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Draco is looking for something to amuse himself with, and Luna is the most convenient target. With skilled manipulation he molds her into what he wants her to be.

Organized Chaos


As you may know if you look around my website, I have more than a few story ideas.  Some of these ideas I’ve started to work on because that is where my brain pulls me.  Others are just a bit of a spark and I have no need to flesh them out more than they are for now.  I guess there are some ideas I have that I just drop eventually.  I had one idea recently for a funny short about Hermione being dragged to a cosplay convention by her muggle friends and stumbling upon Lord Voldemort’s guilty pleasure of Game of Thrones.  I even started to write a bit of it before I decided it was too silly to live.

Now I have a big table of contents on things I have written and really do plan to write on my website, and it is a bit on the big side, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you look at it.  For my own purposes I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of everything I am currently working on.  Any story I write stays on my spreadsheet until I have finished posting it on the web and right now there are nine entries.

I have these entries in order of how I feel I should be working on them.  On the far right is Shame’s Desire, because I think that is the story I really need to finish and I should be currently posting on.  Next to that is Face of Death.  Which I am posting on today and you can find the new chapter: Here.  Next on the list is His Blood, but only because that story is complete and if I don’t have anything from what is left of it done that is what I post on.

After His Blood is Sound of Submission because I know that it is my most popular story and it is what a lot of my readers want to see next.  I actually have one chapter written if you can believe that, I just don’t think I should start posting chapters on it until I (a) have more to it written, and (b) have Shame’s Desire done.

After Sound of Submission I have Quidditch Lessons.  Now as some of you may know, this story was actually my very first fan-fiction I ever started posting on the internet.  It is a Luna/Draco story where Draco slowly manipulates Luna into being his sub.  Over the past few years I have been working on rewriting the story completely.  It has the same core tale, and a few of the same events, but I wouldn’t exactly call it the same story.  I only have three chapters written for it so far, and this is a story that only gets worked on when there is nothing else driving me.  I think it will be a few more years before you see it as I really want to get a good chunk of it done before I start posting.

Next on my lost is a series I am currently calling Time Twisted Tom.  This story has been getting a lot of attention from me lately because it is what my muse seems to be wanting to write about.  This is a series of time travel obviously.  Tom Riddle age 11 gets transported to 1991 and ends up attending school with Harry and all your favorite characters.  No one is unaffected by the fact Tom didn’t grow up in his own time and you will end up seeing a whole new world from the eyes of Tom Riddle.

Now I said in the beginning that I’ve ordered these stories in a way that I think they should get my attention but as you may have noticed things towards the bottom of the list have been getting a lot more attention than things on the top.  This is actually a point of guilt for me.  As a submissive myself I obviously like to please people.  And I can tell by past comments, and even page views, what people want to read and what I should be working on, but it just doesn’t happen that way.  I wish I could find a way to direct my creativity towards things on demand, but that isn’t how the chaos of my brain works.

I said nine and I’ve only mentioned six.  Number seven is a story called Darkness Within.  This will be my first longer Hermione/Lord Voldemort story.  It is a tale about a world where Voldemort sends Wormtail to kill Harry Potter as a baby instead of going himself.  Because of that within a few years he is running England.  Since Voldemort is running England muggleborns are taken and raised is special facilities where they are given “job training” and taught they are lesser than “real wizards”.  I am working on the fourth chapter of this story and I think it will be very interesting by the time it is done.

As you may have seen I’ve written quite a few shorter pieces with this pair, and it actually has become my most popular pair in number of stories I have written.  This is simply because of a writing forum I belong to that focuses around that pair.  They have challenges focused on stories with that pair which is why I end up using them as often as I do.

I actually don’t have a loyalty to any particular pair I’ve realized.  Many times I come up with a story and choose the pair that will fit my concept best.  This may end up where I have a lot of readers disappointed in my stories as they really like one pair, and I end up only having one story about that pair.  I think that is one of the things that is happening with the popularity of Smell of Submission.  Many readers like Harry/Hermione and I only have two stories written about them.  For those of you who want more of that I actually plan to write my Halloween story about that pair this year (if that helps).

