So I have decided that I will be posting on not one, but two stories a week for the foreseeable future!  Well sort of.  I want my readers to catch up with Blind Nymph before I start posting new chapters of that story here and on, but once that is done there will be two chapters a week everywhere!

But wait… you guys still benefit from this new policy right away!  Because of it you are getting the last chapter of Smell of Submission a week early!  And next week I will start posting on a brand new story called Shame’s Desire!

Anyway, here is the final chapter of many of your favorite story, I hope you enjoy!  Chapter 27: My Tresure

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  1. Hi again i wanted to thank you for writing the SoS story. I really like it.
    The bit with Cormac was rough for me but I cant wait till you get back around to SoS.
    Until then I’ll read blind nymph.
    Also just wondering if there are any other story’s you can or would recommend. Thanks Again

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