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Tom Riddle goes in search of a woman who is truly worthy of him.  But he must travel all the way to 1997 only to find out there are two. With his movement in time, many things have changed from the world we know.  Poly fic.

Warning: This story contains sexual situations.

Rating: MA


Chapter 1: Charming
Chapter 2: Meeting Fate
Chapter 3: His Prey

Chapter 1: Charming

Tom blinked as he looked around the area.  The ritual he had just cast was somewhat complicated, so he had expected there to be more of a show of power once it was done.  But Tom found that nearly everything was the same. He was in the room of hidden things of the Room of Requirement. It has seemed like an apt place to cast the spell since the charms of the room should only enhance his magic.

But everything seemed to look the same, and he didn’t feel any different.  The ritual was supposed to give him some kind of guidance in finding the what others would call his soulmate.  He didn’t put stock in such terms but had recently become aware of the benefit of having a woman around that didn’t either bore him or annoy him.

If he found such a woman to entertain him and bring him pleasure, he could simply put her to the task of keeping the rest of the dredge away.  It had been a brilliant plan, like all his plans, but the ritual didn’t seem to have worked.

He was so sure of this one, it had seemed so promising, but as he looked around, he felt nothing.  It took him a few moments of scanning the room before he realized it had changed. The piles of countless junk students had hidden in the room seemed to be larger, more prominent pieces he remembered looked more worn and beaten up.

He gathered his things, he needed to find a reason for these small changes, and there was one place he could go.  When he stepped out into the seventh-floor corridor, everything looked the same as he had left it, though the castle did seem a bit warm for December.

He went to the closest window and blinked as there was no snow on the ground.  When he had cast the ritual there had been snow outside, but now it wasn’t even cold enough to me autumn.  He started to rush down the hall. It was becoming clear to him that the spell had moved him through time for some reason, but now the question was how far and in which direction?

“Stop right there!”  An older woman snapped making him freeze in place.  He didn’t recognize the voice at all, so he turned slowly and gave her his best charming smile.

“I think I’m a little lost, Ma’am.”  He told the stern looking woman as she pointed her wand in his direction.

He was at Hogwarts. Still, there was simply no reason to fight when the woman would obviously give him what he wanted.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my school?”  She asked not seeming at all affected by his charm, yet.

“Tom Riddle Ma’am.”  He said putting his hands up to make her more comfortable.  “The last thing I knew is that I fell asleep in the Room of Requirement?”  He said unsure if she knew of the room, not everyone did.

“You are not one of my students Mr. Riddle.” She said lowering her wand as he showed he wasn’t a threat.

“I think I may be out of my time Ma’am.”  He admitted figuring he must be forward because he didn’t recognize her from the pictures of Headmistresses from the past.  “Please, could you tell me what year it is?”

“What year were you from dear?”  She asks sternly, smart enough to know not to give up information first.

“It is supposed to be January 1st, 1945.”  He told her honestly. The ritual was supposed to be a birthday gift to himself; it serves him right for being so sentimental.

“It is, in fact, September 1st, 1997.”  She explained narrowing her eyes at him for a moment.

“Follow me, Mr. Riddle, we’ll get this sorted out.”  She ordered crisply as she leads him to her office. “Who was your Headmaster?”  She asked testing his story.

“Armando Dippet, Ma’am.”  He told her keeping up his respectful and polite tone.  He was just a lost boy who needed her help after all.

Once they got to the Headmistress’ office, the woman motioned for him to sit while she started to look through the shelves with student files.  This gave Tom time to think about how many years he had missed. He was now 52 years into the future with no thinkable way back to his time.

“Here you are.”  She said pulling his file from the shelf and taking it back over to her desk.  She opened and glanced between him and the picture in the file several times before nodding to herself.  “I am sorry to tell you dear, but it says here you disappeared during your final year.” She told him, a small frown coming to her lips.  “Though you have an exemplary record.” She added looking up at him.

He smiled and made himself blush a little.  “What will happen to me now, Ma’am?” He asked putting worry into his voice.  “I don’t know how I got here.” He added mimicking fear.

“I’m Headmistress McGonagall.”  She said as she gave him a warm smile.  “You, of course, are welcome to finish your education here Mr. Riddle, you were an exemplary student, and there is no reason to turn you away now.”