So the eighth story on my spreadsheet is called Lost Girl.  It is another Ginny/Voldemort story and it still needs a lot of work.  It is a story I will be working on in the future, but I have successfully kept myself from putting in too much work so far.  Go me.  This story will be full of smut and angst, so you have been warned.

The last story on my list is my most and my least important one depending on when you ask me.  This story is called The Ninth Tribe: Smoke.  It is my original story that has nothing at all to do with Harry Potter or any of the characters you are used to seeing.  I completed a first draft a few years ago, and have been struggling through a second draft ever since.  I think one of my main issues with writing this story is I have these worries that no one will want to read it.  It was scary to start posting my fan-fiction on line, because putting anything you create out there is like putting a small piece of yourself out for anyone to view.  Fan-fiction though has a built in audience.  My next step is finishing and posting something that I is 100% me and I can’t hide behind another person’s world or characters.  It’s hard to get past that fear and it is harder to motivate my sub side when I don’t know if this new story with please anyone at all…

So this has been a glimpse into the ordered chaos that is how my writing works and by you get what you get when you get it.  I hope it has been an interesting ride for you all.  I’m actually going to the Cape this week on a family vacation, and I hope to get some writing done while I’m there.  I hope the beach house is inspiring this year.


New Story Update


Well the big news of today is I have punished chapter 14 of Smell of Submission!  As well as a side chapter with Cho/Neville called: A Little Boost, for those of you who are interested!

I will be posting all new chapters here before I post them to any other site.

Also I am working on getting the rest of Quidditch Lesson up for your enjoyment and I think I may have that done by the end of the day.  Only thing left after that is Face of Evil, but those chapters are very long.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the new chapter, and let me know what you think!  Love to read comments!

Story Update


This is just a quick post to let everyone know I put the final chapters of Quidditch Lesson up and I also posted chapter 2 of The Nine Tribes: Unrest.  My plan for the rest of the day is to try and finish chapter 2 of Face of War, but I am not making any promises.

New Update


So I haven’t figured out how to make a chapter NOT take over the whole front page if I post it as a post.  So new plan, I will be be just posting them as pages and write a post that tells you when I new chapter is up.

That being said I will be updating both The Smell of Submission and Quidditch Lesson in a few moments!  Expect another couple of updates to Quidditch Lesson in the near future as I am working on writing the last chapter now, and the second to last chapter is being on hold till my beta has time to read it.

In other news I have decided to pause the Quidditch Lesson series once the first book is done.  I have so many projects right now that something had to give, and between books seems like the best place to pause something.

I feel so bad that Blind Nymph and Face of War have both been on pause for over a month simply because my muse is a pervert…  For those of you who are fans, do not worry they are still being worked on, just slowly.

Chapter 57: Game Five: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Warning: The following chapters contain graphic sexual content and general smuttiness

Rating: MA

Chapter 57: Game Five: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin

“Why are we even watching this game?”  Ron asked with a bit of a pout.

“If Hufflepuff wins Ravenclaw has a chance as the Quidditch Cup.”  Luna told him simply as people piled into the stands around them.

“You would have to beat Gryffindor as well you realize.”  he tease and Luna smiled up at him.

“Maybe I plan on distracting your Keeper?”  She offered as she teased him back.

“Not if I distract the Ravenclaw Keeper first.”  he said and pulled her small frame into his lap so he could more easily kiss her.  If he was going have to watch the Hufflepuffs get slaughtered by Slytherin than he would at least get something good out of it.

Luna laughed and kissed him back as the teams flew into the pitch and the game soon began.

As Draco entered the pitch with the rest of the team he looked around to see if he could spot his pet.  When he found her in the lap of the red headed git, it took much of his will not to fly over and pummel the other boy the muggle way.

He took a deep place once the game began and tried to focus on finding the snitch.  His focus only lasted so long and he found himself looking back to the couple as they made out again and again.

Before he knew it Slytherin was up by more than a hundred and he still had not found the snitch.  He needed to focus, the sooner he could end this stupid game the sooner he could punish his pet’s ass raw for even being near her boyfriend.

He glanced over one last time before he set himself to search for the snitch when he noticed the bastard’s hand on her breast.  Those breasts did not belong to Weasley!  Those breasts were his!

