Monthly Archives: April 2015

On a roll on Face Trilogy…


So my muse seems to still be going pretty strong.  I’ve posted Face of War Chapter 7: Dark Desires today and I’m already working on Chapter 8: Hope & Tears (working title).  Also for my Face Trilogy fans I’ve finally finished planning out the rest of the book AND I’ve finally decided how the series ends. Throughout writing this story I’ve been playing with three or four different endings to the collection.  I’ve finally nailed down which will actually be happening.  I’m curious to see how other people think it should end for our three girls.

Anyone Miss me?


Hey everyone!

So I know I have been silent since January, you see it seemed my muse packed up and went on vacation.  I couldn’t seem to write a single thing worth posting and the less I wrote the more of a funk I fell into.  Realizing that I was heading for a full on depression I decided to try just making myself write.  I got up early one day a couple of weeks ago and just made myself work on one of my many open projects.

The end result on that day is that I have been writing every day since.  Which means today I have a new post for everyone that reads my website.  I have decided against posting on or just yet.  I want to make sure I can get a decent buffer before I start posting on those sites, but I have also decided that you guys will always get my work when it is ready for posting.  That is teh advantage of reading my stuff here!

Without further ado you can find the most recent chapter of Face of War by clicking the link!  As always thanks to my awesome Beta and biggest fan Eclectic Pet, for making sure my work doesn’t suck!  Hope everyone enjoys!