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My Holiday stories are supposed to be bonus content.  Something special around the different holidays like a little gift to my readers.  I realize when they take over my schedule that it is more like a Holiday Special that interrupts your regularly scheduled show.  So I have decided to change it up a bit.  When I post Holiday stories I am going to try to post on one of my other stories as well.

Which means not only did I post Book of Love- Chapter 2: When She Sing to Me I also posted the next in Shame’s Desire- Chapter 10: Satisfaction!

A second note.  As I do not post Shame’s Desire on FF.org because of it’s adult content I will be alternating between Shame’s Desire and Sharpest Wit for the next week weeks.  Just so that every one gets something to read in a timely manor.

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  1. Thank you so much! I’ve been reading and re-reading Shame’s Desire waiting for another chapter. It’s my favorite of your stories, so again, thank you!!

    • You are more than welcome. I write these stories for people to enjoy, so I am very glad you are enjoying Shame’s Desire. As you can tell from the Calendar there will be more chapters to come over the next few weeks. And I am working very hard to finish this story before starting anything new.

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