This is my Fan Fiction Series Page.  As of right now I write exclusively Harry Potter fan fiction, but that may change at some point in the future.  For right now I enjoy the world created by J.K. Rowling to much to leave it alone.  Many of my fictions are considered erotica and are BDSM oriented, but not all.  I will be putting a Warning and Rating at the top of each chapter so my readers know what to expect.  Hope you enjoy reading!

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  1. Any idea if or when you may start posting the next installment of smell of submission? How large will the new order become ? Will any more well known characters be joining the inner group and what will be their rolls ? How will the order be explained to candidates for general membership ? Found this on aff and couldn’t stop reading it. That being said there are numerous typing and pronoun uses issues. Nothing rereading to edit could not easily fix. Hope there is more to come and thanks for sharing.

    • The only thing I can tell you is that is is a sequel planned for Smell of Submission. It has a title and an outline at this point, but it has been otherwise put on the back burner until I get some of my already started work completed.

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