushes me against the wall once again, this time to remove the rest of my clothes.  Somehow, without releasing my hands he has be completely exposed to him.

“Please?”  I ask with a whimper, knowing he liked it when I begged for sex.

“Not yet.”  He says before leading me down the tunnel.

When we were still walking almost fifteen minutes later I had to start wondering where this place led.  “Where are we going?”  I ask still feeling the need for him.

“We’re almost there.”  He says as he reaches out and gives my arse a hard smack that only drove me to want to fuck him more.  “No questions slave.”  He snaps in his domineering tone.

When we finally did resurface I found that we were out in the middle of the Forbidden Forest.  I also noted that a space was already set up for us here.  I see a throne like chair set in the middle of the grove of mossy trees.  A table was set up near by filled with toys Severus enjoys using on me.  It has been a while since we could really play one of these games, and my body clenches in excitement.

“First for your punishment.”  He says leading me over to a tree that has somehow, oddly grown itself into an large X that reminded me greatly of the St Andrew’s cross that is in Severus’s play room.

“Magic?”  I ask as he pushes me against it and starts to bind my legs to the bottom half.

“A little, mostly hard work.”  He says sounding pleased I had asks.  “You can train plants just as well as insufferable know-it-alls.”

Severus was often cold and hard with me, but it was a part of our game and we both enjoyed the interplay.

“Maybe even easier.”  I quip back as he undid my arms and secured them to the top part of the cross.

The bark against my skin was rough and I know if I moved a lot, it will leave scrapes on my legs and breasts.  After I’m in a position he likes I feel him pull at my hair as he gathers it into his fist and tied it up out of the way of my back.

I know it means he’ll be using something on my back, and he doesn’t want it to get caught in my hair. My body clenches again as I actually look forward to my ‘punishment’.  There was really only one problem with our game.

“You know if we do this now it will still be there when we see Sirius.”  I remind him as I feel the soft leather of a flogger run over my back.

“Maybe I like to upset him.”  Severus says as he presses his head against the side of mine.  His lips trail along my neck before he moves to my ear.  “Maybe I enjoy when he accuses me of abusing your perfect little body.”

“This doesn’t help him understand.”  I say finding it hard to breath with him so close.

“I don’t need him to understand.”  He says before taking a step back.

A moment later, I feel the sharp sting of a cowhide flogger.  I can tell which one he’s using by a single stripe to my back.  It was one of his earlier lessons and he knows I love such challenges.

After a few more strikes I’m trembling against my bonds.  He’s focusing on my back for now, but I can feel he’s moving down my body.  The more excited I get from the treatment the more irritating the bark is against my breasts and nipples.

By the time he’s done I can hear myself begging for his cock, though I’m not exactly sure when that had started.

“Please Master, please I need you please.”  I whimper trying to pull my legs together to get some kind of friction where I most need it.

His fingers move into me before I know he’s standing behind me again.  I shake trying to get closer to his hand but unable because of my bonds.

“Still can’t come from the whip slave?”  Severus asks as he brings me closer and closer to my peak.  “Such a naughty girl to get this turned on from how I abuse you.”

“Master?”  I gasp as I realize he’s purposefully not giving me release.  “Please fuck me?”

“No.”  He says with great satisfaction in his voice as I feel him slip a smooth object into my core.  It starts to vibrate similar to a muggle device and I let out a loud gasp.    After a moment of letting me enjoy nearly getting to my climax he casts a familiar spell that will keep me in this state without letting me tip over into bliss.

“MASTER?!”  I whimper not liking when he plays this game with me.

“Your pleasure belongs to me, say it.”  He growls in a low tone.

“My pleasure belongs to you Master.”  I tell him breathlessly.

“Good girl.”  He says before untying my bonds and letting me drop to the dirt.

I look up to watch him as he picks up a few lengths of green rope and I know what’s coming next.  If my peak wasn’t been being suppressed, I think I would have fallen over it just by seeing the rope.

