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Draco looked over the note once again.  He couldn’t believe Pansy was actually bold or imaginative enough to write something so sensual.  But he couldn’t deny that what it proposed seemed like a fun game to play.  When he had tried to mention it to her she pretended to have no idea what he was talking about, which only added more excitement to it somehow.  He smiled reading the note one more time before he thought of his reply.

Dear Quidditch Star,

I’ve decided to leave names out of this note because if someone found what I’ve decided to write to you it would just be too embarrassing for me to survive.  The truth is school is almost over and I think it is time that I try something bold to get your attention.  So I’ve decided to become your naughty little pen pal.  If you’re interested in exchanging these letters where no one will see us passing them back and forth you can put your response behind the painting of the sleeping wizard on the third floor right corridor.  He’s never awake so I think he will be a perfect guardian for this exchange.  With all that out of the way let’s start the fun part of this message.

Sometimes when the other girls in my dorm are asleep I take off my nightgown and tie myself to my bed with my school tie.  I like to feel the cool air on my breasts so I leave my curtains open just a little.  I lay there like that with my eyes closed, imagining what you would do to me if I was helplessly tied to your bed.  When I can’t stand it any more I untie myself and put back on my nightgown.  I refuse to touch myself even though all I want in those moments is to bring myself to climax.  I want you to make me cum, and I don’t want to do it without your permission.

I’m actually getting excited writing all this down like a confession.  Does this make me a bad girl?  Do I even deserve to cum?  Please tell me what you would do if you were here?

~Naughty Little Pen Pal

Draco had many thoughts about what he would do to her and he even wondered if she would listen if he gave her orders in these letters. From her writing it seemed submitting to his will would be something of interest to her.  Looking around to make sure he was alone he started his first letter.  He would find a time to deliver it tomorrow.

Ginny’s hands were shaking when she found the note hidden exactly where she had told Harry to put it.  She was a bit nervous to even check because he was doing a really good job of not reacting to the first note.  Taking in a slow breath she found the closest hidden alcove to read the note in.  She just couldn’t wait to see what he said.

Dear My Bad Girl,

I had to read you note several times before I could believe you actually wrote something so erotic down on parchment.  Calling yourself naughty is letting you off easy.  I think going forward in these letters you should call yourself something you find degrading.  I want you to really think about it before you send anything back.  If what you choose isn’t humiliating enough I will choose something truly horrible for you.  This is your chance to impress me.

You want to know what I would do to you if I had you all tied up in my bed?  That would depend greatly on what you deserve.  If you were a good girl that day I would pleasure you with my tongue.  I would start at those perfect little breasts of yours and nip and suck on your nipples until they were nice and excited.  Once they were wet hard little points I would move further down your stomach and leave them to ache in the night air.  I would spread your legs far enough that I could bury my face in your cunt.  I’m betting it would be slick with pleasure by the time I gave it any attention at all.  What do you think?  I would be gentle with your excited little clit, giving it a tiny lick every so often between driving my tongue inside you until you were positively shaking with desire.  But I would only let you cum if you were a really really good girl.

Now if you were a bad girl then I would turn you over and make you get up on your knees while keeping your head and shoulders down against the pillows of my bed.  I would remove my belt and give you some firm stripes across your backside and thighs.  I would test to see if you were the kind of naughty girl that this treatment turns on.  If I found you slick I would give you ten more stripes so you knew what a bad girl your were, then I would fuck you like that until I was good and pleased.  If you came without permission while I was using you I would have to punish you all over again.  You wouldn’t be able to sit for weeks after I was done with you.

If I still have your attention I would be interested in hearing more about what power you would let me have over you.  I don’t want you climaxing until we have sorted out who is in charge here.  I’ve decided I’m not going to mention any of this outside of these letters.  It will be more fun if I can control you with the simple will of my written word.

~Your Master

P.S. If I don’t receive an answer from you before curfew tonight you will be in trouble.

Ginny felt dizzy by the time she had finished reading the letter the first time.  Who knew Harry had such a wonderfully dirty mind.  Merlin she wanted to go back to her room and masturbate while reading it right then.  Her eyes moved over the last paragraph and the postscript then she decided it would be better to write her letter as soon as she could.  Was she really going to let Harry dominate her through these letters?

When Draco went out that night to patrol the halls as Head Boy he diverged from his normal route to see if Pansy had done as he commanded.  When he found her letter he smiled and shoved it into his pocket before moving on.  He would wait until bed that night to read it.  He had decided to be direct in his first letter.  He wanted her to either know what she was getting into or be scared away.  By the note in his pocket she had not been scared.