It was in that moment of distraction that a flick of gold caught his eye.  He turned to go charging for it but found that the Hufflepuff Seeker was already on his way.  If something didn’t happen the other Seeker would get there before Draco and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

When the deafening cheers went up from Hufflepuff as they won their first match of the year Draco almost tore his hair out.  This was all Weasley’s fault!  If the that stupid blood traitor had not been touching what didn’t belong to him Draco would have been so distracted.

Draco landed and stalked out of the pitch with the rest of his team.  “What happened?”  Blaise asked and sounded angry.

“Stupid… git… touching… mine.”  Draco grumbled unable to form full sentences.

His teammates gave him some distance after that as the realized the depth of his anger at the moment.  He thought about sending for his pet so she could pay for her crimes for the rest of the night, but decided it could actually be dangerous for her as the target of his anger.  He would punish her another way, and very soon.

He still needed to let off some steam though so when he saw Tracey sitting in the common room with her friends he grabbed her hand.  “Why don’t we go talk about our future.”  He said as he pulled her to her feet.

She looked around for a moment as if trying to gauge what was going on, then just smiled at him.  “I would like that.”  She said then let him lead her up to his dorm.

Once they were alone he locked and silenced the door before turning back to her.  “Would you like the power that comes with being my girlfriend?”  he asked bluntly.

“Why do you think I have been trying to get your attention.”  She responded just as plainly.

“Fine, then get on your knees and put your mouth to good use.”  he said and motioned to the floor in front of him.

She licked her lips and knelt down before looking up at him with her hands resting on his belt buckle.  “I do this and we are dating?”  She asks to confirm what she will get out of the act.

Draco grabbed the back of her scalp and turned her head up to look down into her eyes.  “You last the night and then we are dating.”  he countered before letting go.

She smiled and went right to work on releasing him from the confines of his quidditch gear.  He didn’t help in the least, he only watched and got more and more irritated that it was taking her so long to get to the part he wanted.

When she finally had him released from the bottom half of his clothing, she licked the tip of his flaccid member.  She nibbled and sucked at his skin as she waited for him to respond to her attention.

Draco closed his eyes and started to think about his pet’s mouth on him instead of the girl kneeling at his feet.  He grew hard at her attention, then felt her lips wrap around his head as her tongue brushed against the tip.

His hand moved back into his hair, but he made no move to hinder her actions in any way.  When she took him in much deeper than his pet had been able to he smiled.  “You’ve had a lot of practice at this.”  he moaned softly.

She moaned around him in response, which only made the experience better.  “If you keep this up you may be Mrs Malfoy some day.”  he said then let out a slow groan before pulling her off his cock.

She smiled and licked her lips as she looked back up to him.  “Oh I can do better than that.”  She said with a smile as she moves back to try and take him into her mouth once again.  He held her hair tight to keep her still.

“If that is what you really want, you will have to learn that I am in control.  Do you understand?”  he asked as he let go of her hair and pushed her back away from him.

She sat back on her legs and looked up at him.  She smiled up at him and licked her lips.  “I don’t think that is what you really want.”  She said as she got to her feet, and looked him in the eyes.  “If that was what you wanted wouldn’t you be dating that little Ravenclaw slut you like to play with?”  She asked as she pushed him back towards the bed.

Draco caught her wrist as she touched him and swung them around.  “Is that what you think?”  he asked with a smirk on his lips.  If it was any other day he would have thrown her out now just to teach her a lesson, but he needed release and he could not go to it pet for it.  “Well maybe I should get a few things straight.”  He added and he pushed her hard so she fell back onto the bed and moved over her a moment later.

She laughed and wrapped her legs around him as she looked into his eyes.  “What is that?”  She asked playfully.

He smiled down at her as he slid his hands up her arms before pinning her wrists above her head.  “You will never refer to my pet as a slut, ever again.  Do you understand?”  he asked and squeezed her wrists.  Tracey whimpered and looked up into Draco eyes before nodding her head.

“You will keep your hands above your head while I fuck you raw.”  he told her as let go of her wrists.  “If you don’t like it, than you can go at any time, but if you do, I will never touch you again.  Do you understand?”  He asked as his hands trailed down her form.

“Yes.”  She gasped as she looked up into his eyes.

