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*hides in cave, no more typing for her today*

What happened to Time?


So… does anyone know where August and September went? Cause I can’t figure it out… I am working to stay active on here even though the new interface and I had an all-out fistfight over formatting. I think I won… but you guys will have to tell me know if the links stop working!

Anyway, I just posted a new short story! YAY! It is a Hermione/Tom story cause the ladies on the Discord are horrible enablers! You know who you are! Demonic Stake is a story where Tom is a demon and Hermione is a Professor of demonology?

I am also going to see if I can motivate myself to posting some other things today… we shall see!



Just in case anyone was wondering I am, in fact, still alive.  I’ve been so horrible about writing and posting for longer than I would like to admit.  I mean you can see how long ago my last post was.  Anyway, I finally finished the next chapter of Face of Death and figured I should post it here for anyone left reading this site!

Face of Death- Chapter 8: Nothing Stays the Same

I am going to work on the motivation to add some other new stuff soon!