Propping himself up in bed he pulled out the letter and opened to see exactly what his new little pet had to say.

Dear Master,

You haven’t given me much time to think of something really bad enough to call myself.  You said you wanted something that would make me feel degraded so if it pleases you I think you could call me Bitch because it seems I’m in heat?

Your last letter made me feel very torn.  I mean how could I choose between being good and bad when I think I would enjoy both of those things you described.  I guess that makes me just live up to my new name.

How much power would you like to have Master?  After reading your letter I wanted to masturbate in the little alcove I was hiding in while reading it, but instead I’m going to bed in more need than before I started writing.  You’re in charge here, please let me cum tomorrow?  I’m begging.

~Your Bitch

Draco smiled down at the words.  The name would do for now, but she was simple if she thought he would be the only one to be using it.

Ginny was about to open the next letter when she found Harry had written on the outside.

Only to be opened in the first floor girl’s bathroom

She narrowed her eyes at this and put the letter away.  Harry knew that was Myrtle’s bathroom, why would he want her to go there?

When she had made her way down and locked herself in one of the stalls she opened the letter to see what it said.


I’m not the only one that is going to be calling you by your new name.  I want you to start thinking of yourself as Bitch.  In fact I want you to say it out loud right now.  Say ‘I am a bitch in heat.’  I’ll know if you do it.

Ginny didn’t hear anything coming from Myrtle’s stall so she took a deep breath and spoke as quietly as she could.  “I am a bitch in heat.”  She said feeling a little thrill at how wrong it felt to be following his orders.  A moment after she spoke glowing words appeared on the stall door.

This is Bitch’s Naughty Place.

She looked at them until they faded into nothing.  It was a wonderful charm and made her feel even more excited about the work Harry had put into this little game.  Turning back to the letter she read on.

If you were a good girl you can take off your knickers and put them in your bag.  If you’ve gotten to this point in the letter without doing as you were told you should throw your knickers on the floor wherever you are right now.

Ginny smiled and again did as the note instructed.  She was glad that she was allowed to keep her knickers for being a good girl.  Somehow it made her feel proud that she was following his rules.

Whenever you write to me in the future you will write in the third person and you will use your new name at least once a paragraph.  I need my little Bitch to understand what she is now.  I want you to say it again Bitch.  You will miss your next class if you don’t say it loud enough for my liking.

Ginny looked around wondering exactly what that meant.  Her first instinct was to try the stall door.  She found that it was stuck and it made her look back at the letter.

“I am a bitch in heat.”  She said softly before trying the door again.  It was still stuck.  Taking in a slow breath she repeated herself.  Only this time she said it at speaking volume.  “I am a bitch in heat.”

She felt relieved when the door opened at her words.  She listened closely but was happy to hear no weeping or other human sounds from the other stalls.  She looked down to the letter to finish the last paragraph.

I am now sitting here wondering if any of that made you wet Bitch.  You can cum now but only if you do it right where you are.  Or you can put back on your knickers and go to class.  If you decide to cum then you have to leave your knickers off until my next letter.  It is your choice.  I think we both know which you will choose.  Don’t we Bitch?

~Your Master

Blushing down at the letter she closed the stall door again and pulled up her skirt without much thought.  After these letters it was starting to get distracting being so turned on without release.  She closed her eyes and imagined Harry taking her against the stall door as she fingered herself.  It wasn’t long before she was biting her lip hard so that she wouldn’t scream as she climaxed for the first time in what seemed like a week.

She needed to write him back after lunch so she could send it off before tonight.  She wondered if she could get away with writing the letter in class?

Draco smiled as there was yet another note when he checked the painting on patrol.  She was an eager bitch.  He liked that about her.  He wondered how long he would be able to hold off before having her on her knees for real.

The moment he got back to the Heads dorm he opened the letter without so much as looking at Granger.  He knew she was sitting in their common room, but he didn’t see any reason to say hello when he had Bitch’s letter to read.

Dear Master,

Bitch wants to thank her Master so much for letting her cum this afternoon.  She had read his letter before lunch so she spent most of the day without knickers.  But it was worth it to think about how her Master would fuck her in Bitch’s Naughty Place.

Master’s letter made Bitch feel like some kind of wanton whore because she was so turned on by what her Master made her do.  Bitch’s Master makes her feel so special with the attention he is giving her and how much effort he is putting into her.  Bitch hopes her being a good girl today pleases her Master.

