New Chapter and plot bunnies breeding


First of all, I am sure you all are interested in the fact that I have updated Smell of Submission and you can find Chapter 19: Treasure’s Place by clicking the link or in the header at the top of the page.

As many of you who have been reading my work on other sites for a while… I have a real problem with plot bunnies breeding and multiplying.  I have been trying to keep their production under control by focusing my attention on a few stories and restricting myself from writing (or at least posting) any new story ideas I have until the only ones are done.

My muse on the other hand likes to feed and water any plot bunny that comes along.  She often gets mad at me for not paying attention to what she wants me to pay attention to.  So I have been writing and developing a few stories I do not plan to post for a while, just to keep her happy. I also plan to write holiday stories this year starting with Easter!  They will all be one to three shots each depending how long it takes me to tell the story.

This is just a list of my stories that are active and ones that are waiting on the sidelines for anyone who is interested.

  • Smell of Submission (active)
  • Face of War (active)
  • Blind Nymph (active)
  • The Nine Tribes (active)
  • The Egg Hunt (sideline)
  • Obedience Lessons (sideline)
  • Lost Elemental (sideline)

It isn’t that many… is it?

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