“Thank you, Headmistress.”  He said nodding and giving her an unsure smile.  “How will all of this work exactly, I was…” He started and glanced down at his chest where the Head Boy badge was stilled pinned.  “I’m sure you have chosen a fine one of this year, but…”

“I know the school charter, Mr. Riddle.  It seems we have two Head Boys. I would like for you to meet with the Heads once they arrive on the train and you three can decide how to organize yourselves.  Accommodations will be slightly more tricky. It’s the privilege of the Head boy and girl to use the suite provided.

“I wouldn’t want to cause any more problems.”  He said thinking he will let this Head boy understand who the private room really belongs to if it came to it.

“There is a spare professors suit I could allow you to use under these extraordinary conditions.”  She told him thoughtfully. He looked up at her unable to hide his pleasure at the idea of an even better upgrade from what he had before.

“Miss Granger, our Head Girl this year will be able to help you in getting the class supplies you will need.”  She told him with a nod. “And I will have your Head of House show you to the room I’m speaking of.” She added more to herself than to him.

A short while later Tom found himself walking next to a stern looking man with dark hair and eyes.  He had known some Blacks back in his day, and they were a powerful and influential family.

“I’m sorry to be a bother, Sir.”  He told the man who gave him a small ironic smile.

“I will be reading your file from cover to cover tonight Mr. Riddle.”  He said looking Tom up and down as he worked to get the measure of him.  “The Headmistress believes your story about coming here accidentally, but as you were from the noble and cunning House of Slytherin, I find this unlikely.”

Tom licked his lips as he tried to think of the best way to manipulate the man. “It’s an embarrassing story, Professor Black.”  He said timidly. “I didn’t want the Headmistress to know my blunder.” He added deciding something close to the truth was the best way to get this man on his side.

“Blunder?”  He asked expectantly.

“I cast a ritual to find a woman worth my time.”  He said putting a hint of pride in his tone. “It seems that I had to travel 52 years to find her.”  He smirked at this.

“What is your lineage, boy?”  The man asked now all the more interested but in a completely different way.

“I’m an orphan that was accepted into the great House of Slytherin.  I don’t know my exact parentage.” He lied because no one could know who he was, not until he had gathered more power around him. He hid his anger as he thought about how he was going to have to start all over again from scratch.  But Lord Voldemort was up to any challenge.

“So a boy with no family thinks he is special enough, that no girl of his own time could carry his heir?”  The man asked moving to the subject of procreation like so many other purebloods always did.

“It isn’t me who decided I had to travel this far to find my equal.”  He countered blandly.

“Up there is the old Divination classroom.”  The Professor pointed to a trap door in the ceiling.  “We currently don’t offer Divination so these are the rooms you will be using.”  He added motioning to a door close by.

“Pity.  I was in a NEWTs level Divination class back in my time.”  Tom said regretfully as he glanced at the door and then opened what would be his room for the next year.

“I will leave you here; you will be expected to attend the feast tonight with everyone else.”  Professor Black said with a nod.

“Thank you, Sir.”  He called politely at the man’s back before letting his express turn more naturally cold.

The House Elves of the castle had already cleaned the room and made it livable decorated in Slytherin colors.  He had an office, living room and kitchenette in the space, as well as a larger bedroom than he had had back in 1945.  Now, this would do nicely.

Tom didn’t have a reason to stay in his rooms though so he spent the afternoon looking around the public areas of the castle, and finding any differences from his time.  It wasn’t long before he spotted someone he knew and he couldn’t help but sneer as Hagrid was sending the Thestral pulled carriages down to Hogsmeade to pick up the students.

He remembered the boy he was when he got him expelled and was morbidly amused to see the half-breed serving the menial tasks of groundskeeper of the school.  He leaned against the wall of the entranceway as he watched the man at work, and it wasn’t long after the last carriage was sent off that Hagrid looked up in his direction.

The man blinked at him as if he saw a ghost.  Time had not been kind of the half-giant Tom noted as the man came striding closer to him.  He put on his innocent kind smile for the oaf, as the man had no idea he had framed him on purpose.  No, it had all been a horrible misunderstanding.

“R-riddle?”  Hagrid asked as if he didn’t believe his eyes.

“Rubious.”  He answered pushing himself off the wall.  “What are you still doing here?” He asked in an amused tone as if he was pleased to see the half-wit.

“I’ve worked here fur the last fifty years or so.  Dumbledore hired me when he became Headmaster.” He explained looking Tom up and down.  “You haven’t aged a day.”

“Well to me I last saw you…”  He let the words go. “I’ve made my own mistakes now.”  He added as if they were on the same level. “But the Headmistress is allowing me to come back to school.”

