Sunday Update


So about the Sunday Updates.  I know there was no update on this site last week, but I have a reason!  I have decided I will be trying to post on Smell of Submission and Blind Nymph exclusively until at least one of those stories are done.  That being said I also want to get all the websites that share stories on the same page before going further.  That means that I will only be posting here on the weeks I have a Smell of Submission update.  Which should be every other week if my plan goes right.

That being said you get a reward of two chapters this week!  First I have posted Chapter 24: Collars on Smell of Submission.  Second I have posted a new side chapter to Smell of Submission as well.  Side: Queen’s Rules can be found under Smell of Submission and goes with the new chapter.

Hope Everyone Enjoys!

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