Another Schedule



In one of my posts a few months ago I gave you a schedule of what you can expect me to post on each week.  I thought it was a bit of a helpful tool and I think I am once again in a place where I can tell you all just that… for the next couple of weeks anyway!

January Schedule

[01/31/16] Blind Nymph-Chapter 12: A Good Day

February Schedule

[02/07/16] Blind Nymph-Chapter 13: Forever Dark
[02/14/16] Book of Love-Chapter 1: When He Reads to Me
[02/21/16] Book of Love-Chapter 2: When She Sings to Me
[02/28/16] Book of Love-Chapter 3: When He Gives Me Things


Just in case no one looks at the table of contents, Book of Love is my Valentine story!

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    • Hey William! I realize that a lot of people are looking forward to more of my Submission series… but I can honestly tell you that it will not be finished for years to come. Unlike many of my other series which tend to be around three stories. Sense of Submission is five stories long… So there will also be a lot happening between me putting out each story. Because of the vote I asked for on Sunday Sound of Submission will be next on my list… and I plan to even work on it and Shame’s Desire at the same time to mix things up. But as I really enjoy working on my Holiday shorts as well I want to try to do better with them this year. I hope to start posting on Sound of Submission sometime in March!

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