“That’s good.”  The man said agreeably.  “I have to head down to get the first years, I’ll see you at the feast.”  He said awkwardly before heading off.

After that Tom made his way inside, the students would be heading up soon, and he was curious to see what he had to work with.  It was apparent to him the spell had worked, and it was simple deduction the think his woman would be one of the students. If he remembered the description, correctly all he would have to do was touch her to know if she was the one he was looking for.  This seemed simple to him as he made his way to sit at the Slytherin table and wait.

He had never had any trouble touching any woman he wanted to.  Most women begged to be touched. He was sure that his woman, for she was already his whether he knew her or not, would want him like all the rest.

Chapter 2: Meeting Fate

As the Great Hall started to fill with students Tom wore his usual charming demeanor like a mask.  Behind his pleasant face was a calculating mind taking in every girl that took in a seat near him. When the pretty blond girl sat down across from him and smiled curiously he smiled back.

“Who are you?”  She asked taking in features without a hint of shyness before her eyes stopped at the Head Boy badge and her expression turned confused.  “Draco?”

“No.”  He said as he reached out and took her hand.  “I’m Tom Riddle.” He told her and looked down and up the table as if he was about to tell her a secret.  He leaned in very close. “I seem to be lost in time.” He said shaking his head regretfully.

“Really?”  She asked leaning forward interested in what he had to say.  It was a testament to the wizarding world that his statement did not get a more fearful reaction.

“It is a long story, but I’m sure we could…” Tom started before he was cut off by a far less appetizing voice.

“Who are you?”  Though it was the same question the girl had asked it had a far different tone.  This was a person that would be needing a lesson in respect.

He turned to the boy and noted the nearly identical badge on the front of his fine robes.  “You must be Draco.” He said not letting his mask slip in front of so many witnesses. “I’m Tom Riddle.  It’s a long story and I’m sure the Headmistress…” He motioned to the teacher’s table. “Will explain some of it.”

“He says he’s lost in time, Draco.”  The girl put in excited as the boy gave him a cold stare.

“Lost in time, but rightfully sorted into Slytherin?”  The boy asked eyeing him up and down.

“Back in 1938.”  He answered calmly thinking of all the lessons he would teach this boy once they were alone.

“Well, Tom Riddle from 1938 I’m Draco Malfoy.”  He announced as Tom remembered Abraxas doing so many years ago.  Malfoys were useful things so he held his hand out to show respect.  The boy took it and leaned down closer to look directly into Tom’s eyes.  “You’re going to learn who is really in charge here, and you should learn quickly.”

“I agree completely.”  He said as his eyes flashed red where only Draco could see them.

Unsettled the boy let go of Tom’s hand and took his seat a bit further down, he looked as if he felt confident his threat was understood and Tom felt it was going to be so much fun to teach the boy who was really in charge here.

Things settled down soon after that and the Sorting Hat was brought out to sort the first years.  Tom tuned out the annoying things song knowing his woman wouldn’t be among them. She would have to be around his age if the spell had already gone through the trouble of moving him so far through time.

First, his eyes traveled down his own house table, and though there were lovely girls sitting there he didn’t feel himself really drawn to any of them.  By the way some of them smiled at him, he was sure he could taste any he wished, but the point of doing the spell was to get such broads off of his back.

Next he let his eyes drift to the Ravenclaw table.  Intelligence was something he valued highly so having his woman be one of them would make perfect sense.  But again though he saw desirable girls that he could have fun playing with, he felt no real draw to any of them.  Maybe the spell had stopped working and he was on his own now to figure out who she was?

He sat through the rest of dinner thinking of all the plans he had to make to set himself up in this new time while making small talk with those sitting close to them.  The headmistress had mentioned him in her speech and that people should welcome the returned honor student.

As people were getting ready to leave and head to their beds for the night the Headmistress waved him to come over to her table.  He excused himself from the blond girl from before, a rather brainless thing by the name of Daphne Greengrass he knew now and went to see what the Headmistress wanted.

“You know where the Head Student dorm is?”  She asked once he got to her. When he nodded she gave him a nod as well.  “The password is Academics, you should go wait there to have that talk with the other two.”  She told him and gave him a reassuring smile. “Everything is going to work out Mr. Riddle.” She said as she tried to be comforting.

“I hope Ma’am.”  He said with a bow of his head before heading out with the rest of the students.

Figuring the other Heads had work to do with getting students to their dorms he was in no rush to meet up with them.  He walked casually with hands in his pockets as he made his way at a leisurely pace.

