We are getting there


So today I have posted Face of War– Chapter 11: Recovery.  This means there are only three more chapters left in this book before the end.  There is one more book to this series before it is over so don’t expect a true ending after this until we get to Face of Death.

Once I’ve finished posting Face of War though the trilogy will be on hold until I get some other things done first.  Next I will be posting on some new short stories I have waiting in the wings.  The first of which will be one called Sharpest Wit.  It is an AU Hermione/Tom Riddle story I wrote a while back.

While I am posting on those short stories I will be working to finish Blind Nymph.  I have four chapters left to write and I hope to finish them over the next month.  After that by popular demand I have decided to make my NaNoWriMo project Sound of Submission.  I plan to finish it completely in the month of Nov then go back in edit it in December.  That means you all will probably start seeing chapters by January!

On a side note I am very curious what people are thinking of my Table of Contents sections, and I wonder if they are being helpful at all.  Let me know!


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