“Good girl.”  He said with a smirk before he pushed her skirt up her legs to find her knickers.  When he saw the black lace that covered her blond curls he chuckled to himself and shook his head.  He slipped them down her legs slowly them tossed them over his shoulder towards Crabbe and Goyle’s part of the room.

Draco reached down and slipped two fingers into her body easily.  She purred and moaned under him, but he could tell it was an act.  At the moment he didn’t really care, his pleasure was all that mattered, and more importantly his release.

He thrust himself into her in own smooth stroke making ehr let out a gasp as she wasn’t quite ready for his girth.  “Draco!”  She moaned prettily under him.  He shifted her hips up so he could get the best angle into her before he started to thrust at a rapid pace.

Tracey leaned up to try and capture his lips into a kiss but he just pushed her shoulder back down.  “I don’t kiss on the first date.”  he groaned and enjoyed the confusion that lit her eyes.

He took her rapidly and with no regard to her pleasure.  He liked to make women come most of the time.  But at the moment all he wanted to do was rut the image, of Weasley so openingly touching what should belong to him alone, out of his head.

When he closed his eyes the image came back to his head and he started to thrust into Tracey harder, more in anger than his lust.

“Draco!”  She gasped under him, and he could hear that she was enjoying herself after all.  “Don’t stop!  Harder!”  She screamed and he smirked as opened his eyes to watch her breasts bounce under him.

She had many more curves that his little pet, and he could deny her body was appealing.  It was just the fact that she knew exactly how pretty she was and she used it to her advantage in every situation that bored Draco.

As her body tightened around him, he cleared his throat and tried to hold onto control.  He would keep this one for a while, at least until he decided Ron was in love with his pet.  After that he would have to opening date her for a while so he could truly rub it into Weasley’s face.

When he finally let himself find release inside of her he looked down into her eyes and smiled.   “I think I will be keeping you around for a while at least.” He told her before he pulled out.  “You can go.”

Chapter 56: Spring Holiday


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Warning: The following chapters contain graphic sexual content and general smuttiness

Rating: MA

Spring Holiday

A few weeks passed and soon students were getting ready for the spring holiday.  Luna received a letter from her father saying that he wished to spend the break in South America looking for a Boltnose Nesslpot and he wished for Luna to join him during her time off.  Both her boyfriend and her Master agreed that she would have to go, but neither of them were happy about it.

As Ron lead her to a compartment in the train she glanced down the hall to see her Master watching her from afar.  He had agreed to let her ride home with her boyfriend, with a promise that he would punish her for it when they saw each other again.

“I hate the way ferret is always looking at you.”  Ron said as he pulled her down next to him on the seat.

“What?”  Luna frowned, she had no idea Ron was that perceptive.  He had never noticed her watching him, why was he noticing boys watching her.

“Malfoy.  He is always looking at you, ever since we started dating.”  Ron explained with a deep frown.  “Maybe I should go explain to him about not looking at other people’s girls.”  Ron said and got up as Harry and Ginny entered the compartment.

“Who is looking at other people’s girls?’  Harry asked as he sat down by the window on the seat across from them, Ginny sat down next to him.

“I think he is complaining about Malfoy again.”  Ginny said and rolled her eyes.

Luna looks between the three Gryffindors with her own frown.  “This is the first I have heard of Draco looking at me.”  She said innocently then looked to Ginny.  “Has Ron been talking about it a lot?”

“He is just fixated on it right now.”  Ginny said with a shake of her head.  “You’ll get used to it after a while.”

“He is constantly looking at her, and you should have heard the rubbish things he has said to  and about her!”  Ron yells and waves his hands about.

“Ron, Malfoy is just trying to get under your skin.  He is doing it just to provoke you.”  Harry said to try and calm down his friend.

“He probably just heard the horrible things I am sure Adrian is saying about me.”  Luna added and took Ron’s hand.  “Can you just not worry about it?  Is it really doing any harm?”  She asked and kissed his cheek.

“I just don’t like the idea of him even thinking about you that way.” Ron said, but smiled at the kiss.  “Luna you have no idea what goes on in guys minds.  You are much too sweet to be in his.”  He told her and kissed her softly.

Luna blushed and looked to the floor.  She felt strange when Ron said things like this to her, it wasn’t guilt exactly, she couldn’t really place the emotion.