He was walking down a seemingly empty hall when he heard the low sound of voices coming from a hidden staircase that led to the fifth floor.  Curious he moved closer to the tapestry that hid and tried to get a better idea of what they were saying.

“…you were dating Padma.”  A girl’s voice said with confidence and amusement.

“We broke up over the summer, and I heard you broke up with Potter.”  The boy said sounding as if he was trying to be charming.

Gossip was sometimes a useful tool so he started to file away the names to put faces to them later.  Now he just needed to know who exactly was hiding in the dark corridor before he could move on with complete information.

“We did, but I’m not really looking for someone new right now.”  She said and he could hear bodies moving as she pushed the unknown boy away from her.

“Ginny, you can’t seriously not see the chemistry we have?”  The boy said usefully giving Tom her name.

“Get over yourself Rivers.”  She said and before he had time to respond the girl had pushed back the tapestry and run right into his chest.

He was a head taller than her and looked down at Ginny in surprise as her brown eyes looked up at him with shock.  He had the sudden overwhelming urge to wrap his arms around the girl before she pushed him back.

“Were you listening to us?”  She asked putting her hands on her hips and narrowing her eyes at him.  This was not an expression he was used to getting from women so it took him a moment to shake his head.

“You are standing in front of a staircase.”  He motioned passed them narrowing his own eyes.  “Excuse me.” He bowed his head before pushing passed the one she called Rivers.

As he walked away he exclaimed the urge he had felt when touching her and had a suspicion the spell was still working after all.  This would mean the Rivers bloke would need to know to stay away from his property, but that was a problem for another time.

As he walked he examined her features in his memory, the deep auburn hair, the freckled face and well-formed lips.  He could enjoy her if she was truly his match. There were plenty of pretty girls in the school though, and it wasn’t everything to him.

Even with the delay, he was the first to the Heads common room.  He cast a quick charm to make sure he would be warned before the other two made it in.  He glanced in each of the bedrooms easily spotting Malfoy’s he decided to see what he could find out about the other Head Boy.

Nearly an hour later Tom was sitting comfortably on the couch of the common room reading a little black book that amused him to no end.  It was simply too good to have something so incriminating around without the proper protects to keep others from reading it.

When the door opened a girl with a mane of chocolate brown hair came bustling into the room.  “Have you been waiting long?” She asked him seriously moving passed him to her room with an arm full of books.

“Not long, I was certain you and Draco had duties to attend to.”  He said giving her a smile and getting to his feet as he pocketed the book.

“Yeah, and I needed to stop by the library real quick.  I am just so behind!” She yelled out into the common room.  “Really you are a blessing.” She said as she came back to really greet him once her arms were free.  “I just hope you won’t be as useless as Malfoy.” She offering her hand. “I’m Hermione Granger. It’s nice to meet you, Tom.”  She said with a warm smile.

“If he is anything like Abraxas I can guarantee it.”  He joked with her as he took her hand in his. He felt the same sort of pull he had with the other girl, now this was getting a bit confusing.  He stopped himself from taking any action as his body wanted to pull the girl into his arms.

“Who?”  She asked not seeming to notice they were still holding hands.  He couldn’t quite get himself to let go, so he decided to use the opportunity to gently rum his thumb along the base of hers.

“Abraxas Malfoy.” He explained.

“You knew my grandfather?”  Draco asked stepping into the room in time to only hear the name.

“I did, we were friends.  How is he doing?” Tom asked still not letting go of Hermione’s hand.

“Well enough.”  The boy said with a frown.  “You may wish to know something if you were his friend though Riddle.”  He continued as he looked poignant at the others joined hands. “She’s a mu..”

“Muggle-born.”  Hermione cut the boy off taking back her hand as she knew perfectly well the foal word Draco was about to use.  “And I missed the fact you’re a Slytherin.” She said glancing at his robes as she blushed sort of prettily in her embarrassment and anger.

His mate could not be a mudblood could she?  Tom questioned himself as he only let confusion show on his face.  He wasn’t in the habit of letting anyone know what he truly thought of them, and he had to consider all the possibilities if it was possible this girl was his.

“I am.” He agreed, looking down at his own uniform and then to Draco.  He moved his hands behind his back and looked between the two as he didn’t dignify either of their assumptions.  He had worked very hard back in his day not to let any but his inner circle know his true feelings about muggles and their spawn, and he was not about to let the blonde imbecile ruin that for him now.  “But that does not mean I am afraid of hard work. How shall we split up the Heads duties?” He asked looking between the two.

