Egg Hunt Finished


There is nothing more satisfying to me than finishing something.  My interests vary, so I can’t really just say it is about finishing a story.  No, this is about finishing any work of art or craftsmanship.  In this moment I an enjoying the satisfaction of finishing this short story.  I am enjoying more the fact that there is no sequel and I am well and truly done with it.

Many times when I finish one of my stories I already have in mind what the next story in that series is.  There are three stories in the Face of Evil series, three in the Quidditch Lessons series, at the moment I think there may be five in the Smell of Submission series.  So none of those stories will truly be done anytime soon.  For some you may be thinking YAY, I get to read more and more about a particle set and world!  Others may think that I write too much about particle characters.  But I just look forward to the day when I don’t have 7 stories in my brain waiting to be written… though I kind of doubt I will ever get there.

Anyway, I have finished The Egg Hunt, so you can find Parts 1-5: Here

I would also like to thank my amazing beta, Eclectic Pet, for helping to give your guys better and better stories!

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