Ron pulled her into his arms and let her rest against his chest.  He seemed to favor this position when they were all just sitting around talking, and Luna couldn’t say she minded in the least.

“You know Luna, I think you are good for my brother.”  Ginny said from across the way.  “You seem to be the only thing that calms him down when he is in one of his moods.” She added with a teasing smile.

Ron huffed and pulled Luna in closer.  “Than I am sorry I will not see you guys until we are coming back to school.”  she said and looked up at Ron’s face.  “Please try and not think about it while I am away?” She asked and moved to kiss him on the lips this time.

Ron sighed and nodded.  “I’ll try, but I am not making any promises.  The only thing that makes me feel better is that you are in my arms and not his.”  He told her before he kissed her again.  Now that statement made her feel guilty.

They rode back in the train talking about nothing of real importance.  They just enjoyed each other’s company while they could.  When they got out onto the platform and saw their parents all heading their way Ron turned Luna to him and looked down into her eyes.

“Going to really miss you.”  he told her with a smile before he leaned down and gave her a passion filled kiss right out in front of everyone.  Luna closed her eyes and let herself sink into the kiss until he slowly pulled away.  “Will you write me?”  he asked with a smile.

“Only as often as you write me.”  Luna said with a knowing smirk.  She gave him one last peck on the lips before she headed off to join her father.

“So are you and the youngest Weasley dating now?”  Her father asked with a curious interest as he looked over to the boy who was just kissing his daughter.

“Yes, I guess we are.”  She said with a shrug.

The two weeks of break were spent camping in a deep jungles of South America, and Luna loved every moment of it.  They didn’t find what they were looking for, but as with all her adventures with her father, that was only really half the point.

She only received one letter from Ron, but she sent him a few in return none the less.  Her Master sent her a letter every other day and their content would make the most jaded person blush.

She was glad to have her own tent because Draco’s letters required privacy to read, for more than one reason.  The day before break ended Luna and her father were settling back into their home when Draco’s letter arrived.

“It is that eagle owl again.”  Her father said as he nodded to the door.  “I assume you will be heading to your room?”  he asked with a smile that made Luna blush.

“Yes, see you for supper?”  She asked as she took the envelope from the owl.

“I invited some of your friends over tonight.”  He informed her for the first time which made Luna stop on the stairs.

“Who?”  She asked feeling sick that he may have invited people that should not see one another.

“The ones staying at the Weasley’s house.  I didn’t think they got along with your other friend.” He said and nodded to the note.  She had forgotten how perceptive her father was as well, which made her blush.

“They don’t, so please don’t mention him?”  She asked her father meekly.  It wasn’t in a Lovegood’s nature to lie, but he would understand keeping the peace.

“Don’t worry, I know how explosive Weasley’s can be.”  her father said, and with one last nod she headed up to her room to read her Master’s letter.

Little Raven,

I do hope you have been enjoying my letters to their fullest.  I have decided since you are back in the country that you would enjoy my company even more.  Tonight I wish to see what your room looks like and thoroughly defile it.  Write back to give me a time I may come over without being caught by your father.

~Master Dragon

The idea of him coming to her room sent a spark of pleasure between her legs.  She was breathing heavy from just the thought of what he could do to her.  She had to take a deep breath to calm down before she went to the door to yell down to her father.

“What time are people coming tonight?”  She called so she would be able to give her Master better details.

“I told them seven to nine.”  Her father called back.

She went over to her desk and started to write her response.


My father has invited guests over for supper tonight.  They will be leaving around nine so it would be best if you didn’t come until ten.

~Little Raven

Once that was complete Luna headed down stairs to get her father’s owl so she could send the letter on its way.  When the owl returned he had a new message for her.  She took it from his leg and opened it right away.

Little Raven,

Who are your supper guests?  They are making your punishment worse by making me wait.

~Master Dragon.

Luna wondered why every time he wrote or spoke of punishment it sent a thrill through her instead of dread.  She liked being punished by him and he seemed to enjoy doing the punishing, but she put those thoughts aside while she wrote back.


My father has invited some of my friends over because they did not get to see me over break.  As far as I understand it, Harry, Ginny, and the Bitch will be our guests.  Hermione may also be joining us, but I am unclear about this.