This changed the subject moved perfectly to his favor and the three of them sat down to discuss why they were really there.  The conversation was hardly taking up his entire mind and he used it as a cover to closely examine his feelings and urge to further touch the mudblood.

The mass of hair was an easy distraction that he was sure many could not see passed, but he could see her bright whiskey eyes and could tell her she had something of a mind working behind them.  She was a pretty girl and wondered if she wore her hair in such disarray to hide this fact and be taken more seriously by her peers.

“We can’t leave the grounds without a partner, but the Headmistress has given me permission to take you to Diagon Alley to get new supplies for school.  There are some funds set aside for emergencies of this sort and students who need them.” She told him carefully as the subject moved to his personal needs.

He heard Draco scoff at the idea of having to rely on charity, but for Tom, it was only the fact that he would be forced to get second-hand goods that stopped him from allowing the school to spend its money on him.

“I have a vault at Gringotts.  I don’t think I will have an issue replacing my own things.”  He explained making Hermione blush for having made such an assumption.  “When can we go on this excursion? I’m not looking forward to having to wear these robes all week, no matter how perfect my cleaning charms are.”

“We both have first-period for study tomorrow, we can go then.”  She told him with a nod, seeming more relaxed that he hadn’t belittled her the way Draco was from the start.

“Good, thank you.”  He said bowing his head and getting to his feet.  “Draco, could you walk me back to my apartments, I want to hear more about your grandfather.”  He said stunning the boy for a moment before a huge smile spread across his lips.

“Yeah, I think a nice talk would do us both some good.” The blond answered not keeping the threat from his tone.

Hermione looked at Tom with worry before looking at Draco.  She was a very sweet girl to worry about him he decided, but there really was no need.  “Are…” She started before he took her hand again to stop her.

“It was nice meeting you, Miss Granger.”  He said bowing his head and kissing the back of her hand like someone who had been courting her for a while.

When he looked up into her eyes again she noticed the shock, but not at the forward move he had just made, but with his kind gesture.  The courting rules must be different now Tom thought and gave her a little smile before he walked out with Draco.

They walked in silence for a moment before Draco spoke.  “Planning to shag her?” The boy asked crudely and Tom looked over curiously.  “She may not know our traditions, but I know when an old pureblood is laying claim.”  The boy said narrowing his eyes. “She’s got a boyfriend.” He added after a moment.

“I don’t think that will be a problem,”  Tom said thinking that he needed to get a better understanding of the girl at the very least.  Having never really felt attraction beyond immediate carnal desire before he knew it must be the spell that was forming this urge to touch her and the redhead, but which one was his mate?

“Listen to me, Riddle…”  Draco started before Tom shoved him by the neck against the closest wall.

“Listen to me Malfoy.”  He hissed tilting his head and dropping all his masks from his persona.  He would show the boy the true predator he was tempting. The look alone made the boy swallow in fear, and when he felt the tip of Tom’s wand against his chin he looked ready to piss himself.

“Wha..”  The boy tried to start but Tom pressed the wand harder against his neck.

“No family stories about Tom Riddle I see.”  He started watching the boys eyes. “Did Abraxas every mention Lord Voldemort?”  He asked seeing the recognition he was hoping for, he chuckled. “Now that we have been properly introduced we aren’t going to have any more problems are we?”

“N-no,”  Draco said shaking his head.

“Who is the one in charge, Draco?”  He asked watching the boy with glee, it felt so good to see that fear in people again.

“You, my Lord.”  He said quickly.

“Good boy,”  Tom said as he took a step back to give him some room.

“B-but why would you want Granger?”  Was Draco’s first question when he felt a little safer.

“I have my reasons, nothing you need to understand.”  He told the boy firmly before looking up and down the hall.  “Now you are going to tell me what my Death Eaters have been up to while I was away.”  He told him before he continued to walk down the hall like nothing happened.

Chapter 3: His Prey

He was leaning against the doorframe to the Head’s common room the next morning when Hermione came out of her room looking dressed but still very sleepy.

“Up late reading?”  Tom asked smiling over at her.  He was perfectly dressed and ready for the day, and he planned to take every advantage with this girl that he could get.

“What are you doing here?” She asked with a yawn as she picked up her heavy looking bag.

Tom moved forward invading her space and took it from her before she could swing it over her shoulder.

“Do you need those for Diagon Alley?”  He asked noting the book filled bag as he looked down into her eyes.  “Or breakfast?” He added setting the bag down before he hurt himself.

