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A Harry Potter fan fiction. Second installment in the Face trilogy. All is not what is seems in the newly formed Dark Empire. Hope still hides in the shadows, but there are now some who know it is there. Follow the continuing story of three very different women trying to make lives for themselves in this new dark world.

Summer So Far


Okay if you look at my calendar I have a few stories scheduled again.  The first being a story I wrote randomly the thing week because I was inspired to do something on the more smutty side.  So I am posting Notes today.  It is a full story that I hope you all enjoy.

Next week I will be posting the first chapter to Face of Death!  It is done and ready for posting now, so I am excited to finally story this last installment to the Face Trilogy.  This story is going to pick up a week after Face of War ended and all our girl’s lives have changed dramatically in consequence to what happened at the wedding.

The following week I will definitely be posting my Midsummer story and I am going to try to work on something else to post as well.  Either Shame’s Desire or Sound of Submission… we will see what my muse wants.  The Midsummer story itself is actually a sequel to Autumn Goddess so that will be fun too!  It is one chapter as well, so not a lot to commit to! 😉

By June 26th I am hoping to have another Face of Death chapter done, but we will see…



So I am actually away right now and trusting the wordpress thing to post this when it is supposed to.  I didn’t want to make anyone wait for the next chapter so I have scheduled this to post at 9am on Sunday my time.  We will see what happens.  if this doesn’t post my itself I will try to get it up as soon as I can.

Anyway I hope everyone enjoys Face of War Chapter 13: Two Fragments

A Schedule


Yay it’s posting day!  😀 For those of you who are interested I just posted Face of War Chapter 12: United!  That means we only have two more chapters left before the story is done.  What do you guys think?  Will everything come together in the end and finally push back this new dark empire?  For a hint there is a whole other book after this one.  It is called Face of Death and should be started… sometime.

I really need to make a real schedule I know!  Well I do have a posting schedule for the next couple of months!  So I thought I would share what I plan to bring you.  I hope to keep this going so everyone knows what to expect and what I am working on.  I  plan to update you again either at the beginning of November or as soon as I know myself, whichever comes first… 😉

October Schedule

[10/11/15] Face of War- Chapter 13: Two Fragments
[10/18/15] Face of War- Chapter 14: What is Precious
[10/25/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 1: The Blood on Her Hands

November Schedule

[11/01/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 2: To Live or Die
[11/08/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 3: Suffering
[11/15/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 4: Body & Mind
[11/22/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 5: Conditioning

Just in case no one looks at the table of contents, Moon Guard is my Halloween story!

I’m Alive! And so is Face of War!


Now that my laptop is fixed I have decided that it is time for me to start posting on a weekly basis once again.  I will be spending today getting my and profiles on the same chapter as this website, but before I do any of that I wanted to give those that read my website directly a little head start on the next chapter.  My plan is to post a new chapter to Face of War every Sunday until it is completed.  I will always post chapters to this site before any other.  This will start with FoW Chapter 9: Immunity and continue until I get to the final chapter.  In case anyone is curious the story is 14 chapters long.

I hope everyone enjoys the new chapter and I would like to give a special thanks to my beta Eclectic Pet for helping to make my work better.  She is a busy person with a full life just like everyone, and I’m honored that she takes time out to read and edit my work.

On a roll on Face Trilogy…


So my muse seems to still be going pretty strong.  I’ve posted Face of War Chapter 7: Dark Desires today and I’m already working on Chapter 8: Hope & Tears (working title).  Also for my Face Trilogy fans I’ve finally finished planning out the rest of the book AND I’ve finally decided how the series ends. Throughout writing this story I’ve been playing with three or four different endings to the collection.  I’ve finally nailed down which will actually be happening.  I’m curious to see how other people think it should end for our three girls.

Anyone Miss me?


Hey everyone!

So I know I have been silent since January, you see it seemed my muse packed up and went on vacation.  I couldn’t seem to write a single thing worth posting and the less I wrote the more of a funk I fell into.  Realizing that I was heading for a full on depression I decided to try just making myself write.  I got up early one day a couple of weeks ago and just made myself work on one of my many open projects.

The end result on that day is that I have been writing every day since.  Which means today I have a new post for everyone that reads my website.  I have decided against posting on or just yet.  I want to make sure I can get a decent buffer before I start posting on those sites, but I have also decided that you guys will always get my work when it is ready for posting.  That is teh advantage of reading my stuff here!

Without further ado you can find the most recent chapter of Face of War by clicking the link!  As always thanks to my awesome Beta and biggest fan Eclectic Pet, for making sure my work doesn’t suck!  Hope everyone enjoys!

On a roll!


Hey everybody.

I have just post Chapter 18 for Smell of Submission so I am feeling pretty good right now!  Actually I posted both 17 and 18… but I have actually had 17 done for a while and had not realized it had not been posted here yet.  I am currently working on several other chapters to a few of my stories and hope to have something new again by next week!

I also have other great news for those of you who enjoy reading my work, but keep getting annoyed by my horrible grammar mistakes!  I have a new beta!  Eclectic Pet has been very kind to offer to beta my work for me and I think she is doing an awesome job.  I reposted my most recent chapter of Face of War after she fixed my errors, and chapter 18 of Smell of Submission has also benefited from her eye!

On a side note, I was thinking about trying my hand at writing some holiday fics this year. Do you think you guys would enjoy reading them?

Finally Done


Just a quick not to let everyone know that Face of Evil is finally completely up on this site! *happy dance* and that is the last of my published work.  So I am completely up to date!

You should also see another chapter to Smell of Submission up tomorrow or the next as the chapter is done and I am just waiting for it to be edited.  I have also been working on a chapter of Face of War and it is like 3/4 of the way done… so you guys should see that soonish as well!

Story Update


This is just a quick post to let everyone know I put the final chapters of Quidditch Lesson up and I also posted chapter 2 of The Nine Tribes: Unrest.  My plan for the rest of the day is to try and finish chapter 2 of Face of War, but I am not making any promises.