~Little Raven

She finished writing and sent the note off.  This time she expected the own to return with a reply, and even told him to wait for one.

My Little Raven,

There is no way you are going to see him before I get to see you.  I will be over in a few minutes and I will stay in your room until they leave.  You will make sure your father has no problem with this.  Exspect me by floo.

~Your Master

Luna swallowed hard as she read the letter and then looked up to her father.  “Would it be okay if my other friend came to visit as well?”  She asked as she folded Draco’s letter.

“I thought that would cause problems?”  Her father asked with a frown.

“He will just stay out of sight while the others are here.”  Luna told him honestly.  “He is just as excited to see me as they are.”  She said and hoped her father didn’t notice her blush.

“If that is what he prefers.”  Her father said with a smile.  “But if he spends the night it will be on the couch.”  he added a bit more firmly.

“I am sure he will go home, if maybe a bit late.” Luna said then rushed to the bathroom to make sure she looked okay before Draco got there.

By the time she came back out she heard Draco and her father talking in the sitting room.  She paused to see what the two men were saying to one another.

“You know she is dating Ronald now?”  he father asked

“I am aware.”  Draco replied stiffly.

“I am fairly certain she would break up with him if you admitted you were in love with her.”  Her father added calmly.

There was a long pause, and Luna was about to enter the room before Draco answered.  “I can’t deny I do have feelings for you daughter Sir, though I would not be so bold as to call them love.”

“Ah, well then you should tell her once you figure out that is what they are.”  Her father said as if it were a sure thing.  Luna shook her head as she knew how off her father really was on this one.  The feelings they shared were not love, but very much its sinful sister lust.

“What have you two been talking about?”  She asked as she walked into the room.  Draco looked relieved to see her, her father was obviously making him uncomfortable.

“Nothing important.  We have an hour until your other friends show up, so show me your room.”  Draco commanded in his most polite tone.

She smiled and took his hand before waving to her father.  They soon found themselves in Luna’s bedroom.  Draco spent some time looking around. He picked up a few objects and took in her natural environment for the first time since they started their relationship.  It was a clean space, but far from organized.  The ceiling looked as if it had recently been painted white, thought the rest of the room was a pale blue color.

“Do you actually sleep in that tiny bed?”  Draco asked as he walked over to the twin sized canopy bed.

“It is the same size we have at school.”  Luna pointed out with a smile.

“Well that is at school, you expect to be uncomfortable there.”  he said with his own smile.  “Now, I do think it is time to start defiling this room.”  he said as he approached her like a predator after his prey.

“What did you have in mind Master?”  She asked before she locked and warded the door.

“I’m traditional, we can start with the bed and move from there.”  He said as he caught her around the waist.

“Will you be punishing me before or after supper Master?”  She asked as he pushed the hair from her neck and started to kiss and bite at the skin.

“Before, after will be a reward if you are a good pet.”  he told her as his hands pulled her shirt up over her head.  Her breath caught in her throat as his hands nearly tore her clothes from her.  When he was done her knickers laid in pieces on the floor.

“Master…”  She gasped as he threw her over his shoulder and carried her over to the bed.  “Little Raven missed you.”  She told him breathlessly.

“I missed my Little Raven.”  he admitted as he dumped her on the bed.  “Do I need to tie you up or are you going to take your punishment like a good girl?”  he asked with an evil smirk.

She licked her lips as she tried to think of the right answer.  “What ever would please you more Master.”  She decided to go with the safe choice.

“I’ll leave you free for now, but if you try and get away from your punishment I will just have to add more.”  He told her as his smirk just widened.

“Yes Master.”  She said and wondered what her punishment was going to be.

“Lay back on the bed and close your eyes.  I want you to keep them closed unless I tell you otherwise, do you understand pet?”  he asked and she quickly got into position.

“Yes Master”  She answered and closed her eyes tightly.

She felt his hands on her knees and he moved her legs so she was completely open to him.  “I can see my little pet is already looking forward to this.”  he told her with a chuckle as he noticed her arousal.