“I was planning to get reading done over toast.”  She said giving him a shy smile as if she had been caught being naughty.  He enjoyed the expression, and it took a bit of willpower not to taste that smile.

“Well, I had a better idea.”  He told her as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.  “Breakfast off school grounds.” He told her softly.

“Umm…”  She blinked, his closeness was flustering her.  “I have a boyfriend.” She said quickly once her brain started to move again.

“Oh?”  He asked curiously tilting his head as if he didn’t already know this.  “Well, he’s not invited. I thought it would help us get through shopping faster, so we don’t run the risk of missing some of second-period.”  He added trapping her with his logic.

“Oh, that is a good idea.”  She said with a laugh as she stepped back from him.  “Let me just get my purse.” She added and headed back into her bedroom before Draco stepped out into the common room.

“Tom.”  He greeted stiffly, as he tried very hard not to reveal their new arrangement.  “I was considering writing a letter to my grandfather, should I send your regards?”  He asked as he worked to sound pleasant.

“I think that is an excellent idea,”  Tom said as he glanced back between Hermione’s open door and his newest servant.  He cast a quick spell so she couldn’t overhear them and gave Draco an easy smile. “After maybe we could get together with some of your more worthwhile friends.”

“Of course,”  Draco said with a nod before making his way quickly from the door.

“Draco?”  Tom called noting the girl was taking a bit of time.  “I do reward those who serve me well.” He said realizing he had put a bit too much fear into the boy; he didn’t need blubbering fools, after all.

“Thank you.” The boy said with a nod before heading down to breakfast.

“What was that about?”  Hermione asked curiously, as she held up a beaded bag to show she was ready to go.

“We had a bit of a misunderstanding last night,”  Tom said smoothly, as he opened the door for her.

The girl snorted at his choice of words before shaking her head.  “I don’t want to know.” She said as he fell into step beside her. “How are you finding this new age?” She asked curiously.

“Things are different.”  He agreed with a nod. “I would like to apologize for how my classmate treated you, the thing he was going to call you.”  He told her seriously. “It seems some things don’t change.”

“Oh, I’m used to it from him.”  She said dismissively but still rewarded him with a smile.  “What was his grandfather like?” She asked curiously.

“Very much the same.”  He told her with a nod as he waited with his hands held behind his back.  “I’ve found girls to be very different now.” He admitted as a pretty one wearing Ravenclaw blue smiled at him as they passed.  “More forward, as if their reputations mean nothing.”

“Oh.”  The girl beside him laughed and shook her head.  “Yeah well, a girl virtue doesn’t have the same significance in this modern age.  There has been a feminist movement even in the wizarding world in the last fifty years.”

“Women have always been more respected in the wizarding world compared to muggles.”  Tom countered as they made their way down the stairs. “Look at the two founders of this school who were respected women, back in a time when muggles saw your sex as nothing more than property for their fathers or husbands.”

“True.”  She agreed hesitantly not being used to someone who could counter her points so quickly.

“Virtue as you put it was a matter of self-respect, and respect of society, girls of this age don’t care about this any longer?”  He asked letting her see him make a study of her form.

She blushed and shook her head but before she could answer some fool started to call her name from the entrance to the Great Hall.

“Hermione!”  A redheaded fellow waved at her with a stupid grin.

“Those are my friends; I should introduce you.”  She said leading him over to a small group gathered around the tall redhead.

“Where you going, babe?”  The boy asked as he slipped a much too familiar arm around Tom’s companion.

“Tom and I are going to London to get some school supplies for him.”  She explained with a smile. “Tom this is my boyfriend Ron and my best friend, Harry.”  She told him motioning to the redhead than a dark-haired chap with bright green eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you.”  He said shaking hands with each as he took their measure.

“Must be weird traveling through time, everything in the world important to you left behind,”  Harry said compassionately. “If you need anything, Tom, let us know.”

“Harry he’s a Slytherin.  I’m sure he doesn’t need anything from us.”  Ron cut in, making Hermione hit him in the arm.

“Tom has been perfectly pleasant; I’ve told you not to judge people by their House.”  She said rolling her eyes.

Tom was not one to tolerate being touched without his express permission, so it surprised him for a moment as he had a pleasant reaction to the hand that so casually took his arm as she moved around into his sight.  That was until Ginny came into view giving him a mischievous smile.

“Well isn’t it Mr. Peeping Tom.”  She teased playfully making him want to show her precisely with who she was playing.

“What?”  Ron, Harry, and Hermione all asked at the same time.

