So after last week’s poll I would love to hear from my readers why they enjoy my Sense of Submission series better than some of my other work.  Feedback is really important to me and will help me craft better stories for you all in teh future.  Please leave a comment below or if you don’t want to post publicly you can e-mail me at!  With that said I’ve posted chapter 2 to Sound of Submission and I am going to try to work on chapter 3 this week.

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  1. So much time has gone by since ‘Smell’ that I will have to reread it when there is enough up to enjoy again. Thanks for a new chapter to read.

  2. What really true me in about the Sense of Submission, besides the shameless smut, was the unique role Harry is playing leading both Light and Dark followers as well as playing a 3rd party in the conflict between Dumbledore and Voldemort. I don’t think I’ve ever read of a scenario like this and I’ve read LOTS of fics. That’s why I’m eager for this story. I want to know more about where it’s going and this “world” you’ve created.

  3. First, I am drawn to the pairing of her pine and harry but I find it to be unique. I like how they both have their issues to overcome and their inner strength plays true to their character. Hermoine would never readily accept this harry and I agree with the other reviewer, it is much more interesting having him balance light and ‘dark’. Curious to see how the story plays out and how each character compromises for the other.

  4. In general, I really just enjoy anything and everything you have to write. Your style and plots keep me coming back; something about them just meshes with what I want out of a story.

    That being said, I’m in the minority when I say that I enjoy Shame’s Desire and the Face trilogy more than the Sense of Submission chapters. While I like all three of these series’, the other two have plots that keep me coming back week after week as we learn more about the respective worlds surrounding the characters. You use characters such as Hermione, Luna, and Ginny who all have such concrete stories in the books in a way that places them in a unique setting and story, and that is something I am impressed and enthralled by.

    In short, please work on whatever makes you happiest. I’ll happily read anything that you post here, and not all of your readers have a complete favor for the Sense of Submission series.

    Thank you for your dedication to your readers and to continuing to post here.

  5. I don’t know the plot is great and you write good smut, and you seem to know the balance between them. But I find it more addicting than most other fanfics and im not sure why.

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