What is Sunstone?  Sunstone is a comic my very favorite webcomic artist has been writing for a long while now.  His name on deviant art (where I follow him) is Shinize and you can find him as one of my “other people” links below.  He started his deviant art account and Sunstone as a series of pictures and a way to get over his writers block a few years ago.  Today it has developed into a full comic with story arches and interesting characters.

As I have said before, my stories are fantasies out of the mind of a submissive.  They are in no way a reflection of a healthy or real Dom/sub relationship.  Sunstone on the other hand is very grounded in a much more realistic view on the world of BDSM.  The only really fantastical element to his story is the fact that one of the main characters has enough money to pretty much buy any equipment she wants.  *dreamy sigh* I wish I had her collection.  But for the main part this is a story about two girls falling and love.  It is very well written and very good at describing the real life problems that we face in the Dom/sub community.

The reason I bring this up today is that I wish to help promote Sunstone as much as I can!  I like when good BDSM art gets out there!  Shinize has been letting his followers know that has gotten a chance to print the first book of Sunstone, and today he announced a reorder code!  The book will be out this Dec but here is a look: SUNSTONE

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