Bitch wants to know what else she can do to please her Master?  She wants to cum again tomorrow.  Will she ever earn her knickers back?  She has so many questions she hopes she hears from her Master soon.

~Your Bitch

Draco was finding that these letters always made him smile.  She was doing a very good job of doing as he told her.  She even proved she had listened to his first command by mentioning the charm he had put on the stall doors in Myrtle’s bathroom.  He sat down to think of what he would have her do next.  With a smile he decided to make her wait a few days for his next letter.

After three days of nothing, Ginny was on the very edge of confronting Harry directly to see if she had done something wrong.  On the fourth day though she found a new letter on her last sweep of the painting before curfew.  This one didn’t have any writing on the outside so she rushed back to her dorm so that she could read it before she was caught by a prefect or worse the Head Boy.

She closed her curtains and charmed them from being opened by anyone before she opened the letter from her Master.  As she unfolded the paper something silver fell out into her lap.  Picking it up she found that it was a silver loop of finely made rope.  With new interest she looked to the letter feeling he would explain what it was for.


Since you were so good I decided to get you a present.  I know how much you like to be tied up so I got you something to do it properly.  If you make the loop into a figure eight and put a wrist or ankle between each loop the chain will tighten until it is safely snug around your appendage.  I want you to strip out of all your clothes before you try it, you will be sleeping nude until I say otherwise. Before reading on you should have your wrist properly tied.

Ginny bit her lower lip and was stripping out of her shirt before she could really think this through.  She bundled everything on the end of her bed then followed his instruction about the loop.  They tightened just like he said they would and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get free of them if she wanted to.  It turned her on to be so tied.  She shifted her hands this way and that seeing if she could slip them off, but they only moved with her.  Realizing the problem this created she looked back to the letter in hopes of an answer.

I have to imagine what a picture my Bitch makes naked and tied.  I wonder if she thought about how she was going to get out of this situation before she put on the loop, or if she was so eager to please me that she was a brainless little bitch and is now all tied up and completely at my mercy?  I think by this point we both know you should really leave the thinking to me.  Don’t worry my pet, the loop will release if you are in any real danger, or at dawn, whichever comes first.  Though I laugh at the thought of you trying to use the loo in the middle of the night, you might want to try just holding it till morning.

If you are all tied up like a good little bitch you can play with yourself and think of me.  This again has a price.  If you do decide to give into your dirty desire for release you will continue to forgo wearing knickers.  Furthermore you will collect all your knickers into a bag and leave them in Bitch’s Naughty Place.  I think I might give them out as party favors.

If you decide to masturbate tonight or not I want you to repeat the following words out loud as you go to bed each night until I say otherwise.  ‘I am a dirty bitch in heat.”  This is now your mantra and you should probably say it at least a few times whenever you are alone.

Sweet dreams Bitch,

Your Master

Ginny swallowed and looked down at the rope around her wrists once again.  Was she really ready to give Harry all of her knickers so he could give them out as gifts?  She frowned knowing he wouldn’t really do that, but smiled as it was sort of sexy to think about.  He also saved the most extreme stuff for things that were really up to her.

Without another worry she laid back and spread her legs wide.  She wondered as she brought herself to release if Harry ever masturbated to her letters.  He hadn’t really mentioned before, she would have to ask in her next letter.

Checking the painting before lunch the next day Draco found a message from his pet.  Smiling he opened it as he walked down to the dining hall.  Reading and writing these notes were turning into the best part of his day.


As her Master can probably guess there is a bag of Bitch’s knickers in Bitch’s Naughty Place.  She can’t believe how far she and her Master are taking all this, but with each new thing Bitch gets more turned on.  Bitch wonders if her Master is having as much fun with this as she is.  She wonders if he ever pleasures himself while he reads her notes.  She wonders what he thinks about exactly while he has his fist around himself.

Last night when Bitch was getting herself off she was thinking about being completely bound and gagged for her Master.  She imagined that he would pull on her hair while he fucked her raw.  She imagined that he would be rough with her so that she would still feel his pounding in class today.

These letters have been better than Bitch imagined.  She wants to thank Master for his attention.  She wants to please her Master.  She finds her Master’s letters to be powerful in so many ways.

~Your Bitch

Draco decided it would be best to get the knickers after lunch.  He wanted to see what sort of underwear she had before he wrote the next letter.  He couldn’t help but smile at the fact that his little Bitch was thanking him for making her serve.  Once he was sitting at the Slytherin table he looked down the table at Pansy and wondered where she had been hiding this submissive side.

