Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A collection of Harry Potter fan fictions. In this section, I plan to post all those single chapter stories I have.  These stories will all be a single chapter or less.

…19 Years Later

  • Summary- The epilog of an unwritten story.  Hermione only bows to the Dark Lord.
  • Main Characters- Lord Voldemort, Hermione, Ron Weasley
  • Progress- Completed

A Nice Dream

  • Summary-Hermione goes looking for a quiet space to study, but the castle of Hogwarts knows that isn’t what she really needs.
  • Main Characters- Hermione, Cedric
  • Progress- Completed

Adventures of Rose and Heela

  • Summary– The adventures of Rose Riddle and her best friend/pet.
  • Main Characters– Rose Riddle, Hermione, Tom Riddle
  • Progress– Completed


  • Summary– Lord Voldemort shows up while Bellatrix is torturing Hermione in Malfoy Manor.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
  • Progress– Completed

Library Fees

  • Summary– Hermione and Draco are trapped in the Hogwarts library.  All they want is to get to bed, but there are some books who have other ideas.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Draco
  • Progress– Completed

My Own Personal Hell

  • Summary– She was the cruelest and most evil witch he knew. He laughed at the idea that she was considered a beacon of light by others in the wizarding world. He knew better.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Lord Voldemort
  • Progress– Completed


  • Summary– Two students are passing sexy notes to one another.  What happens when they find out the notes aren’t going to who they think?
  • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco
  • Progress– Completed

Raspberry Jam

  • Summary– Young Tom Riddle and Miss Hermione Granger are having a bit of a disagreement of ownership of some Raspberry Jam. These are the messages they exchange while trying to solve their issues.
  • Main Characters– Hermione, Tom Riddle
  • Progress– Completed


  • Summary– Draco summons a demon to put under his thrall and do his bidding.  It is a battle of wits and desire, and all the cards are in the demon’s favor, but Draco has so many plans for her.
  • Main Characters– Luna, Draco
  • Progress– Completed


  • Summary–Anger seethed within the young Knight of the Unseelie fae.  He wishes to lash out at being denied his ambition.  He cannot punish his own father but luckily happens upon a maiden ripe for his desire. This story is very dark and is not meant for the faint of heart.  This story contains violent and non-consensual acts of a sexual and brutal nature.
  • Main Characters– Ginny, Draco
  • Progress– Completed

Where it Began

  • Summary– Lily and James have the second anniversary of their first date. Wrote this story a few years back and I decided to give it a fresh edit. Hope you like.
  • Main Characters– Lily, James
  • Progress– Completed

Wicked Lips

  • Summary– Fred & George Weasley were known among students and teachers alike to never be too serious, and always have a joke ready to defuse even the more stressful of situations. It was one cold fall evening the pranksters finally met their match.
  • Main Characters– OC, Fred, George
  • Progress– Completed

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