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Live: Coming Today!


Look I remembered to post on time!  I will get used to posting again I think I have taken the first step.  So!  Obviously, I am excited that we are getting very close to the end of Shame’s Desire!  We are now to chapter 31, which is the second to last chapter of the story.  So we are about to move to another story in the posting schedule.  So actually I’m not going to go too deeply into that this morning because at

So we are about to move to another story in the posting schedule.  I’m not going to go too deeply into that this morning because at 9 pm est I will be doing a facebook live chat where I will talk more about my future plans and what will be coming up in the next few months.  If you are interested in viewing and asking questions you can find me on facebook at Wild Kitsune!

See everyone later!



So here I am awake at 2:30 in the morning when I realized that it is Saturday and I should actually post my next chapter.  So I have updated Shame’s Desire for you!  Chapter 30: Master Potter is really the beginning of the end of this story I would say.  I hope you all enjoy of course.

What have I been up to?  Well since last week I finished the first draft of a completely new story.  Because I know everyone loves all my new stories when I haven’t finished my old ones yet ;).  In all seriousness I really don’t know how this thing turned into an 11 chapter story, I just wrote it and still don’t know how it is 11 chapters long.  Of courses, it still needs to be edited and reviewed a few times before I start posting it, but I think I will post all of what I have for Face of Death and Sound of Submission before I even think about posting anything new.  What do you guys think?  Should I alternate between Face of Death and Sound of submission, or would you rather get all of (what I have of) one, then what I have of the other?

This didn’t have a name…


I am back from working my week long retreat and I am excited to get back to writing on things.  I had a few ideas while I was away and NONE of them were for my Novel.  Some were for projects I am currently working on, and a few were for brand new projects YAY.  In all seriousness, I am going to get back to writing today and I am happy to be back in front of my computer so I can put more of my imagination on the page.

Obviously, I am posting another chapter of Shame’s Desire.  I hope you all enjoy!


4th times the charm


I don’t think I am too bad by posting now, we are still in the morning where I live.  Tomorrow I head off into the wilderness of Vermont for a work thing so I won’t really have the internet for the next week.  I am making plans to get next week chapter posted on time but I am warning now it may be a bit late.

Today, of course, I have posted the next chapter of Shame Desire.  This one is called Master’s Surender and it is one of my favorite chapters in this story.  I don’t wish to give too much away, but I feel it signifies a turning point for Lucius.

I have been mostly working on my novel this week and I think I finally have a first chapter that I can feel somewhat good about.  It is obviously only a first draft, but I think it is the start I’ve been searching for.  This will be my 4th rewrite of the first chapter of this story, so I maybe it will stick this time.

I started chapter two, but have had since been distracted by a wild plot bunny.  I hope to have defeated said plot bunny by the time I return.  Wish me luck as it seems to be quite a persistent critter.