Ginny found the next note from her Master before heading down to dinner.

On the outside there was another message.

Read in public.

Worrying her lower lip between her teeth she decided she could read the letter once down at dinner.  One couldn’t get more public than a room full of other students.  She blushed slightly as she sat down at the Gryffindor table and opened the note out of everyone’s view.


After inspecting your knickers I have found that they are not even worth giving away.  I can’t believe a dirty bitch like you doesn’t have anything properly sexy.  They were just pathetic.  I picked out the three best of the lot and threw the rest away.  It isn’t like someone like you needs them anyway.  I’ll return the three I didn’t toss when you earn them.

What you really want to know is if I wank while I read these slutty letters of yours.  The answer is I do sometimes.  I think about how good your lips are going to feel around my cock when I finally let you suck it.  You’ll like that won’t you?  Kneeling at my feet in the boy’s dorm sucking my prick and humping my leg like the little bitch you are?

I bet you are getting wet right now thinking about it.  I want you to spread your legs as far as you can right now.  Feel the air on your slick cunt as you think about what a dirty bitch you are.  No one around you knows, but I do.

You know you didn’t tell me if you were a brainless bitch that tied herself up before thinking about the repercussions.  But I figure you are because I got a bag full of knickers today.  So since we’ve established that thinking isn’t really your thing I’ve decided you need my guidance in other areas of your life.

You will start jogging before breakfast every day.  Tomorrow go as far as your limits will take you and report back to me how far you made it.  I will decide what the distance will be after that.  You will only drink water at meals.  You will eat a balanced diet at each meal.  You are going to be a healthy bitch now because I said so.  No sweets until I feel you’ve earned them.

Now for school.  You will do all homework the day you receive it.  If it is an assignment that takes more than one day you will do as much as you can.  You will report to me what you get on each and every assignment.  If you don’t do as well as I want you will be punished.

~Your Master in all things

Ginny’s eyes widened at the letter and she looked over to Harry who wasn’t even looking her way.  Looking down at the note again she realized her legs were still spread and she wondered if she should just leave them that way while she ate.

All the new orders in this letter made her feel strange.  She decided to try to follow them while she decided if she was really interested in taking things this far.  She made herself a balanced meal out of what was offered and put the note away so she could think.

All these new rules had to do with being healthy and doing well in school.  But the real question was did she really like being so very controlled in all things?

Draco didn’t check the painting again till his break the next day.  Finding her next letter he was glad his bitch knew that she should be prompt in her replies.  He sat down in a court yard before opening the letter.  The weather was turning warm and he knew they should be studying for NEWTs, but making her do her homework would take care of that.


Bitch is sorry her knickers displease her Master.  She didn’t really pick any of them out herself, but next time she goes shopping for them she will try harder.  Three pairs seem generous.  Bitch thanks Master for leaving her so many, even if she has to earn them back.

Bitch can’t wait till her Master lets her taste him at last.  She made her seat at dinner last night wet from how excited the thought made her.  She wishes she had something else to hump while she was thinking about how good her Master’s cock would taste.  Having her Master know what a filthy bitch she is has sometimes been a source of comfort for her.  She can’t explain it, but things are better now.

She did tie herself up in that loop without thinking of how she would get free; maybe she is as brainless as her Master thinks.  Bitch likes to follow her Master’s rules so much she didn’t consider what would happen.  That being said Bitch had to think about the amount of control her Master wants over her normal life.  She can see her Master just wants to make sure his Bitch takes care of herself, but she still thought all night about what her limits are.

After much serious consideration she has decided she will give up her will to her Master in this too.  Bitch went for her run this morning and reached about three miles before she couldn’t go any further.  From her Master’s instructions she paced herself while running so she was able to run as far as she could.  Bitch hopes this is what her Master wanted.

She has also started eating better.  She did not have any pudding at dinner even though they were serving her favorite.  Bitch is glad that Master worries about her health and school work.  She will do her best to please her Master in this.  She finished all her homework last night. Will she get any sort of reward for being such a good girl?

~Your Bitch

Draco was glad that Pansy was really thinking about what he asked.  It gave him the sense that she really was listening to all the dirty and now healthy things he required of her.  He smiled to himself as he pulled some parchment out and decided what the next step would be.

Ginny couldn’t get away from her friends until after dinner that night and ran to the painting to see if there was a letter before she was caught out past curfew.  She was pretty sure her Master would not like it if she got detention.  She snatched the letter she found and headed back to her room before she could be stopped.  She settled into her bed when she got back to the dorm and closed herself off from everyone before opening her newest treasure.