Luna swallowed and blushed as she turned her head away from him.  She heard him chuckle again.  “I’ve decided to decorate your front today, but I want you to count each lash.  You will stay focused on each new pain I give you.  Do you understand pet?”  He asked as he ran his hands down her body.

“Yes Master.” She said and licked her lips in anticipation.  She soon felt the sting of his riding crop just under her breast.  “One Master.”  She gasped and her hips rolled.

The second lash landed above her other breast.  The third made her scream by landing directly on her overly excited nipple.  She moaned and screamed as he gave her twenty lashes to her breasts, and by the time he was done they were nothing my bruises and welts.

When he was doen his ran his hands over his work which made her flinch and moan.  “Wearing a bra down is going to be hell.”  he told her with a chuckle before he licked her heated skin.  “But that is a part of your punish.”

She could feel him moving between her eyes.  “Watching you twitch and moan has made your Master hard.”  he told her before he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

She gasped and arched her back, all the while making sure she kept her eyes closed. “But you should know your real punishment is yet to come.”  he told her as he moved up her form.  “Keep your hands above your head.”  he ordered before kneeling and pulling back from her.

“What is my punishment Master?”  She whimpered as she felt he may leave her like this.

The next thing she felt was his hardened cock slipping against her wet folds.  She licked her lips and gasped as her hips tried to move to meet him.  “You will see pet.” he said before leaning back down and licking at her neck as his sunk himself into her slowly.

Taking her like this always felt so right.  He was slow at first as they both got used to the union and just enjoyed themselves, but as the clock neared seven his strokes started to speed up and become more rough.  “Don’t you dare come until I say so.”  he groaned and Luan nodded unable to speak.

She jerked under him as her hands wanted to reach out and take his shoulders.  It was almost painful to keep herself on the edge when all her body wanted to do was fall over it.  When it was only a few minutes before her friends were supposed to arrive Draco found release in his pet.  Luna waited for his command, as her body twitched with need for release.

When he pulled out of her she found that she was crying in frustration.  “Master?”  She whimpered under him.

“That is your punishment.”  he said as he pulled himself completely away from her.  “Cool yourself down and get dressed.  Your friends won’t be much longer.”  he said as he cleaned himself up with a spell.

She was still whimpering on the bed when her father called up to tell her her friends had arrived.

It took her another ten minutes to calm herself and dress to go see her friends.  Draco did not permit her a cleaning spell because he wanted his seed inside of her when she saw Ron.  She made her way down the stairs and tried to walk as naturally as she could.

The moment she stepped into the sitting room Ron picked her up and swung her around happily.  She smiled back at him and kissed him softly on the lips before he put her down.  She heard giggling from behind him and looked around to see Ginny smiling brightly at her.

The supper was an event filled with laughter and smiles.  Luna couldn’t find a comfortable way to sit, but she didn’t let that get in the way of spending time with her friends.

When it was finally time for them to head home Ron pulled her away from the others so they could have a few private moments.  When they were in the hallway he just smiled a goofy smile at her before kissing her softly.

“See you on the train tomorrow?”  he asked and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Yes.”  She told him simply and leaned up to kiss him once again.  “I have missed you Ronald.  I wish you would have written more.”  She teased and smiled as he blushed.

“I meant to, the days just got away from me.”  he told her sheepishly.  “See you tomorrow.”  he said and kissed her one last time before he head out with the other.

Once they were gone and told her father she and Draco would be spending a few hours talking in her room before he headed home as well then went up to see what he had been up to the whole time.

“I brought some food Master.”  She said as she opened the door.

Draco smiled and shook his head.  “I packed food.”  he said as he looked up from her desk. He placed the book he had been reading back in his bag and turned to her.  “How was supper with the Bitch and friends?”  he asked with a grin.

“Fun.”  She told him honestly as she moved to him and knelt at his feet.

“You took your punishment very well.” he complimented her as he ran his fingers through her hair.  “Would you like me to heal them for you?”  he asked with a smile.

“No need Master, they are just a bit bruised.”  She said and smiled back up at him.  “I kind of like it Master.”

He chuckled and shook his head.  “I thought you would.  Now, what would you like as a reward?”  He asked as he played with the ends of her hair.

“I only wish to bring you more pleasure Master.”  She told him simply.

“Oh you will.”  he promised with a smirk.