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So let me start by saying that today I will be posting His Blood-Chapter 4.  But I do have good news for those who are interested in my Shame’s Desire!  I have written the first draft to four chapters.  Right now I am working on editing them so they aren’t ready to publish, but they are on their way :D.

This week I decided to wanted to talk about my favorite fan-fiction authors.  Obviously I like fan-fiction and nothing inspires me more to write than to read something good.  So I wanted to take some time to talk about my top three favorites.

Rrabbit (ff.net)(aff.org)-

The very top of this list would have to be a author known as rrabbit on fanfiction.net.  Her fan-fiction is mostly focused on a pairing between Draco and Ginny.  There are many reasons she is at the very top of my list and her skill as a writer is only one of them.  The first thing I read by her was a story called Envy and Manipulation.  I remember the first time I read the epic story and that it got me through a lot of late nights of serious insomnia I was having at the time.

Somehow her stories reminded me how much I liked to write.  In fact without her writing I don’t think I would have returned to writing myself.  Quidditch Lessons would have done unfinished and this website would not exist.

Her stories have a dark tone to them, and she is very good at respecting that darkness.  Rape happens in her work, but it is never sugar coated or ignored.  Horrible things have lasting emotional consequences in her work and tends to make for interested and broken characters.

Her stories are very long not only by fan-fiction standards, but but novel standards.  But this is something I really like about her work as well.  Whenever she finishes a chapter now, I tend to savor it like one would savor fine chocolate.

Out of the stories she has posted on-line my favorite would have to be her series that starts with Hate is Such a Strong Word.  Now that story is listed as a prequel to I’m Yours but since they literally leave off and then pick up on the same scene, the prequel is worth just reading first.  These first two stories focus on the lives of Draco and Ginny and the abusive relationship between them.  She is a prisoner of war when she is forced into the marriage, but nothing is ever so easy as black and white.  The third and fourth stories in the series focus a lot more their kids, but they are definitely worth reading as well.  They end up having four kids together and I really like how she has the two grow up and mature.

Nerys (ff.net)(aff.org)-

Nerys has to be my second favorite and she is singularly responsible for me even considering pairing Hermione with Lord Voldemort.  All those short stories and drabbles I’ve written with this pair are actually for a forum she helps to run.

Before I started to read her work I really didn’t like the pair very much.  I was confused why Lord Voldemort would ever hook up with the embodiment of everything he hates, and why would the brightest witch of her age ever fall for an evil controlling megalomaniac?  Before reading her work I saw a lot of pieces where they just made it so Hermione was a “secret pureblood” which didn’t really satisfy me very well.  Then I started reading The Prisoner and I was hooked.  After the first chapter I remember blinking to myself and thinking “Well shit… that is how that is done.”

After that I started reading everything she wrote.  I even joined her forum so that I could get suggestions on other well written stories with this pairing.  Joining the forum also allowed me to start working on my own pieces between this pair, and since that pair ranked 3rd in the poll I did last week I guess you guys are happy with that fact.

My favorite story by her is an unfinished story called The Apprentice, though I have to say The Prisoner (which is also unfinished) comes in a close second.  In this story Hermione is forced to work as Lord Voldemort’s apprentice in order to join a secret society of very powerful wizards.  There are many characters in this story that I really like, not just the main two.  I enjoy the glimpse one gets inside Dumbledore and even Grindelwald.  I find it to be a fun story with pretty dark themes and enjoyable smut.

Freya Ishtar (ff.net)(aff.org)-

Now my third pick is the hardest to choose actually.  There are a lot of authors I like out there and though the one and two spots are pretty firmly held, the third spot shifts much more often.  After much thought I decided Freya Ishtar wins this spot because I always end up going back to her work.  She writes mostly Draco Hermione stories but she does put other characters in as well.  Lucius and Blaise places regularly.

I think the first story I read by her was on aff.org and is no longer up for whatever reason.  It was about Draco blackmailing both Hermione and Harry into doing sexy things with him.  Soon after I read the start of one of her stories called Lessons and Hedonism about a three way relationship between Draco, Blaise, and Hermione.  It is fun, but still unfinished.

Something I both love and hate about Freya is the fact that she has so many ideas.  She literally has 30 stories started on ff.net and very few of them are finished.  If you think I am bad about finishing things you need to check out her page!  Though everything she writes is fun and good, it always makes me pout to see she has started something new.

My favorite story by her would have to be Diabolic.  A victorian era piece with Tom and Draco as vampires who seem to be slowly corrupting Hermione the innocent governess.  Though all of her stories are worth reading finishes or not.

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