Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A Harry Potter fan fiction series.  In a world where the second wizard war goes on for years longer than anyone could have known.  Those in the rebellion live in the wild to keep themselves one step ahead of the Dark Army.  Those that live under Lord Voldemort’s rule have no choice but to bow to his power.  A chance meeting in the woods changes the fate of two former classmates forever.

This story was directly inspired by Equally Blind an unfinished story by wrenbailey. Though one or two ideas in the story are the same as her work, this story has taken on a complete life of its own.  But I still wish to remember what inspired it.

Blind Nymph

  • Summary– After a chance meeting in the woods, two very unlikely people form an odd kind of friendship. He makes her feel human again. She is the solution to all of his problems. Can the relationship survive the truth or outside influences, or is the small happiness a bubble ready to pop?
  • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco
  • Progress– Complete
  • Chapters- To be updated

Dark Apprentice

  • Summary– Lord Voldemort himself has taken Ginny in as his personal Apprentice.  Under his attention Ginny’s power surpasses all expectations.  Draco gains political power more quickly than he could dream.  Together they seem like an unstoppable pair.  Nothing is ever free, and they don’t know if they can pay the price for what the truly want.
  • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco, Lord Voldemort
  • Progress– In Planning