First he ties a bar between my knees so I can’t close my legs.  Then he works carefully to tie my ankles to my thighs.  He has me kneel like that so that he can start his work on my arms.  He places my hands behind my neck and starts to lace my arms in that folded position.  He’s meticulous in his work and I always feel like a fine piece of art as he positions my body the way he wants.

Next is my chest and he starts with a basic harness that I know is meant to be able to hold my weight.  I look around wondering exactly where he plans to suspend me.  With the harness in place he starts to weave the rope over my breasts, trapping nipples between four knots so that every time the rope shifts it will stimulate them.  With that is place he starts a loose pattern over my stomach and I realize he plans to cover me today.  I also realize the stripes are going to come into play with every swing of the rope.

He gives me a second harness around my legs, but does nothing to stimulate my low regions.  Once I’m completely bound which has taken some time, I shift and try to move.  My skin moves along with the rope and I know I’d be coming by now if it would only let me.

With a wave of his wand, I’m being lifted from the ground and hovered over to a lower horizontal branch.  Once there he secures the binds to the tree and steps back to look over his work.

By this point I feel like a large mass of need.  I whimper and growl at him wanting more than the vibrating stone inside of me.

“Do you know what today is slave?”  Severus finally breaks the silence.

“Umm… I graduated.”  I tell him finding it hard to think.

“Exactly.”  He says pushing my arse, which I only realize now he has also left free, to see how I swing.  My body hums with joy and need.  “Now we just have to wait for the mutt to get here and we can finish this.”  Severus says and walks over to sit on his throne.  I notice only now, how good of a view I have of it.

“Please Master?”  I whimper as he’s left the stone inside me and the spell is only holding back a growing dam of ecstasy.

He only answers me with a smirk and picks up a book to start reading while I can do nothing but hang for his viewing pleasure.

It feels like an eternity before I hear a dog padding towards us and I try to look behind me as the sound changes from canine to human.

“YOU BASTARD!”  Sirius blows up as soon as he sees me.  “You can’t even let her enjoy one fucking day of her whole fucking life?  She’s expected at a party with her peers in like an hour!  The kids are already celebrating.”

“Have you been enjoying yourself Hermione?”  Severus asks snidely.

Swallowing hard I nod my head.  “Very much.”  I gasp and look between the two men.  “Please can you fuck me now?”  I say without a pause needing them too much for this tiff to play out.

“Going to make her wait mutt?”  My Master asks as he gets to his feet.  “I thought her first time as an adult should be both of us at once.  Or would your rather I own her completely?”  He asks sounding hopeful.  The real reason he didn’t try to push out Sirius was because he knew I cared for the other man, but he couldn’t ever admit caring that much for me.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this Herm?”  Sirius asks sounding troubled but also he too was being pulled in by the long ago potion.

“Please Sirius?”  I beg as I feel Severus move between my legs.

I didn’t need to ask twice when he was in this mood and soon he was moving in front of me and getting out his quickly hardening rod.  I feel myself tilt a bit forward as Severus adjusted my bonds to put me at the perfect height for each man.  I’m not sure when he removed the stone but I can feel the lack of it now and my breath catches as I wait for them.

A moment later I feel filled as each man thrust his cock into my body in his own way.  I moaned around Sirius and Severus released the spell that was holding back my orgasm.  I screamed around the other man and I see white spots as the flood of pleasure overwhelms me.

I’m off in my own little world of perfect bliss as I feel them swing me back and forth impaled on my lover’s pricks.  I can vaguely hear them arguing once again as I take up the role of battlefield.

As they both filled me with their seed I come again quickly fighting a battle with consciousness.

“Do you think we should ever actually make this official?  Marry her?”  Sirius asks from a far off place.

“By Ministry laws she’s ours as soon as an heir is conceived.”  Severus says in a knowing tone.

“When do you think she’ll let us do that?”  Sirius asks as I feel myself being lowered to the ground.  The ropes vanish from my form.

“She agreed to after graduation.”  Severus says as I realize what spell he didn’t cast.  I smile weakly at the sneaky snake I love, a bastard till the end.