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A/N- I would like to thank Eclectic Pet my awesome beta for helping me to revise these drabbles!  This is a short piece I wrote for a drabble challenge for a Hermione/Voldemort forum I am a member of.  The challenge was to involve an animal as a major part of the story.

Rating: K+


Part 1: This is Your Fault
Part 2: Hissing Trunks

Part 1: This is Your Fault

“Tom, she’s only three.”  Hermione said as she watched her daughter play with the new pet.  He did this one purpose so that she’d have a harder time taking it away after the girl fell in love with it.

“It will help teach her responsibility.”  Her husband said as if the fact it was a pet was what was disturbing his wife.

“I thought we agreed on a fish?”  She asked crossing her arms over her chest and looking him in the eyes.  “A fish is a good pet for a three year old.”

“What can you do with a fish?  Seems like an utterly useless pet to me.”  He dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand.  “Are you really telling me you’re going to make me take it back?”  He asked with a knowing gleam in his eyes.

“Oh yes, and this is so much better.”  She said waving to their daughter.  “What’s she going to do with it exactly?”

Tom’s face brightened in the way it only does when he’s thinking about taking vengeance on his enemies.  “Take it to play with her cousins.”  He said the word with distaste.  His brilliant daughter was not actually related to any of those his wife insisted on calling her cousins.

“We aren’t keeping it!”  Hermione said, as she fully understood her husband’s plan.

“But mommy!”  Little Rose looked up from her new friend with wide pouty eyes.  “Heela likes it here.”  She pouted and let her bottom lip start to tremble.  “Don’t send her away!”

“Oh honey…”  Hermione started kneeling by her daughter and running a gentle hand down her back.  “…Heela doesn’t belong here.”

“But daddy said she’d be my friend for life!”  She cried clutching the animal to her chest so her mother wouldn’t take it away.

“This is your fault.”  Hermione snapped and glared at her husband.

“She’s already named her.  Hermione, have a heart.”  He said just grinning back at his wife, he knew all too well the soft spot she had for animals.  The creature in his daughter’s hands was perfectly innocent, for now, and they both knew it.

“Darling, basilisks can become quite dangerous as they get older.”  Hermione said seeing that her husband would only be trouble.

“Heela will be a good basilisk mommy, I promise.”  Her daughter told her with eyes as wide as saucers.

With a sigh, Hermione rubbed her eyes and both husband and daughter knew they’d won the day.

“You can keep her…for now.”


Part 2: Hissing Trunks

“Rose are you ready?”  Hermione asked leaning in the door of her daughter’s room.

Rose looked up at her mother with the overly innocent expression she’d gotten from her father and nodded.

Looking around carefully for what her eleven-year-old daughter was up to she tilted her head, as she realized what she didn’t see.

“Where’s Heela?”  She asked her daughter suspiciously.

“She’s in the garden catching gnomes.”  Rose said and rolled her eyes as if her mother was being oddly paranoid.  “What’s dad doing?”

“Interrogating the taxi driver to make sure he knows exactly how to use the muggle device.”  Hermione said with a sigh, her husband was still very suspicious of muggles and their inventions, but there was no other way they could take their daughter to the train station.

“They should put a floo at the station.”  Rose said wrinkling her nose at the idea of riding in a muggle device.

“It would save me a lot of headaches over the next few years.”  Hermione threw up her hands, sometimes it was like neither of them remembered she was a muggle-born and had lived in that world for her half her childhood.  “Are you sure you have everything?”

Rose nodded a couple of times before letting her mother levitate the trunk down the stairs and out into the main hall.  “We can’t hover it out, but I’ll get your father to help me carry it.”  Hermione said and walked out the front to collect her husband and make sure the muggle was still alive.

Hungry.” Heela said from within the trunk.

Not now, mom will be back soon.  I told you I have a fat rat for you once we get on the train.”  Rose kneeled down and spoke softly.

Hungry.”  Heela said again just as Tom stepped into the hall.  He shook his head motioning for Rose to stay quiet.  Before flicking his wand at the trunk.

“I told you, we can’t levitate it out in front of a muggle.”

He smirked where his wife couldn’t see and let out a sigh as he winked at his daughter.

“Right.  Muggle.  Wouldn’t want to upset it.”  He said sounding annoyed, frowning by the time he was facing his wife.

Hermione sighed shaking her head at him before going to one end of the trunk to lift it and waiting for her husband to get the other.

The ride to King-Cross station couldn’t go fast enough for the bushed haired witch.  She watched her husband and daughter from the front seat, both their faces holding a secret mirth that made her worry about the safety of the muggle driver, or maybe the other students on the train.

It wasn’t until Tom was about to push the trunk through the hidden gate to Platform 9 ¾ that she had a hint of what the danger was.  As he was running towards the wall she heard a distinct hiss coming from her daughter’s trunk and her eyes went wide with horror.