“I simply ran into this young woman last night.”  He explained knowing he shouldn’t know her name.

“What exactly was my baby sister doing when you ran into her?”  Ron growled as Tom noticed Harry looking at her awkwardly.

“I was talking to Rivers.  Did you know he broke up with Padma?”  She asked Hermione, her hand still holding onto Tom’s arm as she spoke.

“I’ll kill him,”  Ron growled again turning redder by the moment.

“She told me she broke up with him because he was messing around with Parvati.”  Hermione filled in making Ginny laugh.

Her free hand brushed her silky hair back from her face as she shook her head.  “So I’m glad I told him I wasn’t interested.” She said before looking up at Tom directly.  “I’m Ginny by the way.” She said with an easy smile as she stepped back.

“It is nice to meet your Ginny,”  Tom said bowing his head.

“Can you not flirt with every single one of my classmates?”  Ron groaned before kissing Hermione’s cheek. “Better take him away before she starts humping him.”  The boy added with a sneer.

Ronald.”  His sister snapped and shook in disgust.  “It was nice meeting you for real this time.”  She told him with a smile before she walked into the Great Hall.

“We really should be going.”  Hermione cut, and they said their goodbyes before he had to witness another quick kiss between the couple.

“Very different from my day.”  He repeated as they made their way to a safe Apparition zone.

As they shopped for the bits and bobs, he would need for his school they talked about a variety of academic subjects.  Tom soon discovered to his delight that she had a quick, and brilliant mind, though sadly she was dramatically hampered by anything she saw as a rule or law.  If it was written down in a book the girl obviously thought it had merit.

He subtly probed deeper to the source of this error and found that she was dramatically unsure of herself as a woman and a witch.  The rules helped her define herself, and so they were important. If one took a rule away, then they made her whole world unstable.  It was a weakness he would enjoying exploiting.

“Robes and uniforms.”  She read the final thing on the list and smiled as she looked down at her watch to see they still have plenty of time.  “Madam Malkin shouldn’t be busy at all this time of day.” She said as she headed to the robe shop.

When they entered the shop, the old witch welcomed them with a smile and brightened at their request for a full set of uniforms for him.

“I’ll get you some things to try on dear and then we can measure you for robes.”  She said motioning them towards the dressing rooms.

“Thank you for coming with me Hermione,”  Tom said as he pulled off the robe he was wearing so he could hang it up.

“It’s been a nice morning out.”  She said smiling at him as he noticed she let her eyes travel over his form.  Maybe he should give her something better at which to look.

When the older witch brought him a stack of pants and shirts to try on Tom made sure to accidentally leave the door to his dressing room open just enough for her to watch him undress if she wanted.  He watched the mirror out of the corner of his eyes and suppressed a smile as he caught her watching him rather closely.  Such a naughty little lion. It pleased him enough that he gave her an excellent show of himself as he picked up the wrong size a couple of times on purpose just to make it all last longer.

“There is an even better view in here Hermione.”  He said coolly, as he took off yet another shirt to lay it on his discard pile.

“I’m sorry.”  She said hiding her face.  “I-I…” She started, but he pulled her into the dressing room with him so he could look down into those pretty flustered eyes of hers.

“Have a boyfriend.”  He finished for her as he moved in, so she had to press her back against the wall to keep space between them.

“You’re a very pretty man.”  She admitted, and he watched her struggle to keep her eyes on his face.

“Thank you.”  He told her with a smile.  “You’re a very lovely woman.”  He said in a deeper breathy tone. He got the feeling many didn’t tell her such things, not even her little boyfriend.  “If you were mine I would make sure you knew it.”

“I’m…”  She swallowed as he pressed his chest against hers, making her feel the warmth of his body.  “I’m sure you had lots of admirers back in your time.” She said, and he could feel how rapidly she was breathing now.

“You were just being one of them.”  He reminded her as he moved his hand up to play with her hair.  It was soft to the touch, and in this vicinity, he couldn’t help but enjoy her smell.

“I have a boyfriend.”  She said as if it was a shield she was holding up to defend herself.

“I won’t tell him.” He said leaning down over her to move his lips closer to hers.  He felt like he needed to taste her to be sure she was the one. His hand moved deeper into her hair; fingers splayed out to massage her neck and cradle the back of her head.

“I’m not…”  She started before he took her lips.  She tasted as good as she smelled and he was nearly sure that Hermione was the mate the magic had brought him here for as she started making the more delicious mewing sounds.  Merlin if she wasn’t his mate he decided he was in need of an excellent toy to play with and he would accept nothing less than her.

