World of Smell of Submission


I’ve posted chapter 6 of His Blood for your enjoyment while I get back into the swing of Shame’s Desire.  I hope to have a new chapter soon, but we will have to wait and see how much my muse is moved to work on anything at all.

65% of you voted for me to talk about the world of Smell of Submission this week!  So that is exactly what I plan to do.

The biggest change I have made away from the cannon world is Harry’s darkness, and putting into effect that everyone can actually be sorted into one of two categories; dominate, or submissive.  I don’t think that is really true of the cannon Harry Potter world, but it is an important fact for the telling of this story.

So everyone is either dominate or submissive, but not everyone is the same or as dominate or submissive as each other.  Each character mentioned in my story has a rating of 1-6 in either dominate or submissive.  (I have a very detailed spreadsheet that keeps track of this and other things).  Those is are rated as a 1 in dominate or submissive tend to not have the drives to dominate or submit and can easily be confused for each other.  Most of the active or main characters rate somewhere between a 3-5.  Harry himself is the only character I’ve given a rating if 6, and that is mainly because he has something bringing out his dominate side all the more.

Ivan the Bold is completely made up for this story and will probably not make any appearances in any other of my stories.  Though I have considered writing a short story about his death as a supplement to the Sense of Submission series.  The Ministry has its own records about Ivan the bold, and I thought I would share a short entry from his file.

“Ivan Burke (Ivan the Bold)- Born in 1782 Ivan graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1799.  It is suspected that he already had several members his deviant cult at that time.  By the age of 30 Ivan was leading a separatist group who sought to cut themselves off from most of wizarding society.  Those who work to follow in his footsteps are dangerous radicals that need to be watched.”

That really sums up the differences between the cannon world and the world of Sense of Submission, but if you have any questions about the world please comment below.  If I feel I can answer them without ruining future plot that I will!

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  1. Of course the Ministry has a file on Ivan. They would object to anything or anyone who threatens the Status Quo. I wonder how they will handle this new uprising of a young and powerful group?

    • Probably not… Because it is mainly notes on past and future plots as well as keeping track of other vital information as it involves in those plots. If you like I can post all the main characters and their sub/Dom rating? But the other info would be spoilers.

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