Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N- I would like to thank Eclectic Pet my awesomely awesome beta for helping me to revise this drabble!  This is a short piece I wrote for a drabble challenge for a Hermione/Voldemort forum I am a member of.  It was just a tiny plot bunny that was in teh way of me working on my more important stories.

Rating: T

I look around at all gathered not being able to help the sly smirk that spreads across my lips.  It seems I’ve caught my followers in some sort of game.  I glance at the Malfoys who all shrink back from me in fear and cowardice and find they aren’t the ones playing.  Bellatrix drops to her knees in front of a panting and whimpering creature and bows low to me.

“What’s going on here?”  I ask them curiously not giving the girl on the floor much attention.

“We were…”  Bellatrix starts but I can already hear the unsure note in her voice.

This more than anything else makes me look at the girl.  Wild bushy hair spreads out along the floor, her collarbone bleeding from where Bellatrix was craving the words ‘mudblood’ with her knife.

“Having a bit of fun when you should be working to find Harry Potter?”  I ask looking to the group of them with a more serious expression now.

“T-this is Hermione Granger my Lord.”  The younger Malfoy burst out showing more spine than I had come to expect from his breed.  “Potter’s best friend.”  He explained and looked around at all the stunned adults.  “We think we have him in the basement, but we didn’t want to bother you if we were wrong.

“Why aren’t you sure?”  I ask suddenly realizing the room is too quiet and has been since the boy spoke up.

I look over to the girl, this Miss Granger, who is now holding the blade to Bellatrix’s throat.  Knowing how thorough of a torturer my Bella is I can’t help to be impressed with the fact this girl can move let alone threaten her torturer.

“Bring me the boy.”  I say knowing Potter is just below my feet by her reaction to Malfoy’s news.

“Move and she dies.”  She says daring to look me directly in the eyes.  Something not even my followers dare.

“Avada kedavra” I cast the spell and watch as shock runs through both Bella and Miss Granger’s expression as one of my most loyal turns from shield to weight in the little Gryffindor’s arms.

“Bring me the boy.”  I repeat to the Malfoys before taking a step closer to the little Gryffindor.

I hear them falling all over themselves to follow my orders but I don’t take my eyes off of this new and interesting creature.  Actual bravery and at least some intelligence.  It had been a smart move to go for Bellatrix, maybe even the best move in a very bad situation.

“You just killed your most loyal follower.”  She says once we’re mostly alone, she pushes the body off her to move back from me.

“She was in my way.”  I tell the girl coldly taking another step.

“Really doesn’t breed loyalty in the ranks.” She mocks moving further back on the floor still not finding her feet.

“No, fear does that.”  I tell her stepping over Bella’s body to move closer.  “Ready to watch the boy die?”  I ask her getting pleasure from the way fear fills her eyes.  She doesn’t fear for herself, only for the boy.  Love is such a weakness.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”  She asks finally trying to get to her feet only to fall back on her arse.

“I think I’ve just found myself a pleasant challenge.”


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