Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A collection of Harry Potter fanfictions. In this section, I plan to post all those single chapter stories I have.  These stories will all be a single chapter or less.  This list was getting a little out of hand so I have decided to break it up into sub categories by content tags for easier navigation.


  • …19 Years Later
    • Summary- The epilog of an unwritten story.  Hermione only bows to the Dark Lord.
    • Main Characters- Lord Voldemort, Hermione, Ron Weasley
    • Progress- Completed
  • Challenge
    • Summary– Lord Voldemort shows up while Bellatrix is torturing Hermione in Malfoy Manor.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    • Progress– Completed
  • Untasted
    • Summary–Anger seethed within the young Knight of the Unseelie fae.  He wishes to lash out at being denied his ambition.  He cannot punish his own father but luckily happens upon a maiden ripe for his desire. This story is very dark and is not meant for the faint of heart.  This story contains violent and non-consensual acts of a sexual and brutal nature.
    • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco
    • Progress– Completed


  • A Nice Dream
    • Summary-Hermione goes looking for a quiet space to study, but the castle of Hogwarts knows that isn’t what she really needs.
    • Main Characters- Hermione, Cedric
    • Progress- Completed
  • Adventures of Rose and Heela
    • Summary– The adventures of Rose Riddle and her best friend/pet.
    • Main Characters– Rose Riddle, Hermione, Tom Riddle
    • Progress– Completed
  • Where it Began
    • Summary– Lily and James have the second anniversary of their first date. Wrote this story a few years back and I decided to give it a fresh edit. Hope you like.
    • Main Characters– Lily, James
    • Progress– Completed
  • Wicked Lips
    • Summary– Fred & George Weasley were known among students and teachers alike to never be too serious, and always have a joke ready to defuse even the more stressful of situations. It was one cold fall evening the pranksters finally met their match.
    • Main Characters– OC, Fred, George
    • Progress– Completed


  • My Own Personal Hell
    • Summary– She was the cruelest and most evil witch he knew. He laughed at the idea that she was considered a beacon of light by others in the wizarding world. He knew better.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
    • Progress– Completed
  • Raspberry Jam
    • Summary– Young Tom Riddle and Miss Hermione Granger are having a bit of a disagreement of ownership of some Raspberry Jam. These are the messages they exchange while trying to solve their issues.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
    • Progress– Completed


  • Nine Lives of Hermione Granger
    • Summary– It was just another normal day heading back home to the apartments he shared with her boyfriend Ron.  That was until she walked in on her ex, packing her close. Prompt by @kyoki777 on Tumblr “Tom turns hermione into a cat.”
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
    • Progress– Completed


  • Library Fees
    • Summary– Hermione and Draco are trapped in the Hogwarts library.  All they want is to get to bed, but there are some books who have other ideas.
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Draco
    • Progress– Completed
  • Notes
    • Summary– Two students are passing sexy notes to one another.  What happens when they find out the notes aren’t going to who they think?
    • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco
    • Progress– Completed
  • The Last Time
    • Summary– Tom and Hermione keep finding reasons to hook up even though they are broken up, and they both know they will never be right for each other.  Each time it happens, they always swear it will be the last time. Prompt by weestarmeggie17 “Tomione have split up but keep ending up in bed together because they can’t help themselves”
    • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom
    • Progress– Completed
  • Thrall
    • Summary– Draco summons a demon to put under his thrall and do his bidding.  It is a battle of wits and desire, and all the cards are in the demon’s favor, but Draco has so many plans for her.
    • Main Characters– Luna, Draco
    • Progress– Completed

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