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So I have decided that I will be posting on not one, but two stories a week for the foreseeable future!  Well sort of.  I want my readers to catch up with Blind Nymph before I start posting new chapters of that story here and on, but once that is done there will be two chapters a week everywhere!

But wait… you guys still benefit from this new policy right away!  Because of it you are getting the last chapter of Smell of Submission a week early!  And next week I will start posting on a brand new story called Shame’s Desire!

Anyway, here is the final chapter of many of your favorite story, I hope you enjoy!  Chapter 27: My Tresure

Nearing the END.


For those of you who have been enjoying Smell of Submission I am glad and sorry to tell you we are nearing the end of the first book!  I have posted Chapter 26: Lost and Found, today and it is actually the second to last chapter.  The very last chapter of this story will be posted on September 7th!  I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride!

There will be a sequel to this story, but I am taking some time off of it for right now.  In its place I will start posting on a new story I have been working on.  It is Ginny/Lucius in a AU setting.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as you have enjoyed Smell of Submission!