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Quick Note


So I am trying to do this from a hotel room when I really should be getting ready for a family day. So I will just say I have another two chapters for you. The reason I am alternating between Shame’s Desire and Sharpest Wit is that I want to give something to those who only read my work on Anyway! May most more later here is your next chapters!

Sharpest Wit

Book of Love


Look Two Chapters


My Holiday stories are supposed to be bonus content.  Something special around the different holidays like a little gift to my readers.  I realize when they take over my schedule that it is more like a Holiday Special that interrupts your regularly scheduled show.  So I have decided to change it up a bit.  When I post Holiday stories I am going to try to post on one of my other stories as well.

Which means not only did I post Book of Love- Chapter 2: When She Sing to Me I also posted the next in Shame’s Desire- Chapter 10: Satisfaction!

A second note.  As I do not post Shame’s Desire on because of it’s adult content I will be alternating between Shame’s Desire and Sharpest Wit for the next week weeks.  Just so that every one gets something to read in a timely manor.

Happy Love Day


So after a week of the poll about how often and what I should be posting here is how the people stand: 6.66% Other, 6.67% Only post on open stories, and 86.67% Post each week.  Now only 15 people have votes so far so if these numbers change after today I will look back into it, but as it stands right now I will keep posting each week even if it may be a new story.

This week I am going to start my Valentine’s story for my first Holiday Story of the year.  It is a pretty story start and the idea has been sitting around for a long while.  I hope you all enjoy: Book of Love



So as some of you.. or maybe none of you may have noticed I have added a calendar to my website.  I thought it could be more helpful than me posting schedules every so often.  This is a stable page that will keep you updated on what I am planning to post next!  I will also add times when I will be away or I am particularly busy with other matters.

You can find the Calendar at the top of the page, or by clicking this link: Calendar!

Since I am writing anyway I thought I would give you a little update on my progress.  So I should be finished with Book of Love by tomorrow and my beta already has the first two chapters!  I also had a random chance last night to work on Shame’s Desire and I will be giving you a new chapter early next month!

I’ve also been working on outlining a brand new story that came to me, but I will try to get some other things done before I put any real work into it.

I have a question


So I have gotten some repeated comments on my stories and posts saying the same thing.  Finish stories before I start anything new.  Now that would be nice if my schedule were open and inspiration focused on one story at a time.  But the truth of the matter is it just doesn’t.  But as this comment has been repeatedly made I thought I would see how most of my readers actually want.

So here is the truth of the matter.  I could only post on open stories.  Right now that would mean finishing up Shame’s Desire.  After that it seems I would be only working on sequels to things I have started.  That would mean working on one of the following:

  1. Face of Death (Final story in Face Trilogy)
  2. Quidditch Lessons Re-Write (Not working on a sequel until this is finished)
  3. Serpent’s Familiar (Next Story in Empire of Magic Collection)
  4. Sound of Submission (Next Story in Sense of Submission Series)

That all sounds good and tidy, but here is the problem.  If I decided to do that.  It would mean posting a whole lot less often.  This would happen for two reasons.  First my day jobs get in the way of my writing more often than not.  I simple only have a limited amount of time to write.  The second reason is that when I do write it is for my enjoyment, and if I get too stressed out about a story I simple can’t work on it.  If I try I write bunk that I refuse to post.  Which means that I’m not always working on the story you may want me to be working on.

Because I know it is nice to have something to read each week I save up what I do write so I can post it when I have nothing for my established stories.  These stories are usually short and I finish them before I even start posting the first chapter.

So what all this is trying to make clear is that you will not get the finish of my open stories any sooner, you will just not have anything else to read in the midterm.  But that may be what you want… So I am posting a poll to see what people are most interested in.

The End…


Today I posted the final chapter to Blind Nymph!  This is a story that I have been working on for around three years and I am happy to have it finally finished.  I hope that you all enjoy where I have taken you with it, from the beginning this was where we were headed.

Just because I have a hard time keeping anything to myself… I will let you all know that there may be a second book to this story.  As I was working on the final chapter the ideas for a second book came to me.  But! I will not be working on it before I have a few more things off my plate.

Next week I hope to start posting my Valentine’s story for this year’s round of holiday shorts.  After that I am not 100% on what I want to work on.  I do want to finish my only other open story which is Shame’s Desire and after that I will be working on Sound of Submission by popular demand!  But! I don’t know when those things will be ready so there may be some other short stories that have been waiting in the wings while I finish up the more established stuff.

Oh yeah… you can find the new chapter here: Blind Nymph- Chapter 13: Forever Dark