A New Plan


First of all for those of you who are interested Blind Nymph has been updated in more ways than one!  Thanks to my awesome beta Eclectic Pet we have gone over the whole story to fix my horrible errors!  She has also convinced me to start posting that story on AFF as well for my readers who have mostly focused on that website.  It will be posted on AFF on a weekly bases starting today with chapter 1.  For those of you who read it here or on FF.net I have posted Chapter 6: Nothing is Free which you can find right away!  Woo Hoo!

Now on to my actual evil plan!  Over the last month or so I have been working on giving myself a bit of a buffer for new chapters.  I have enough now that I plan to start trying to post a chapter weekly.  I will be posting new chapters each Sunday morning.  It may be sporadic what story I am working on, but I am going to strive to have something new to read on a weekly bases!  This weeks chapter is obviously Blind Nymph, next week will more than likely be some different.  I hope everyone enjoys the new system!

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