When she opened this note one of her pairs of knickers fell out and she smiled at the pink lace.  She guessed her note had pleased him.

Filthy Bitch,

I want you naked, bound and gagged before you continue reading this letter.  Because I know you’re not smart enough to understand this means you should strip down to nothing before putting on the loop as you had before, then stuff those knickers into your slut mouth.

Ginny quickly did as she was told excited and hoping he would let her play with herself tonight.

If the knickers taste a bit off that is because I used them this afternoon to clean up after my wank.  I hope you like the taste of my cum because you should leave those in all night.  If I had noticed your wet spot I would have made you lick it clean.  It really isn’t nice to leave such work for the House Elves.

I knew you would like being a good girl, but it pleases me that you really thought about what being my full time Bitch would mean before you decided to comply.  Because you actually gave it some thought for once I’ve decided to reward you with more than just dirty knickers.

First you may play with yourself until you cum tonight.  But as always there will be a price for this pleasure.  After you are done I want you to use the underwear in your mouth to wipe yourself clean just like I did.  After you will put them back in your mouth and keep them there the rest of the night.

Your second reward will come tomorrow.  Since it is Saturday I want you to go on your run, and then shower.  You are going to eat breakfast with me in the Room of Requirement.  There will be a door left ajar at eight sharp.  You will not be late.  When you enter the room strip out of all your clothes and kneel at the door until I acknowledge you.

I’ll have a present for you if you are a good girl.

~Your Master

A wide grin spread across Ginny’s face as she thought about what they would be doing the very next day.  She had no lack of things to turn her on as she brought herself to climax that night.

The next day she ran up to the Room of Requirement after her shower.  She was there at exactly eight o’clock and found the door slightly opened as he had said it would be.  She smiled excited to see what Harry had planned for their first time together for real.

Without looking around she stepped into the room and started to strip off her robes as the door closed and locked behind her.  She was unhooking her bra when she looked up to see what Harry was doing.

Ginny froze in her mostly naked state as she saw Draco Malfoy staring at her looking just as stunned as she felt.  It took several long moments before she realized that Harry wasn’t coming.  When her brain finally unfroze she started to pick up her robe so she could go look for Harry and see what went wrong.  Could she maybe Obliviate Malfoy so he didn’t remember her coming in?

“What are you doing here Weasley?”  He asked making her blush.

Not really planning to explain her sexipades to the Head Boy. “That’s none of your business Ferret.”  She snapped feeling humiliated.  How could this have happened?

Draco did nothing as he watched her try and button up her robe.  “You weren’t wearing any knickers.”  He said sounding a bit dazed.

“Well spotted.”  She said turning to open the door and get out of here only to find there wasn’t a door to open.  “Let me out.”  She demanded pulling her wand.

“I don’t think you want to leave.”  He said in a tone that made Ginny feel a familiar tug on her stomach.  “I think you want to turn around and finish undressing for me.”  She stayed exactly as she was.  What made him think he had the right to order her around?  “I think it is highly unlikely that you would show up here at exactly eight o’clock without any knickers unless that is exactly what your Master told you to do.”

This statement made Ginny swing around; her face beat red with embarrassment.  “He told you?”  She asked wondering why Harry would do this to her.  How could he ever think that this was okay?

Malfoy rubbed his chin as if he was thinking of exactly what he should say next.  “So it seems we find ourselves in a rather tricky area Weasley.”  He said and it looked as if he was thinking something over very seriously.  “You see I’ve been writing to my sexy little Bitch for the last week and a half…”  He started making all the color drain out of her face.  “…and by your reaction and presence I can only surmise that you have been writing to your Master.”

She nodded slowly as everything started to become clear in her head.  She had been writing to Draco all this time.  Draco Malfoy was the one who knew the deepest dirty secret of her soul?  She wished to be struck by lightning right there and then.

“Honestly I had wondered where and why Pansy was hiding this side of herself when we were actually dating.  I was really impressed with her when I was reading your letters.”

“You thought I was Pansy Parkinson?”  Ginny asked making a disgusted face.

“I can only assume you thought I was Harry Potter.”  He said before making a mock retching sound.

Ginny looked at the ground as she started to think about how much enjoyment she had gotten out of those letters when she thought Harry was writing them.

“So you have finally gotten there.”  Draco said in a demeaning tone.  “I’ve never enjoyed correspondence more.  So the question we must ask ourselves is this.  Does are true identities matter?  Or are you still my filthy little Bitch?”