Monthly Archives: April 2016

Almost Early Post


Today I get to post the last chapter to Life Renewed and the next chapter of Sharpest Wit.  I stayed up a bit late working on a project so I thought I would just post these before bed.  I hope everyone enjoys.  And you will all be glad to know you will be getting a new chapter of Shame’s Desire next week as my lovely beta Eclectic Pet has finished with that chapter as well!  Everyone should give her a huge thanks for looking at it this month!

Something New


So Chapter 14 of Shame’s Desire isn’t quite ready to post.  Neither is the last chapter in Life Renewed.  I think I will be posting them after camp NaNoWriMo is over and I have time to sit down with them.  In the meantime I am posting a new short story to keep everyone entertained 🙂

Common Ground is the closest I have ever gotten to writing pure PWP.  So I hope everyone enjoys Part 1!

Worries and Delays


I do have two new chapters for you this week!  I have posted Sharpest Wit: Part 4- Battle of Wits and Life Renewed: Chapter 3- Spring Blessing.  But I am a bit worried for next week’s post.  For those of you who do not know this month is Camp NaNoWriMo, where many of us on the writing side of things try to focus on a particular project and support each other in that work.  Because of this I’m not sure if I will have chapters done for next week’s post.  I will of course bring you something, it just may not be what you were originally looking for.

Thanks for the understanding.