My Muse


For some a muse is a tangible person.  Usually being around their muse helps inspire the artist/writer/whatever to create.  For others, like myself, our muse is more the part of ourselves that gets inspired.  It is that little voice in our heads that tells us it is time to create.

I have learned many things about my muse over the years, and many more things since I started to write again a few months ago. The first one should know about her, is she is stubborn.  When she wants to work on a particle project she is only going to inspire me for that project.  If I try to work on things she is not currently interested in she fights me tooth and nail.  Her weapons of choice are usually distraction and very bad writing on my part.  I have deleted more than a few chapters because when I reread them they were just…awful.

The second thing you should know about my muse is she is sort of a flake.  She skips here and there without a care.  I have found there is no real rhyme or reason to what she becomes interested in.  I have found myself working on one project for a few minutes only to find that now she wants to work on a different one.  Sometimes the new project is just that, new.  She whispers like a temping devil in my ear: “why don’t we write a story about this and that?”  Even though I have four other projects already going.  I have finally had to put my foot down on that one, as I do currently have six projects being written.  Two of which get worked on very slowly and you may not see for a few months.

The third and final thing you need to know about my muse is that she is kind of a pervert.  Or at least that is what she has been lately.  For some reason that I do not know, she has much preferred to work on my erotica stories rather than my more serious ones.  Which is why Face of War and Blind Nymph (Just realized I have not posted the latter on this site at all, will work on fixing that today) have been updated so sparsely as of late.

So this is a little about my muse, I hope it helps people understand why I post what I post when I post it.  I would be interested in hearing about other people’s muses as well!  Do you have the same difficulties, or completely different ones?

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  1. Girl, I think ALL muses are fickle little bitches!!

    Mine had me start three stories in in the book section. Two were for the Stephanie Plum series and one was for The Host. Then she left me…not a dribble or a ‘by your leave’.

    Then, I found out about the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and she appeared out of no-where with an idea. She wanted me to start ASAP, but the rule was that I couldn’t start writing it until November 1st. So I focused her on outlining the general plot. Then I was able to placate her with deciding on character names and descriptions.

    Once November 1st came, she was all over me. Talking to me in the grocery store and at the doctor’s office, so I wrote in a notebook, what she wanted. Only once during the month did she try to leave, but by then, I had the outline and knew where the story was going. When she saw that I was working without her, she straightened up and came back. Begging to be let back…I did let her back and we met the goal of 50,000 by November 18th.

    She was so hyped that even when I started a new job in the middle of the month, she was there every night to help me keep my word count up. We finished the novel 84,509 words at 4:30pm on November 30th.

    Since then, she is being fickle again. It seems that she want the book edited now. So I am working on that (Prologue and Chapter 1 done so far).

    I am hoping that she will come back and at least let me finish my three stories.

    Hang in there, and occasionally write without her. What you write might be crap and need to be scrapped, but they get jealous when they think you can work without them!!!

      • I am currently editing chaper 4. I will keep you posted and let you know when I am done. I would love to hear what you have to say.

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