Characters (Women)


Today I am posting the last of what I have written for Shame’s Desire.  Chapter 21 reveals some more about the Dark Emperor and has a lot of Bellatrix drama.  Because of work stuff and an event I will be running next weekend, you all will be getting more His Blood next week.  But I hope to have new Shame’s Desire the following week.

Now I am planning to do give you my opinions and thoughts of the many female characters I work with from the Harry Potter universe.  I may make future additions to the characters I talk about, but these are the closets to my heart.

Hermione Granger

It took me a while to decide on who to start with, but in the end I decided on Hermione for many reasons.  Her being a member of the “golden-trio” being a big part of it.  Hermione is a strong woman who knows her own mind from the very start of the series.  She is an important resource for Harry as the stories go on and is a hero in her own right.  It is easy for many readers to see her value as it is made very clear in the books that without her Harry would be lost.

I feel I have to mention her race, only because it was a hot topic when it came out a black woman would be playing her in the new play.  Unfortunately for my imagination I actually watched the first movie before I started to read the books, so I tend to think of her as Emma Watson.  But ever since the casting I have had little problem imagining her the other way was well.  I have no real opinion on it and I welcome my readers to imagion Hermione any way they wish.

When I first started writing fan fiction I had a great aversion to using her in my stories.  I just wasn’t that interested in her.  Like Harry her story was out there already and I didn’t think there was a lot of need to explore the character further.  When I started work on Smell of Submission I didn’t think it would be more than one story, but I’ve enjoyed exploring Hermione’s submissive side in it and other works I’ve done with Voldemort.

Luna Lovegood

I’ve always loved Luna from the books.  I saw her as this quirky girl that just had her own way of looking at the world.  I know many women reading the Harry Potter books say they see themselves in Hermione, but she was never relatable for me.  Luna on the other hand I could relate to, which is probably why I like her so much.  She si a soft spoken girl when sees the world in a way that no one around her really understands or believes.

In my stories I try to keep true to the core of who she is, while at the same time letting her grow with the things she must face in that tale.  I think this growth is most notable in the Face Trilogy where she starts off a bit off from herself and has to forge a somewhat new identity in order to survive.

Ginny Weasley

Ginny is a strong and fiery witch that doesn’t take a lot of guff because she has six older brothers that she has to keep up with.  She grows to be a strong woman after having to face her own darkness at age eleven.  She is a safe harbor for Harry because she knows the face of Voldemort in a way no one else in the world can, which means she is one of the few women he doesn’t have to explain anything to.

In my work I liked to use the darkness that she has already been through to make her a more corruptible character.  I enjoy pairing her with either Draco or Voldemort because of who her family is and what she when through her in youth.  I like the drama that is created when she is paired with the dark wizards, though obviously I like dark wizards.

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