“You were saying?”  He asked with a smirk on his lips.

“I can’t do this.”  She said suddenly shoving him back and escaping the dressing room.  He couldn’t help but smirk as he watched his retreating prey.

He got dressed and paid for everything he needed before finding her standing outside the shop as she seemed to have felt the need to cool off.

“I’m sorry.” She said as he exited with his bags.

“I should be the one apologizing.”  He said faking his sincerity. “You’re just… you’re not like anyone I knew back then.  I got carried away.”

“Teen hormones.”  She said with a wave of her hand.  “Let’s just forget it?” She asked still blushing.

“That seems for the best.”  He said knowing neither of them would be forgetting the kiss any time soon.

“There are much prettier girls in the school if you haven’t noticed.”  She said walking now with her back straight.

“Are there?”  He asked as if he had not noticed that at all.  In fact, there was only one girl in his mind that even came close to her beauty.

“I heard Daphne Greengrass already really fancies you.”  She told him as if putting another girl in front of him would save her from the hunter.

“She’s not really my type.”  He told her with a little smile.

“Have you met anyone…”  She blushed more deeply, as she was trying to solve what she saw as the problem of him being interested in her.  “…else, anyone else you like?” She asked, and he watched for a moment wondering if she would actually help him get closer to his other target.

“Ginny seemed nice.”  He tested watching her let out a little sigh.

“Everyone likes Ginny.”  She said stiffly. “She’s very pretty.”  She told him, but he could see she was regretting asking about her competition for his attention.

“She is.”  He admitted because no one could see the fiery redhead and think otherwise.  “I have very high standards with it comes to physical appearance.” He said rolling his eyes at her.  “As you should know already.”

“Stop it.”  She said, and to his surprise, he could see tears glassing her eyes.  “I know I don’t compare to her.” She snapped stopping them in the middle of the street.  “Was it a dare? You’re going to go back to Draco and tell him…”

He quickly pulled them into a side street so she wouldn’t make such a scene.  “Some funny joke?” She was still yelling. “Let’s get the ugly mudblood thinking she actually has a chance with the hot Slytherin stud?”

Tom set his bags down and pushed her quickly up against the wall holding a hand over her mouth.  If he didn’t make his desire for her clear right now, he knew he would be dealing with years of this drivel, and that was not the point of him coming all the way here to find himself a mate.

“Shut up.”  He snapped showing her a bit of his true nature, but only a bit.  “What kind of moron gave you the idea you weren’t sexy Hermione?” He asked looking into her eyes as he held her firmly with his body against hers.

Her eyes went wide as she looked up at him with a mix of fear and pain.  He would make sure this Ron boy died a prolonged and painful death for the damage he had caused to Tom’s property.

“Don’t make fun of me.  I know I’m…” He covered her mouth again because he could tell the uselessness of what was coming out of it.

“You’re breaking up with him today Hermione.”  He ordered firmly, as he lowered his hand so she could answer.

“What?”  She asked looking completely confused.

“You are breaking up with Ron today.”  He hissed moving his face close to hers.

“I don’t know you.”  She said swallowing as he felt the tip of her wand against his throat.  He smiled delightedly; she had a fire in her after all.

“You’re breaking up with him today.”  He repeated not fearing any spell this good little girl could cast.  “And tonight I will show you who you are and what you deserve.” He explained plainly.  “It’s not okay that a woman like you doesn’t know her worth.”

“Let go of me.” She said fiercely pressing her wand hard against his neck.

“Only once you fully understand what is going to happen.”  He said as he let his wand drop into his hand. “You are going to break up with him.  I will be lenient this time and allow you to take some time before you come to my bed, but you will come eventually.”

“I don’t like to be messed with for Slytherin amusement.”  She snapped trying to push him back as she realized he wasn’t afraid of her magical threat.

He took a step back when he realized she was digging in.  He would allow her to think about his orders; if she didn’t make the correct action, he had other tactics to use.

“I’m not messing with you, Hermione.”  He said because he was tired of her thinking this was a joke.  How could he make the stubborn girl see that he could see her value?  His manipulation had started out perfectly, how had it gone so wrong?

“Right.”  She said moving around him and heading back to Apparition zone.

Chapter 4: Choosing

Chapter 5: A Relationship

Chapter 6: What Belongs to Him

Chapter 7: Social Standards

Chapter 8: Mindless Bliss

Chapter 9: Dangerous Men

Chapter 10: Circling Predator

Epilog: Contentment